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1875 Census, Convent of the Sisters of Mercy

1875 Kings County State Census Brooklyn 5th Election District of the 7th Ward CONVENT OF THE SISTERS OF MERCY Willoughby Ave. SURNAME, Name..age..Birth..Occupation HAIRE, Sister M.- Vincent..58..Ireland..Nun DILLON, " " Bonaventure..29..Ireland..Nun McMANUS, " " Teresa..39..Maryland..Nun MARSH, " " DeSales..39..Ireland..Nun KELLY, " " Mary..39..Ireland..Nun GORMAN, " " Ignatius..34..Ireland..Nun COSNELL, " " Evangelista..31..New York City..Nun STUART, " " Davis..24..Orange County..Nun FALK?, " " Magdalene..34..New York..Nun O'DONOHUE, " " Ligouri..40..Monroe County, NY..Nun BARRY, " " Thomas, 34..Maryland..Nun McDONALD, " " Philomene..27..NY State..Nun SALTERN, " " Stephen..39..Massachusetts..Nun McMANUS, " " Agnes..23..Maryland..Nun MOYLIHAN, " " Berchmans..N/A.. Ireland..Nun CHICHESTER, " " Collette..20..NY State..Nun HABB, " " Lousie..34..Germany BEURY, " " Joseph..23..NY State..Nun BONNER, " " Stanislaus..22..Massachusetts..Nun BARRY, " Rosalie..16..Maryland..Nun MAGILL, " Gertrude..Ireland..Nun CARROLL, " Agnes..37..Ireland..Nun DOHAHUE, " Catherine..28..Ireland..Nun MACKIN, " Baptist..38..Ireland..Nun CARNEY, " Martha..35..Ireland..Nun McNAMARA, " Zita, 29..New York State..Nun BOWES, " Rose..27..Ireland..Nun CLARY, " Genevieve..23..Ireland..Nun LEFIONE, " Camillus..22..Canada, Nun DOLAND, " Jane..26..Ireland..Nun HICKEY, " Gerard..24..Ireland..Nun LENNAN, Mary..30..Ireland..Servant MARLOW, Margaret..45..Ireland..Servant CAREY, Mary..20..Ireland..Servant BOWLES, Kate..22..Ireland..Servant McMAHON. Bridget..22 Ireland..Servant MURRY, Maggie..25..Ireland..Servant DONOHUE, Catherine..39..Ireland..Servant DOYLE, Kate..35..Ireland..Servant MALONE, Catherine..22..Ireland..Servant HAZZARD, Jane..49..Ireland..Servant KELLY, Margaret..29..Ireland..Servant PICKETT, Kitty..30..Ireland..Servant HURLEY, Ellie..23..Ireland..Servant KANE, Lizzie..23 Ireland..Servant BURNS, Theia..12..Brooklyn.. COAKLEY, Katie..15..Brooklyn.. DOUGHERTY, Lizzie..13..Brooklyn.. PICKETT, Mary..13..Brooklyn.. REYNOLDS, Martha..15..New York.. GOODWIN, Kate..13..New York.. MACKEY, Mary..12..New York.. MURRAY, Mary A..13..New York.. LEE, Katie..10..New York.. PHEBIS, Ida..9..New York.. MACKIE, Ada..12..New York.. LA PRELLE, Katie..9..New York.. DOLEN, Mary..7..New York.. SMITH, Mary..9..King's Co.. SMITH, Katie..12..New York.. SMITH, Kate, 10..Ireland.. CAHILL, Lizzie..12..Ireland.. LENNON, Katie..7..Ireland.. MOORE, Fannie..6..New York.. WELDON, Mary E..10..King's Co.. GALLAGHER, Anna..9..New York.. BOYLE, Maggie..8..New York.. WELDON, Nellie..7..King's Co.. BROWN, Maggie..10..King's Co.. FARRELL, Mary..9..King's Co.. GOLDEN, Mary E..11..King's Co.. WILLSON, Katie..10..New York.. GALLAGHER, Mamie..13..New York.. WARD, Mamie..8..New York.. SEERING, Kate..5..King's Co.. MOFFATT, Maggie..13..Canada.. REYNOLDS, Josephine..14..New York.. MOFFATT, Katie..12..Canada.. CAHILL, Maggie ?..12..Ireland.. BRENNAN, Barbara..8..New York.. McCLARY, Anna..10..New