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Paper Trails....CENSUS

1810 Bushwick/Kings--Vancott
HODSON, BRIODY fed.census index
1850 Brooklyn/Williamsburg area-(partial)
1850 NYS Census Williamsburg Village pg 428
COOPER (ALL wards) 1850 Census Brooklyn, Kings Co,NY
1860-16th Ward Brooklyn(partial)
1860 16th Ward Census 3rd dist Page 624 Kings Co.
1860 Census Index SHANLEY-SHAPPOFF
1860 Bklyn Census Index-WING-WINSTER
Dist 2, Wd. 14, NYC 1860 census
1860 Census Index WYCKOF-YAGER
1860 wd 11 House # 229 partial
1860 Census 16th Ward 3rd Dist
Pg102 3rd Dist, 6th Wd.1860 NYC census
1865 Census Partial Pg.Bklyn 2nd Wd
1870/80 Census (partial)
1870 Census Index REA-REAGAN
1870 Fed.Census-Vernon St.Hunters Pt,Newton
1870 NYC census Ed.9,Wd.14
1875 NYS Census Ward 5 ED 1 (CASSIDY)
1875 LUTZ NYState 16th Ward.Kings
1875 Census Ward 22

VOLKOMMER 1880 Census
1880 CENSUS NYC- ED 205
1880 census,Bklyn,ED 123/124
1880 Soundex-B451
1880 Soundex Some "B" names
1892 Cassidy (partial)17th Ward
1892 NYS-L.I.C.-Eighth St
1892 Foxes Bklyn 18th Ward
1892 Kings 227 North Sixth St.14th Wd
1892 Kings 15th Wd North Second St
1892 Kings 15th Wd 384 Keap St
1892 Kings 15th Wd st unkn

1892 Census Queens L.I.C. Pgs 2-11-21-27-77-81
1895 Ward 24 Institutions
1900 census E.40th.St.NYC
1900,1920 Kings..extracts
1920 Queens Fed. Census..Extracts
1900 ED 185 Ward 13 Sheet 14 A.
1900 Census Brooklyn 52 Fulton St
1900 Bklyn. ED1.McKinney St.
1905 Kings Census.Assort.Streets & reels

FOX Family 1905
1905 police census:WAGNER
1910 NYState Census.Second Ave.NYC
1910.Humboldt St.
1915 NYS L.I.C.-ED#7-Academy St.
1915.NYS.L.I.C.-ED#12-Fifth Ave.
1920 Somers St. Bklyn, ED 267
1920 Partial List NYC Institutions
1920 Census Quarentine Stations Ellis Is.
1920 L.I.C-Ward 10-Vernon Ave
1920 L.I.C-Ward 10-Eighth St.
4 pages of the 1920 Census ED 1415
1925 NYS-L.I.C.ED#4-Eighth St.
1925 NYS-L.I.C.ED#4-Vernon Ave
1925 NYS-L.I.C.ED#4-Eight Street
1880 Brooklyn Census Raymond Street">1880 Brooklyn Census Raymond Street">1880 Brooklyn Census Raymond Street

1850 NYS Census Williamsburg Village pg 428 
Christian Huffsumer, age 20, 
cabinet maker, Germany, 
John Rober, age 27, Wire Maker, Germany, 
family Barbara, John, Thomas, Barbara.....
Jacob Messner age 54, 
Tailor, Germany, family Mary, Adaline, Mary.....
JosephHammer age 27, 
no occupation listed, Germany, ..
Joseph Soper, age 58, 
glassblower, France, family Elizabeth, Charles,
Nicholas, Josephine, Joseph.......
John Hinnman, Carpenter. age 45, 
Germany, family Kristia, Mary, Eliza,Caroline,.....
Reid, (Peid) Edward, age 28 
Tailor, Germany, family Elizabeth, Andrew, Louisa.....
Daniel Eppell age 25, 
Distiller, Germany, 
family Elizabeth, Katrina, Mary.....
Joseph Volkomer age 33, 
grocer, Germany,
family Katrina, Rosina, Peter, Eliza, Cath. ...
Michael Rumph age 41, 
Glass blower, Germany,
family Rosina, Carolina (?).   
The 1852 City Directory shows Joseph Volkommer, 
grocery, 131 Ewen c. Meserole, so I am assuming this 
is the street all the above lived on.

1860 wd 11 House # 229 partial
Bklyn. census page 
Census page: [partial]

wd 11  ed 7  county NY  June 29, 1860 House # 229 
[have to look again 4 St. name]
Roll # 801  pg. 394
G-R/N-OUT, Henry [parents on previous page] 
[not sure of surnmame]  Rupia     
WOO?ST, Charles                                                               
HAAF?, Daniel                                                                 
?ARM. John[Bavaria] & Catherine [Rupia], John [N.B.], Clara [N.B.]
HOHLER, Jacob & Sophia, Catherine, Magdalena, Eliza, John    [mine]       
MEYER, Charles & Eliza, John                                                  
WALDEN & Catharine                                                            
SIEGEL , Henry                                                                
KROUPER, Charles, Eleanor, Sarah, henry, John, George, Edward  N. B.
WETZLER, peter & Margaret, Sarah                                             
KING, John & Alice. end of page                                               

I have ages, occ., personal value on above.

1875 NYS Census Ward 5 ED 1 (CASSIDY)
Ward 5 ED 1
Plymouth Street
House Brick worth $500
89 family 
James Cassidy, 38, m,
born NY County (that's Manhattan and some of the Bronx), 
Bookkeeper, works Brookyn 
Lucinda Cassidy, 35, born NY County, wife Leonard, 15, son,
born NY County 
James, 12, son, born NY County
Susan, duaghter, born Kings County 
Little Street
family 386 
Patrick Cassidy, 25,
Born Ireland, laborer, works Brooklyn 
Ellen Cassidy, 22, wife, born Kings Co. 
James, son, 1, born Kings Co. 
Lucy (couldnt read last name), mother (assume mother in law),
Born Ireland 
Prospect Street
ED 5 pg 39 family 
James Cassidy, 29, m, 
born Kings Co.
Ann Cassidy, 28, wife, born Kings Co
Mary, 3, daughter, born Kings Co.
Charles, 2, son, born Kings Co. 
Hudson Street 
Peter Cassidy, 35, m, 
Born Ireland, Printer Mary Cassidy, 
32, born Kings Co. 
Ellen, 8, Born Kings Co
John, 7, born Kings Co.
Josphina, 3, born Kings Co.

1880 CENSUS NYC- ED 205
NYC census, but I have found that some Brooklyn families started 
out in NYC
if there is no relationship or job, assume wife, son, or daughter 
and job of housekpg 
     1880 CENSUS NYC- ED 205   FHL Film #1254876
                these are all on Orchard St.

HEILBIG  Elisa 68-Bavaria
               Edward-16-Segar Maker

ROSS   Henry-74-Upholsterer-C.Hesse
             Geo -21-barber-NY

GOTTSCHALK  Aug- 36-Huckster-Prussia

KREUTZER  Gust.-45-Sadler-Baden

BIEGEL John (male) 54 - Keeping house-Prussia
             Henry -20-Segar Maker  - Prussia
             Fred-17-laborer Prussia

SCHMIDT Florian-44- baking-Baden
                Anton-15-at school-NY
                Florian-13-school -NY
                 Crisensia-5/12 (dec) NY
HERRER Leopold-30-Boarder-baker-Baden
SCHMIDT Anton-58-Brother-baker- Baden

BOLLENBACH Geo. 35 -tailor-Bavaria
SCHMIDT J.-27-boarder-guilder-Prussia
KOCH  Charles-37-Boarder-sadler-Hanover

ROOME H.R.-51-Printer NY
              Malhitde (Mathilde? hard to be sure)-12-at school-NY
              Charles-9-At school-NY
DUNN, Randolph-60-Boarder-sadler-NY

McKEAN Rosa-60-Ireland
                Susan-22-hat trimmer-NY

ROTH John-28-retail grocer-Prussia 


1875 LUTZ NYState 16th Ward.Kings

1875 New York State Census, Kings County, 16th Ward 
(Williamsburgh) (FHL Film#1930220)

3d Election District:  
LUTZ  Gottlieb(born Germany),  Paulina (born Germany), 
Frederick, Louis, Rebecca and Emma (all born in Brooklyn)
LUTZ, Delinea (?),26, Margaret,27 Annie,5,  Adolph, 4


LUTZ,John 41 (born Germany), Sophia 42 (born Germany), 	
Hannah, 16, Elizabeth 13, Mary 10
4th Election District:

LUTZ, William, Margaret, Emilia, Julius(6 mos)

6th Election District:
LUTZ, Joseph 29 years old
7th Election District:
(No street names)
Bottom of p41 and top of p.42:
LUTZ, Charles, 67 (born Germany), Catherine 59, born Germany), John, etc
At end of Population listing:

Josephine Lutz, 15, small pox 12 June
8th Election district:
9TH Election District:
(No Street names)
Pages 42,46 and 51 contain Lutzes

1892 Cassidy (partial)17th Ward
Contributor :cassidy@panix.com
Here are some randoms Cassidys I copied as I looked through 
the 17th Ward: 
NYS Census
ED 1 pg 2 
William Cassidy, m, 38, 
born US, painter Lizzie, f, 36, 
born US 
Thomas, m, 2, born US 
John Cassidy, m, 52,
born Ireland, cit, Boilermaker Annie, 
f, 45 
Maggie, f, 15 born US
Annie, f, 12, born US
Nora, f, 6, born US 
ED 2 pg 6
William Cassidy, m, 26,
born Ireland, A
Lizzie, f, 26, born Ireland
Thomas, m, 3, Born US
Lizzie, f, 1 born US 
ED 14
Rose Cassidy, f, 38, 
US, Dressmaker 
Sarah Cassidy, f, 36, 
born US, Dressmaker Anne Cassidy, f, 
32, born US, Dressmaker 
Ward 17 Ed 27
457 Manhattan Ave 
Michael Cassidy, 30, 
born Irelandm, cit, Laborer Lizzie, f, 
21, born Ireland 
Kate, f, 1, born US 
Ed 18
Calyer Str 
Daniel Cassidt, m, 50, 
born Ireland, Machanist 
ED 27 pg 13 
Michael Cassiday, 28, 
born Ireland, laborer William, m ,27, 
born Ireland, laborer 
Mary, f, 25 born Ireland
Mamie f, 5, born US

1880 census,Bklyn,ED 123/124
Contributor: desellier@mindspring.com

E.D. 124, 14th ward, N. 2nd Street, Page 1
HARRIGAN, James, shoemaker, Mary, Henry, Amy, Leonard, William, Sidney
LYDECKER, Anthony, shoemaker, Kat, Kate, Joseph E., Harry
McELVANY, Jane, James, Catherine
PICKENS, James, cooper, Susan, Jennie, John, James
MURRAY, Alice, keeps house
FLINN, Michael, night watchman, Charles, James, probably more but it got cut off.

1880 census, City of Brooklyn, 
E.D. 124, 6th Street, 
Page 8

HAYDEN, Peter, goes to sea, Jane
FINK, Catherine C., seamstress
HARRIGAN, William, shoemaker, Sarah, William Jr., James, George, Amie, Emma
BANES, Samuel J., dock builder, Julia A., Adaline
McLEISH, Mary, ?dry goods store?, Maggie, Isabela, Mary, William, Virgina, John

1880 census, City of Brooklyn, 
E.D. 123, N. 6th Street, 
Page 25

WILLIAMS, Margaret, keeping house
PANGBOON, John, at home
HARRIGAN, James, shoemaker, Sarah, Sarah E., Charlotte
ROBERTS, Sarah, keeping house
CROSBY, Frank, carpenter, Elizabeth, Mary
SCH??IZER, Charles, cooper, Theresa, Charles, Henry, Edwin, Matilda, Emma

1880 census, City of Brooklyn, 
E.D. 123, N. 6th Street, 
Page 29

McOSTTER, Jeanette, at home
BABTISTELLER, Marshall, butcher, Jeanette, Elizabeth
HARRIGAN, Edward, shoemaker, Sarah, Edward, Ann E., Sarah
TOMLIN, Charles, shoemaker, Elizabeth, Charles
WILDEMERE, Louis, baker, Eva, Ellen, Louisa, Matilda, Edward
ROLLER, Valentine, wood carver, Augusta, Frederick, got cut off here.

1905 police census:WAGNER

Robert WAGNER 43 yrs
Luisa LUTZ / WAGNER 22 yrs
Rbt. WAGNER 23 yrs
George 15 yrs.
134 Scholl St.
Bklyn., NY
Luisa`s parents:
Fred 56 yrs b. Germany 
Katy LUTZ  57 yrs b. USA

1900 ED 185 Ward 13 Sheet 14 A.
Kings County census  
Street Address 235-225 South 4th St.Bklyn, NY     
Surnames listed are :     
Tilford, Amelia    
Garvin, Fredrick    
Dettrich, Henry L.    
Cook, Jennie    
Feiotel (?), Lester    
Kerivia, John    
Hayes, Bernard    
Martin, Lizzie    
Haadsler (?), Charles    

1905 Kings Census.Assort.Streets & reels
They are not the only  streets on these reels 
but ones I recognized most often as being counted.

Reel #69
Greenpoint Avenue
Kent Avenue

Reel #70
Meeker Avenue
Driggs Avenue
Humboldt St.
Skillman Ave
Metropolitan Ave
Bushwick Ave
Grand St.

Reel #71
Greenpoint Ave
Kent St.
Manhattan Ave.
Java St.
Oakland St.

Reel #72
Bedford Ave
North 11th to North 3rd Sts
Wythe Ave.
Metropolitan Ave

Reel #73
Metroplitan Ave.
Marcy Ave
Grand Ave
Manhattan Ave
Flushing Ave
Bushwick Ave

Reel #74
Graham Ave
Bushwick Ave
Meserole St

1860 16th Ward Census 3rd dist Page 624 Kings Co.

BILL, Mathias, mason; Magdalena, Edward, Joseph
EBLING, Jacob, laborer, Barbara
FISHER, Leonard, laborer, Barbara, Conrad
GEILER, Rudolph,cooper, Catherine, Amelia (?), Bertha, 
Francisca, Catherine
HAUNTZ,Joseph, cabinet maker, Catherine, John, Charles
KUHLMANN, Christian,painter, Elisabeth
MANTZ, Elizabeth, Tailors
REIF, Helena, tailors,Michael
VOLLKOMMER, Joseph, peddler, Margareth, Peter, Mary.  
There is a Philip SCHIVISKERT, Cooper but could not find him on the 1850 CD.  

Barbara Edwards
Heads of family listed.Please e-mail Barbara Edwards
find a name of interest.

1850 Brooklyn/Williamsburg area-(partial)
Franks, George
Manning, William
Moore, John
Mott, Charlotte
Rinhart, Francis
Schule, Godfrey
Shrever, Godfrey
Staats, George
Yager, Jacob

1860-16th Ward Brooklyn(partial)
(This is from two pages)

Albrecht, David
Beeker, Reinhold
Bradley, ?
Brussell?, Johanna
Bucker/Beecker, John
Elghauser, Lawrence
Elkins, James
Fricks, John
Groh, Michael
Heegan, Julius
Herrlein, George
Leyes, Jacob
Leyes, Jacob
Mason, Adam
Michel, John
Reyley, Thomas	
Seward, Albert
Sigger?, Robert
Schurman, William
Vigelius, Martin

1870/80 Census (partial)

Albrecht, David
Betzarto, Joseph
Brickner, John
Gremer, Martin
Hank, Fred
Heiner, Jacob
Zetzer, William

Albrecht, David
Boegmer, Franz
Eberhardt, Peter
Misse?, ?
Orts, Martin
Sevensun, Frederick
Speath, Henry

1880 - Messerole St.
Brown, Mr.
Croles?, Robert
Groh, Michael
Hartman, Elizabeth
Hedesten, Theodore
Johnson, Caroline
Joseph, Michael
Nagle, Oswald
Smart, Agnes
Smith, Louisa
Story, John

1810 Bushwick/Kings--Vancott
 Nancy Langdon Webb
Census_Year 1810
Microfilm # M252-28
State       NY
County      Kings
District    Township Of Bushwick
Enumerator  Peter Covenhoven
Reference   24th day of December 1810
            filed 7th of February 1811-Clinton Clark

Pg#  Head of Household             Males
Females                      All

     Last Name      First Name     to-10 10-16 16-26 26-45 45+  to-10
10-16 16-26 26-45 45+  Others  Slaves  Remarks
86   Vancott        Peter P        0     1     1     0     1    1
1     1     0     1    0       1
86   Vancott        Jacob          0     2     0     1     1    1
0     3     0     1    2       2
86   Vancott        Peter P        0     1     1     0     1    1
1     1     0     1    0       1
86   Vancott        Jacob          0     2     0     1     1    1
0     3     0     1    2       2
87   Vancott        David W        2     0     1     0     0    0
0     1     0     0    1       0

COOPER (ALL wards) 1850 Census Brooklyn, Kings Co,NY
Bette Hill

I went to the National Archives yesterday and looked up each and every
COOPER in the 1850 Census for Brooklyn, Kings County, NY.  
I didn't record all the info on all the people (didn't
make copies).  I was in a hurry and trying to eliminate 
ones not born in England.  Here's the info (by ward):

COOPER CHARLES, p. 056. Brooklyn 1st Ward
COOPER ELIZABETH H, p.036 Brooklyn 1st Ward, age 22
COOPER ELIZABETH, p.036 Brooklyn 1st Ward , age 49 w/Rebecca (18) and
COOPER WILLIAM, p.056 Brooklyn 1st Ward, w/Charles and Sarah, born in Scotland

COOPER JAMES, p.115 Brooklyn 2nd Ward, age 14, born in NY
COOPER JAMES, p.115 Brooklyn 2nd Ward
COOPER MARGARET, p.134 Brooklyn 2nd Ward, 35, born in England

COOPER CaTHERINE, p.246 Brooklyn 3rd Ward, age 50, born in NY
COOPER GUSTAVUS A, p.272 Brooklyn 3rd Ward, age 26, Dentist born in Kentucky
COOPER GUSTAVUS A. Kings County NY p.272 Brooklyn 3rd Ward
COOPER JANE,  p.237 Brooklyn 3rd Ward, 17, born in Ireland
COOPER MARY, p.247 Brooklyn 3rd Ward, 17, born in NY

COOPER EDWARD W., p.333 Brooklyn 4th Ward, age 8 w/John & Charlott Kemmish,
all born in England
COOPER FRANCIS,  p.335 Brooklyn 4th Ward, age 9 w/John & Sarah Morgan, all
born in England
COOPER JOANNA,  p.386 Brooklyn 4th Ward, age 25, black, born in NY
COOPER LEAONRD, p.407 Brooklyn 4th Ward, age 50, Carpenter, born in NJ
COOPER NICHOLAS, p.394 Brooklyn 4th Ward, age 21, w/John (49), Undertaker,
and Mary Ann (37) Baysley, all born in NY

COOPER CHARLES,  p.152 Brooklyn 5th Ward, age 24, Seaman, born in PA
COOPER JOHN,  p.160 Brooklyn 5th Ward, age 22, Seaman, born in NY

COOPER ANNE, p.281 Brooklyn 6th Ward, age 26, born in Ireland
COOPER CATHERINE, p.212 Brooklyn 6th Ward, age 55, born in NJ
COOPER CHARLES,  p.300 Brooklyn 6th Ward, age 40, w/wife Mary (35), Mortimer
(5), Auguste (female, age 2)
COOPER JOHN, p.282 Brooklyn 6th Ward, age 48, Commilsion(sp?) Merch., w/wife
Catherine (42), Elizabeth (16), John (20) (Clerk), all born in NY

COOPER CHARLES, p.378 Brooklyn 7th Ward, age 18, born in CT
COOPER PETER, p.332 Brooklyn 7th Ward, born in Germany

COOPER MARY A., p.004 Brooklyn 8th Ward, age 42, born in England w/son David
(19), Morocco Dresser(?), born in England, son Walter (17), Morocco Dresser,
daughter Martha (13), in school.
COOPER RICHARD, p.001 Brooklyn 8th Ward, 54, born in New Brunswick.
COOPER WILLIAM .B, p.002 Brooklyn 8th Ward, born in CT.

