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About Long Islanders in the Bklyn Eagle

AUGUST 5, 1894


Mr. Robert G. Davisson, superintendent of the Nostrand avenue M. E. Sunday 
school, sailed for Antwerp on Wednesday by the steamship Waesland on a brief 
respite to be obtained from an ocean voyage and a few weeks of foreign 
travel. Mr. Davisson will, during his absence, visit portions of Holland and 
Great Britain, returning to this city about the middle of Sepember, expecting 
to resume his duties in the school on the 16th of that month. The school, now 
closed for the summer vacation, will reopen on September 3.

Dr. E. Clifford Wadsworth and family of Bedford avenue have taken up their 
abode for summer at Sanquoit, Oneida county, N. Y. They expect to return 
about the middle of September.

Mrs. John Herries of Lexington avenue and her friend, Mrs. Josie Gould, have 
gone to South Lyme, Conn. for the remainder of the summer.

Mr. Malcom Kerr and sisters, Misses Anne and Edith Kerr, left the city on 
Wednesday for Simpson Terrace, Stamford, N.Y.. where they will remain until 

Professor R. Estovn de Stefani of this city is enjoying sea breezes, boating, 
fishing, bathing and riding at Shelter Island, with the Manhanset house as 
headquarters. He is accompanied by Assessor Augustur Karth and both are 
having a good time.

Mrs. and Mrs. Charles T. Austin of Quincy street and daughters Ella and 
Gladdys are at Sayville, L. I.

The Misses McIntyre of North Oxford street are at Somerville, N. J.

Messrs. William H. Cummings, jr., John L. Cummings and Charles C. Sawyer are 
at the Sea Cliff hotel, Sea Cliff, L. I.

Miss Jessie Van Deusen of Sixth avenue is at Saratoga.

Master Joseph D. Tonkin of 608 Greene avenue is at Rockaway, N. J.

Mrs. M. A. Voorhees, Miss Carrie Voorhees, Mrs. Sydney L. Taylor and Master 
Walter Voorhees Taylor are at Stamfod, Deleware county, N. Y.

Mrs. William M. Stewart and children and her brother, George Henry, are at
Brookville, Ont.

Miss Celia Meehan of Rochester is visiting her friend, Miss Ida Lynch of 
Greene avenue.

Miss May Phillips of 25 Lincoln place will start Tuesday on a cruise to the 
Atlantic highlands with her aunt, Mrs. Armstrong of Greenville, N.J., and 
several of her friends.

Mr. James D. Crichton, the well known assistant librarian of the Brooklyn 
library, left on his vacation yesterday. He has discovered a quiet nook in 
Wayne county, Pa., where he luxuriates with his wife and son. In about a 
month he will be back with a new stock of fish and bear stories.

Mr. James Daly of Second place will spend the summer at Asbury Park, N.J.

Mrs. Schmidt and daughter of Dean street have gone on a visit to her daughter 
in Buffalo. They will visit Niagara falls.

Mrs. Henry C. Hagenmiller, Miss Julia Hagonmiller and Miss Blanche McCarthy 
of South Second street are at Rose cottage, Forest Hill, N. J.

Mrs. William S. Kitchell, son and daughter, are at the Arlington house, White 
Lake, N. J.

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Carroll and Miss Francis C. and Miss Florence C. of 
North Portland avenue are at Old Hurley, Ulster county, N. Y.

The Misses May and Josie Acker are at Westhampton Beach, L. I.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Brooks and son Harry are at North Norwich, Chenango 
county, N. Y.

Miss Lizzie Foot is at North Norwich, N. Y.

Miss M. Short of Douglass street and the Misses Furey of Debevoise place are 
at White Lake, Sullivan county, N. Y.

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Whiting and son, Robert, will go to Lexington, Greene 
County, N. Y. on Monday, August 6.

Professor E. E Newell of this city is at Easton and Saratoga with friends 
studying and writing music.

Mrs. Dr. F. H. Hubbard has gone to Silver Lake, Wyoming county, N. Y., for 
the next two or three weeks. On her return she will be at 225 Quincy street.

Miss Grace Blackmore and Miss Hattie Rundle have gone to Pleasant Lake, 
Sullivan county, N. Y., for the month of August.

L. Beamish and family of St. Felix street are at Thompson's, Southold, L. I.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Whitlock, Miss J. Whitlock, Master ???Whitlock and Miss C. 
C. Chadwick are at the Monterey, Sea Cliff, L. I.

Miss Belle Barnie and Miss Marion Creney are visiting at Major Barnie's 
quarters at the state camp, Peekskill.

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Brower, Miss May Brower are stopping at the Bellevue 
Heights, Cottage City.  They will also go to the White mountains.

Miss Nellie M. Aitken of 569 Monroe street is at the Watchogue house, East 
Moriches. L. I.

Mrs. Joseph Mallon of Livingston street and her sister, Miss Katie Cahill of 
Clifton place, are at the Butts house, East Windham, Greene county, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Waldron and family of Prospect street are at Fallsburgh, 
Sullivan county, N. Y.

Mr. John C. L. Daly and mother of Union street are at Fallsburgh, N.Y.

Miss Louie Knight of Fifth avenue is visiting her friend, Mrs. Charles Smith, 
at Jamaica Bay.

Mr. Joseph Baganello will leave next week for the Thousand Islands.

Mr. and Mrs. William McLaughlin, of Gold street, are at Howell's cottage, 
Shelter Island.

