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CALLS - The Social Phase of New Year's Day.
30 December 1882
Brooklyn Union Argus

New Year's Day in the social aspect promises to be more generally
observed than usual of late years, providing the weather is propitious.
The caterers have had more orders for the arrangement of tables, and the
florists have been busier with decoration for the reception parlor than they
have been in some years past.  Most every lady who opens her house to
callers on the 1st of January will receive in full dress attire, and to many
of the houses gas will be burned all day for the purpose of showing off
the toilets to the best advantage and of giving the scene more striking
effect.  In the evening, at the houses where a number of young people
receive, parties will be given.  Gentlemen who pride themselves on
etiquette will not begin calling until noon, and then they will not be foolish
as to don their full dress suits, but wear either Prince Albert coats or neat
cutaways.  Pen-tailed coats are made for evening and their use out of place
only furnishes amusement for the giddy girls of fashion.

The names of some of Brooklyn's prominent citizens and fair ladies who
will receive callers on Monday are given below:

MAYOR LOW will receive calls at his office, City Hall, from 10 A.M. to 12 M.

receive friends at Raymond Street Jail between the hours of 10 A.M. and
2 P.M.  Owing to sickness in the family the Sheriff's private residence
will not be opened to callers, but COLONEL STEGMAN will be happy to
receive all his friends at the jail.

Rev. Dr. and Mrs. F. R. MORSE at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
DOWNING, 213 Carroll street, and Miss Maude M. E. MORSE with Miss
Nellie J. SHEPARD at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. C. Y. SHEPARD,
514 Clinton street.

Rev. Dr. R. S. STORRS at No. 80 Pierrepont street.

Rev. Henry WARD BEECHER at No. 124 Hicks street.  Mr. BEECHER
will announce the fact in Plymouth Church to-morrow.

Rev. JESSE B. THOMAS, D.C., at 167 State street.

Rev. Dr. TALMAGE at No. 1 South Oxford street, corner of DeKalb avenue.

Mrs. BURDGE P. McLEAN AND Miss Carrie S. McLEAN, of Red Bank,
N.J., at 424 Hart street.

Coroner Ferdinand W. KELLER at 60 St. Mark's avenue.

Colonel and Mrs. David E. AUSTEN, the Misses AUSTEN, Miss
COCHRAN and other young ladies at 187 Berkeley place.

The Misses STRONG at 311½ Madison street.

Police Justice CHAS. NACHER at 411 South Fourth street.

Supervisor Lester W. BEASLEY, wife and daughter, at 585 Bedford avenue.

Commissioner and Mrs. ROPES and Miss ROPES at 40 Pierrepont street.

Rev. U. D. GULICK at 257 Twelfth street, South Brooklyn.

Mrs. Joseph F. KNAPP, Miss Emma C. THURSBY, Mrs. J. L. PATTON,
Miss STEWARD, Miss RITCH, Miss DRISCOLL and Miss KNAPP at 81
Bedford avenue.

Dr. Joseph CREAMER at 60 South Second street.

Ex-Alderman John P. GRIMSBEE at 119 Powers street.

Supervisor Hugh REBILL at 74 North Fifth street.

County Clerk Rodney THURSBY at 160 South Fourth street.

Supervisor John WESTERVELT at 316 Larimer street.

City Auditor Gustave VEEGE at 215 South Ninth street.

Ex-City Auditor Zachariah VOOHEES at 5 Bedford street.

Assemblyman Patrick McCARRON at 19 Hicks street.

Ex-Registrar of Arrears Captain O'KEEFE at 341 Fourth Street, E.D.

Ex-Supervisor SNYDER at 15 Grand street.

Ex-City Treasurer John MITCHELL at 184 Devoe street.

Ex-Judge Stephen RYDER at 145 Bushwick avenue.

Surrogate-elect Jacob I. BERGEN will receive his friends at the
Surrogate's office.

Surrogate LIVINGSTON will receive at 92 Hewes street.

Health Commissioner RAYMOND and wife at 173 Joralemon street.

Alderman CROWELL, Twenty-third Ward, wife and daughters, at
their residence No. 97 McDonough street.

Supervisor and Mrs. MEYERS and Miss Eva McDONALD at 84 North 
Oxford street.

Accessor Benjamin WILSON at 165 Ross street.

Ex-Supervisor Ernst NATHAN and wife at the Hebrew Orphan Asylum,
corner McDonough street and Stuyvesant avenue.