York.. KELLY, Nora..6..Ireland.. DONOHUE, Maggie..6..Ireland.. KELLY, ??ettie..19..King's Co.. HACK, Katie..14..New York.. HACK, Mary..16..New York.. CAHILL, Mary..12..Ireland.. FLANAGAN, Katie..9..Brooklyn.. FLANAGAN, Mary..6..Brooklyn.. MOORE, Fanny..10..New York City.. BRENNAN, Anna..7..New York City.. BRADY, Maggie..7..New York City.. FLETCHER, Mary..5..King's Co.. KERNAN, Sarah..8..New York.. CAHILL, Teresa..5..New York.. DOLAN, Lizzie..9..New York.. KELLY, Maggie..20..King's Co.. LUNDERLAND, Sarah J..21..King's Co.. FARRELL, Mary E..19..New York.. COULTER, Lizzie..21..King's Co.. HURLEY, Anna..18..King's Co.. WELDON, Anna..18..King's Co.. MOORE, Mary..18..King's Co.. MORGAN, Tessie..19..New York.. McKNIGHT, Cecilia..21..New York.. FOSTER, Carrie..23..New York.. KELLY, Mary ?..18..New York.. O'DONELL, Helena..18..England.. HANLEY, Mary P..19..England.. DENNY, Carrie..16..New York.. SHACKEY, Bridget..18..Ireland.. CARROLL, Marcella..18..Ireland.. TOOLE, Maria..14..Ireland.. EAGAN, Lizzie..17..Ireland.. BRENNAN, Mary A..15..Ireland.. BOYLE, Lizzie..18..King's Co.. COSFELDT, Julia..17..King's Co.. BROWN, Annie..18..King's Co.. MOORE, Jennie..16..King's Co.. BRADY, Lizzie..16..King's Co.. DAVIS, Lizzie..19..Ireland.. McNAMARA, Sarah..17..King's Co.. MULHERN, Anna..18..King's Co.. CORNELL, Susie..16..King's Co.. KELLY, May..17..King's Co.. OLIVER, Lizzie..18..King's Co.. DOUGHERTY, Mary C..18..King's Co.. BOYLE, Anna..16..King's Co.. MOORE, Mary Ann..16..King's Co.. BOYNE, Mary A..14..King's Co.. MAHAN, Helena..16..King's Co.. MURPHY, CATHERINE..15..New York City.. BEAN, Edwardia..15..Vermont.. HAND, M. Teresa..15..New York City.. KANE, Mary Ann..14..New York City.. KALIGHER, Nora..12..Ireland.. GOODWIN, Mary J..16..New York City.. BEATTY, Gussie..7..New York City.. HENRIQUES, Josephine..16..New York City.. McCORMACK, Lizzie..10..New York, City.. MARTIN, Katie..16..King's Co.. WHITE, Annie..16..King's Co.. GILL, Fannie..14..King's Co.. HUSSEY, Julia..14..King's Co.. SULLIVAN, Anna..14..King's Co.. RYAN, Phebe..15..King's Co.. McNAMARA, Grace..14..King's Co.. ENRIGHT, Katie..15..Vermont.. COOK, Nora..15..Ireland.. MURPHY, Maggie..14..King's Co.. HURLEY, Wel?..15..King's Co.. COLE, Anna..13..King's Co.. BEAN, Delia..14..Vermont.. McNALLY, Mary..16..Ireland.. THOMAS, Rosa..13..England.. WALLACE, Lizzie..13..King's Co.. HEN?MAN, Ida..9..King's Co.. McCORMACK, Lizzie..10..New York City.. KELLY, Kate..13..New York City.. LEE, Emma..13..New York City.. COAKLEY, Mary..9..King's Co.. WELLMAN, Anna..12..King's Co.. WARD, Katie..6..King's Co.. SULLIVAN, Agnes..5..King's Co.. HANLON, Maggie..5..King's Co.. SULLIVAN, Mary J..12..King's Co.. BRADY, Katy..12..King's Co.. COULTER, Sarah..16..King's Co.. BRADY, Kate..14..King's Co.. KEENAN, Mary A..12..King's Co.. RAY, Sarah..6..New York.. HENRIQUES, Agnes..15..New York.. DONOHUE, Emma..13..New York.. WAREY, Maggie..15..Canada.. CONE, Lizzie..12..Canada.. WARD, MAY..8..King's Co.. Transcribed by Susan Lalor ,font color="red">RETURN to ORPHAN Main RETURN to BROOKLYN Main