COOPER ELIZABETH, p.108 Brooklyn 10th Ward, 39, born in Ireland.
COOPER GEORGE, p.204 Brooklyn 10th Ward, 28, Lawyer, born in NY.
COOPER ISABELLA, p.171 Brooklyn 10th Ward, 68, born in Scotland.
COOPER JOHN, p.157 Brooklyn 10th Ward, 17, born in Scotland.
COOPER MARIA, p.109 Brooklyn 10th Ward, 28, born in NY.
COOPER OBADIAH, 179 Brooklyn 10th Ward, 48, born in NY.
COOPER THOMPSON Kings County NY p.173 Brooklyn 10th Ward, 29, Surveyor, born in NY.
COOPER WILLIAM Kings County NY p.149 Brooklyn 10th Ward, born in NY
COOPER EDWARD Kings County NY p.310 Brooklyn 11th Ward, 50, Carpenter, born in NY.
COOPER EUGENE Kings County NY p.311 Brooklyn 11th Ward, w/Edward above.
COOPER MARTHA Kings County NY p.360 Brooklyn 11th Ward, couldn't find on page.
COOPER NANCY Kings County NY p.252 Brooklyn 11th Ward, with William
COOPER SARAH Kings County NY p.244 Brooklyn 11th Ward, 67, born in NY.
COOPER WILLIAM Kings County NY p.252 Brooklyn 11th Ward, Tea Dealer, born in England.

judib@intercom.net (Judi)
1875 Census Ward 22

Ward 22  Election District 1  p 7  1875
Ellen Desmond         age 50  head        born Ireland
Elizabeth Campbell   age 30  dau          Renseller
James Campbel              40 son-in-law  Kings         Police captain
Ella Campbel                  10-G-dau        Kings
Mary Desmond                25 dau           Kings         sales lady
Catherine Desmond          22 dau          Kings          dresmaker
Sylvia Desmond              20 dau          Kings          school teacher
Ward 22 Election District 1  p 11  1875
Thomas Kudson         age 50         head        born Norway      

Margaret     50     wife    born IReland
James        19     son    born NYC
Cornelius    16     son    born NYC
Maggie       12     dau    born NYC
John            9     son     born Kings

Ward 22  Election district 1  p 23  1875
Cornelius A. Ryerson       36       born NYC   patern & ??
Jennie          wife             36              Ohio
Isabella        dau             12               Kings
Arthur          son             10               Kings
Charles       son               8                NJ
Irene           dau               5                NJ
Eugene       son               3                Kings
Edith           dau           3/12               Kings

1920 Census Quarentine Stations Ellis Is.

(Its on the reg.census micro-film,its just a section of all the people 
at that time in this particular place.)
Ellis Island,and Quarentine stations,if your having a hard time 
finding ancestors on the census,and they arrived around a census 
time,check the quarentine census.
(I have ONE page for 1920..All their arrival dates say 1919,so 
I assume they came late 1919,and were there for the 1920 census
States Richmond Co.
Quarentine Station,Hoffman Islands  Vol.319  
ED 1625 sheet 14 line 17

The names on this page are following.
They are all from Italy, no jobs listed.
All can read and write (except 7 & 6 yr old), All speak Italian
None can speak English.Thats all thats listed for this.

Valeris,Giovanna       Inmate    F   no age   single
Vecchio,Salvatore        "          M    "            "
Vecchio,Maria             "          F      "           "
Versace Borgise,Caterina "       F      "        Married
Versace Borgise,Francis  "       M      "        Single
Versace Borgise,Michele  "      M     7         Single
Vitali,Caterina            "           F    no age   Married
Vitali,Maria                 "          F       "         Single
Vitali,Giovanna            "          F       6         Single
Vezzo,Camillo              "         M   no age    Married
Vignolo,Lucia              "          F       "          Single
Valeri,Luigi                "           M      "          Married
Viselli,Luigi                "           M      "          Single
Vitale,Maria              "            F       "          Single
Vito,Giuseppe            "            M      "          Single
Villani,Giovanni         "            M       "         Single
Varano,Angela          "            F       "          Married
Varano,Antonio         "           M       "          Married
Veni(Verri?),Giovanni  "         M       "          Married
Veni(Verri?),Anna     "           F        "          Married
Vecchione,Enrico      "           M       "           Single
Wucchi,Merenda      "            F        "           Married
Wucchi,Faustino      "             M       "          Single
Wucchi,Anida         "              F        "          Single
Wucchi,Luigi           "             M       "          Single
Wassin,Abramo       "             M       "          Single
Zamin,Giuseppe      "              M        "             "
Zarreran,Dominick  "             M        "             "
Zanna,Donato        "              M        "          Married

 1860 Census Index SHANLEY-SHAPPOFF
1860 Census index for  SHANLEY  thru  SHAPPOFF
NAME                                COUNTY   FILM#      WARD/DISTICT 
SHANLEY,Thomas             Kings Co.   NY 875    12 W.Brooklyn  
SHANLEY,Thomas             Kings Co.   NY 609     6 W.Brooklyn
SHANLEY,Thomas             Kings Co.   NY 307     5 W.Brooklyn 
SHANLEY,Thomas             Kings Co.   NY 137     1 W.Brooklyn Div.2
SHANLEY,William            Kings Co.   NY 846     9W.Brooklyn Dist.2
SHANLIN,Thomas             Queens Co. NY 016      Oyster Bay
SHANLON,Mary               Kings Co.   NY 490     6 W.Brooklyn City
SHANLY,Bridget             Kings Co.   NY 228     10 W.Brooklyn Dist.2  
SHANLY,C.N.                Kings Co.   NY 575      9 W.Brooklyn Dist.1 
SHANLY,John                Kings Co.   NY 784      9 W.Brooklyn Dist.2   
SHANN,J                    Kings Co.   NY 783      6 W.Brooklyn 
SHANNAGAN,Catharine* Queens Co.NY 656       NEWTON
SHANNAH,Sarah             Queens Co.  NY 792      Flushing
SHANNAHAN,Bridget     Queens Co.  NY 619      Flushing
SHANNAHAN,Margaret  Queens Co.  NY 556      Flushing
SHANNAHAN,Morris       Kings Co.    NY 498      8 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
SHANNAHAN,William      Kings Co.    NY 352      2 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
SHANNAN,Henry            Queens Co.  NY 671        NEWTON 
SHANNAN,Rose               Kings Co.    NY 548     11W.Brooklyn Dist.3        
SHANNANON,Joseph     Queens Co.  NY 618        NEWTON  
SHANNAR,Joseph             Kings Co.   NY 475        8 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
SHANNAR,Patrick            Queens Co. NY 496        NEWTOWN 
SHANNELY,Ann               Kings Co.   NY 612     11W.Brooklyn Dist.3         
SHANNEN,Samuel            Kings Co.   NY 507       8 W.BrooklynDist. 2
SHANNESEY,M.A.           Kings Co.  NY 689        6 W.Brooklyn 
SHANNON,Ann                Kings Co.   NY 767       Flatlands
SHANNON,Bernard          Kings Co.   NY 829      12 W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,Catharine       Queens Co. NY 770       NEWTON  
SHANNON,Catharine       Queens Co. NY 124       Oyster Bay
SHANNON,Catharine        Kings Co.   NY 912       Flatbush 
SHANNON,Catharine       Queens Co. NY 498       NEWTOWN 
SHANNON,Edward          Kings Co.   NY 592         9W.Brooklyn Dist.1     
SHANNON,Edward          Kings Co.   NY 085       14W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,Elecia             Kings Co.   NY 056       15W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,Elizabeth        Kings Co.   NY 286        14W.Brooklyn 
SHANNON,Elizabeth        Kings Co.   NY 455        10W.Brooklyn Dist.3
SHANNON,Ellen              Kings Co.   NY 278        14W.Brooklyn 
SHANNON,Ellen              Kings Co.   NY 043          1W.Brooklyn Div.1
SHANNON,George JR.    Kings Co.   NY 018          7W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,George          Kings Co.   NY 018          7W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,George          Kings Co.   NY 657          9W.Brooklyn Dist.1
SHANNON,Hariet            Kings Co.   NY 959        13W.Brooklyn Dist.2
SHANNON,Henry            Kings Co.   NY 592          9W.Brooklyn Dist.1 
SHANNON,Horns            Kings Co.   NY 079        11W.Brooklyn Dist.1
SHANNON,Issac W.        Kings Co.   NY 433        10W.Brooklyn Dist.3
SHANNON,J.                   Kings Co.   NY 688          6W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,James            Kings Co.   NY 327          5W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,James           Queens Co. NY 421         N.Hempstead
SHANNON,James T.        Kings Co.   NY 538          8W.Brooklyn Dist.2
SHANNON,Jane             Queens Co.  NY 124         Oyster Bay
SHANNON,Jane               Kings Co.   NY 945        12W.Brooklyn 
SHANNON,John               Kings Co.   NY 010        14W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,John               Kings Co.   NY 152        14W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,John S.           Kings Co.   NY 844          4W.Brooklyn Dist.2   
SHANNON,Kate               Kings Co.   NY 619       11W.Brooklyn Dist.3
SHANNON,Lawrence      Queens Co.  NY 443        N.Hempstead
SHANNON,M.                  Kings Co.   NY 760         6W.Brooklyn 
SHANNON,Maria             Kings Co.   NY 030         7W.Brooklyn 
SHANNON,Mary             Queens Co. NY 113        Oyster Bay
SHANNON,Mary              Kings Co.   NY 843         4W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,Mary S.          Kings Co.   NY 485        3W.Brooklyn Dist.3
SHANNON,Michael          Kings Co.   NY 970        9W.Brooklyn Dist.2
SHANNON,Patrick          Queens Co.  NY 170        Oyster Bay 
SHANNON,Patrick           Kings Co.   NY 813       13W.Brooklyn Dist.1 
SHANNON,Peter              Kings Co.   NY 767         9W.Brooklyn Dist.2
SHANNON,Robert           Kings Co.   NY 945       12W.Brooklyn  
SHANNON Robert T.       Kings Co.   NY 438       10W.Brooklyn Dist.3
SHANNON,Samuel           Kings Co.   NY 233         5W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,Sarah             Kings Co.   NY 966         Flatbush 
SHANNON,Thomas          Kings Co.   NY 299       14W.Brooklyn
SHANNON,Thomas          Kings Co.   NY 277       14W.Brooklyn 
SHANNON,Thomas          Kings Co.   NY 304         2W.Brooklyn Dist.2
SHANNON,William          Queens Co. NY 925        Jamacia
SHANNON,William           Kings Co.   NY 265         7W.Brooklyn Dist.2
SHANSHENSY,Patrick     Kings Co.   NY 115         7W.Brooklyn
SHANTREY,James            Kings Co.   NY 740         4W.Brooklyn Dist.1
SHANTSIsac                    Kings Co.   NY 966       17W.Brooklyn Dist.2
SHAPELEY,Henry             Kings Co.   NY 219        5W.Brooklyn
SHAPPEN,Morris*            Kings Co.   NY 789        6W.Brooklyn
SHAPPOFF,H.B.               Kings Co.   NY 975       17W.Brooklyn Dist.2

1860 Bklyn Census Index-WING-WINSTER

    NAME                       COUNTY     FILM#     WARD&DISTRICT  
WING,William H.           Kings Co.     NY 547    11 W.Brooklyn  Dist.3
WINGER,Jacob L.         Kings Co.     NY 745    13 W.Brooklyn  Dist.1
WINGERT,Henry           Kings Co.     NY 888     NEW LOTS
WINGET,Caroline          Kings Co.     NY 620    19W.Brooklyn  Dist.2
WINGHAM,Robert        Kings Co.     NY 524     8 W.Brooklyn  Dist.2
WINGLER,Ferdinand     Kings Co.     NY 149    10 W.Brooklyn  Dist.2
WINGLER,George         Kings Co.     NY 567    19 W.Brooklyn  Dist.2
WINGLICK,T.*             Kings Co.     NY 652      9 W.Brooklyn  Dist.1
WINGLON,Silvester      Kings Co.     NY 797      9 W.Brooklyn  Dist.2 
WINGRAM,Charle        Kings Co.     NY 758     12 W.Brooklyn   
WINHAM,Henry           Kings Co.     NY 306       2 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WINK,Frances              Kings Co.     NY 466      18 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINKARITZ,Nicholas***  "             NY 237        2 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WINKEMEYER,Charles  "                NY 072      15 W.Brooklyn 
WINKER,Jacob           Kings Co.      NY 381      16 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WINKER,William        Kings Co.       NY 381      16W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WINKLE,Hannah        Queens Co.    NY 070       Oyster Bay
WINKLE,John             Kings Co.      NY 378       11 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINKLE,Mary A.      Queens Co.    NY 069        Oyster Bay
WINKLER,Andrew     Kings Co.      NY 169       15 W.Brooklyn 
WINKLER,Conrad      Kings Co.     NY 963          9 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINKLER,George      Kings Co.     NY 578        16 W.Brooklyn Dist.2 
WINKLER,John          Kings Co.     NY 574        19 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WINKLER,Joseph      Kings Co.      NY 844         NEW LOTS
WINKLER,Mary        Kings Co.      NY 578        16 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINKLER,Stafford     "                   NY 824        13 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WINKLESTON,John   Q.Co.          NY 572          NEWTOWN 
WINKLEY,Gutley      Kings Co.      NY 393        10 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINKLING,Adam    Kings Co.      NY 552        19 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WINLESS,James       Kings Co.      NY 369        14 W.Brooklyn 
WINMER,William      Kings Co.      NY 654        11 W.Brooklyn Dist.3
WINN,Christopher    Queens.Co.    NY 500         Hempstead
WINN,Chryslg*         Kings Co.      NY 593          9 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WINN,Edward          Kings Co.       NY 647         6 W.Brooklyn 
WINN,Elizabeth        Kings Co.       NY 446         3 W.Brooklyn Dist.1 
WINN,Ellen              Kings Co.       NY 403        16W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WINN,James           Queens Co.     NY 506         Hempstead
WINN,James           Queens Co.     NY 506         Hempstead
WINN,James           Queens Co.     NY 540         Hempstead 
WINN,James JR.     Queens Co.     NY 506         Hempstead
WINN,John             Queens Co.     NY 501         Hempstead
WINN,John JR.       Queens Co.     NY 501         Hempstead
WINN,Marcella       Kings Co.       NY 295         11 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINN,Margaret      Queens Co.    NY 506          Hempstead
WINN,Mary            Kings Co.      NY 519          11W.Brooklyn Dist.3
WINN,MaryAnn      Kings Co.      NY 455           6 W.Brooklyn City
WINN,Michael        Kings Co.      NY 642           6 W.Brooklyn 
WINN,Patrick         Queens Co.   NY 498           Hempstead
WINNAG,Thomas   Kgs.Co.        NY 326           8 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WINNE,Barna V.    Kgs.Co.        NY 483           3 W.Brooklyn Dist.1 
WINNES,Annie      Kings Co       NY 979           4 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINNESS,Maria    Kgs Co.        NY 116          10 W.Brooklyn Dist.1   
WINNTON,Emaline  "                 NY 780           13 W.Brooklyn Dist.1 
WINNETZ,Samuel    "                 NY 150           10 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINNEVER,Frank   "                 NY 313           16 W.Brooklyn Dist.1 
WINNIE,William    Q.Co.            NY 771             NEWTON 
WINNING,Ann     Kings Co.      NY 949            4 W.Brooklyn Dist.2  
WINROW,Albert   Kgs.Co.        NY 641          16 W.Brooklyn Dist.3
WINSEL,Daniel D.   "                  NY 1026        13 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINSER,Henry T.   "                  NY 740            6 W.Brooklyn 
WINSER,Louesia H.  "                NY 741            6 W.Brooklyn
WINSHIP,George   "                   NY 805          13 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WINSINBUSH,Caroline "           NY190           14 W.Brooklyn 
WINSLOR,Edgar   "                   NY 941          17 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINSLOW,Albert  "                  NY 556            6 W.Brooklyn City
WINSLOW,David  "                  NY 750            Flatlands   
WINSLOW,Delia   "                  NY 389            5 W.Brooklyn
WINSLOW,Edward  "               NY 405          10 W.Brooklyn Dist.2 
WINSLOW,Farley  "                 NY 023          15 W.Brooklyn 
WINSLOW,Gilbert  "                NY 973          17 W.Brooklyn Dist.2   
WINSLOW,Hubbard  "             NY 855            6 W.Brooklyn
WINSLOW,Issac  "                  NY 238          10 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINSLOW,J.       Kings Co.     NY 668           6 W.Brooklyn   
WINSLOW,John   Queens Co. NY 545          NEWTOWN 
WINSLOW,John P. Kgs.Co.    NY 022          15 W.Brooklyn  
WINSLOW,Sophia  Kgs.Co.    NY 536          11 W.Brooklyn Dist.3
WINSLOW,Steiner   "               NY 238          10 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WINSON,J           Kings Co.    NY 770             6 W.Brooklyn
WINSOR,M.Jane    "                NY 887             4 W.Brooklyn Dist.2   
WINSTER,John      "                NY 361            10 W.Brooklyn Dist.2  
1860 Census Index WYCKOF-YAGER
NAME                             COUNTY      FILM#     WARD/DISTRICT  
WYCKOF,Anna M.       Queens Co.    NY 776      NEWTON
WYCKOFF,Alexander    Kings Co.      NY 706      Flatlands
WYCKOFF,Alice B.       Kings Co       NY 557      11 W.Brooklyn Dist.3 
WYCKOFF,Barrant        Kings Co.      NY 770       New Utrecht
WYCKOFF.Catharine     Kings Co.      NY 934       Flatbush
WYCKOFF,Catherine     Kings Co.      NY 050      10 W.Brooklyn Dist.1    
WYCKOFF,Dena           Queens Co.    NY 915       Jamacia
WYCKOFF,Ellen            Kings Co.      NY 480       10 W.Brooklyn Dist.3  
WYCKOFF,G.B.            Kings Co.      NY 696        Flatlands
WYCKOFF,Garret          Kings Co.      NY 783        Gravesend
WYCKOFF,Garret          Kings Co.      NY 702        Flatlands
WYCKOFF,Hannah        Kings Co.      NY 968        Flatbush 
WYCKOFF,Henry I.       Kings Co.      NY 809        Gravesend 
WYCKOFF,Henry R.      Kings Co.      NY 809        Gravesend
WYCKOFF,Henry L.      Kings Co.      NY 891         NEW LOTS 
WYCKOFF Jane             Kings Co.      NY 331        10 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYCKOFF,John             Kings Co.      NY 791         Gravesend
WYCKOFF,John             Kings Co.      NY 805         Gravesend
WYCKOFF,John             Kings Co.      NY 691         Flatlands
WYCKOFF,John             Kings Co.      NY 709         Flatlands 
WYCKOFF,John A.        Kings Co.      NY 829        13 W.Brooklyn Dist.1  
WYCKOFF,John D.        Kings Co.      NY 789          Gravesend
WYCKOFF,John P.         Kings Co.      NY 766          Flatlands           
WYCKOFF,Nicholas      Queens Co.    NY 675          NEWTON 
WYCKOFF,Nicholas       Kings Co.      NY 497        18 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYCKOFF,P.                 Kings Co.      NY 437          8 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WYCKOFF,Peter            Kings Co.      NY 768          New Utrecht
WYCKOFF,Peter           Queens Co.    NY 593          NEWTON
WYCKOFF,Peter            Kings Co.      NY 486        18 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYCKOFF,Richard L.    Kings Co.      NY 536        11 W.Brooklyn Dist.3
WYCKOFF,Sarah           Kings Co.      NY 675         Flatlands
WYCKOFF,Stephen        Kings Co.     NY 809          Gravesend 
WYCKOFF,Stephen       Queens Co.    NY 950         Jamacia
WYCKOFF,Susan           Kings Co.     NY 1002        13 W.Brooklyn Dist.2 
WYCKOFF,Wallace        Kings Co.     NY 437          8 W.Brooklyn Dist.1 
WYCKOFF,William I.      Kings Co.     NY 701         Flatlands
WYCKOFF,William         Kings Co.     NY 722        11 W.Brooklyn Dist.3
WYCKS,Elizabeth            Kings Co.     NY 692          4 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WYCOFF,Abram             Kings Co.     NY 490          3 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WYCOFF,Edward           Kings Co.      NY 878          4 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYCOFF,S.P.                 Kings Co.     NY 918           4 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYCOFF,Zilpha              Kings Co.     NY 629         11W.Brooklyn Dist.3
WYCOKOFF,John          Kings Co.     NY 280          10 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYE,Abby                       Kings Co.     NY 367         10 W.Brooklyn 