Mrs. Henry EASON, Mrs. Edwin A. PERRY, Miss Lillian W. PERRY
and Birdie MASON at No. 19 Nassau street.

Mrs. Mattie BALCH with Mrs. E. K. GOODNOW at 244 Carlton avenue.

Mrs. George H. BENTON, Miss Florence L. TYSON, Miss BENSON
and Mrs. MAJOR W. H. H. TYSON, 642 St. Mark's avenue.

Mrs. GUSSIE BELL at 695 Giles avenue

Mrs. M. A. VAN COTT at 135 Monroe street.

Counselor George F. ELLIOTT at 294 Vanderbilt avenue.

Mrs. Abraham CLARK at 180 Lexington avenue.

Mrs. C. MATHEZ and Miss MATHEZ at Henry and Amity streets.

Mrs. HEALY and Miss HEALY at 180 Columbia Heights.

Mrs. E. BOWEN, Mrs. WILLIAMS and Miss BOWEN at 140 Warren street.

Mrs. C. ROSSITER at 57 Seventh avenue.

Mrs. Theron KNAPP at 462 Pacific street.

Dr. and Mrs. THATCHER and their daughter, Mrs. Stella COPP, at
336½ Fourth street.

Mrs. S. R. and Miss Mattie SHARP at No. 167 Sixth avenue.

The Misses L. RICE and Annie L. BUNGART at 58 Jefferson street.

Miss Carrie EHLERS at 66 Lynch street.

Colonel Charles SCHURIG at 254 Clermont avenue.

The Misses Minnie BAIRD, Jeannie COCHRANE, Fanny CALDWELL
and Clara THOMAS at 537 Willoughby avenue.

Miss Louise LYMAN at 350 Stuyvesant avenue.

Mrs. G. P. HUGHES at 374 Degraw street.

Mrs. R. M. WHITING at 413 Waverly avenue.

Mrs. W. J. TATE at 61 St. John's place.

Mrs. General DE LACY and Mrs. George P. PHELPS at 351 Dean street.

Misses Mary DUNN, Mary VELTMAN, Lizzie DUNN and Addie V.
DUNN at 9 Lafayette avenue.

Miss Jennie CAMPBELL and Miss Sadie STANLEY at 226 Cumberland street.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MURPHY at 197 Adams street.

The names of some of Brooklyn's prominent citizens and fair ladies who
will receive callers on Monday are given below:

Mrs. Emma L. TALLMAN at 37 Lafayette avenue.

Mrs. Daniel GRANT at 353 Navy street.

Mrs. Alfred C. IRVING at 81 Hudson street.

Mrs. R. WARDELL, Miss G. BROWER and Mrs. H. E. JACOB at
1119 Bergen street.

Mrs. L. A. BOVTEAU, Mrs.  C. M. DURYEA, Mrs. S. E. COLLINS,
and the Misses A. E. JONES and S. E. YOUNG at 442 Marcy avenue.

Mrs. Charles H. HANOLD at 46 Wykcoff street.

Miss Nettie OSBORNE at 132 Twenty-third street.

Mrs. Amy HEBARD and Mrs. Edward DECKER at 220 Fourteenth street.

Mrs. L. LACHMAN and Miss Doretta STUBHER at 206 Seventeenth street.

Mrs. A. H. GALE and Mrs. Dr. BUELL at 336 Ninth street.

Miss Lizzie BRIDGENS and Miss Jessie WELSH at 167 Tenth street.

Miss Jennie NICHOLSON and sisters at 212 Nineteenth street.

The Misses Alice and Ella WARDELL at 33 Kosciosko street.

Mrs. Howard M. SMITH and Miss Florence E. RECTOR at 87
Hancock street.

Miss Annie F. RUDOLPH, with Miss Emily WO(?)ER and Miss Matilda
RUDOLPH at 136 Grand street.

Mrs. Benjamin F. TRACY and Miss TRACY at 42 Montague street.

Mrs. Duncan LITTLEJOHN and Miss LITTLEJOHN at (?) Henry street.

Mrs. George H. STEEL and Mrs. GEORGE RUW at 176 Front street.

Mrs. Wilson SMALL at 236 Lorimer street.

Miss Nellie LAWRENCE and sisters at 367 Fourth street, R.D.

Mrs. Isaac M. LAWRENCE with her sister, Mrs. Thomas S. GARDNER
at 24 Cedar street.

