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NEW YORK HERALD Marriage Announcements New York Herald Letter A
ABKEL, Isabelle T. Spouse : STORM, George W. 30 Oct 1879 NY County By: Rev Robert Lowery Source: NY Herald 02 Nov 1879 Notes: Groom from Poughkeepsie ADEE, James T. Spouse: WALLACE, Louise (Mrs.) 12 Aug 1886 NY County by: Rev. George Nixon of Tremont,NY Source : NY Herald 22 Aug 1886 Notes: Groom from Westchester,Bride of Bklyn ANYON, James THORNley Spouse : BUGBEE, Florence 8 March 1899 NY County by:Rev. Dr. Mayer source: NY Herald 10Mar1899 Notes: daughter of Alfred N. BUGBEE ALLEN, Frank Powell spouse: TAFT, Minnie L. 1 Sept 1886 Christ Church,Ballston Spa, NY by: Rev. Charles Pelletreau source: NY Herald 04 Sept 1886 Notes: daughter of Mrs. S.B. Medbery, Groom from Lisbon, Dakota ALLEN, Marion Whitney spouse: BRAINARD, Fred 429 Clermont Ave, Bklyn by: Rev L.T. Chamberlain & Rev. C.A. Harvey source: NY Herald 16 Sept 1886 Notes: at residence of bride's parents ABRAHAMS, Max spouse: BROWNOLD, Bertha 16 Aug 1882 Lyric Hall, NYC by: Mr. Sternberger source: NY Herald 20 Aug 1882 Notes: both of Manhattan ALEXANDRE, J. Joseph spouse: EDSALL, Nathalie 11 Sept 1883 Clifton, Staten Island (Richmond) by: Rev Father Ducey source: NY Herald 13 Sept 1883 Notes: daughter of Henry EDSALL of Locust Valley, groom of Manhattan ABBOT, Lillie Eugenia spouse: GRIFFEN, Howard J. 12 Nov 1879 Harrison,Westchester Cty, NY by: Rev C.B. Brewster source: NY Herald 30 Nov 1879 Notes: daughter of F.A. ABBOTT, esq.- groom of White Plains ALLEY, Abigail Adams spouse: TALBOT, Edward M. 10 Jan 1883 bride's residence,NY by: Rev. Henry Potter source: NY Herald 12 Jan 1883 Notes: daughter of George Bolton ALLEY AMIE, Catherine spouse: PRICE, Augustus 23 Jan 1853 St. Thomas Church by: Rev. Dr. Neville source: NY Herald 27 Jan 1853 Notes: Both of Manhattan ARMSTRONG, Hortense P. spouse: DOUGLAS, Henry Livingston 22 Sept 1859 St. Paul's Church,New Haven by: Rev. Dr. Littlejohn source: NY Herald 26 Sept 1859 Notes: daughter of S.T. ARMSTRONG,Esq.- all of NYC AYERS, Hannah spouse: QUACKINBUSH, Benjamin 19 Sept 1859 by: Rev. Moses Ballou location: unknown source: NY Herald 20 Jan 1859 Notes: All of NYC ARMAN, Belle spouse: DYKMAN, William N. 3 June 1885 bride's residence, Bklyn by: Rev. T.L. Cuyler source: NY Herald 5 June 1885 ACKERMAN, Emma G. spouse: MEADER, Harry H. 18 June 1883 105 Park Pl.,Bklyn by: Rev Geroge Van Der Water of St. Luke's Church source: NY Herald 20 June 1883 Notes: eldest daughter of Joshua H. ACKERMAN, Esq.] ABBOTT, John H. spouse: VAIL, Mamie A. 16 July 1894 Tuckahoe, NY by: Rev. J.Y. Bates source: NY Herald 19 July 1894 ABRAHAMSON, Albert spouse: BERNHARDT, Ida 02 Dec 1906 NY Cty by: Rev. Distillator source: NY Herald 09 Dec 1906 ADAMS, Arthur J. spouse: LONG, Ida E. 27 Nov 1887 Patchogue, NY (Suffolk) by: Rev. W.H. Barton source: Patchogue