WYER,Ellen L.B.              Kings Co.     NY 682           6 W.Brooklyn 
WYETH,P.C.                   Kings Co.     NY 486            6 W.Brooklyn City
WYGAND,Jacob             Kings Co.     NY 588          16 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYGAND,John               Kings Co.     NY 587          16 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYGAND,Peter              Kings Co.     NY 517          16 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYGAND,William           Kings Co.     NY 595          16 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYGANT,Caroline          Kings Co.     NY 190          14 W.Brooklyn 
WYGARD,Peter               Kings Co.     NY 777            9 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYKOFF,John                Kings Co.     NY 935           Flatbush
WYKOFF,Lambert          Kings Co.     NY 486          18 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYKOFF,Marietta         Queens Co.   NY 220            Oyster Bay  
WYKOFF,Vanbrunt         Kings Co.     NY 534            8 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYLAND,George           Kings Co.     NY 970            9 W Brooklyn Dist.2 
WYMAN,George             Kings Co.    NY 185          10W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYMAN,Henry               Kings Co.     NY 937         13 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYMAN,Ida F.               Kings Co.    NY 621            3W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYMAN,Luthur B.          Kings Co.     NY 620           3 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYME,T.                        Kings Co.    NY 763            6 W.Brooklyn    
WYME,T                         Kings Co.     NY 764           6 W.Brooklyn 
WYNANS,Sarah             Kings Co.     NY 725           4 W Brooklyn Dist.1
WYNANT,Louis              Kings Co      NY 760           4 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WYNN,Catherine             Kings Co.     NY 750           Flatlands
WYNN,William                Kings Co.     NY 332           8W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WYNNE,Bridget              Kings Co.     NY 974         12 W.Brooklyn 
WYNNE,Eliza                  Kings Co.     NY 571           6 W.Brooklyn
WYNNE,James                Kings Co.     NY 324           2 W.Brooklyn Dist.2
WYNNE,Thomas             Kings Co.     NY 1002       12 W.Brooklyn 
WYSCHIRSKY,Justes     Kings Co.     NY 716           9 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WYSE,Martin                   Kings Co.     NY 262         11 W.Brooklyn 

WYSHE,George               Kings Co.     NY 016         11 W.Brooklyn Dist.1
WYTIE,Anderson M.       Kings Co.     NY 294           2 W.Brooklyn Dist.1 
WYVILL,Mrs.age 53       Kings Co.     NY 762           4 W.Brooklyn Dist.1 
XANDER,*                      Kings Co.     NY 500         11 W.Brooklyn 

XRIXON,Samuel             Kings Co.     NY 954          13 W.Brooklyn Div.2
YACHK,C.H.                  Kings Co.     NY 724           6 W.Brooklyn
YAGER,Joseph                Kings Co.     NY 486         16 W.Brooklyn Dist.2

a name="1870 Census Index REA-REAGAN">1870 Census Index REA-REAGAN

If anyone spots a name,I still have the info on age ,sex,color,
and birth place
that I didn't fit on here.All are listed as white except for one,that
would be READAN,Geo. age 4, born in NY is listed as B.
1870 New York Census Index   REA  thru  REAGAN
NAME                   Locality         County  Roll#   Page#
All are on film series # M593

REA,William          19W.Bkyn         K     959       551    
REA,William          10W.Bkyn         K     951       721    
REACH,David       11W.Bkyn         K     952        70     
REACH,Harret      15W.Bkyn         K     956       266    
REACH,James W. 22W.Bkyn         K     962       625
READ,Adam         NEWTOWN     Q    1080      112 
READ,Andrew      17W.Bkyn         K     958       132 
READ,Ann              7W.Bkyn         K     949       478
READ,Archibald    17W.Bkyn         K    958       198  
READ,Caroline      11W.Bkyn        K     952         93  
READ,Catharine    16W.Bkyn        K     957       587
READ,David         11W.Bkyn         K     952          9  
READ,Elizabeth     20W.Bkyn        K     960      179
READ,Francis         4W.Bkyn        K     947       373
READ,Frederick   19W.Bkyn        K     959       496
READ,George O.   6W.Bkyn         K     948      264 
READ,George W.  3W.Bkyn         K     946      278
READ,H.W.         16W.Bkyn        K      957      500
READ,Henry          6W.Bkyn        K      948       41
READ,Henry F.    13W.Bkyn        K      954      717
READ,James        11W.Bkyn         K     952       25
READ,James        Flushing             Q     1078     243
READ,Jane           NEWTOWN    Q    1080       56
READ,Jeremiah      6W.Bkyn         K     948        70 
READ,John          13W.Bkyn         K     954       509      
READ,John          Flushing             Q     1078      287
READ,John          Flushing             Q     1078      210  
READ,John          Flushing             Q     1078      271
READ,Josiah        18W.Bkyn         K     958       280
READ,Julia             5W.Bkyn         K     947       557
READ,Margaret     7W.Bkyn         K      949      636   
READ,Margaret    Flushing            Q      1078     304
READ,Mary           7W.Bkyn         K      949      550
READ,Mary           5W.Bkyn         K      947      556
READ,Mary         20W.Bkyn         K      960      168
READ,Nelly          Flushing            Q     1078      234
READ,Patrick       Flushing             Q    1078      288
READ,Peter        New Utrecht       K      963      302
READ,Robt         11W.Bkyn          K     952        85
READ,Stephen W.10W.Bkyn        K      951      584
READ,Thomas     Southold          Suff.    1101     257
READ,William       5W.Bkyn          K      947      583
READ,Willam      19W.Bkyn          K      959      492 
READ,William      2W.Bkyn           K      946        89
READ,William H- N.Hempstead    Q      1081     297 
READ,William J.   6W.Bkyn           K     948       253 
READ,Wm.F.       20W.Bkyn         K     960       167
READAN,Geo.     11W.Bkyn        K     952         89 
READDICK,Robt*21W.Bkyn        K     961       467
READDY,Thomas  21W.Bkyn        K     961       265
READE,Julia         Flushing              Q     1078     317
READE,Margaret  11W.Bkyn         K     952         40
READEN,Annis    14W.Bkyn         K      955      259
READEN,Henry     5W.Bkyn         K      947      605 
READER,John      NEWTOWN    Q      1080      95
READER,Louise    8W.Bkyn          K     950        52 
READER,Peter     NEWTOWN    Q     1080       84
READEY,Michael 10W.Bkyn         K     951      685
READING,Andrew10W.Bkyn        K     951      398
READING,Ellen    15W.Bkyn         K     956      271
READING,John    12W.Bkyn         K     953      350
READING,Mary   Flushing             K     1078    230  
READING,Phillip  15W.Bkyn         K     956      271
READMONT,Bridget 19W.Bk.      K     959      499
READR,Hellen      19W.Bkyn         K     959      569 
READY,Annie         6W.Bkyn         K    948       237 
READY,Chas       15W.Bkyn          K    956       439  
READY,James     12W.Bkyn          K     953      392
READY,James       5W.Bkyn          K     947      616       
READY,John       12W.Bkyn          K     953      393 
READY,John       10W.Bkyn          K     951      690
READY,Kate       Flushing              K     1078    268
READY,Mary        6W.Bkyn          K     948       32  
READY,Mary      14W.Bkyn          K     955      201
READY,Mike       Flushing              Q    1078     243  
READY,Morris    Astoria                Q    1080     205
READY,Owen     NEWTOWN      Q    1080       58 
READY,Patrick    Flushing              Q    1078      268 
READY,Patrick    Flushing              Q    1078      343 
READY,Patrick   Huntington         Suff.  1100      477
READY,Richd       1W.Bkyn           K    946         57 
READY,Thomas   Flushing              Q    1078     316  
READY,Thos.      15W.Bkyn          K    956       423  
READY,William   17W.Bkyn          K    958       122  
REAFF,Babra+    16W.Bkyn          K    957       769 
REAGAN,Ann     20W.Bkyn          K    960       180 
REAGAN,Ann     20W.Bkyn          K    960       200
REAGAN,Ann E.10W.Bkyn           K    951       669  
REAGAN,Chas   11W.Bkyn           K    952        63     
REAGAN,Daniel   5W.Bkyn           K    947       561
REAGAN,Dennis N.Hempstead     Q    1081      294
REAGAN,James  N.Hempstead     Q    1081      325
REAGAN,Jeremiah 10W.Bkyn       K    951       456
REAGAN,John     15W.Bkyn         K     956      346
REAGAN,John       9W.Bkyn         K     950      302
REAGAN,John       5W.Bkyn         K     947      565 
REAGAN,John       9W.Bkyn         K     950      141
REAGAN,Margaret 10W.Bkyn      K     951      647
REAGAN,Mary     20W.Bkyn        K     960      154  
REAGAN,Mary     20W.Bkyn        K     960      196

1870 Fed.Census-Vernon St.Hunters Pt,Newton
Elizabeth Cardinal 
US Census 1870
Page 78  schedule 1, Inhabitants of Hunters Point in Newtown, in the County
of Queens, of New York, enumerated by me on the 27 day of August, 1870. 
Philip Bartlett, Assistant Marshall

( I believe this is Vernon Avenue.  Not sure why but the name of the Street
is missing)

488  Collins, John ? age, Ireland, Cooper
     Collins, Catherine, 32, Ireland, Keeping house
     Collins, Edward, 11, New York at home
     Collins, Ellen, 7, New York, at home
     Collins, Mary 5, New York at home
     Freeman, peter, 40, Norway, Blacksmith
     Freeman, Mary, 41, Sweden, Keeping home
     Ryan, James, 30, New York Tin Roofer
     Kayler, Charles, 51, Wurtenberg, laborer (cannot make out last name
clearer than this)
     Kayler, Mary, 52, Wurtenberg, keeping home
     Kayler, Charles, 17, New York ? Packer
     Kayler, Barbara 15, New York, at home
     Kayler, Lena 11, New York, at home
     Burke, Edward 28, Ireland, Laborer
     Burke, Anne, 25, Ireland, keeping house
     Burke, Edward, 3, New York, at home
     Burke, John, 1, New York, at home
     Chilsom, William, 33, New York, Book Agent
     Chilsom, Ervilla, 23, New York, keeping house
489  Gallagher, James 36, Ireland, night watchman
     Gallagher, Mary 36, Ireland, keeping house
     Gallagher, James C. 9, New York, at home
     Gallagher, Hugh, 7, New  York, at home
     Gallagher, Thomas, 4,New York at homes
     Gallagher, Charles, 3, New York at home
     O'Hara, Margaret, 50, Ireland, keeping house
     O'Hara, Robert, 52, Ireland, Steam Boiler maker
     O'Hara, Elizabeth, 27, New Jersey, at home
     O'Hara, Emma, 14, New York, at home
     O'Hara, Robert, 12, New York, at home
     O'Hara, Caleb 10, New York, at home
     O'Hara, George (?) 6, New York, at home
     O'Hara, John, 21?, New York, Steam Boiler maker
     Seavery (?) Edward, 24, New Jersey, Fireman on the rail road (name
could be sweeney)
     " "    , Anna 19, New Jersey, Keeping house
790  Dolan, Martin, 23 Ireland, Shoemaker
     Dolan, Ellen, 18, Ireland 

1892 NYS-L.I.C.-Eighth St
Seventh election district of Long Island City in the County of Queens

Eighth Street
(note no house numbers are given)
Wilhelmina Ehlers, 17, Germany, domestic
August Ehlers, 15, Germany, clerk
Emil Drisch, 26, US cigar maker
Annie Drisch, 26, Bohemia
Rose Drisch, 1, US
Annie Drisch, 6, US
Emil Drisch, 3, US
Barbara Jtsek 20, Bohemia Domestic
James Gallagher, 50, Ireland, merchant
Catherine Gallagher, 40, Ireland
Mary C Gallagher, 17, US
William E. Gallagher 13, US
Josephine Gallagher 11, US
Kate Gallagher 9, US
Ellen Gallagher, 7 US
Lydia Gallagher, 5 US
Willian Winter, 45, Germany carpenter
Margaret Winter, 45, Germany
Florence Winter, 12, US
Max Winter, 6, US
William Winter, 6, US
Michael Farrell 30, US laborere
Mary A. Farrell 20, Ireland

1915 NYS L.I.C.-ED#7-Academy St.
1915 New York State Census
ED@7, Long Island city, NY Assembly District#1 County of Queens

Academy Steet
185  Stoebler, Christiane 4 born US
     Stoebler, Rudolf 1, born US
     Stoebler, Chritinae 70 Germany
181  Burns, Martin F.  44  US  Doctor
     Burns, Josephine A 34 US  Housewife
     Burns, Katherine F 9 US
     Gayeski, Francis 20, US servant
     Mc Donnell, Edward 32 US servant
177  Smith, Elizabeth 50 US housework
     Smith, William 34 US painter
     Smith, Anna 40 US housework
     Smith, Minnie 28 US Milliner
     Smith, Emma 26 US Milliner
     Smith, Marie 24 US office girl
     Smith, Edward 19 US motor cars
175  Taylor, Louis H 31 US Doctor
     Taylor, Edna 26 US House wife
     Taylor, Catherine 8 US at school
     Brotska, Annie 19 Poland servant

1915.NYS.L.I.C.-ED#12-Fifth Ave.
1915 New York State Census
Block #4, ED #12, Ward X, City of Long Isdland, Assembly Distict 1, County Queens

Fifth Avenue
155 Gallagher, William E. 36 US Carpenter
    Gallagher, Clara 32 US Housewife
    Gallagher, William 11 School
    Gallagher, Franics 9 school
    Cooper, H 26 US Chueffer (as spelled on record)
    Cooper, Lucy 25 Ireland housewife
    Cooper, Howard 300 days no occupation
    Baark, Ernest 33 Germany Waiter
    Baark, Hannah 25 Germany Housework
    Baark, Helen 6 US at shcool
    Gardthausen Louise 53 US Housework
    Gardthausen, Alvin 36 US Contractor Building
    Gardthausen, John 32 Auditor
    Meisremer, Chas, 43 US Upholsterer
    Mesireimer, Amelia 42 US housework
    Hermann, Paul 29, US silver smith
    Hermann, Jennie, US housework
    Hermann, Paul Jr. 30 days US no occupation
    Wright, Peter 38, US Horseshoer
    Wright, Madeline, 38 Ireland Hoursework

1920 L.I.C-Ward 10-Vernon Ave 
Small sampling of the Enumeration of the Inhabitants of Block 2, Election
District # 3. Ward 10,
Long Island City, NY  1920
Vernon Avenue 
 126 Smith, Samuel J 38 US
 130 Di Giampietro, James 21 Italy
 Di Mara, Michael 21 Italy
 Di Mara, Theressa 39 Italy
 Di Mara, Antoinette  14 Italy
 Di Mara, Rafaello 8 Italy
 Di Mara, Esther ? 19 Italy
 Di Mara, Samuel 12 US
 Di Mara, Ida 10  US
1920 L.I.C-Ward 10-Eighth St.
 Eighth Street
 110  Gallagher, Mary C 33 US
         Herbert, Kate 27 US
         Donohue, Ed 32 US
 112 Winter, William E 68 Germany
 Kavanagh, Flora M 34 US
 Winter, Mac 33 US
 Kavanagh, Lawrence 14 US
 Egan, Mary 60 Ireland
 Egan, Florence 25 US
 114  Martucci, Pellefrine 40 Italy
 Martucci, Nancy 23 Italy
 Martucci, Louisa 11 US
 Martucci, Anthony 9 US
 Martucci, Victor 8 US
 Martucci , Delizia 7 US
 Martucci, Angello 6 US
 Martucci, Bruno 120 days US
 Sandangelo, Michael 33 Italy
 Sandangelo, Marie 30 Italy
 Sandagnelo, Sybil 8 US
 Sandangelo, Delateas 7 US
 Marchese, Rocco 54 Italy
 Marchese, Mary 48 Italy
 Marchese, Jennie 19 US
 Marchese, Jospeh 17 US
 1925 NYS-L.I.C.ED#4-Eighth St.
 Small sampling of the Enumeration of the Inhabitants of Block # 2,
Election District, #4, Ward 1, f Long Island City, NY   1925
 Eight Street:
  114 Citrella, Minie   14 US
 Citrella, Paul 12  US
  Dolbans, Mary  33 Italy
  Dolbans, Anna  infant US
 112   Cavanaugh, Flora 44 US
  Cavanaugh, Lawrence 24 US
  Winter, Max 41 US
   Clancy, John 48 US
   Clancy, Florence 39 US
 110 Donohue, Edward 43 US
1925 NYS-L.I.C.ED#4-Vernon Ave
 Vernon Avenue
 130 Pastore Joe 25 Italy
 Pastore, Frances 57 Italy
 Calvello, Frank 29 US
 Calvello, Nellie 21 US
 Calvello, Robert 20 Us
 Bingazzo, George 18 US
 Trimizone John 18 US
 Trimizone Josephine 50 Italy
 Trimizone John 50 Italy
 Trimizone Lauri ?17 US
 Trimazone, Midhael 14 US
 Trimazone, Angelina 12 US
 Trimazone, Louis 9 US
 Trimazone,  Louis 11 US
 Trimazone, Anthony 5 US
 Trimazone, Mary 3 US
 Palessi, Millie 1 US
 Palese, Michael 26 Italy
 Palese, Antoinette 26 Italy
 Palese, Luci 4 US
 Simone, Mary 48 Italy
 Simone, Anthony, 54 Italy
 Simone, Mary 48 Italy
 Simone , Vincent 26 Italy
 Simone, Rose 17 US
 Simone, Charles 12 US
 Simone, Nancy 10 US
 Actisdano, Angelo 38 Italy
 Actisdano, Anna  38 Italy
 126 Thomas, Rose 35 US
        Thomas, Hoseph 13 US
        Thomas, John 37 Italy
        Thomas, Grace 11 US
        Thomas, Eleanor 4 US
 1925 NYS-L.I.C.ED#4-Eight Street
 Eight Street 
 122 Clamento, John 25 Italy
 Clamento, Angelina 25 Italy
 Clamento, Dora infant US
 Vernon Avenue 
 126 Sullivan, Daniel  26 US
        Sullivan, Helen 15 US
        Daniels, Anton  Lithuania

