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Brooklyn Daily Times

8 April 1803
Levi DARBEE, son of Samuel and Hannah KIMBALL DARBEE, was born in Rockland,
, and died in Brooklyn, May 21, 1879.
He was one of the pioneer settlers of the Williamsburgh section, taking up
his residence there long before the village was chartered as a city. At the
time of his death the following Obituary was published in the Brooklyn Daily
Times: "Levi Darbee, one of the oldest residents of the Eastern District,
died yesterday morning at the ripe old age of 76 years. The deceased was
born in Rockland, Sullivan Co., this state. In 1821 he was married to Miss
Jemima HERMANCE, at Kingston, where he resided for a year after his
marriage, being engaged in the printing business. About 1824, Mr. Darbee
removed to Rockland, his birth place, thence to New York City, Monticello,
Unadilla and finally, about 1834, to Williamsburgh.
What is now a populous section of the city was then a small village of but a
few hundred inhabitants. Mr. Darbee bought out the only printing office in
the place, which had been established for two years, and began the
publication of the first newspaper in Williamsburgh, known as The
Williamsburgh Gasette. Its publication was continued as a weekly until 1849,
when it was changed to a semi-weekly. In 1850, it was made a daily, and was
continued as such until 1854, when its publication was suspended. Mr. Darbee
continued in the printing business until six years ago, when failing health
compelled his retirement.
During the earlier period of his residence, Mr. Darbee was connected with a
number of prominent public movements and was, a number of years ago,
Postmaster of our local office. He was among those who organized the Eastern
District Hospital and Dispensary, and was for many years a Trustee of the
institution. Mr. Darbee was always public spirited and ready at all times to
do anything that would benefit the community in which he lived. In the days
when he was active in public life, he was well known and commanded the
confidence and respect of every one, and our best citizens were numbered
among his devoted friends. For a number of years he has been in failing
health, which forced him into retirement.
Mr. Darbee leaves a widow and eight children: Edgar, Abraham, Levi, Samuel,
William, Mrs. Joseph POWELL, Mrs. John Elwood POWELL, and Mrs. Charles
MILLS. In the family of which he was the head, it is noteworthy that this is
the first death in fortynine years.

10 July 1889

10 July 1889
                          ADDRESS                      AGE   		DATE
BURNS, Anne 2,879 Atlantic Ave                1         8
BRIDGE, James, St. Mary's Hospital          33          8
BURROWS, George, Jr., 692 Grand street      17          7
BOYLE, John, Brooklyn Hospital              29          7
BURKHARDT, Freda, 21 Meserole street          1         8
BITTNER, Margaret, 312 Harmon street        53          7
CLOW(CLEW), Clara, 108 Union avenue       1         8               
DRESCHER, Henry, 150 Withers street           2         7
DONOVAN, Herbert, 260 Fifth avenue            1         8
DONNELLY, Philip, Kings County Almshouse    53          6
DAUBER, Frederick, Kings County Hospital    50          8
FLECKENSTEIN, Henrietta, 295 Wyckoff av   1         7
FISHER, Sophia, 262 Irving avenue            48         7
FISHER, Helene, 206 Woodbine street           1         8
GAMBLE, Arthur, 786 Kent avenue           1         8
GUTHY, Rosa, 903 Herkimer street                 32         8
GOETTING, Lillian, 161 Bushwick avenue       l8         8
HOWE, Frank, 100 Butler street                6         8
HAMEL, Magdelena, 197 Wyckoff avenue          1         8
JOSEPH, Celia, 19 Cook street                17         8
KAPPLEN, Anna, 156 Wyckoff avenue             1         7
FRAGSTON, Arthur, 755 Dean street             1         6
KOHLAND, Katharine, 1743 Broaday              1         7
LYONS, Mary, 220 Grand avenue                66         8
LARSEN, Andreas, Industrial School            5         8
MATTHEW, Margaret, 105 Rogers avenue         36         8
MERCK, Joseph, 29 Fayette place              44         7
MASON, Bridget, 497 Clinton street           69         8
McGUIRE, John, Kings CountyHospital      	32         7
NELSEN, Jens, 130 Wolcott street                 63         7
OBERT, Anna W., 434 Graham ave            	5         8
OSCHEE, Charles, Kings County Hospital       59         7
PETTY, Grace 225 Twenty-seventh street        1         7
POWERS, Hannah, 13 Stagg street          	29         8
PETERSON, Andrew, 196 Twenty-third st         3         9
PHELEN, William, 92 Lynch street                  1         8
REDDER, Mary, Ninety-first st & Fourth av        62         7
RODKEL, Elizabeth, St. Catharine's Hospital  16         7
ROBERTS, Frances, 1254 Fulton street          1         8
RODGERS, Patrick, Kings County Hospital  	49         7
STEIBEL, Reuben, 15 Varet street                  5         8
SCHMIDT, Julia, 266 Atlantic avenue          47         7
SMITH, Peter J., 15 Woodhull street           1         8
SWAN, Calhoun, 129 Marion street              4         7
SHEEHAN, Charles 270 Concord street      	18         8
SEYMOUR, Charles, Kings County Hospital  	70         7
SULLIVAN, Francis, 426 Clinton street             1         8
JAMES, Louisa, 346 Devoe street               1         8
WISE, Anna, 198 North Fourth street           1         8
YOUNG, Donald, 372 Seventh street             1         7

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