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Daily Standard Union Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York

On Wednesday, Jan.4, by the Rev. Charles H. Hall, D.D., of the Church
of the Hooly Trinity.
Ella F. daughter of W.H. Lockwwod to William Bridge, both of this city.

On Monday, December 28, 1887 by the Rev. Dr. Bann.
I??a Fawcett daughter of Thomas H., to Alexander S. Ingram.
Both of this city.

On Jan.1, 1888. at the residence of the brides parents;
by the Rev. Charles W. Homer, rector of St. James' Episcopal Church.
Ellen L., daughter of Franklin Dundore, of Philadelphia, and 
Louis Charles Sauveur, of Brooklyn.

On Wednesday Jan.4, 1888, at the residence of the bride's parents.
No.161 Taylor St., Brooklyn, by the Rev. Edward P. Terhune, D.D.
Susie Greer, daughter of Jacob S, Van Wyck, to Walton Cabell Herrick.

On Thursday, Jan. 5, 1888, at First Presbyterian Church, by the Rev.
Charles Cuthbert Hall. Silas H. Berry to Elsie E. Arnett
both of Brooklyn.

On Thursday, Jan. 5, 1888 at 73 Lexington Ave., by the Rev. J.G. Bacchus.
Mary E. daughter of Mrs. Eliza Hunter to Edward H. Hurt, both of Brooklyn.

On Thursday, Jan. 5, 1888.At Grace Church, Bklyn, by the Rev. 
Grace Louise Hoyt to John Wood Wentwoth.

On Thursday, Jan. 5, 1888, at the residence of the brides brother-in-law,
Hon. E.L. Pierce, in Milton, Mass., by the Rev. J.S. Magrath of Hyde Park.
John Winslow of Brooklyn NY to Grace E., eldest daughter of Edward R.
Woodhead of Edgerton, Hutterfield, England.

At "Tanglewood," Catskill on the Hudson, Jan.7, 1888., by the Rev.
George A. Howard. Mary BURR-DAY-NOBLE, daughter of the late
Curtis Noble of Brooklyn, N.Y. to Fordyke Sylvester Caldwell.

At the residence of the bride's parents, on Jan. 10, 1888, by the
Rev. Melville Boyd of Brooklyn. Maude V. Hanna of Jersey City 
to Fream Lorillard, formerly of New York.

Sunday, January 15, 1888, by the Rev. Wm. Sparger, Miss Recca Gross
and Mr. Abe Goldsmith, at the residence of the bride's parents;
57 Hamilton Ave. Bklyn. Private.

At the residence of the bride's parents; 430 Vanderbilt Ave.Bklyn.
on January 11, 1888, by the Rev. Stephen H. Camp. Jessie, only daughter
of Irvin Neale to Frederick W. Shipman, both of Brooklyn, N.Y.

William Semple to Agnes McDonald, daughter of the late William McDonald, 
both of Glasgow, Scotland. Jan 13., by the Rev. A.B. Kendig, D.D. of 
Hanson Place M.E.Church.

On Thursday evening, Jan.12, by the Rev. Dr. Haskins, rector of St. Mark's
Episcopal Church, Bklyn E.D. to Clifford L. Heney, of Jersey City Heights
at the residence of the brides uncle; A.C.SCHUTZ, 198 Rodney St. Bklyn.

Wednesday, Jan 18. Reformed Church on the Heights, by Chaplain Frank 
B. Rose, U.S.N., Ella Slaght, daughter of H.L. Slaght, to Barry M. Waterman. 
No cards.

On Jan. 19, 1888 at the Church of the Holy Trinity, this city, by the Rev.
Charles H. Hall, D.D. assited by the Rev. L.W. Bancroft, D.D., 
the Rev. A.B. Hunter to Sarah LOTHROP, daughter of the late
D. Carrington Taylor.

On Wednesday evening, Jan. 25, at the residence of the bride's parents, 
319 West 14th St., N.Y. by the Rev. George Alexander D.D., 
pastor of the Presbyterian Church on University Place.
St. Clait McKelway of Brooklyn and Virginia BROOKS, daughter of
Samuel W. Thompson, of this city.

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, 1888 in Bklyn, by the Rev. Dr. Bowles, 
William Barry Guilford to Ella Josephine Ormsby, both of N.Y.C.

On Wednesday, Jan. 25. at St. John's Church, Brooklyn, by the Rev.
George F. Breed. Henry V. Vultee to Charlotte A. Freebern, daughter of the
late Sholts Freebern.

On Feb. 2, 1888, at St. John's Church, Washington, D.C. by the
Rev. Wm. Leonard D.D. Gertrude Louise, daughter of the late
John D. Abbott of Brooklyn to Gerrit Hubert Van Wagenen of Rye N.Y.