1900 census E.40th.St.NYC
East 40th Street, New York City, New York 1900 Census
Dobbins, Esther, NY
Donohue, John, 40 Ireland
Donohue, Bridger, 40, Ireland
Donohue, Mary, 24, NY
Donohue, John 20, NY
Donohue, William, 18, NY
Donohue, Jeremiah, 10, NY
Dausch, Andrew, 39, Germany  **This name could be Rausch
Dausch, Louise, 39, Germany
Dausch, Louise, 13, NY
Dausch, William, 12, NY
Dausch, Robert, 10, NY
Dausch, Frederick, 3, NY
Mc laughlan, Ella (?) Celia (?) 38, Ireland
Mc laughlan, Ellen, 39, Ireland
cannot read
Cardanoli, Nicholo 48, Italy
Cardanoli, Lizzie, 35, Italy
Cardanoli, Angelo, 18, Italy
Cardanoli, Michael, 14, Italy
Cardanoli, Marie, 12, New York
Cardanoli, Joseph, 10, NEw York
Cardanoli, Sarah, 4, NY
Cardanoli, Frances, 2, NY
Cardanoli,  Crabi, 22, New York
Lubeta, ?, 26, Italy   **Could be Libeta
Lubeta, Rose, 24, Italy
Changi, Frank, 19, Italy
Costello, Thomas, 32,Ireland
Costello, Anna, 6, NY
Mc Lean, 28, Ireland
Mason, William, 34, Ireland
Mason, John, 11, Ireland
Mason, James, 10, Ireland
Mason William, 8, NY
Mason, Richard, 1, NY
Mc Phillips,Bernard, 38, Ireland
Mc Phillips, Marie, 6, Ireland
Mc Phillips, ?, Ireland

1910 NYState Census.Second Ave.NYC
Second Avenue, New York City
1322  Second Avenue
Pons, A 28, boarder b California
Pons, A 22, boarder B New York
Gracian, E 49 b. France
Gracian, Marie 58 b Belgium
Cardinale, Michael 23 b Italy
Cardinale, Mary Agnes O ' Shea, 22, New York
Cardinale, Joseph A. infant, New York
Shea, Robert, 66, England
Shea, Lucy, 50 Ireland
Shea, Catherine 28, NYC
Shea, Thomas, 25, NYC

1220 Second Avenue
Pestering, A 25
Pestering, Anna 25, Austria
Pestering, Martin 8 NYC
Pestering, Ethel, 12 NYC
Solome Richard, 22, NY
Solome, Rosie 40 Russia
Solome, Annie, 18 NYC
Solome, Abraham, 7, Russia
Clarke, Catherine 39,  Ireland
Clarke, Maria, 17, NYC
Clarke, John ? age (son) NYC
Clarke, Margaret, 10, NJ
Clarke, Sarah 6, NJ
Platt, Margaret, 39 NJ
Platt, Charlotte, 37 England
Gintia (?), Mary 42, Germany
Gintia, Amelia, 23, NJ
Gintia, Willima, 22, NJ
Gintia, Joseph 20, NJ
Gintia, Frank 18, NY
Gintia, Edward 9, NY
Gintia, Charles, 8, NY
Franzy, William 4, Germany
Franz, Sophie, 47, Germany
Franz, Cecilia (?) 10, NY
Franz, William 9, NY
O Brien, John 33, Ireland
O Brie, Julia 34, Ireland
O Brie, Katherine, 6 NY
O Brie, Terrence, 30, Ireland
O Brien, William, 26, Ireland
O Brien, Thomas, 26, Ireland
Case, Julia, 72, Ireland
Bauer, Frank, 32, Germany
Hunter, William, 50, Ireland
Hunter, Annie 49, Ireland
Hunter, Walter, 19, NY
Hunter, William Jar. 23, NY
Hunter, Minne, 21 NY

1320 Second Avenue
Keegan, Eamon, 70, Ireland
Keegan, Mary, 71, Ireland
Keegan, Margaret, 29 NY
Keegan, Eamon Jr., 26, NY

1318 Second Avenue
Speyer (?) John, 69, Germany
Speyer, Bertha, 68, Germany
Schwarz, Jacob, 46, Germany
Schwarz, Leonara, 11, NY
Schwarz, Willhelmina, 36 NY
Brisler, John, 46, Germany
Brisler, Elizabeth, 46, Germany
Brisler, Anthony, 23, NY
Brisler, Theresa, 22, NY
Brisler, Johan A jr, 16, NY
Brisler, Elsie, 14, NY
Brisler, Joseph, 11, NY
Brisler, Walter, 9, NY
Parker, Eamon, 34, NY
Parker, Anna, 24, NY
Parker, Agnes, 1, NY
Anhalt, Sophie, 70, Germany
Anhalt, George, 25, NY
Anhalt, William, 32, NY
Cummings, Julia 42, England
O'Hare, Patrick, 40, Ireland
O Hare, Mary 52, Ireland
O Hare, Arthur, 30 Ireland
Lynch, Eamon, 222, NY
King, Michael, 50, NY
Loonie, Henry 45, NY
Loonie, Sarah, 43, NY
Loonies, Catherine, 11, NY
Loonie, Francis, 7, NY
Loonie, John, 7, NY
Fischer, Margaret, 25, NY
Mc Keever, Daniel, 46, Ireland
Mc Keever, Mary 44, Ireland
Mc Keever, Frank 19, NY
Mc Keever, Daniel, ?, NY
Farrel, Eamon, 30, Ireland
Farell, Ellen, 28, Ireland
Farell, John 5, NY
Ehring, Louis, 6, NY
Callahan, Julia 20, Ireland
Freidman, Daniel, 32, Russia
Blooms, Henry, 44, Russia
Blooms, Annie, 28, Austria
Blooms, Isadore, 9, NY
Blloms, Elias, 7, NY

1892 Foxes Bklyn 18th Ward
1892 Census, 34th ED 18th Ward, 

366 Evergreen
George Fox 16, Cashier born in US
Peter Fox 14    Born in US
Thomas 12, Born in US
Julia 40, Ireland
Mary 10 US
Annie 4, US
Michael 45 Ireland, Conductor
John 19, Musician (forgot to write if born in US, sorry)
William 18, Musician (forgot this one also)  
This was one family listing.....

28th ED 18th Ward page 5
Emiel Fox, 25, Germany, Carpentar
Levina 43, Germany
Willie, 12, Germany
Clara, 8, US

28th ED, 18th Ward
Michael Fox, 47, Germany. confections

1895 Ward 24 Institutions
1895 Bklyn census, Roll #47 for Ward 24 found these institutions:

St. Johns Asylum
Zions Old Age Home
St. Mary's Hospital

1880 Soundex-B451 

1880 Census  SOUNDEX ENTRIES     B451
Some are only partial-as they were cut off of the page
       all are NY State.  Address is street, city, county
      Name-relationship to head of house-age-birthplace

BELNAP, Israel
     Joseph F son age 8 NY
     Susie C.  dau.      4 NY

BOLLENBACHER, Jacob  V.57 ED 383 Sheet 31 Line17
     age 50, born Bavaria  , 362 10th Ave. NY,NY
     Jacob-s-18-New York

BLUMBACH,  Jacob  V.85 ED 298 sheet 21 line 43
     age47, born Baden, Germany,  New Brighton,Richmond Co. (mcd) Castleton town
     Josephine(?) d-10 NY

BLUMBERG, Isaac V48 ED99 sheet 17 line26 
     35, born Russia, 348 Madison Street, NY, NY
     Joseph-s-6 NY

BOLLENBACH, Isabella V.66 ED670, sheet 12 line21
     32, Bavaria, Third Ave. NY, NY
     Fredrick-s-9 -Conn.    

BLOOMBERG, Isidore V.51 ED198 sheet 71 line 18
     51, Russia Poland, 52 Allen NY,NY
     Ernestina-w-30-Russia Poland
     ****-d-6-New Jersey

     1010 First Ave. NY,NY

BOLLENBACH, GEO, V.52 ED205 sheet 32 line27
      35 Bavara (sic) 105 Orchard, NY,NY
     AND 2 boarders

BOLLENBACHER, Geo.V38 ED256 Sheet 19 line 24
      29,  NY, Fulton Ave.,(no city given) Kings Co ., (mcd) New Lots Town

HODSON, BRIODY fed.census index

These are the entries I found on the Census Index 
for the name Thomas HODSON:

Year Surname Given Name (s) County State Page Township or Other Info Record
Type Database ID#

1830 HODSON THOMAS Herkimer County NY 213 Warren Federal Population Schedule
NY 1830 Federal Census Index NY560422688
1860 HODSON THOMAS Westchester County NY 794 Greenburgh Federal Population
Schedule NY 1860 Federal Census Index NY586127554
This from the LDS:
Author: Platt, Lyman D.
Title: Nauvoo, 1839-1846.
Search Results
Database: Full Context of LDS Member Name Index, 1830-1845
Surname: HODSON
American Civil War Datase:

  Thomas   Hodson
 Enlist Date               Enlist Place Enlist Rank Enlist Age
15 September 1864                          Priv

Served New Jersey  Enlisted A Co. 3rd Cav Reg. NJ Transferred on 19
September 1864(Transferred to Dept Northwest)
Source: Register of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War 1861-65
Abbreviation: NJRoster
Published by on 1876

1920 Somers St. Bklyn, ED 267
    FHL film#1821151
Name,relationship if NOT spouse or child, age,  country of birth, occ.
          (the first entry is a continuation from the previous page.)
          (there is no ward given)

SCHMIDT, Eva 48-Germany

BENNETT, Clara-59-NY

HABACHOR Louise-66- NY
                         Grace-28-NY-polisher jewelry

PAULIS, G George,father-65-Germany-boiler maker

                    Ethel-17-NT-operator-telephone co.
                    Vera-15-NY-operator-telephone co.

BOLLENBACH, Margaret-66-Germany
ADAMS, *essie-f-29-NY-clerk-office

DOBERT, William-43-NY-painter

HART, Sidney-59-Conn.-*atch maker-store

ELLIS,Louis-24-NY-candy factory

HINES,Frances (m)-31-NY-electrical contractor

STA*SLAND, Marion(f)-61-England

DO***N, F.JOHN-46-NY-ticket agent
                 A.Julia-sister-36-NY-clerk-telephone co.

                W.Joseph-39-NY-Woolen business
DAVIS,Bella, (daughter)41-NY
             J. Melvell (nephew)-17-NY-mechanic-optical

TULLY,Joseph-2*-NY-Chauffer-express co.

BISCARDI,Cyrus-27-Italy-engraver-can co.

                      Mary(daughter)-30-NY-clerk office
                      Jennie(daughter)-28-NY-clerk office

NOTE: I copied this last entry just as it was written.  
David was listed as head of household.  

FOX Family 1905
A Fox Family on the 1905 Brooklyn Census I came across

101 59th St.

William Fox, age 32, born in US Ironworker
Annie, wife, age 32, Ireland, here for 15 years, housework
William, son, age 27, born in US, mechanic
Thomas, son, age 22, born in US, Janitor
Charles, son, age 17, born in US, Ironworker
John, son, age 14, born in US, At School
Mary, dau, age 10, born in US, at School

VOLKOMMER 1880 Census
Vince Cirucci

    VOLKOMMER, George, W.M 28, Tinsmith
            "                Barbara, W.F.22, Wife, Works On Pants
            "                John, W.M. 2, Son
            "                 Bernhard, W.M. 1, Son

The above information was recorded on Line 8, Page 31, Supv.Dist. 2, Enumeration 1.

4 pages of the 1920 Census ED 1415

Kings County
Supervisor's District No. 3
Enumeration District No. 1415
Sheet No. 1A

Wyona Street:

Stabin, Sarah                Head
Stabin, Jack                    Son
Stabin, Sam                    Son
Stabin, Sylvia                Daughter
Stabin, Minnie                Daughter
Ragoff, Isaac                Border

Bini, Eugene                Head
Bini, Elina                    Wife

Dick, Adolf                    Head
Dick, Christina            Wife
Dick, Adolf                    Son

Maisch, Elizabeth            Head

Warsaw, Jack                Head
Warsaw, Anna                Wife
Warsaw, Lillian                Daughter

Malot (or Molot), Soloman    Head
Malot, Ray                        Wife
Malot, Simon                    Son
Malot, Jacob                    Son
Malot, Betsy                    Daughter

Novarss, John            Head
Novarss, Lube            wife
Novarss, Leo                son
Novarss, Rose            lodger

Hollwidel, Frederick    Head
Hollwidel, Emaly        Wife
Hollwidel, Ada            daughter
Hollwidel, Anna            daughter
Hollwidel, Frederick        son
Hollwidel, George            son

Seir (or Seer), Samuel    Head
Seir, Josephine            wife
Seir, George                    son
Lickir, Margaret            niece
Boehm, William            brother-in-law

Hines, Christian H.            Head
Hines, Celene E.            wife

Basler, Max            Head
Basler, Eliza                wife
Basler, Marie            daughter
Basler, Charlotte        daughter

Anenza (or Onenza), Joseph    Head
Anenza, Rosalia                wife
Anenza Adam                    son
Anenza, Eva                    daughter
Anenza, Phillip                son
Anenza, Anna                daughter
Anenza, Francis                son
Anenza, George                son
Stupp (or Stripp), Phillip        father-in-law.

This is from  the 1920 Census, taken January 2:

Supervisor's District No. 3
Enumeration District No. 1415
Page 1B

Wyona Street / Liberty Avenue:

Stripp, Eva            mother-in-law

Kowaleski, Steven        head
Kowaleski, Victoria        wife
Kowaleski, James        son
Kowaleski, Marshall        son
Kowaleski, May (or Mary)    daughter

Eckhardt, Henry            head
Eckhardt, Della            wife
Eckhardt, Fred            son
Eckhardt, Edith            daughter

Schmidt, Henry                head
Schmidt, Edna                wife
Schmidt, Henry                son
Schmidt, Edith                daughter
Schmidt, Della                daughter

Dow (or Low), Ella E.    Head
Brown, Ella                    niece

Cledina (or Oedin*), Herman    head
Cledina, Barbara                    wife
Cledina, Herman                    son
Cledina, Margaret                    daughter
Cledina, George                        son
Cledina, Henry                        son

Hogg, John                        Head
Hogg, Emila                    wife

Wilton, Charles                    head
Wilton, Annie                        wife
Wilton, Laurence                daughter (?)

Brown, Lazarus                    head
Brown, Rose                        wife
Brown, Rebecca                daughter
Brown, Wolf                            son

Sohl, Peter                        head
Sohl, Ida                            wife
Sohl, August                        son
Sohl, Ida                            daughter

Nicco, Tony                    head
Nicco, Barbara                wife

Ciaclo (or Cia***), Grazio        head
Ciaclo, Liza                        wife
Ciaclo, Barney                  son
Ciaclo, Tony                        son
Ciaclo, Leo                        son
Ciaclo, Josephine                daughter

Halleran, Edmond            head
Taylor, John                    son-in-law
Taylor, Margaret            daughter
Taylor, Marion                grandchild
Taylor, Margaret            grandchild

Doris, Christian            head

This is from  the 1920 Census, taken January 2:

Supervisor's District No. 3
Enumeration District No. 1415
Page 2A

Liberty Avenue / Vermont Street:
Continued from 1B  (Doris, Christian     head)

Doris, Amelia                    wife
Doris, Christle                    daughter
Doris, Edward                    son
Doris, George                    son
Doris, Anna                    daughter
Doris, Johanna                daughter
Doris, Catherine                daughter
Doris, Amelia                    daughter
Doris, Helen                    daughter

Marquaid, Gustav            head
Marquaid, Julia                wife
Marquaid, Gustav            son
Marquaid, Bertha            daughter

Burmester, Carl            head
Burmester, May or Mary  wife

Kramer, Christopher    head
Kramer, Elizabeth           wife
Kramer, Charles            son

Riegelsburg, John            head
Riegelsburg, Elizabeth    wife
Riegelsburg, Charles        son
Riegelsburg, Harold            son
Moran, Thomas J.             lodger

Venala, Leo                head
Venala, Jose                wife
Venala, Mary                daughter
Venala, Angelina            daughter

Parrelo, Joe                head
Parrelo, Mary            wife
Parrelo, Rose                daughter

Calfano, Tony            head
Calfano, Annie            wife
Calfano, Joe                son

Henry, James            head
Henry, Margaret        wife
Angley, Michael            stepson
Angley, Mary                stepdaughter
Henry, Catherine        daughter

McTighe, Anthony        head
McTighe, Ann                wife
McTighe, Henry            son
McTighe, John            son
McTighe, Margaret    daughter
McTighe, Ann            daughter
McTighe, Emma        daughter
McTighe, Anthony        son
McTighe, Julia                daughter

Buttalucco, Ianatz         head
Buttalucco, Kate            wife
Buttalucco, Mary            daughter        End of Page 2A
Buttalucco, Tony            son                 Beginning of page 2B

Supervisor's District No. 3
Enumeration District No. 1415
Page 2B

Vermont Street:
Continued from 2A  (Buttalucco, Tony,     son)

McBride, Harry            head
McBride, Anna            wife
McBride, Harry            son
McBride, Frank            son
Franz, Charles             (border), brother-in-law

Schlosser, Kathrine        head
Schlosser, Katherine    daughter
Schlosser, William        son
Schlosser, Joseph            son

Rocker, Henry            head
Rocker, Josephine        wife
Litter (or Sitter), William    lodger

Hohn, Anthony                head
Hohn, Elizabeth            wife
Hohn, Alice            daughter
Hohn, Ruth            daughter
Hohn, Mildred            daughter
Gutierrez, Maddie    sister-in-law

Hirsch, Adolf            head
Hirsch, Mammy            wife
Hirsch, Lillian            daughter

Von Gerichten, George        head
Von Gerichten, Anna            wife
Von Gerichten, Arthur        son
Von Gerichten, Marion        daughter

Steiner, Pauline                head
Steiner, Jeannie            niece

Voight, Margaret                head

Binetruy (or Binet**y), Jules    head
Binetruy, Emma                wife
Binetruy, Julia                daughter
Binetruy, George            George
Binetruy, Raoul            son

Whistler, Helen                Head
Whistler, Edna                daughter
Whistler, Mabel                daughter

Waldick (or Waldech), Joseph            head
Waldick, Anna                wife
Waldick, Herbert            son

Kessler, Harry                head
Kessler, Ida                    wife
Kessler, Leo                son
Kessler, Jacob                son
Silbert, Julius                brother-in-law
Silbert, Sadie                sister-in-law

Marceca, Carl                head
Marceca, Lena                wife
Marceca, Libby                daughter
Marceca, Flora                daughter

1880 Soundex Some "B" names

1880 Census SOUNDEX ENTRIES     B451
Some are only partial-as they were cut off of the page
       all are NY State.  Address is street, city, county
      Name-relationship to head of house-age-birthplace

BELNAP, Israel
     Joseph F son age 8 NY
     Susie C.  dau.      4 NY

BOLLENBACHER, Jacob V.57 ED 383 Sheet 31 Line17
     age 50, born Bavaria  , 362 10th Ave. NY,NY
     Jacob-s-18-New York

BLUMBACH,  Jacob  V.85 ED 298 sheet 21 line 43
     age47, born Baden, Germany,  New Brighton,Richmond Co. (mcd) Castleton 
     Josephine(?) d-10 NY

BLUMBERG, Isaac V48 ED99 sheet 17 line26 
     35, born Russia, 348 Madison Street, NY, NY
     Joseph-s-6 NY

BOLLENBACH, Isabella V.66 ED670, sheet 12 line21
     32, Bavaria, Third Ave. NY, NY
     Fredrick-s-9 -Conn.    

