The New York Children's Aid Society
Finding Your Rider In the CAS Records The New York Children's Aid Society (CAS) will be happy to search its historical records if you believe your relative was involved in the Society's "placing out" program. You should send your search request to: Mrs. Helen Steinman, Children's Aid Society, 150 East 45th Street, New York, NY 10017. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you prefer to telephone, the number is (212) 949-4800. [Website Editor's Note: Mrs. Steinman is no longer with CAS [1999]. Mr. Victor Remer has taken her place. The address and telephone number are still accurate.] (The New York Children's Aid Society Adoption and Foster Home Division 150 East 45th Street New York, NY 10017 Telephone: 212-949-4800 Fax: 212-682-8016=20) Victor Remer very helpful Call early he leaves around 12:00 everyday. At present time they are shreding everything 50 years. . ************************************ Whether you call or write, be prepared to supply all the information you have about your Orphan Train rider. Even obscure bits of information may be a clue that Mrs. Steinman can use to locate the records you are seeking. Because of the personal and sometimes sensitive nature of the CAS records, the CAS does require that the person seeking the information be a direct descendant of the Orphan Train rider. And, the search request needs to be for a specific person, not a general search request--i.e.,, "all Orphan Train riders taken to Iowa," etc. Professional genealogists doing research on behalf of a client will need to have their client contact the CAS directly concerning a search request. If you have an original document that came from the CAS concerning your Orphan Train rider, please copy it and send it along with your search request. Mrs. Steinman and the CAS are anxious to help those searching for Orphan Train rider information. You should , however, be patient when submitting your request. Mrs. Steinman is a professional social worker with the CAS and has other duties and responsibilities beyond her role as CAS archivist. Also, because many of the historical recoreds are handwritten and faded, research is often a slow process. Thanks to: Elizabeth V Cardinal RETURN to ORPHAN Main RETURN to BROOKLYN Main