On Wednesday, Feb.1, 1888, at the residence of the bride's mother, 
427 Henry Street, Bklyn, N.Y. by the Rev. Reese F. Alsop, rector of St. Anne's
on the Heights, Charles Putnam Fay to Katherine E. Rose,
both of Brooklyn, N.Y.

In Brooklyn on Tuesday evening, Jan. 31, 1888 by the Rev. I.Simmons,
presiding elder, New York East Conference, assited by the Rev. James
Helena S. daughter of Richard Gillespie, Esq., to Everdell W. Smith, 
both of Brooklyn.

On Feb.7, 1888, at Trinity Chapel, by Rev. R.B. Fairbairn,D.D.,L.L.D.,
assisted by the Rev. Drs. Cornwell and Canedy.
Alice LeFevre of New Rochelle to Arnold Fairbairn, M.D., of this city.

In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, Feb.7, at the First Presbyterian Church, by
Rev. Charles Cuthbert Hall.
Harriet Josephine, daughter of Alfred C. Barnes to
Truman H. Newberry, of Detroit.

On Wednesday, Feb.15, 1888, 
at the residence of the bride's father,
by the the Rev. Henry Baker, D.D.,
Mary W., daughter of Thomas G. MacMillan to James F. Remsen,
both of Brooklyn, L.I.

O’BRIEN - GAYNOR - On Wednesday evening, Feb 20, 1889, at St. Peter’s
R.C. Church by the Rev J. Fransioli, Henry L. O’BRIEN to Lillian A.GAYNOR

WESTBROOK - WOOLLEY - On Monday, March 5, 1888, 
at the residence of the bride's parents, 834 DeKalb Avenue, 
by the Rev. Charles W. Turner of St. Matthew's Church, 
Frank WESTBROOK to Sadie H. WOOLLEY, both of Brooklyn.

CALM - DEARBORN - At Gardiner, Me., March 9, 
by the Rev. Walter Glynn, 
Charles E. Calm, of New York, to Miss Maud A., 
daughter of George A. Dearborn of Brooklyn.  No cards.

BOYCE - VAN DERGAW - On Tuesday, March 20, 1888, by the Rev. S.P. Halsey, 
James Gilbert Boyce to Pearl Van Dergaw, all of Brooklyn.

WEBBER - KENNETH On March 22, 1888, at the residence of the bride, by the 
Rev. E. P. INGERSOLL, George Dudleigh Webber to Florence, daughter of George 
and Lizzie Kenneth.

BARRIE - TIBBALS - At the residence of the bride's parents, in Brooklyn, 
Tuesday afternoon, March 27, 1888, by the Rev. Charles A. TIBBALS, assisted 
by the Rev. Nathan TIBBALS, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, Miss Lucy N.(?) Tibbals to 
H. Seaner Barrie, both of Brooklyn.

DUNNE - LYONS April 2, by the Rev. M.J. Moran, Desmond Dunne to Alice Lyons, 
both of Brooklyn.

CHAUNCEY - SINCLAIR - By the Rev. Thomas TIDBILL, Michael Chauncey to Kate 
Sinclair.  No cards.

SHIEBLER - HENSON - On the 10th inst., at the residence of the bride's
mother, by the grandfather, the Rev. Joseph HENSON, Charles Shipley
SHIEBLER to S. Jennie HENSON, eldest daughter of the late William HENSON, Esq.

GOLD - CUNNINGHAM - On the 11th inst. By the Rev. J. W. CHADWICK, D. D., 
Charles Gold to Belle Cunningham, all of this city.

ANDERSON - SCHROEDER - On Wednesday, April 25, at the Clinton Avenue 
Congregational Church, by the Rev. Thomas B. MCLEOD, Mary, daughter of 
Frederick A. Schroeder, to William T. Anderson, all of Brooklyn.

HEATH - CUYLER - On Thursday, April 26, 1888, at the residence of the bride's 
parents, Brooklyn, by the Rev. Theodore L. CUYLER, D. D., assisted by the 
Rev. R. R. MEREDITH, D.D., Julia Wells, daughter of Glenn Cuyler, to Henry 
Minor Heath.

SMITH - STUMPF - On Wednesday, April 25, 1888, Lillie Bertha Smith, of 
Brooklyn, N.Y. to Theodore Francis Stumpf, of Hoboken, N.N. by the Rev. Mr. 

MUSGRAVE - BRITTON - In Brooklyn, Saturday, April 28, 1888, by the Rev. W.B. 
MUSGRAVE, Mary A., eldest daughter of Max Britton of Boston, to Charles W. 
Musgrave.  No cards.    

GOODWIN-BURROWES - On Wednesday, April 18, 1888, at Somerville, Mass., by
the Rev. Father Kelly, Edward S. GOODWIN, of Brooklyn, to Adelaide M.
BURROWES, of Somerville.