BLOOMBERG, Isidore V.51 ED198 sheet 71 line 18
     51, Russia Poland, 52 Allen NY,NY
     Ernestina-w-30-Russia Poland
     ****-d-6-New Jersey

     1010 First Ave. NY,NY

BOLLENBACH, GEO, V.52 ED205 sheet 32 line27
      35 Bavara (sic) 105 Orchard, NY,NY
     AND 2 boarders

BOLLENBACHER, Geo.V38 ED256 Sheet 19 line 24
      29,  NY, Fulton Ave.,(no city given) Kings Co ., (mcd) New Lots Town

1900,1920 Kings..extracts
1900 Kings County Federal Census
ED 806, Sheet 3
Home for the Aged of the Little Sisters of the Poor, 16th Street and 8th 
Avenue, Brooklyn
All of the following people are listed as "in care"

COOK                Catherine   born Ireland
JUDGE               Mary        "
COUGLAN         Ellen       "
GALLAGHER       Margaret    "
MCBRIDE         Catherine   "
O'MARA          Mary        "
BARRON (?)      Bridget B   "
CONNORS         Johanna "
WEIR                Isabella        born Germany
MCDONALD        Sarah       born Ireland
LONG                Mary A      "
CURTIS          Mary        "
CONKLIN         Ellen       "
LEMON(?)            Catherine   "
FARRELL         Mary        "
MULLIN          Bridget A   "
ROCHFORD        Catherine   "
MORONEY         Bridget     "
NUMAN (?)           Eliza       "
STADELMAN (?)   Barbara     born Germany
WELCH           Ann     born Ireland
FLANAGAN        Mary        "
CROSS           Bridget     "
DUFFY               Ann     "
BROPHEY         Julia       "
SPECK               Margaret    "
LANGTON         Jane        "
CRAIGG          Elizabeth   "
KIERMAN (?)     Margaret D  "
DOWDELL         Ellen       "
MCGIRRETY       Margaret B  "
KEATING         Mary        "
GALLAGHER       Catherine   "
KELLY               Catherine   "
CUMMINGS        Mary        "
GILLEN (?)          Jane        born NY
FOLEY               Ellen       born Ireland
CONEFREY (?)    Ann     "
CASEY               Honora      "
HALLORAN            Margaret (*my family) born Ireland
FOLEY               Catherine   born Ireland
RYAN                Margaret    "
BEGLEY          Ellen       "

1900 Kings County Fed census part of ed 24
1900 Kings County Federal Census
ED 24, Supervisor's District 2, 3rd Ward, Sheet 14
FRANK,  John B      head        born NY
            George      son         born NY
            Henry       son         born NY
            Louise      daughter    born NY
            Amelia      wife            born NY

MCNEIL  John        head        born Scotland
            Jane        wife            born Scotland
            Mamie       daughter    born Scotland

FICKE       John        head   (*my family)     born Germany
            Meta        wife                        born Germany
            Dick        son                     born Germany
            Charlie     son                     born Germany
            Marguerite  daughter in law         born Germany
            John        son                     born Germany
            Meta        granddaughter           born NY
HART        Charles     lodger                  born NY

HALPERIN    Harry       head        born Russia
            Rose        wife            born Russia
            Bessie  daughter        born NY
            Esther      daughter    born NY

BRUNER(?)   Fredk       head    born Germany

BRAUN       John        head    born Germany
            Elizabeth   wife        born Switzerland

GERMAN  Henry       head    born Switzerland
            Catherine   wife        born England
            Henry Jr    son     born England

SPALDING    William     head    born Germany
            Elisabeth   wife        born NY

1900 Kings County Federal Census
ED 1, 1st Ward, sheet 5

BOYLE   William     head        born CT
        Kate        wife            born NJ
        Kate        daughter    born NJ
        William     son         born NJ
        James       son         born NJ

SCHNEIDER   William     head        born Germany
                Vere?       Wife        born CT
                Hilda       daughter    born CT 
                Herbert     son         born NY
                Katherine   daughter    born NY

O'CONNOR        Maurice     head        born Ireland
                Marian      wife            born PA
                Roderick J  son         born NY
                Katherine   daughter    born NY
DOI         Frank       boarder     born Italy
BIAZZO          Ermisiro (?)    boarder     born Italy

WELTON  Patrick head    born Ireland
            Bridget wife        born Ireland

DOOLAN  Annie       head        born Ireland
            William son             born NY
            Thomas  son             born NY
            Margaret    daughter    born NY

SMITH   James F head (*my family)   born NY
        Mary        wife                    born NY
        Lawrence    son                 born NY
        Frank       son                 born NY
        James       son                 born NY
        Madeline    daughter            born NY

1900 Kings County Federal Census
ED 432, sheet 8

MULLER  Adolph      head        born NJ
            Sophie B    wife            born PA
            ?cora   B   daughter    born NY
            Flossie W   daughter    born NY

GARDNER Helen       head        born NY
            Harry L     son         born NJ

MEYER   Herman J    head        born Germany
            Annie A     wife            born Germany

KACHEL  Edward      head        born Germany
            Annie       wife            born NY
            Eliza       daughter    born NY

PETT        Annie       head        born Ireland
            Lizzie      daughter    born NY

CHERRY  Benjamin    head        born Russia
            Jessie      wife            born Russia
            William M   son         born NY
            Emma        daughter    born NY

MURRAY  George      head        born NY
            Annie       wife            born Ireland
            Jennie      daughter    born NY
            Bessie      daughter    born NY
            May     daughter    born NY

MENGER  Valentine   head (*my family)   born Germany
            Hermine wife                    born Germany
            Marie       daughter            born NY

KLUABERG(?) George  head        born NY
                Ella        wife            born NY 
                Harold  son         born NY 

GROM(?) Caroline    head        born Germany
            Hattie      daughter    born NY
            Maud        daughter    born NY     

1920 Kings County Federal Census
ED 1356, Supervisor's District 3, sheet 7 A and B
PFLUGER     Carl        head    born Germany
                Catherine   wife        born NY

BIRCH       Mary E      head        born CT
O'ROUKE Elizabeth A neice       born NY

D?TZ        Eugene      head        born Germany
            Margurita   wife            born Germany
            Alfred      son         born NY
            ?mgard  daughter        born NY

WANCHAN (?) Mary        head        born Ireland
                Elizabeth   daughter    born NY

OTTENS  John F H    head (*my family)   born Germany
            Adelaide    wife                    born Germany
            John C      son                 born NY
            William J   son                 born NY
            Metha L daughter            born NY
            Sophia M H  daughter            born NY
            Henry A son                 born NY 
MOHRMAN Henry       boarder             born NY

LAUB            Albert      head        born NY
                Jacob       brother     born NY
                Katherina   sister      born NY

DAVIDSON        Herbert     head    born NH
                Genivieve   wife        born NH
                Earl        son     born NH

KOCH            Anna        head    born Germany
                Elizabeth   sister  born Germany

1920 Kings County Federal Census
ED 1695, Supervisor's District 3, Sheet 8
WILDMAN     William A   head        born Germany
                Estelle     wife            born NY
                Dora E      daughter    born NY
                William A   son         born NY
                Anthony J   son         born NY
DENORMAN    Anna        sister in law   born NY
BURUS (?)       Thomas      boarder     born Ireland
QUINN           James       boarder     born Ireland
STURAM (?)  Anders      boarder     born NY

BOWE        Mamie       head (*my family)   born NY
            Elizabeth   daughter            born NY 
SMITH       Lawrence    nephew              born NY 
            Madeline    neice               born NY 
            Rose M      neice               born NY
            Florence H  neice               born NY 
DUGAN   May     neice               born NY
            James       nephew              born NY

RYAN            John        head        born Ireland
                Katherine   daughter    born NY

RUTTER      Sarah       head        born Ireland
                William     son         born NY
MCGUILEY (?)    Ellen       boarder     born NY
HERMAN      Harry       lodger      born NY
STARKEY     Barney      lodger      born NY
                May     lodger      born NY

CAMPBELL        John H      head        born NY
CASH                William     son in law  born NY
                    Lillian     daughter    born NY

MALONEY     John        head        born NY
                Lulu        wife            born NY
                Helen L     daughter    born NY
                Marie       daughter    born NY

1920 Kings County Federal Census
ED 642, sheet 5

MALIOWSKY   Aaron       head    born Russia
                Bessie (?)  wife        born Russia
                David       son     born NY
                Abe     son     born NY
DEMPSEY     Bridget     head        born Ireland
                Thomas J    son         born NY
                Patrick F   son         born NY
                Elizabeth   daughter    born NY
CALLAHAN        Francis     head (*my family)   born NY
                Mary        wife                    born NY
DOLAN           Gertrude    daughter            born NY
CALLAHAN        Thomas      son                 born NY
                Margaret    daughter            born NY
LEONARD     Francis     son in law          born NY
                Mary        daughter            born NY

J?KERMAN (?)    Otto        head        born NY
                Margareta   wife            born NY
                Catherine   daughter    born NY
                William     son         born NY
                Marie       daughter    born NY
                Margaret    daughter    born NY

1920 Queens Fed. Census..Extracts
1900 Queens County Federal Census
ED 677, Supervisor's District 2, 4th Ward, 7th Election District, Sheet 11

PATERSON    Charles F   head    born Denmark
                Valburg (?) wife        born Denmark

MOWBRAY Arthur H        head    born MA
                Catherine M     wife        born East India

OTTENS  John F H        head (*my family)   born Germany
            Adelpheit       wife                    born Germany
WALSHA? Charles         boarder             born Germany
CLARKE  Frederick       boarder             born Germany

WEISS   Henry E     head        born Hungary
        Anna            wife            born Hungary
        Edward          son         born NY
        Benjamin        son         born NY
        Frida           daughter    born NY
        Herbert         son         born NY
        Helen           daughter    born NY
        Isabelle            daughter    born NY

MURB?Y  Nicholas    head        born NY
            Annie J     daughter    born NY
            Theresa     daughter    born NY
            Catherine   daughter    born NY
            Thomas J    son         born NY
OAKER   Elizabeth   servant     born Ireland

1920 Queens County Fed Census part of ed 369
1920 Queens County Federal Census
ED 369, sheet 17

SIMMS,  William E.  head            born NY
            Henrietta   wife                born NY
FRICKE  August      mother-in-law   born Germany

HILL        David       head    born NY
            Anna        wife        born NJ
            Leland      son     born NY
            Melvin      son     born NY
REICHARD    George      head        born NY
            Catherine   wife            born NY
            George W    son         born NY 
            Gertrude U  daughter    born CT
(Last name could be Baichard)

ALLINGER    Albert A    head        born Germany
            Pauline     wife            born NY
            Cecelia     daughter    born NY
            Edna        daughter    born NY
            Pauline     daughter    born NY
(Last name is hard to read, but the two "L"'s are a definite)

MCCREADY    George      head        born NY
                Anna        wife            born NY
                Helen       daughter    born NY
            Anna            daughter    born NY
            George          son         born NY
            Edward          son         born NY
FICKE       Richard head (*my family)   born Germany
            Anna    wife                    born Germany
            Edith   daughter            born NY
            Herbert son                 born NY

1920 Queens County Federal Census
ED 375, Supervisor's District 4, 4th Ward, Sheet 11

MENGER      Valentine   head (*my family)   born Germany
                Hermine J   wife                    born Germany
BEVERIDGE   Marie       daughter            born NY
                Douglas grandson            born NY

FARRELL George  head        born Germany
            Cristine    wife            born Germany
            Elsie   daughter    born NY
            George  (no relation given, but age fits him to be a son)   born 
            Alfred  son         born NY

MOHR    George W    head        born NY
        Mildred     wife            born Russia
        Gladys      daughter    born NY
        George R    son         born NY
        Mildred H   daughter    born NY
(could be MOHN)

WHITE   John L      head        born MA
        Catherine   wife            born England
        Albert H    son         born NY
        Emily C     daughter    born NY
        John L      son         born NY
        Edmond M    son         born NY
        A?stive R   son         born NY
        Jenevieve   daughter    born NY
        Ethel M     daughter    born NY
        Bridget F   mother      born Ireland

?APIACCOPO Frank    head        born Italy
GIUSEPPA    Josephine   sister in law   born Italy

KNIES?M (?) Henry R head        born Germany
                Sophia M    wife            born NY
BLADE           Eva         daughter    born NY
KNIESIM     Mammie  daughter    born NY
                Henry       son         born NY 
                ?           daughter    born NY
BLADE           John J      son in law  born NY

1900 Census Brooklyn 52 Fulton St 
Tom Bardon
1900 Census ( Brooklyn ) 
62 Fulton st. 
Looks like Bklyn Hgts st 

Name � � � � � � Relation � � � � � Place and
Occupation � � � � � � � � � � � � year of birth 

Sincleir William Lodger  12 1827 Scotland Engineer 

Gildes Thomas � � " � � � � 8 1852 Ireland � Salesman 

Doherty William � � " � � � � � 8 1873 N.Y. � ??? 

Duffy � William � � " � � � � � 10 1865 N.Y. �

Kull?hero Joseph � � " � � � � � 10 1851 N.Y. Cook 

Bugligh George � � � "      11 1864 England Machinist 

Walc � Henry � � � " � � �    8 1881 Germany Laborer 

Fisher Thomas � � " � � �    4 1860 Australia Laborer 

Massy Fredrick � � " � � �     4 1860 Ireland � Laborer 

Walsh Patrick � � � " � � �      3 1856 Ireland Laborer 

Reid � James � � � " � � �       5 1871 Ireland Laborer 

Bardon William � " � � �        6 1846 Ireland
Leather Finisher 

Sullivan Florence " � � �       4 1834 Ireland Horseshoer 

Chimm George � " � � � 11 1864 England � Cook 

Mc Grath John � � " � � � 4 1871 Ireland Fire????? 

Fox William � � � � " � � � � 1 1817 N.Y. � � �

Webb? William � � " � � � � 5 1826 Virginia Bricklayer 
58 Fulton  st.

Klug John � � Head � � � 1 1869 Germany Liquor sales 

" � � Lizzy � � Wife � � � �   4 1872 Germany 

" � � Jacob � � Son � � � � �         8 1894 N.Y. 
" � � Henry � � � � " � � � �          10 1897 N.Y. 
" � � Hai?orahy Daughter       11 1899 N.Y.

building    name       relation    born time
    #       occupation                    place 

35 Mc Culline Felix  head  11 1831 N.Y. 

35 Gormly Lucy head          4 1840 Ireland

35 Gormly Edward    son  3 1879 N.Y.

33 Drake Mary           head     6 1858 N.Y.

33 Drake William         son           6 1878 N.Y.

33 Drake Mary    daughter          3 1881 N.Y.
     takes wash ?

33 Drake Robert      son              8 1883  N.Y.

33  Drake Emma   daughter        10 1886 N.Y.

33 Drake Florence  daughter      12 1891 N.Y.

33 Ryan Hannah     head            6 1864 Ireland

33  Ryan Thomas                 son              4 1892 N.Y.
     at school

33 Ryan Mary              daughter            7 1893 N.Y.
     at school

33 Ryan Elizabeth        daughter            5 1895 N.Y.
     at school  

33 Hegeltlem William     head          10 1867 Germany

33 Hegeltlem Maggie     wife              12 1871 Ireland

31 Mc A?ms??? Robt      head                10 1854 N.Y.

31 Mc Am???? Sarah     wife                3 1867 Ireland

31 Mc Am???? William   son                   3 1892 N.Y.

31 Mc Am???? Annie  daughter                5 1892 N.Y.

31 Hartiea  John    head                   10 1876  Russia
    (looks like)   

31 Hartiae Allian    Wife                     8  1880 N.Y.

31 Hartiea  Walter    son                      5 1899 N.Y.

19 O"Hara Mary       Head                  11 1845 Ireland

17 Gillford ??ril      head                     3 1859  Ireland

Gillford Ellen      wife                          8 1877  Ireland

1865 Census Partial Pg.Bklyn 2nd Wd

I have only part of this page.
Name, age, relationship  Place of birth, Married, single, # of children  
occupation naturalized, over 21 and unable to read or write

John McKearney          27  Male Boarder   Ireland  Laborer  single 

Jane Rhodes                 45  Female  Ireland     Married one child    
shirtmaker  cannot read or write
Rich. Rhodes                  8  son  Kings Cty

Jas. Fitzroy        40 m   Ireland      Laborer
Mary Fitzroy        39 wife  Ireland  2 children  married  shirtmaker
Frances Fitzroy   9  daughter  Kings Cty
James Fitzroy  7  son   Kings Cty
Anne Noble  21  Cousin  Canada  Single  shirtmaker

Chas.  Nejoe  61  England  Married  Furrier works in NY  
Mary Nejoe    63  wife  England  one child married  

M.J. Kelly  67    Ireland  laborer 2 children widower  nat.   cannot read or 
Charles Kelly  27  son  Ireland single  laborer  naturalized 

Mary Smith  40  Ireland  One child   widow  seamstress  cannot read or write
John Smith  21  son  Ireland  single  printer  works in NY  Naturalized

James Coventry  40  Scotland  Married  seaman  alien
Ruth Coventry  39   wife  Wales  married twice  cannot read or write

Martha Crawford  29  England  3 children  widow  furliner
Elijah Crawford  6  son  Iowa
Eliza Crawford     10 daughter  Conn.
Robert Crawford   3 mos. son  Kings Cty.
Emma Taylor  40  Boarder  Ireland  single

Wm. Larkin  23  Ireland  married  laborer  naturalized
Catherine Larkin  20  wife  Ireland  one child married 
Wm. Larkin  1  son  Kings Cty.

Patrick Ruddy  27  Ireland  married laborer alien
Anne Ruddy  25   wife  Ireland  3 children married
Eliza Ruddy  5 mos.  daughter  Kings Cty.
Henry Ruddy  3  son   Kings Cty.