Mrs. Dora R. HENDERSON, nee TITUS, at 61 Taylor street.

Misses Lizzie KNOX, HENSHAW and BOOTH at 115 Division avenue.

Miss Josie JAY at 4 Spring terrace.

Mrs. P. J. BROWNE and Miss P. E. BROWNE at 64 Quincy street.

Mrs. Fred W. STEENWORTH at 408 Sackett street.

Mrs. E. DeGHNEE(?) at 420 Bergen street.

Mrs. R. W. KNAPP and Miss KNAPP at 32 Seventh avenue.

Mrs. H. C. FALES and Miss E. FALES at 32 Seventh avenue.

Mrs. R. D. BENEDICT and Miss BENEDICT at 3 Adelphi street.

Mrs. E. ROBERTS and Miss Clara OWENS at 125 St. Felix street.

Mrs. F. W. ROCKWELL at 8 Lafayette avenue.

Mrs. D. M. TREADWELL and Miss Ida TREADWELL at Flatbush.

Mrs. Charles H. OTTS at 563 Flatbush avenue.

Mrs. J. REYNOLDS at Flatbush.

Mrs. R. B. VAN VIECK and Miss Mollie VAN VIECK at 31 Sixth avenue.

Mrs. EVERSON and Miss EVERSON at 185 Joralmon street.

Dr. METCALF, at No. 318 South Fourth street.

Mrs. William H. FRIDAY, Miss FRIDAY and Mrs. Stephen G. HENDERSON,
at No. 513 Kosciusko street.

Miss Anna C. DeWERS, Essie RILEY, Miss Lillie CAMERON and
Miss Lillie SMYTHE of Augusta, Ga., at 113 Henry street.

Miss Nellie BURTON and Miss Lulu GARDINER, at 170 Livingston street.

The Misses McCABE at 67 South Oxford street.

Miss L. McNALLY and Miss E. McNALLY of Kosciusko street, with
Miss R. G. POOLE, at 329 West Thirty-first street, New York.

Mrs. David S. SKINNER, Mrs. Alexander ISAAC and Miss S. W. COHAN
at 15 South Elliott place.

Miss Grace HAZZARD at 136 Macon street.

Miss Carrie SMITH and Mrs. RULAND at 233 Wyckoff street.

Misses A. Gussie EARLE and Nannie TRIP, with Mrs. S. S. PELOUBET
at 365 Madison street.

Mrs. Ida WANZOR and Miss Mamie WANZOR at 51 Seventh avenue.

Mr. G. H. RANSOM and Miss SNIDER at 54 Seventh avenue.

Mrs. J. B. DAVENPORT and Miss HENDERSON at the corner of Lincoln
place and Seventh avenue.

Mrs. J. A. R. SUDWELL at 321 Adelphi street.

Mrs. C. F. A. HINRICHS, Mrs. MEISEL and Miss HINRICHS at 365 Henry street.

Mr. Rueben W. ROPES at No. 28 Remsen street.

Mr. Oliver L. GARDINER at No. 249 Clermont avenue.

Mrs. D. Y. SAXTAN, Mrs. George W. BROWN, Miss Lillie SAXTAN,
Miss Lulu SMITH, Miss Carrier BORDEN and Miss Sadie DAVIS at
No. 75 Willoughby avenue.

Mrs. Wm. P. RIVERS, Mrs. H. M. NEWTON, Miss I. W. RIVERS and
Miss N. M. RIVERS at 321½ State street.

Miss Ella PROVOST and Miss Lidy M. VAN BRUNT at 623 DeKalb avenue.

Mrs. Charles H. GALLAGHER and Miss Ada GALLAGHER at 995 DeKalb avenue.

Mrs. GLOVER, Miss Amy WEBSTER, Miss Etta WEBSTER and Miss
Nellie JONES at 445 Hart street.

Miss Blanche DOWLING, and Miss E. H. DOWLING at 9 St. John's place.

The Misses KEMP, Miss Jennie DOWE and Miss Adelaide HENRY at
221 DeKalb avenue.

The Misses LYNCH at 555 Henry street.

The Misses BROWN at 15 Tompkins place.

Mrs. J. W. PEET and Miss Susie NEAL at 123 Willow street.

Miss ARMSTRONG at 249 President avenue.

Mrs. DENNY and Miss DENNY at 232 President street.