HAMERSLEY-CHISOLM - On Monday, April 30, at the residence of the bride's
parents, No. 70 Clinton place, by the Rev. Peter W. Stryker, James Hooker
HAMERSLEY to Margaret Willing CHISOLM, daughter of Mr. William E. Chisolm.

HENRY-OLSON - Brooklyn, April 29, 1888, by the Rev. J.J. White, Miss Hertha
F. OLSEN, to Mr. Milton M. HENRY, both of New York City.

DAY-THROCKMORTON - On Wednesday, May 2, 1888, at the residence of the
bride's parents, Red Bank, N.J., by the Rev. William D. Thompson, pastor of
the First Place M. ? Church, Brooklyn, Lillian E. THROCKMORTON, to Joseph B.
DAY, of Brooklyn.

UNDERHILL- RUSHMORE - On the 15th instant, at the residence of the bride,
No. 940 Bedford ave., Brooklyn, by Freind's ceremony, Silas A. UNDERHILL to
Frances Gertrude RUSHMORE.

HAYNES-CONDIT - On Thursday, May 15, 259 Henry st., Brooklyn, by the Rev.
F.A. Farley, D.D., Edward HAYNES to Sophia W., daughter of the late

BLAUVELT-WOOLEY - On Tuesday, May 15, at the residence of the bride's
parents, by Rev. A. B??e, William B. BLAUVELT, of Brooklyn, to Isabel T.
WOOLLEY, of Snow Hill, Md.

LEWIS-DUNHAM - Wednesday, May 23, at the residence of the bride's father,
Sommerville, N.J., by the Rev. T. H. Ja??, Anne V. DUNHAM to Henry LEWIS, of
Brooklyn, N.Y.

On Wednesday, May 30, 1888, at the residence of the pastor, Rev. Geo. 
KOENIG,  241 Baltic street, Brooklyn, Laura KEELING to Charles J. SCHULZE.

Saturday, June 2 1888, at the residence of the bride's father, by the 
Rev. Arthur BROOKS, Archibald Aitken WATSON  to E?la Alice, daughter 
of Edward W. WILSON.

COLEMAN-BERGEN - On Tuesday, June 5, 1888, at St. Anne's Church on 
the Heights, by the Rev. William B. COLEMAN, of Utica, assisted by 
the Rev. Reese F. ALLSOP, D.D., George S. COLEMAN, of New York, to 
Amelia M. BERGEN, daughter of the late Jacob I. BERGEN, of Brooklyn.

SMITH-BUCKLEY - On Tuesday, June 12, 1888, at the residence of the 
bride's mother, 378 Clinton st., by the Rev. A.B. CARVER, Richard 
Cayuga SMITH to Sarah Florence, daughter of the late Amon BUCKLEY.

STRONG-NEWHOUSE - In Brooklyn, on June 14, 1888, at the residence of 
the bride's sister, by the Rev. Frederic B. CARTER, of Monclair, 
N.J., Robert STRONG, of South Orange, N.J., and Harriette NEWHOUSE, 
daughter of C.C. NEWHOUSE, of Brooklyn.

BELL-TIFFT - On Tuesday, June 5, by the Rev. Stephen F. HOLMES, 
Thomas Curtis BELL, of New York, to Kathleen ?. TIFFT, daughter of 
A.H. TIFFT, of Brooklyn.

HENRY-SMITH - At Burlington, Vt., Monday, June 11, 1888, by the Rev. 
C.F. CARTER, at the residence of the bride's parents, John F. HENRY, 
Jr., of this city, and Miss Alice M. SMITH, daughter of Henry C. 
SMITH, Esq., of Burlington, Vt.,

BYRNE - MCNULTY - At the residence of Peter MCNULTY, 10? St. Marks 
place, on the 20th inst., by the Rev. E.W. MCCARTY, assisted by the 
Rev. James CROWLEY, James J. BYRNE, of New York, to Annie MCNULTY.

PLUMMER-STANNARD - In Brooklyn, New York, June 25, 1888, by the Rev. 
A.J.F. BEHRENDS, assisted by the Rev. Hugh Smith CARPENTER, Mr. 
Jerome Shepard PLUMMER to Mrs. Cornelia DeWitt STANNARD.

BARTLETT-PURDY - On Wednesday, June 27, 1888, at Albany, N.Y., by the 
Rev. N.R. EVERTS, Lottie, daughter of Jesse H. PURDY of ?roton, to 
William A. BARTLETT of Brooklyn.

RAMBAUT-BONNEY - At Regent's Park Church, London, England, June 27, 
1888, by the Rev. George Dana BOARDMAN, D.D. of Philadelphia, Pa., 
the Rev. Thomas RAMBAUT D.D.L.?.D. of Brooklyn, N.Y. to Miss Mary ?. 
BONNEY of O?o?t?, Pa.