???? Ager  61  N.H.  married twice Miller  naturalized
Jane Ager  42 wife  NH  2 children married twice
James Ager  14  son  NH
Wm. Ager  1  son Kings Cty.
Edmund Cook  38  Boarder  Portugal  married twice  Furrier

D. Downey  27  England  Married  Seaman  alien
Catherine Downey  25  wife  Scotland

Anthony G(?)eroga 30  France married macaroni mfg.  naturalized
Louisa  Geroga  26  wife  France  3 children  
Mary  Geroga  6 daughter  Kings Cty.
John Geroga   5 mos.  son  Kings Cty.
Eliza Stolf  22 Servant  Germany
Angelo Soroda  22  boarder  Italy  Macaroni
Eliza Bellenger  16  Sis-in-law  France Macaroni
Paul Geroga  80  Father 1 child widower  

Pg102 3rd Dist, 6th Wd.1860 NYC census

28th day of June 1860.
Dwelling#, family #, Names, Age, Sex, Color, Occupation, Value of Personal
Estate, Place of Birth

        , Frits, LUKERS, 19, M, W, Clerk, Germany
   , 891, Catherine TIMONY, 40, F, W, House keeper, Ireland
           , James, 15, M, W, Errand Boy, Ireland
            , John, 8, M, W, New York
            , Amy, 17, F, W, Servant, Ireland
    , 892, Francis, BUSK[sic], 30 [maybe 36], M, W, Resturant, Poland
            , Sarah, 36, F, W, Poland
             , Mary GILMARTIN, 64, F, W, Poland
             , Winaford, 22, F, W, Type Rubber, Poland
             , Mary BIVENS, 11, F, W, New York
     , 893, Mary, FINTON, 40, F, W, Fruit Dealer, Ireland
             , Bessy, 45, F, W, Ireland
213, 894, Francis FITSPATRICK, 39, M, W, Grocer, 51, Ireland
             , Johanna, 40, F, W, Ireland
             , Mary, 8, F, W, Louisiana
             , Catherine McCLOUD, 27, F, W, Tailor?s, Ireland
              , Edward DALTON, 52, M, W, Ireland
              , Margaret, 36, F, W, Ireland
               , Patk., 5, M, W, New York
              , Edward, 3, M, W, New York
               , James, 1, M, W, New York
               Robert GILL, 47, M, W, Laborer, Ireland
     ,895, Patk. DEALY, 36, M, W, Junk Dealer, 50, Ireland
            , Julia, 35, F, F, W, House Keeper, Ireland
              , Hanora, 2, M, W, New York
             , Mary, 5/12, F, W, New York
              , Chas.  DUFFY, 23, M, W, Tin Pedler, 50, ireland
              , Margaret, 29, F, W, England
              , Wm. DAVID, 60, M, W, TIn Smith, England
214, 896, Lawrence VAGAL, 41, M, Tailor, Germany
             , Elizabeth, 36, F, W, Germany
              , Geo. H., 9, M, W, New York
              , John, 7, M, W, New York
              , Elizabeth, 3, F, W, New York
              , Catherine, 6/12, F, W, New York
     , 897, Daniel Shue, 26, M, Printer, Ireland
             , Ellen, 26, F, W, Ireland
             , John FOREN, 21, M, W, Book Binder, Ireland
     , 898, Sarah DEALY, 61, F, W, Ireland
             , Sarah, HALL, 30, F, W, Fur Sewer, Ireland 

Dist 2, Wd. 14, NYC 1860 census

It is page 186, Dist 2, 
Wd. 14 for the 1860 NYC census.  Enumerated on 24
Aug 1860.  The copy was very hard to read.

Dwelling #, Family #, Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Personal Estate, Place of Birth

           , Mary W. HUGHES, 2, F, New York
            , Helena, 2/12, F, New York
   , 1687, George DUB?IS, 32, M, Halter, 500, New York
             , Mary, 32, F, Maine
              , Henry, 11, M, New York
    , 1688, Sophia DEVENS, 45, Seamstress, 150, New York
              , Sarah, 10, F, New York
     , 1689, William JARVIS, 39, M, Laborer, Ireland
               , Ellen, 37, F, Ireland
               , Catherine, 9, F, New York
                , Joseph, 5, M, New York
      , 1690, Homer CALLAHAN, 22, M, Laborer, New York
                , Michael, 20, ?uda maker [sic], New York
                 , Robert, 18, Gassfitter [sic], New York
                  , Margaret HEALY, 22, F, Domestic, Ireland
        , 1691, Edward BUCKENHAM, 32, M, Clerk, 100, Ireland
                  , Amelia, 28, F, Ireland
                   , John W, 6, M, New York
                   , Edward, 2, M, New York
450, 1692, Henry SYMAUS [sic], 32, M, Grocer, 400, Bremen [sic]
               , Herman SCHMIDT, 18, M, Clerk, Breman[sic]
      , 1693, John BALLIA, 42, M, laborere, 200, Ireland
                , Christina, 42, F, Bremen [sic]
                , William, 20, M, New York
                , Jacob, 19, M, New York
                , Frederick, 13, M, New york
                 , Charles, 11, M, New York
       , 1694, William KENNEDY, 30, M, Laborer, Ireland
                , Annie, 22, F, Ireland
       , 1695, ?atch ZENGLER, 38, M, Cabinet maker, 200, Baden
                 , Mary, 34, F, Baden
                  , Mary, 5, F, New York
                 , Fernando, 3, M, New York
                  , Bertha, 1, F, New York
                  , Christina, 2/12, F, New York
       , 1696, John SHUE, 50, M, Piano maker, 300, Breman [sic]
                 , Mary, 42, F, Breman [sic]
                  , Margaret AVIS, 29, F, 600, Bremen [sic]
                  , Francis ?????, 25, M, Butcher, 100, New York
                  , Catherine A. ?????, 19, F, new York 

1900 Bklyn. ED1.McKinney St.

Brooklyn census page Year 1900
Volume 62  ED 1 sheet 2b

Mc Kinney st.

house  name          relation        when and  #
where born

33  Clemmens Ceu?? head           6 1841
33  Clemments Charles   son     6 ?? N.Y.
33  Clemments Mary daughter  6 ?? N.Y.
34 Church James  head        4 1853 N.Y.
34 Church Mary    wife         6 ?? England

34 Church William  son              1 ?? N.Y.

34 Church Josephine      daughter 3 1843

35 O' Connor Marty head 3 ?? ENGLAND 
35 O' Connor William son         3 ?? N.Y.   
36 Hunt Francis gr son           1 1886 N.Y. 
36 Hudson Charlott boarder  12 1839 N.Y.

36 Cam??? Thomas head       8 1871 N.Y.                            
36 Cam??? Maggie wife         9 1873 N.Y.

36 Cam??? Thomas son         4 1893 N.Y.

36 Green Mary head             ? ?? Virginia

36 Green looks like Harry son       2 1852

39 Fox Hugh     head            10 185? N.Y.

39 Fox looks like Annie  wife 3 ?? Ireland

39 Fox Richard  son                   ? ?? N.Y.

39 Fox Annie daughter           ? ??   N.Y.  

39 Fox Hugh son                       ? ?? N.Y.  
39 Fox Margaret daughter      5 1889 N.Y.
39 Mc Guire Patrick head       ? ?? Ireland 
39 Mc Guire Mary  wife          ? ?? Ireland

39 Haggerty John  nephew         6 ?? N.Y.

39 Haggerty Cornelyun ??          ? ?? N.Y.

39 Cappel Fredera?? head     1 1840 N.Y.

39 Gibbins Martin boarder  5 1869 Ireland 
39 Mc Manns John  boarder  2 1858 Mass

40 Mc Mahon Thomas  head   6 1860 N.Y.

40 Mc Mahon Emmna   wife   7 1870 Ohio 
41 Kronvieldt Chas. head               3 1857
41 Kronvieldt Margaret wife 41849 Ireland

41 Small James     lodger       3 1856 N.Y.

42 Grimes ??         head     4 1844 Por???

42 Grimes Margaret   wife      6 1847 N.Y.

43 Heninear Archie head  4 1876 looks
                                  like Canada town ?

43 Heninear Mary     wife       7 1880 N.Y.

43 Heninear Hellen  daughter 2 1897 N.Y.

44 Eagen Patrick   head      3 1865 Ireland 
44 Eagen Lizzie    wife        1 1871 Ireland

1870 NYC census Ed.9,Wd.14

page 49 & 50 from the 1870 NYC census,
Ed. 9, Wd. 14.  Enumerated 20 July 1870.

Dwelling #, Family #, Name, Age, Sex, Color, Occupation, Value Personal
Estate, Place of Birth.

         MacEARTHY, John, 5, M, W, PA
428, McARDLE, John, 42, M, W, Laborer, Ireland
                           , Kate, 40, F, W, keep house, Ireland
                           , Mary, 17, F, W, laundress, Ireland
                           , James, 15, M, W, painter, Ireland
429, KEANE, Daniel, 34, M, W, Laborer, Ireland
                       , Johanna, 34, F, W, keep house, Ireland
                       , Mary, 8, F, W, NY City
                       , Michael, 6, M, W, NY City
                       , Ellen, 4, F, W, NY City
                       , James, 2, M, W, NY City
430, McGARY, Michael, 49, M, W, Sailor, Ireland
                          , Ellen, 45, F, W, keep house, Ireland
          , CEESWELL [sic], Emely, 20, F, W, works, NY City
           , McGARY, Mathew, 18, M, W, works, NY City
                           , Albert, 14, M, W, Canada
                           , Allen, 11, M, W, Canada
                           , Louise, 9, F, W, Canada
431, CLARK, John, 47, M, W, Sailor, England
                      , Marie, 40, F, W, keep house, England
                      , James, 12, M,W, England
                      , Albert, 10, M, W, Emgland
                      , Julie, 8, F, W, NY City
70, 432, GARRETSE [sic], Jane, 40, F, W, works, Ireland
                                      , Kate, 20, F, W, works, Ireland
                                      , Anne, 22, F, W, works, Ireland
    , 433, WHITE, William, 50, M, W, nailer, England
                        , Ellen, 40, F, W, keep house, Ireland
                        , John, 17, M, W, printer NY City
                        , Kate, 13, F, W, NY City
                        , Willy, 6, M, W, NY City
                        , George, 4, M, W, NY City
                        , Maggy, 2, F, W, NY City
  , 434, SCHU??, Johanna, 12, F, W, Laundress, NY City
                        , Johanna, 12, F, W, NY City
                        , Anton, 10 M, W, NY City
  , 435, GREIF, Philip, 40, M, W, carpenter, Prussia
                     , Gertrude, 40, F, W, keep house, Prussia
                     , Anne, 7, F, W, Prussia
                     , Susan, 6, F, W, Prussia


         , GREIF, Marie, 5, F, W, Prussia
                     , Lizzie, 3, F, W, NY City
                     , Minnie, 1, F, W, NY City
  , 436, LEWITT, Mary, 63, F, W, , keep house, Ireland
                       , William, 23, M, W, Laborer, Ireland
          , CORKLEY, Ellen, 30, F, W, Laborer, Ireland
  , 437, CLINTON, John, 48, M, W, Laborer, Ireland
                         , Maggy, 46, F, W, keep house, Ireland
                         , James, 27 or 29, M, W, Machinist, Ireland
                         , John, 26, M, W, Machinist, Ireland
                         , Charles, 21, M, W, Sailor, Ireland
                         , Maggy, 18, F, W, Dressmaker, Ireland
                         , Jane, 16, F, W, Dressmaker, Ireland
71, 438, O'CONNELL, Maggy, 40, F, W, keep house, Ireland
                               , Jane, 21, F, W, Laundress, Ireland
                               , Charlotte, 18, F, W, Fancy works [sic],
                               , Mary, 15, F, W, Fancy works [sic], Ireland
    , 439, BASENTHAL [sic], Benjamin, 50, M, W, Livery Stable, 1000, Prussia
                                         , Eunice [sic], 35, F, W, keep
house, Prussia
                                         , Esther, 75, F, W, Prussia
                                         , Julius, 18, M, W, works, Prussia
                                         , M??le, 16, F, W, works, New York
                                         , Lilly, 6, F, W, New York
                                         , Isaac, 8, M, W, New York
                                         , Anne, 4, F, W, New York
                                         , Flasa [sic], 8/12, F, W, New York
  , 440, KA?TLAW, Hen, 30, M, W, Metal dealer, New Jersey
                           , Mary, 30, F, W, keep house, New Jersey
          , FARRELL, Ellen, 12 [sic], F, W, New York
                           , Robert, 9, M, W, New York
                           , James, 8, M, W, New York
                           , Bernard, 14, M, W, New York
                           , Mary Anne, 15, F, W, works, New York
                           , Kate, 17, works, New York
  , 441, Mc?ERR, Mary, 40, F, W, works, Ireland
          , KARRY, Thomas, 24, M, W, Brass finisher, ireland
                        , Bridget, 20, F, W, keep house, Ireland
  , 442, BAYER, Mary, 36, F, W, keep house, Ireland
                       , Rose, 10, F, W, Ireland
                       , Anne, 11, F, W, Ireland 


1910 Brooklyn NY census.

James CASSIDY, 55, marr 26 yrs, b. NY, parents b. Ire, Engineer @office bldg
Mary Ann, 52, wife, 6 children, 6 living, parents b. Ire
Anna, 24, dau, b. NY
Loretta, 21, dau, b. NY
Grace, 18, dau, b. NY
Viola, 15, dau, b. NY
Emma, 13, dau, b. NY
Alfred E. TAGGARA, 34, widower, b. NY, par b. NY, bookkeeper@life ins co
Alfred E. TAGGARA, Jr, 10, son, b. NY
  ED 312, sheet 1, 156 Ainslee St.

William CASSIDY, 36, marr 5 yrs, b. NY, father b. NY, mother b. Ire,
Millie, 33, wife, 1 child, 1 child living, b.NY, father b. NY, mother b. Ger
Chester, 4, son, b. NY
  ED 313, sheet 10, street not readable

Mike CASSIDY, 27, marr 9 yrs, b. NY, parents b. Ire, letter carrier
Anna, 28, wife, 3 children, 2 living, b. NY, parents b. NY
Arthur, 8, son. b. NY
Irene, 6, dau, b. NY
  ED 313, sheet 14, 105R Elm


NARA  film # M432-522, 1850 Census, Kings Co. NY, Village of
Williamsburgh, page 170 B, enumerated on 25 July 1850.

I will give the names and ages only.  If you see a name for which you
would like more information please email me and I will give the rest of
the data.
Hope you find your ancestor.      Marilynn

CARRY,  John              age 28
CARRY, Mary               age 27
CARRY,  James            age 2
CARRY, Margaret        age 9/12
WOOD, John                  age 30
WOOD, Cath                 age 28
WOOD, Pat                   age 2  (male)
WOOD, John                age 10/12
MOBLEY, William       age 28
MOBLEY, Mary           age 27
MOBLEY,  William       age 2
MOBLEY,  John           age 8/12

McCORMICK, James M.   age 35
McCORMICK, Louisa       age 31
McCORMICK, Thos H     age 7
McCORMICK, John M     age 4
McCORMICK, James L.    age 2
PHILPOT, Moses          age 20
PHILPOT, Marg't          age 17

McMILLEN, Archibald      age 52
McMILLEN, Mary             age 46
McMILLEN, William H     age 25
McMILLEN, John             age 21
McMILLEN, Archibald      age 20
McMILLEN, Ellen            age 17
McMILLEN, Charles        age 15
McMILLEN, Marg't          age 11
McMILLEN,  Jane            age 7
McMILLEN, Isabel           age 5
McINTOSH, Marg't         age 50

PITMAN, Mary               age 65
GAY, John                       age 26
GAY, Hester                     age 22
WILLIAMS, Edward         age 24
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth      age 23
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth      age 9/12
MANGELS, John            age 40
MANGELS, Sarah            age 36
SIMONSON, Andrew       age 33
SIMONSON, Phebe A       age 18
SMITH, John                    age 28
SMITH, Mary                   age 22

NARA film # M432-522, US Census, Kings Co. NY, Williamsburgh, page 400
A. enumerated on 12 Aug 1850.

I will give the names and ages only.  If you see a name for which you
would like more information please email me and I will give the rest of
the data.
Hope you find your ancestor.      Marilynn

BOWERS,  Alex           age 67     (these 3 are enumerated with others
on page 399 B)
BOWERS, Dorcus        age 85     (which I did not copy)
McDONALD, Cath        age 19

RICHARDSON, Lemuel   age 64
RICHARDSON, Ann        age 57
RICHARDSON, Charlotte   age 16  (or 10)
JENNINGS?, Aaron            age 27
JENNINGS?, Cornelia         age 26  (or 20)
JENNINGS?, Charlotte        age 2

BALDER...?, John             age 31
BALDER...?, Hester           age 27
BALDER...?, James           age 4
VAN VORHES?, Wm.        age 40        (could be Van Koorhes?)
VAN VORHES?, Sophia       age 35
VAN VORHES?, Augustus   age 9
VAN VORHES?, Charles      age 8
VAN VORHES?, George      age 3
CRANDAL, Mary                  age 43

JONES, I (J?). F.               age 38
JONES, Joanna                  age 27
JONES, Josephine             age 6
JONES, Harriet                   age 2 1/2
JONES, Julia                      age 1/12
BANCE?, Susan                age 33   (could be Band?)

COSINE, Sarah                 age 41
COSINE, Clara                  age 16
COSINE, John                  age 14
COSINE, James                 age 1

PITTMAN, Isaiah              age 42
PITTMAN, Antoinette       age 39
PITTMAN, James              age 16
PITTMAN, Clara               age 13
PITTMAN, William          age 11
CONDE, Mary                   age 20

POWELL, Wm                  age 30
POWELL, Jane                  age 28
POWELL, Elisabeth          age 6
POWELL, Wm                  age 2

VAN HEATON, Moses       age 31
VAN HEATON, Mary         age 31
VAN HEATON, Wesly        age 11
VAN HEATON, Elisabeth    age 9 (family could continue on next page, I didn't copy)


NARA  film # M432-583, US Census 1850, Town of Flushing, Queens Co. NY.
page 276.  I'm posting this to the Brooklyn list as I thought it close
enough to Brooklyn and I didn't want the info to go to waste.