Advance 10 Dec 1887 ALBRO, Helen M. spouse: KELLOGG, Andrew H. 19 June 1883 St. Andrew's Church by: Rev Albert S. Hull & Rev. Francis Lobdell source: NY Herald 22 June 1883 Notes: daughter of Edmund W. ALBRO, all of Manhattan ALLEN, Charles W. spouse: HOYT, Sarah A. 28 June 1882 BEDFORD, NY by: Rev. James H. HOYT source: NY Herald 02 July 1882 Notes: daughter of Augustus HOYT ALLEN, Kate spouse: CONE, Robert D. 5 July 1882 location: unknown by: Rev. E.A. Gilmore source: NY Herald 07 July 1882 Notes: daughter of Moses O. ALLEN, all of Manhattan AMSTER, Lillie spouse: JARESKEY, Herman (M.D.) 17 July 1894 bride's residence by: Rev. Dr. A. Wise source: NY Herald 18 July 1894 ANDREWS, Alice spouse: WILLIAMS, Milton L. date not given 35 W. 42nd St (father's residence) by: Rev. C.S. Harrower source: NY Herald 13 July 1894 Notes: daughter of S.W. Andrews, groom from Portland, ME ANDREWS, Annie M. spouse: MEYER, Herman B. 3 June 1885 by: Rev. H.C. Heyser location: unknown source: NY Herald 6 June 1885 Notes:Both of Bklyn,daughter of late A. ANDREWS, Esq. ALBRIGHT, Kate spouse: CLUTE, Andrew M. 1 July 1879 Albany,NY by: Rev. Dr. Henry Darling source: NY Herald 03 July 1879 Notes: bride of Albany, groom of NYC ARNDT, Otto spouse: VITT, Mary 2 July 1879 Fort Hamilton, Kings Cty by: Judge Church source: NY Herald 04 July 1879 Notes: both of Fort Hamilton ANNHEIM, Sarah spouse: STINDLER, Louis 14 June 1883 location: unknown by: Rev. Henry S. Jacobs source: NY Herald 17 June 1883 Notes: niece of Mrs. Louis BIERHOFF, groom from Freeland, PA ANTONY, Emil spouse: HENRY, Florence Ogden 11 July 1894 St. Bartholomew's Church by: Rev. David H. Greer source: NY Herald 13 July 1894 Notes: only daughter of late Charles Tigh HENRY, all of Manhattan ARENT, Charles spouse: MC CULLOCH, Annie 19 June 1883 location: unknown by: Rev. Joseph R. KERR source: NY Herald 21 June 1883 Notes: daughter of Hugh McCulloch of Sagua, Cuba - groom of Manhattan ARMSTRONG, James J. spouse: MALONE, Jennie A. 6 Sept 1883 St. James R.C. Church by: Rev. Father John J. Kean source: NY Herald 16 Sept 1883 Notes: both of Manhattan ASHLEY,George Nolton spouse: IRWIN, Rachel 9 Oct 1879 Christ Church, 5th ave, NY by: Rev. Dr. Shipman source: NY Herald 10 Oct 1879 ASPEGREN, John spouse: BACON, Lucille Vantine 6 Dec 1906 St. Batholomew's Church by: Rev. Dr. Leighton Parks source: NY Herald 09 Dec 1906 ASTEN, Isaac spouse: JONES, Mary Louise 2 Oct 1879 Collegiate Reformed Dutch Church, 5th Ave & 29th St by: Rev. William Ormiston source: NY Herald 03 Oct 1879 Notes: daughter of John & late Emmeline JONES, all of Manhattan ATKIN, Maggie spouse: COCHRAN, A.M. 3 Sept 1883 Greenpoint, Bklyn by: Rev. Mr. Francis source: NY Herald 16 Sept 1883 ATKINS, Robert spouse: PRATT, Maude 29 Nov 1906 Calvary Church, Gloversville,NY by: Rev. J. Lewis Parks source: NY Herald 1 Dec 1906 Notes: daughter of William P. PRATT