MCTERNAN-GILBERT - On Monday, July 16, 1888, at St. Peter's Church, 
Brooklyn, by the Rev. Joseph FRANSIOLI, assisted by the Rev. 
JohnBARRY, Grace EVERETT, daughter of Philo B. and Catherine GILBERT, 
to Hugh A. MCTERNAN. No cards.

RUSSELL-MORRISON - Aug. 9, by Rev. J.G. BASS, Judson DeLos RUSSELL to 
Mary Lavina MORRISON, daughter of Edgar L. and A. Eliza MORRISON, of Brooklyn.

TAYLOR-BAILEY - On Wednesday, Aug. 22, 1888, at the residence of the 
bride's parents, Brooklyn, N.Y., by Elder ?.B. TAYLOR, William C. 
TAYLOR and Florence M. BAILEY.

Monday September 3, 1888
Aug 12, by the Rev. E. CROWELL, New York City, 
Royal S. SMITH, of New York, to Lillian BLAUVELT, of this city.  
Cincinnati papers please copy.

Thursday September 6, 1888
Wednesday, Sept 5, by the Rev. Dr. POWELL of Brooklyn. 
John Jos. CALLAHAN of New York to Cornelia F. NIBLO of Brooklyn.

By the Rev. John H. ACO?ALY of Brooklyn.  
Sept 4, 1888. Miss Jennie A. SUTTON to 
Will ST. VINCENT, both of Long Branch, N. J.

Monday September 9, 1888
At Jersey City yesterday, by the Rev. Mr. ZABRISKIE. 
Duncan CAMERON, of Brooklyn, to Lillian Greer, 
youngest daughter of the late Alexander MACDONALD, of Glasgow.

Tuesday September 10, 1888
On Thursday, Aug. 30 by the Rev. George P. MAINS. 
Wm. A. BENNETT, of this city, to Ellie L. WILSON, of Detroit, Mich.

September 11, 1888
In New York City, Wednesday, Sept. 5, by the Rev. Frederick A. FARLEY, D. D., 
George HANNAH and Estelle Rosalie DOANE, daughter of the late 
Dr. Augustus Sidney and Mary A. DOANE, of New York City.
(Note: this was listed under “Deaths”, but is obviously a marriage notice.)

September 20, 1888
MOSSCROP-GAMBEE- On Wednesday Sept 19, 1888 at the residence of 
the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin GAMBEE, West Fayette, 
Seneca County N.Y. by the Rev. John H. MASON, of Brockport.  
Alfred M. MOSSCROP to Linnie GAMBEE.

September 22, 1888
MCCADDON-GRAY- On Tuesday Sept 18 by the Rev. 

Thursday October 4, 1888
At Grace Church Brooklyn Heights on 
Tuesday Oct. 2, 1888 by thr Rev. Melville BOYD, 
assisted by the Rev. Chauncey R. BREWSTER, 
George S. WOOD to Mary WAGNER, 
only daughter of Norman S. BENTLEY, Esq.

October 23, 1888
On Tuesday Oct. 16, 1888, by the Rev. Theodore L. CUYLE?, 
Azel D. MATTHEWS, of Brooklyn, to 
Anna R. CARPENTER, of Cutchogue, L.I. 

October 25, 1888
On Wednesday evening, Oct. 24, at the Memorial Church, 
corner of Seventh ave. and St. John’s place, 
by the Rev. Halsey W. KNAPP, D.D.,, 
Mr. William H. NEARING, and Miss Jennie E. KNAPP, 
daughter of the officiating minister.

October 26, 1888
DIMOND-NEWTON.- On Wednesday Oct 24, at the Church of the Pilgrims, 
Brooklyn, by the Rev. H. S. STORRS, D.D., 
Grace NEWTON, daughter of Albro J. NEWTON, to 
Arnold Guyot DANA, of Brooklyn; and Harriet C. NEWTON, 
daughter of Albro J. NEWTON, to Edwin Rudolph DIMOND, 
of San Francisco, Cal.

At Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct 2? 1888 by the Rev. A. J. CANFIELD, D.D., 
Mr. Charles  GAY, Jr., of Brooklyn, to 
Miss Lillian E. MATTHEWSON, of Providence, R. I.

HILL-TRUAX. Dec. 31. 1888.
Miss Carrie A. Truax, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles Truax,
of Bergen St. near Stone Ave. was married New Yeras Evening to;
John T. Hill of the Eastern District.
Rev. Dr, Davis.
Matthew McKEIL was the best man and Miss May A. HALPIN was the bridesmaid.

Transcribed by :
Eileen Swanberg-Thailer
Cheryl DeSellier
Linda Clark