VAN VELSON, Edward          age 31
VAN VELSON, Mary              age 30
VAN VELSON, Edward          age 9
VAN VELSON, Josephine       age 6
DWIRE, Johannah                    age 18
HULL, Emeline                        age 17

HIGBIE, George                     age 29
HIGBIE, Deborah                    age 29
HIGBIE, Mary                         age 7
HIGBIE, Sarah                         age 4
HIGBIE, Henrietta                   age 2
PETITT, Johannah                   age 35
PETITT, Gold                           age 6   (m)
PECK, John                            age 25
PECK, Mary                           age 24
PECK, Eugene                       age 2
SMITH, Eliza                         age 22    (mulatto)

CASE, Mary                           age 46
CASE, Cornelia                      age 16  (14?)
CASE, Frederick                     age 10
FITZGIBBONS, Catherine     age 25
CARTER, Bridget                  age 17

PITTMAN, John S.               age 36
PITTMAN, Catherine             age 31
PITTMAN, Adaline               age 6
PITTMAN, Caroline              age 4
CURLEY, Ellen                     age 30     (could be Curby)
ANDER, Alexander               age 29
TRACER, Jacob                    age 17

LAW, Samuel                         age 28
LAW, Cornelia                      age 28
LAW, Samuel                        age 6
LAW, Mary                           age 3
PRICE, Mary                         age 14  (could be 16?)
CASE, Barney                        age 50

THUM?, John G?                 age 41
THUM, Josephine                age 37
THUM, Mary                        age 11
THUM, Josephine                age 9
THUM, John                         age 7
THUM, George                    age 3
ELSEY, Henry                      age 24


NARA film # M653-773   1860 US Census NY Kings Co. 15th ward, 2nd dist.
Brooklyn, page 180, enumerated on 11th day of June 1860, Williamsburgh

I will give the names and ages only.  If you see a name for which you
would like more information please email me and I will give the rest of
the data.
Hope you find your ancestor.      Marilynn

MASTERS,   William     age 25
MASTERS,   Maria        age 20
MASTERS,   Stephen     age 1
MASTERS,   William     age 1/12

CASSIDY,    John         age 35
CASSIDY,    Eliza         age 34
PARKER,     Ann          age 39

CAROLINE,  Patrick     age 44
CAROLINE,  Sarah       age 45
CAROLINE,  Bridget     age 18
CAROLINE,  Catherine  age 16
CAROLINE,  James       age 14
CAROLINE,  Margaret   age 10
CAROLINE,  John         age 8

FURGUSON, Robert     age 28
FURGUSON,  Ann        age 25
HARDIMAN,  Ann        age 31
HARDIMAN,  Mary E   age 6
HARDIMAN,  Thomas  age 5
HARDIMAN, Margaret A.  age 2
SHEA, William               age 22
CURLEY, Peter              age 22
McGUIRE, John             age 21
BURNICK,  Henry        age 44
BURNICK,  Mary          age 29

SUYDAM, Rem             age 40
SUYDAM, Sarah           age 45
SUYDAM, Lambert       age 15
SUYDAM, Catherine C   age 13
SUYDAM,  George W.   age 6
LUDLAM, Rachel          age 70
DURYEA, Margaret       age 40

PITTMAN, Isaih            age 51
PITTMAN, Antoinette    age 49
PITTMAN, Clara            age 21
PITTMAN, William        age 20
SIMPSON, Elizabeth      age 40

TITUS, William H.       age 27
TITUS, Clara                age 25
TITUS, Sarah                age 6
TITUS, Catherine         age 9/12
COZINE, Sarah            age 53

NARA film # M653-772,  US Census 1860, Kings Co. Brooklyn,
P.O.-Williamsburgh, Ward 13, 1st Dist., page 707, enumerated on 12 June

I will give the names and ages only.  If you see a name for which you
would like more information please email me and I will give the rest of
the data.  The enumerator's handwriting was less than legible and he
loved to abreviate names so I'll do my best.
Hope you find your ancestor.      Marilynn

COOPER, Ann L.             age 62
COOPER, Mary J.            age 5
DERVE?, Casv? A            age 3   (female)
COOPER, Ann                  age 60

SLIVELHEIM?, Peter        age 60     (could be Flivelheim?)
SLIVELHEIM?, Dora        age 60
SELL, Gotlieb                   age 41
SELL,  Caroline                age 29
SELL, Batta                      age 3
SELL, Emma                    age 1
SELL, Jacob                     age 1

LOVEJOY,  ??                  age 33
LOVEJOY, May               age 31
LOVEJOY, ?orwav?         age 11
LOVEJOY, Elisa               age 8
LOVEJOY, William          age 5
LOVEJOY, Chas               age 2
SLAVIN?, Ann                 age 17

GREEN, Peter                  age 50
GREEN,  Susan A            age 47
GREEN, Peter                   age 17
WELLS, Morton?             age 24
WELLS, Mary A              age 21

GAY, John                        age 36
GAY, Hester A.R.            age 31
GAY, William C.              age 4
SCRIVER, Ed                  age 60
SCRIVER, Ann C.           age 37
SCRIVER, Mary              age 7

MARSHALL,  John W      age 40
MARSHALL, Margaret      age 36
MARSHALL, Caroline       age 18
MARSHALL, John W        age 13
MARSHALL, Geo? F.       age 7
MESEROLE, Mary A         age 65
WOLSEY, Elizabeth          age 68

SHAIGHSAGER?, Wm?   age 27      (could be Shainsager? or it could begin
with T?)
SHAIGHSAGER?, Julia     age 20

1860 Census 16th Ward 3rd Dist


1860 Census, 16th ward 3rd District
June 13, 1860
"Page 19"

Family #172 
Fleck, Jacob,40yrs  Farm Laborer, fromHessen D
     Anna M, 36        Farm Laborer, Hessen D
     Philip,     12 yrs                           Hessen D
     Margareth,9yrs                           New York
     Carolina,6yrs                              New York
     Catharine, 3yrs                            New York

Katz, Joseph, 29 yrs Peddler in Dry Goods, Bavaria

Family #174
Stork, Louis, 48yrs Peddler in Vegetables, Hessen D
     Frederica,47yrs                                     Hessen D
     Louis,23yrs  Peddler                              Hessen D
     Frederica 17yrs, Peddler                        Hessen D
     Mary, 11 yrs                                          New York
     Charles, 8yrs                                           New York

Smith, Joseph, W.B., 68yrs, Bricklayer        Maryland
     Eliza A., 44yrs, Dressmaker         Washington, DC
     Joseph,H,34yrs, Seaman              Washington, DC

Family #176
Middleton, John,44yrs,Seaman           Pennsylvania
     Sarah J, 42yrs, Cook                     Virginia

Family #177
Knauer, John N., 44yrs, Cabinetmaker      Saxony
     Catherine, 46 yrs                                  Saxony
Weigeld, Jacob, 20yrs,  Cane Chairmaker   Hessen H
Schaad, Adam, 22yrs    Cabinetmaker         Hessen H

Family #178
Schnepper, Nany, 27yrs  Tailoress           Saxony
          Mathilda, 5yrs                               New York

Family #179
Pepst, Frederick, 35yrs    Baker        Meklenburg  
     :piosa. 33urs                                 Hannover

Family #180
Lawrence, Frank, 34yrs     Cooper         Bavaria
     Maria,30yrs                                       Baden
     George, 7yrs                                      New York
     Lawrence, 5yrs                                  New York
     Frederick, 2yrs                                   New York
     Eva N, 6/12yrs                                   New York

Family  #181
Stock, Francis, 45yrs    Basketmaker         Bavaria
       Catharina, 46yrs                             Hessen D

Family #182
Armbruster, George 57yrs  ,Cabinatemaker,Wurtenburg
     Augusta F, 63yrs                                  Meklenburg
     Charles A, 17yrs, Cabinatemaker           Wurtenburg

Family #183
Cubberly, David, 39yrs, Shoemaker      New Jersey
     Maria, 36yrs                                    England

Family #184
Blaten, Margareth, 36yrs  Washerwoman    New York

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(Brooklyn) 1860 Census Ward 16, District 3(Williamsburgh)
June 25, 1860
Page 86

Family #813(con't from previous page of census book)
Gerst, Joseph, 18yrs, Peddler, born Bavaria
Hemrich, Francis, 60yrs, Milkman,Bavaria

Weingard, Eva, 34 yrs, Washing and Ironing, Bavaria
                Mary, 8yrs                                  New York
                Catherine, 2yrs                             New York
                Philippina , 5/12yrs                      New York

Family# 815
Shellard, Henry, 61yrs, Pianomaker    England
       Rebecca, 56yrs                           England
       Alfred, 22yrs, Painter                 New York
       Stephan, 19yrs, Clerk                 New York
       David, 14yrs                               New York

Jarvis, Nathaniel, 30 yrs, Cartman       New York
      ,Emma, 27yrs                                New York
       Charles W, 6yrs                            New York
       William H 3yrs                              New York

Wright, Eliza, 30yrs, Seamstress          England
     Emma, 8 yrs                                     New York
     William A, 5 yrs                                New York

Family #818
Heinrich, Mathia, 64 yrs, Peddler          Hessen C
       Maria E., 58 yrs, Tailoress             Switzerland
       Margareth, 17 yrs                          Hessen C
Family #819
Mauerr, Philip, 52yrs, Tailor                Prussia
             Maria, 52 yrs, tailor                Prussia
             Frederick, 17 yrs,Tailor          Prussia
             Peter, 14yrs, Tailor                 Prussia

Family #820
Herzog, Joseph, 40 yrs, Tailor              Switzerland
           Catharine, 35 yrs, Tailor             Switzerland
            Mary, 10 yrs                             Switzerland
             Josephina, 8 yrs                        New York
             Joseph, 5 yrs                             New York
             Louis, 3 yrs                                New York
             Andrew, 1 yr                              New York
Family# 821
 Sh(i,o)elhoff, Frederick, 228 yrs, Tailor  Switzerland
            Maria, 27 yrs                                Wurtenberg
             Anna, 7 yrs                                  New York
              Dorothea, 7/12 yrs                     New York

Family # 822
Beckh, Frederick32 yrs, Druggist           Wurtenberg
            Frederica, 32 yrs                        Wurtenberg
            Emilia, 4 yrs                                 New York
            Augusta, 2 yrs                             New York
Bklyn)1850 Census, 16th Ward, 3rd District(Williamsburgh)
June 25, 1860
Page 84

Family #822(cont'd from previous page)
Schaad, Christina, 17yrs, Servant,  Hessen D

Family #823
Ludwig, George A, 28 yrs, Cigarmaker, Baden
            Barbara, 30yrs,                          Baden
            Charles, 5yrs                              New York
            Philip, 2yrs                                  New York

Family #824
Vethen, William, 28yrs, Safemaker       Hessen C
             Elisibeth, 25yrs                        Bavaria
             Louisa,5yrs                              New York
             Catharine,3 yrs                        New York
             Emilia, 2/!2yrs                          New York

Lutz, John W, 32 yrs, Carpenter          Wurtenberg
        Elisabeth, 31 yrs                          Prusia
        William, 3yrs                                New York
        Wilhelmina, 3/12 yrs                     New York
         Christina, 62yrs                            Wurtenberg

Family #826
Dellert, Henry, 38 yrs, Tailor                Bavaria
            Catharine, 29yrs                      Hessen D
             Barbara,2yrs                          New York
 Wagaman, Margareth, 67yrs               Hessen D

Family #827
Miller, Henry 24yrs, Laborer               Bavaria
           Mary, 22yrs, Farm Laborer      Bavaria
           Charles, 5yrs                             New York
           Catharine, 3yrs                         New York

Family #828
Keucherer, George, 25yrs, Blacksmith   Wurtenberg
                 Rosina, 24yrs                        Wurtenberg
                 William, 4yrs                        New York

Family #829
Graham, Loade, 43yrs, Washing and Ironing, New Jersey

Family #830
Logan, George, 45yrs, Laborer               Virginia
          John or Jolm(female)38yrs, Needlework , New York
          Charles, 22yrs, Seaman                  New York
Smith, Elisabeth,2yrs                                 Pennsylvania

Family #831
Liboam, Ferdinand, 46yrs, Tailor             Hessen H
              Margarett, 44yrs, Tailor             Bavaria
              Theodore, 1yr                           New York

Family #832 
Kramer, Charles, 47yrs, Shoemaker         Hessen H
             Anna M, 47 yrs, Tailoress            Wurtenberg

 Family #833 
Geyer,Jacob, 46yrs, Cartman,                   Bavaria   
          Anna, 37yrs                                    Holland
          Elisabeth, 9yrs                                 New York
          Catharine, 4yrs                                New York

1880 Brooklyn Census Raymond Street

Supervisors District 2
ED 88
Microfilm Roll T 9_846
Page 29
Page # 323 stamped in right hand corner
The Census year begins 1 June 1979 and ends 31 May 1880
All persons will be included in the Enumeration who were
living on the Ist. day of June 1880. No others will.
Children BORN SINCE 1 June 1880 will be OMITTED.
Members of Families who have died since 1 June 1880
will be INCLUDED.

Column 3-The name of every person whose usual place of
abode on the first day of June, 1880, was in this family
Column 4-Color- White,Black,Mulatto,Chinese, Indian
Column 5-Sex-Male, Female
Column 6- Age at last birthday
Column 7- If born within the Census year, give month
Column 8- Relationship to head of family
Column 9-Single �Column 10-Married �Column 11-Widowed or Divorced
Column 12-Married during Census year.
Column 13-Profession, Occupation or Trade.
Column 14-Number of months unemployed
Column 15-Is the person sick or temp. disabled so as to be unable to 
attend to ordinary business. If so what is the sickness or disability?
Column 16-Blind Column 17-Deaf and Dumb Column 18-Idiotic
Column 19-Insane Column 20-Maimed,Crippled, Bedridden, or 
otherwise disabled.
Column 21-Place of birth
Column 22-Attended school within the census year.
Column 23-Cannot read �Column 24-Cannot write
Column 25-Place of birth of this person
Column 26-Place of birth of the father of this person
Column 27-Place of birth of the mother of this person

LYONS, Timothy..w..m..30..head..m..works in hat 
LYONS, Bridget..w..f..25..wife..m..keeping house..ireland..ireland..ireland
LYONS, Ellen..w..f..4..daughter..s..new york..ireland..ireland
LYONS, John..w..m..2..son..s..new york..ireland..ireland
LYONS, Margaret..w..f..2/12..april..daughter..s..new york..ireland..ireland

DIAMOND, Isabel..w..f..60..head..m..keeping house..ireland..ireland..ireland

GREIVES, William..w..m..38..head..m..hatter..2..ireland..ireland..ireland
GREIVES, Mary..w..f..30..wife..m..keeping house..ireland..scotland..ireland
GREIVES, John..w..m..2..son..s..new york..ireland..ireland

CARROLL, Daniel..w..m..40..head..m..laborer in ga** house..cannot read or 
ireland..ireland..ireland..**means unreadable
CARROLL, Mary..w..f..42..wife..m..keeping house..cannot read or write..
CARROLL, Mary..w..f..8..daughter..s..new york..ireland..ireland
CARROLL, Margaret..w..f..3..daughter..s..new york..ireland..ireland
CARROLL, Thomas..w..m..6/12..nov..son..s..new york..ireland..ireland

OWEN, William..w..m..47..head..m..occup. unreadable..england..eng..eng
OWEN, Ellen..w..f..44..wife..m..keeping house..new york..ireland..ireland
OWEN, Jane..w..f..20..daughter..s..works in hat factory..new york..england..ny
OWEN, Minnie..w..f..17..daughter..s..works in hat factory..new 
OWEN, Josephine..w..f..12..daughter..s..at school..new york..england..ny
OWEN, Emma..w..f..10..daughter..s..new york..england..ny
OWEN, Kate..w..f..8..daughter..s..new york..england..ny

MULLIGAN, Mary..w..f..40..head..w..oper. seed machine..new 
MULLIGAN, Thomas..w..m..12..son..at school..attended school..cannot read or 
write..new york..ireland..new york
GANNON, James..w..m..45..brother..s..mason laborer..new york..ireland..ireland

HAGERTY, Joseph..w..m..40..head..m..liquor store..ireland..ireland..ireland
HAGERTY, Margaret..w..f..35..wife..m..keeping house..ireland..ireland..ireland
HAGERTY, Peter..w..m..1..son..s..new york..ireland..ireland
CLARE, Mary..w..f..50..servant..s..domestic servant..ireland..ireland..ireland
BRETT, John..w..m..25..boarder..s..bar man..new york..ireland..ireland
CONAGAN, Sarah..w..f..14..servant..domestic servant..new 

DOSCHER, John H..w..m..37..head..m..soap 
DOSCHER, Anna..w..f..34..wife..m..keeping 
DOSCHER, John H.Jr..19 son..s..salesman..new york..hanover..s.carolina
DOSCHER, Henry H..w..m..15..son..s..clerk..new york..hanover..s.carolina
DOSCHER, Charles P..w..m..14..son..s..at school..attended school..new york
DOSCHER, Annie M..w..f..6..daughter..s..new york..hanover..s.carolina
DOSCHER, Frederick R..w..m..11/12..june..son..s..new york..hanover..s.carolina
SMITH, Rebecca..w..f..71..mother in law..w..at 
FEIFE, Anna..w..f..15..s..servant..s..domestic servant..new 

BALL, Edward..w..m..32..head..m..meat market..england..ireland..ireland
BALL, Catherine..w..f..32..wife..m..keeping house..canada..canada..canada
BASEWELL, Jane..w..f..15..servant..s..domestic servant..cannot read or write
new york..england..england

DAY, Thomas..w..m..40..head..m..longshoreman..4....ireland..ireland..ireland
DAY, Isabella..w..f..40..wife..m..keeping house..cannot 
DOUGHERTY, James W..w..m..18..step son..s..works in ***** house..2..new york
ireland..ireland..*means word unreadable

SPRATTEY, William H..w..m..36..head..m..oiller in 
SPRATTEY, Ann..w..f..36..m..wife..keeping house..england..england..england
SPRATTEY, George H..w..m..3..son..new york..england..england
SPRATTEY, Mary E..w..f..1..daughter..new york..england..england
NICHOLAS, Ann..w..f..65..mother in law..w..not keeping 

1910.Humboldt St.
Pat Cordes
1910 US Federal Census
Kings County
ED #314

Sheet 1A
Humboldt St.