Miss Clara M. GATES at 42 First place.

Mrs. SPARKS and Miss SPARKS at 41 Park place.
Miss F. QUINN and Miss M. LYNCH at 454 Adelphi street.

The Misses BLACK and Miss Mamie SWEENEY at 164 President street.

Mrs. Wm. de VIGNE and the Misses de VIGNE and Mrs. Wm. A. 
CONKLIN at 243 DeKalb avenue.

Miss J. A. McPHEARSON, Mrs. T. O. BRIEN and Miss M. J.
MacPHEARSON (not a typo) at 480 Henry street.

Rev. Joseph PULLMAN at 43 Fleet street.

Rev. W. L. PHILLIPS at 246 Washington avenue.

Rev. Almon GUNNISON at No. 88 Wilson street

Miss Julia A. SMITH, Miss Annie POMEROY and Miss Emma POMEROY
at 142 Pierrepont street.

Miss May A. BAILEY and Miss Julia S. BARNES at No. 151 South Fifth street.

Miss Fannie ROBERTSON and Miss Anna BRIGHAM at No. 190 Keap street.

Miss Agnes L. SMITH, Miss E. May AVERY, Miss Leanore B. MANCE
and Miss Florence SMITH at No. 191 South Ninth street.

Miss Annie M. TERRY at No. 116 Devoe street.

Mrs. W. B. HARRIS and Miss Carrie E. M. HARRIS at No. 263 Division avenue.

The Misses Jennie REILLY and Ida I. WHEELAN at No. 294 Wilson street.

The Misses Camilla G., Elvira A. and Carrie M. HILL at No. 67 Division avenue.

The Misses Mamie KELTZMEYER, Lydia M. HUTCHISON and Mamie E. 
HUTCHISON at No. 183 Adelphi street.

The Misses Corey and Ella and Alice MAY at No. 76 Lee avenue.

Mrs. Charles DENNIS and daughter at 164 Montague.

Miss Mamie C. WOOLLEY at 259 Lafayette avenue.

Rev. Dr. J. H. CALLEN, pastor of the Centennial Chapel, at 14
St. Mark's avenue.

Mrs. E. KOZLAY and Miss Clara KOZLAY at 493 Kent street.

Mrs. Daniel W. WILKES at 491 State street.

Miss Etta E. COSTIGAN and sister with Miss P. E. BROWNE at
364 Quincy street.

Rev. Edward P. INGERSOLL, D. D., at 182 Hart street.

Dr. Gertrude GOEWAY BISHOP at 310 Throop avenue.

Mrs. George G. REYNOLDS and her daughter, Mrs. Frank REYNOLDS at
420 Clermont avenue.

Rev. Dr. MONCK at 257 Adelphi street.


In consequence of a recent death in the family, the wife of Police
Commissioner JOURDAN will not receive calls.

Commissioner of Charities Joseph REEVE will assist in the organization of
the Charities Board in the morning, and in the afternoon will leave town.

Coroner John T. PARKER, in consequence of illness, will not receive callers.

Excise Commissioner EVANS will not be able to receive.

Police Justice Andrew WALSH will not receive calls this year.

Congressman-elect Felix CAMPBELL will not be at home on Monday.

City Comptroller-elect BRINKERHOFF will not be able to receive friends on
account of the transfer of the Comptroller's office on Monday by the outgoing
Comptroller, Mr. SEMLER.

Corporation Counsel TAYLOR cannot receive callers.

Comptroller SEMLER will not receive; neither will G. G. BROWN, his
Bond Clerk.

Congressman J. Hyatt SMITH will not receive calls.

Ald. WEIR will not receive on Monday.

"Uncle" Dan NORTHRUP, of the City Works Department, will be away in
the country.

Assessors SMALL and ENNIS will not receive.

Police Justice Garrett BERGEN will not be at home on Monday.

Judge NEILSON will not receive in consequence of the recent sickness of

Alderman-elect COLLINS of the Twenty-first Ward will not receive calls.

Alderman-elect Thomas B. WATSON of the Third Ward, on account of 
sickness in his family, will not receive any calls.

Judge Henry A. MOORE will not receive.

Judge-elect N. H. CLEMENT will not receive.

Justice PRATT will not receive.

Justice CULLEN, in consequence of the absence of his family from the city,
will not receive.

Judge McCUE will not receive.

District-Attorney CATLIN will not receive.

Transcribed by Carol Granville