BOYLE, Jeremiah, head, M, W, 58, M1, 28, New Jersey
Mary, wife, F, W, 53, M1, 28, 7, 0, New York

BRIGGS, John, head, M, W, 57, M1, 35, England
Maria wife F W 56 M1 35 6 4 New Jersey
Minnie B. daughter F W 33 S    New York
Florence E. daughter F W 25 S    New York

BRODY Hyman head M W 28 M1 6   RussYiddish
Celia wife F W 24 M1 6 1 1 RussYiddish
Sadie daughter F W 4 S    New York

SOEFFLER Mary head F W 55 Wd   9 8 New York
Catherine daughter F W 23 S    NY
Adolph son M W 19 S    NY
Annie daughter F W 15 S    NY
Mary daughter F W 13 S    NY
Thomas son M W 31 S    NY

CONNOR Thomas head M W 50 M1 24   England
Henrietta wife F W 47 M1 24 3 2 New York
Sadie daughter F W 17 S    New York

SCHULTZ Maggie head F W 62 Wd  11 4 New York
Conrad son M W 24 S    New York
APPEL Louis W. son in law M W 31 M1 9   NY
Margurette daughter F W 31 M1 9 1 1 NY
Elizabeth granddaughter F W 7 S    NY

SCHULTZ Dorothy head F W 33 Widow  1 1 NY
Dorothy daughter F W 2 S    NY
NEILL Selma sister F W 27 S    NY

WOLK Isadore head M W 36 M1 10   RussYiddish
Sarah wife F W 34 M1 10 3 3 RussYiddish
Abraham son M W 9 S    NY
Edward son M W 7 S    NY
Harry son M W 2 S    NY

BRENNAN John head M W 33 M1 9   NY
Ela wife F W 31 M1 9 2 2 NY
John son M W 9 S    NY
Mary daughter F W 7 S    NY
SCHMIDT Minnie   grandmother F W 79 W  5 3 Germany

WEBER Sonya? head F W 79 W  8 2 Germany
HUNT John grandson M W 24 S    NY
WEBER Mike grandson M W 17 S    NY
WIGGINS Sadie granddaughter F W 16 S    NY

BERENDES Robert head M W 80 M1 55   Germany
Julia wife F W 75 M1 55 10 5 England
Henry son M W 40 S    England

Sinslie St

BROADWIN Selig head M W 38 M1 13   RussYiddish
Jennie wife F W 30 M1 13 2 2 NY
Sampson son M W 12 S    NY
Leopold son M W 10 S    NY

BOHNER Fred W head M W 54 M1 30   NY
Margurette wife F W 53 M1 30 7 5 NY
Margurette daughter F W 26 S    NY
William J son S W 19 S    NY
Catherine daughter F W 17 S    NY
Elizabeth daughter F W 15 S    NY

HAWKINS James L. head M W 75 Wd    NY

SPATZ? Edward G head M W 22 M1 2   NY
Mary wife F W 23 M1 2 0 0 NY

MILLER Robert head M W 48 M1 19   NY
Mary wife F W 50 M1 19 3 2 NY
George son M W 18 S    NY
Robert son M W 13 S    NY

FLATH? Frederick head M W 29 M1 5   NY
Mattie wife F W 26 M1 5 1 1 NY
Margurette daughter F W 2/12 S    NY

WOLFERT William   head M W 23 M1 2   Germany
Nellie wife F W 21 M1 2 1 0 Scot English

JENNY Ida E head F W 45 Wd  3 2 NY
Ida M daughter F W 21 S    NY
Bessie E daughter F W 13 S    NY
CHAPMAN Lorintha? mother F W 85 Wd  8 4 CT
WHEELER Simon cousin M W 32 S    NY

DA SILVA John H head M W 39 M1 16   NY
Esther wife F W 37 M1 16 2 2 NY
Elsie daughter F W 14 S    NY
Howard son M W 9 S    NY

THIGGESEN? John   head M W 28 M1 3   Norwegian
  Agnes wife F W 43 M2 3 3 2 Norwegian

MARSHINK? Albert head M W 31 M1 7   NJ
  Mamie wife F W 29 M1 7 3 2 Texas
  Selia daughter F W 6 S    NY
  Albert Jr son M W 2 S    NY

ROBINSON John head M W 51 M1 19   NY
  Addie wife F W 49 M1 19 1 1 NY
  George son M W 18 S    NY

CHAPMAN Edward H head M W 25 M1 0   NY
  Viola wife F W 21 M1 0 0 0 NY

LONG John head M W 23 M1 5   NY
  Margurette wife F W 42 M2 5 5 4 NY
  Julia stepdaughter F W 20 Wd  1 0 NY
  Fred stepson M W 19 S    NY
  Lily stepdaughter F W 13 S    NY
  Charles stepson M W 10 S    NY

HANNA William E head M W 52 M1 30   NY
  Emma wife F W 50 M1 30 4 4 NY
  Grace daughter F W 18 S    NY

LUDWIG Henry head M W 27 M1 4   NY
  Lillilan wife F W 27 M1 4 0 0 NY

Sheet 2A

CZAPANIS Adolph head M W 38 M1 15   Russ.Polish
  Stanislova wife F W 48 M2 15 6 6 Russ.Polish
  Edward son M W 13 S    NY
  Sigmund son M W 10 S    NY
WOLININ Gabriel stepdaughter F W 23 S    Russ.Polish
  Theodore stepson M W 27 S    Russ.Polish

SZAYERSKY Bruno head M W 31 M1 7   Russ.Polish
  Stanislova wife F W 28 M1 7 2 2 Russ.Polish
  Sigmund son M W 5 S    NY
  Stevena daughter F W 1 8/12 S    NY
  Ignatz brother M W 22 S    Russ.Polish

COULTER Annie head F W 55 Wd  5 1 NY
  Lester son M W 21 S    NY
 PARKER Elizabeth mother F W 82 Wd  11 6 MD

BROD Suba head F W 40 M1 24 5 3 Russ.Yiddish
  David son M W 12 S    NY
  Simon son M W 10 S    NY

BAUER Margeretta head F W 61 Wd  9 3 Germany
  Catherine daughter F W 27 S    NY

HOLLADAY Robert head M W 34 M1 6   Ire.English
  Lucy wife F W 33 M1 6 3 3 Ire.English
  Mary daughter F W 5 S    OH
  Robert son M W 4 S    NY
  Annie daughter F W 1 1/2 S    NY

MORTON Charles B. head M W 45 M1 19   NY
  Emma wife F W 35 M1 19 2 1 NY
  Charles W son M W 15 S    NY

HERBERT William boarder M W 28 S    NY

1892 Kings 227 North Sixth St.14th Wd
1892 New York State Census/17th e.d. 14th ward
227 North Sixth St.

Fred HU?SONBERG, m, 46, Germany, c, grocer
Louise HU?SONBERG, f, 3?, Germany, a
Lena HU?SONBERG, f, ?9, U.S., c
William, ?EH?, m, ?8, Germany, a , clerk
George HAINS, m, 35, U.S., driver
Martha HAINS, f, 60, U.S., 
Chas STACH, m, 69, Germany, c, shoes
Rose STACH, f, 28, U.S., c
Mathew DUFFY, m, 2?, Ireland, c, sawyer
Margaret DUFFY, f, 25, Ireland, c, seamstress
Annie DUFFY, f, 26, Ireland, c, housework
Bridget DUFFY, f, 23, Ireland, c, shirts
Ann MURRAY, f, 50, Ireland, c
Mary MURRAY, f, 48, Ireland, c
Rose MURRAY, f, 25, Ireland, c, weaver
James HARRIGAN, m, 39, England, c, shoes
Sarah HARRIGAN, f, 37, England, c
Sarah E. HARRIGAN, f, 15, U.S., c, drugs
Charlotte HARRIGAN, f, 13, U.S., c
Bernard STUTZBACH, m, 32, U.S., c, cabinet work
Margaret STUTZBACH, f, 30, U.S., c
Bernard STUTZBACH, Jr., m, 11, U.S., c
Gertrude STUTZBACH, f, 1, U.S., c
Joseph KNAPP, m, 25, U.S., c, blacksmith
Thomas KNAPP, m, 18, U.S., c, buttons
Mathew SCHELLY, m, 25, U.S., c, printer
Mary SCHELLY, f, 23, U.S., c
Mame SCHELLY, f, 3, U.S., c
Wallace EVERETT, m, 34, U.S., c, shoes
Jennie EVERETT, f, 28, U.S., c
Fannie EVERETT, f, 12, U.S., c
Joseph EVERETT, m, 8, U.S., c
Amanda EVERETT, f, 5, U.S., c
Willi?? EVERETT, m, 1, U.S., c
Eliza HOPEWELL, f, 63, England, c, store
Chas, SCHLESIER, m, 68, Germany, ?, cooper
?, SCHLESIER, m, 33, U.S. c, cigars
H???? SCHLESIER, m, U.S., c. designer
Ed??? SCHLESIER, m, 24, U.S., c, salesman
Mat???? SCHAU, f, 23, U.S., c
Mary BROWN, f, 63U.S., c
Joseph EVERETT, m, 48, U.S., c, shoes
Emma SCHAU, f, 19, U.S., c
John SCHAU, m, 25, U.S., c, clerk
Gertrude SCHAU, f, 9 months, U.S., c
Frank K??RKLASKA, m, 32, Poland, c, carpenter
Mary K??RKLASKA, f, 20, Poland, c
John MYHOFKY, m, 38, a, carpenter
Sophia MYHOFKY, f, 22, Poland, a
Arthur BYBLE, m, 33, U.S., c, porter
Mary BYBLE, f, 30, U.S., c
Annie BYBLE, f, 7, U.S., c
Mary BYBLE, f, 5, U.S., c
Winfred BYBLE, f, 2 U.S., c
Johann GFROHRER, m, 52, Germany, c, soap
Annie M. GFROHRER, f, 50, Germany, c
Lizzie GFROHRER, f, 15, U.S., c
George GFROHRER, m, 12, U.S., c
John GFROHRER Jr., m, 9, U.S., c
Kate GFROHRER, f, 19, U.S., c
David F. EGAN, m, 30, U.S., c, vorn???
Mary E. EGAN, f, 20, U.S., c
Lilly M. EGAN, f, 4 months, U.S., c
Kate FITZGERALD, f, 42, U.S., c
Frank FITZGERALD, m, 20 U.S., c, vorn???
Michael FITZGERALD, m, 18, U.S., c, bras
Patrick FITZGERALD, m, 12, U.S., c
Jennie FITZGERALD, f, 10, U.S., c
Maggie FITZGERALD, f, 11, U.S., c
Chas E. McHALE, m, 31, U.S., c, brick??
Maggie McHALE, f, 26, Ireland, a
John CADOLIN, m, 31, Ireland, c, truck
Maggie CADOLIN, f, 26, Ireland, a
Mary KIERNAN, f, 28, U.S., c, ????
Ma?Y SHARKY, f, 16, U.S., c
Lawrance LAUTUBORN, m, 25, U.S., c, prin??
Clara LAUTUBORN, f, 21, U.S., c, l????
Chas PRIGGS, m, 24, U.S., c
Mena PRIGGS, f, 23, U.S., c

1892 Kings 15th Wd North Second St
1892 New York state census/17th e.d. 15th ward
478-488 North Second St.

Walter ANDERSEN, m, 10, U.S., c
Lilly ANDERSEN, f, 8, U.S., c
Emily ANDERSEN, f, 3, U.S., c
Mabell ANDERSEN, f, 1, U.S., c
John FUNK, m, 65, Germany, ?
Leonard HA?GEN, m, 23, U.S., c, porter
Louisa HA?GEN, f, 20, U.S., c
John WE?GSON, m, 73, Germany, c
????? F. KRINS?EIN, f, 21, U.S., c, operator
Johanna M. ILS, f, 22, U.S., c
Jane E. LYON, f, 46, U.S., c, operator
Susanna LYON, f, 10, U.S. c
John H. LYON, m, 14, U.S., c
Edith E. LYON, f, 22, U.S., c, operator
Edward HARRIGAN, m, 38, England, c, shoemaker
Sarah HARRIGAN, f, 37, England, a
Edward HARRIGAN Jr., m, 17, U.S., c, clerk
Amy HARRIGAN, f, 15, U.S., c
Sarah HARRIGAN, f, 12, U.S. c
George HARRIGAN, m, 10, U.S., c
Mary HARRIGAN, f, 8, U.S., c
Pheobe A. SMITH, f, 43, U.S., c
William H. SMITH, m, 26, U.S., c, clerk
Matthew E. SMITH, m, 22, U.S., c, clerk
Rob H. SMITH, m, 19, U.S., c, clerk
Jay R. SMITH, m, 18, U.S., c, clerk
Christopher, SMITH, m, 16, U.S., c
Amelia SMITH, f, 14, U.S., c
Avelina SMITH, f, 14, U.S., c
Phoebe F. SMITH, f, 12, U.S., c
William PRESCOTT, m, 30, U.S., c, painter
Mary PRESCOTT, f, ?3, f, U.S., c
Grace PRESCOTT, f, 5, U.S., c

1892 Kings 15th Wd 384 Keap St
1892 New York state census/2d e.d. 15th ward
384 Keap St.

Mary CORBETT, f, 37, U.S.
John CORBETT, m, 17, U.S., grass finish(????)
Eugene CORBETT, m, 10, U.S.
William FAIRWEATHER, m, 34, Scotland, c, glass cutter
Margaret FAIRWEATHER, f, 34, Scotland
James FAIRWEATHER, m, 13, Scotland
William FAIRWEATHER, m, 12, Scotland
Robert FAIRWEATHER, m, 10, Scotland
Alex FAIRWEATHER,m, 8, Scotland
Maggie FAIRWEATHER, f, 6, Scotland
Lizzie FAIRWEATHER, f, 4, U.S.
Lillie FAIRWEATHER, f, 2, U.S.
Nelson FAIRWEATHER, m, 7 months, U.S.
James HARRAGAN, m, 67, England, a, shoemaker
Mary HARRAGAN, f, 63, England, a
Edward HARRIGAN, m, 36, England, c, shoemaker
Leonard HARRIGAN, m, 26, England, c, compositor
William HARRIGAN, m, 24, England, c, coal dealer
Sydney HARRAGAN, m, 19, U.S., clerk
James HARRIGAN, m, 38, England, c, shoemaker
Charles SEIGLE, m, 36, U.S., painter
Lena SEIGLE, f, 34, U.S.
Christina SEIGLE, f, 12, U.S.
Charles SEIGLE, m, 10, U.S.
Flossey SEIGLE, f, 5, U.S.
Pauline SEIGLE, f, 6 months, U.S.
David BATTERSBY, m, 45, U.S., machinist
Amelia BATTERSBY, f, 45, U.S.
Charles BATTERSBY, m, 22, U.S., grocer
Frank BLANDENBERG, m, 16, U.S., clerk
Maria LUND, f, 76, Denmark
Annie LUND, f, 50, U.S.
Lizzie LUND, f, 34, U.S.
Amelia BATTERSBY, f, 7, U.S.
Francis BYRNE, m, 55, Ireland, c, driver
Mary BYRNE, f, 52, U.S.
Maggie BYRNE, f, 27, Ü.S.
Manuel GORMS, m, 31, Portugal, c, steward
Francis BYRNE Jr., m, 25, U.S. compositor
???? GORMS, f, 7, U.S.
Frank GORMS, m, 6, U.S.
Loretta GORMS, f, 4, U.S.
James McCUDDIN, m, 50, U.S., driver
Mary SIDE, f, 54, England
Fanney COY, f, 27, U.S.
Gertrude M. SIDE, f, 18, U.S.
Edgar N. SIDE, f, 15, U.S.
Edeth M. SIDE, f, 11, U.S.
Adalaid BLACKBURN, f, 37, U.S.
John BLACKBURN, m, 14, U.S.
Daniel FRENCH, m, 45, U.S., caulker
Charles JOHNSON, m, 34, Norway, a, bookbinder
Josephine JOHNSON, f, 30, Norway, a
William C. CORNWALL, m, 36, U.S., foundry
Ida CORNWALL, f, 21, U.S.
Maud CORNWALL, f, 3, U.S.
Della CORNWALL, f, 1, U.S.
James CURNAN, m, 32, Ireland, a, laborer
Hellen CURNAN, f, 28, Ireland, a
John CURNAN, m, 7, U.S.
Minnie CURNAN, f, 5, U.S.
John RAGAN, m, 66, Ireland, a, gentleman
Mary RAGAN, f, 50, Ireland
John J. ROOME, m, 50. U.S., box maker
Sarah M. ROOME, f, 45, U.S.
Ned BURCH, m, 26, U.S., ticket agent
Albert GUNTHER, m, 23, U.S., laborer
Charles ZOLLER, m, 35, U.S., case maker
Joseph ROGEMAN, m, 26, U.S., molder
Caroline BUCH, f, 45, Germany
Lena BUCH, f, 23, U.S.
Nettie GUNTHER, f, 19, U.S.
Albert ZOLLER, m, 9, U.S.
Frederick GUNTHER, m, 4, U.S.
Robert SCHMIDT, m, 44, Germany, electro?????
Fredrica SCHMIDT, f, 44, Germany
Robert SCHMIDT, m, 23, U.S., c, clerk
William L. SCHMIDT, m, 20, U.S.
Elenor SCHMIDT, f, 18, U.S.
Albertena SCHMIDT, f, 16, U.S.

1892 Kings 15th Wd st unkn
1892 New York state census/2d e.d. 15th ward
Street unknown

Patrick EGAN, m, 30, England, c, comb maker
Thomas EGAN, m, 28, England, c, comb maker
Joseph EGAN Jr., m, 11, U.S.
John EGAN, m, 9, U.S.
Agnew EGAN, f, 5, U.S.
Charley MALE, m, 40, Italy
Annie MALE, f, 38, Italy
Julia MALE, f, 12, Italy
George H. FOX, m, 41, U.S., c, printer
Mary FOX, f, 37, U.S.
Maggie FOX, f, 16, U.S.
John FOX, m, 11, U.S.
Annie FOX, f, 7, U.S.
Thomas FOX, m, 4, U.S.
Peter McLOUGHLAN, m, 27, Ireland, c, laborer
Julia McLOUGHLAN, f, 27, Canada
Mary BOOTH, f, 77, Wales
Richard BOOTH, m, 50, U.S., printer
James BOOTH, m, 40, U.S., clerk
William HARRIGAN, m, 26, England, c, painter
Rachel HARRIGAN, f, 25, U.S.
Gertrude HARRIGAN, f, 2, U.S.
Patrick BOYLE, m, 50, Ireland, a, laborer
Bridget BOYLE, f, 48, Ireland, a
John BOYLE, m, 23, Ireland, a
Michael BOYLE, m, 20, Ireland, a
Martin BOYLE, m, 14, Ireland, a
Delai BOYLE, f, 17, Ireland, a
Thomas BOYLE, m, 11, Ireland, a
Patrick BOYLE, m, 8, Ireland, a
Richard LEWIS, m, 43, Ireland, c, hostler
Mary LEWIS, f, 48, Ireland
Amelia LEWIS, f, 16, U.S.
George BROWER, m, 35, U.S., shoemaker
Julus EMMERT, m, 42, Germany, c, weaver
Bertha EMMERT, f, 42, Germany
Julus EMMERT, m, 19, Germany, varnisher
Mary EMMERT, f, 17, Germany
M?? EMMERT, m, 14, Germany
Martha EMMERT, f, 8, U.S.
Willie EMMERT, m, 5, U.S.
Frank EMMERT, m, 3, U.S.
Benjamin RICE, m, 42, U.S., grocer
Mary RICE, f, 40, U.S.
George RICE, m, 21, U.S., clerk
Martin RICE, m, 16, U.S.
Joseph LENINGER, m, 4?, Germany, c, clerk
Allace LENINGER, f, 8, Germany
Kate LENINGER, f, 6, U.S.
Lizzie LENINGER, f, 5, U.S.
Bernhard LEIFELS, m, 54, Germany, c, cutter cloth
Mary LENINGER, f, 29, Germany
Joseph LENINGER, m, 26, Germany
John LEIFELS, m, 19, Germany, shoemaker
Allois LEIFELS, m, 18, Germany, machinist
Sophia SCHMELTZER, f, 49, Germany
Carl ROISSLE, m, 29, Germany, button hole maker
Dell ROISSLE, f, 21, Germany
Dell ROISSLE, f, 3 months, U.S.
Louis LEININGER, m, 31, U.S., butcher
Maggie LEININGER, f, 31, U.S.
Mamie LEININGER, f, 7, U.S.
Frank LEININGER, m, 6, U.S.
Louis LEININGER, m, 7 months, U.S.
Mary HOFFMAN, f, 34, U.S.
George PETITJAN, m, 28, U.S., painter
Emma PETITJAN, f, 21, U.S.
Louis PETITJAN, m, 1, U.S.
Pero BARA, m, 40, Italy, a, junk
Louis KRAUSE, m, 49, Germany, c, button hole maker
Bertha KRAUSE, f, 54, Germany
Freda KRAUSE, f, 16, Germany
Julus BLUMBERG, m, 24, Russia, a, junk
Phillipa BLUMBERG, f, 22, Russia
Albert BLUMBERG, m, 1, Russia
George MICH, m, 55, Germany, c, printer
Daniel McLOUGHLIN, m, 6, U.S.
Marcella McLOUGHLIN, f, 5, U.S.
Mamie McLOUGHLIN, f, 4, U.S.
Lizzie McLOUGHLIN, f, ?

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