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Herk, child and maid of 92 Buffalo avenue are at the 
Unted States hotel, Long Branch.

F. Dexter Swaney of Herkimer street is to leave soon on another riding trip, 
similar to one he indulged in early in the season, when he went over some of 
the ground traveled by the coaching party of the Vivid. Mr. Swaney will 
traverse the Berkshires, making a stay at Lenox and several other beautiful 
towns of that region. He will travel on his own thoroughbred Pat, with whom 
he is on terms of great intimacy and affection.

Mr. E. W. Bray, now choir master of the Church of the Reformation, gave a 
fine solo at last Sunday's offertory, affording much enjoyment to the 
congregation. "My Pilgrimage" (Dudley Buck) was the solo. Mr. Bray rendered 
it most acceptably though the temperaure in the choir gallery of his present 
church is of a specially torrid quality in summer. The Reformation has been 
fortunate in securing a choir master of Mr. Bray's caliber.

Mr. John Hyatt Breyer, organist of the Lafayette avenue Presbyterian church, 
is at the Lake house, Waterford, Me.

Miss Sullivan, sister of the tenor of Summerfield church, is a promising 
young pianist who will go on with her musical education under H. E. H. 
Benedict next fall.

Several Brooklynites are to be found at Caldwell, N. J. at the Canniff house. 
They are Mr. and Mrs. David Forshay of Hancock street, with their children 
and two maids; Mr. and Mrs. William Thornton and Lewis Thornton of Ryerson 
street, and others in the party are Mr. and Mrs. J. Oscar Poute family and 
maid of Montclair; L. W. Bond of Newark, Mr. and Mrs.  Charles Kennedy of 
East Orange and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Knight of New York. This party of friends 
is enjoying the lovely environs of Caldwell and the evenings of music and 
merriment and the picnics in the woods, which their hostess, Mrs. M. P. 
Cooper, plans for their recreation.

Mrs. Dexter M. Swaney of Herkimer street is at Richfield Springs.

The Misses Starrett of Hancock street are enjoying the salubrious air of the 
Oranges, so popular with health seeking Brooklynites.

Miss May Barrett, formerly a Pratt institute student, has been visiting 
Brooklyn after making Philadelphia her home for the past few months. Miss 
Barrett is studying vocal music under a prominent teather of the Quaker City, 
where her father is a well known physician.

Miss Nettie Tuttle of Ormond place is at Ellenville, N. Y.

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hobbs of Park place are at Blue Mountain lake.

Miss Florence Maxson of Jefferson avenue is at Moriches.

Miss Creed, who recently married, Mr. Joseph W. Hapler, is at Asbury Park.

Mrs. Charles E. Maxson of Jefferson avenue has gone to Alaska for the summer.

Mrs. Tiebout and family of Franklin avenue are at Nyack-on-the-Hudson.

Warren Silabee and family of Ormond place have gone to Patchogue.

Foster B. Hendricksen of Jefferson avenue has gone on an initial trip to 
Point Woods, Fire Island Beach, and having always understood that locality to 
consist of shells and sand dunes, is apprehensive lest he should fail to 
discover the woods, as set forth in the new resort's circular. He will make 
it a point to find them, however, without the assistance of a guide.

Mrs. Clinton Woodford and family are at Monticello, N.Y.

Miss Grace Worcestor of Lefferts place is at Cornwell-on-the-Hudlon 

Miss Katie Burns of 1,464 Pacific street has gone to Center Moriches, L.I.

Mrs. M. L. Donovan, Masters Edward, Charles, Harry and Walter,  of 1334 
Pacific street are at Center Moriches, L. I. at the Robinson house.

Patrolman Matthew S. Cryan, attached to the Twelfth precinct, is at his 
birthplace, Monticello, N.Y.

Mrs. Charles Cutting and Miss Annie B. Cutting of 66 Pulaski street and Miss 
Gertrude Strong of 640 Marcy avenue are at the Windsor hotel, Belmar, N. J.

William T. Murphy and Maurice E. McLaughjlin have been enjoying the 
refreshing sea breezes at Balmers, L. I. dring the past week.

Mr. Vincent L. Dunne has been recuperating at Rauschers, N. Y. for some time 

Mr. Arthur J. O'Keefe has been revelling in the surf bathing at 
Strattons-by-the-Sea for the past fortnight.

Mrs. J. E. Provoost of 463 Evergreen avenue is visiting her sister, Mrs. E. 
J. Guenther, at Washington, D.C.

Mrs. William Stevenson and family of 1,409 Bedford avenue and Miss A. 
Victoria Ditmas of Gravesend, L. I., are at W. D. Van Wagner's Mountain View 
house, Salt Point, Dutchess county, N. Y.

Mrs. J. L. White and Miss M. White of Fort Greene place are at Catskill, N.Y.

Mr. George E. Lovett, the real estate broker of Court street, and his family 
will pass the month of August in the Adirondacks in their cottage, on the 
Fulton chain of lakes.

Mrs. John J. Carroll of Second place is at Saugerties.

Miss Annie E. Ferry is at Dellwood house, Cairo, Greene county.

Miss Georgianna Edmunds of 588 Hancock street is at Stanwich, Conn.

Mrs. John McCormack of 28 St. Marks avenue, with her daughters, Mamie, and 
Phyllis, are at the Sea Cliff hotel, Sea Cliff, L. I.

Mrs. F. J. Lawrence and her two children, Freddy and Mildred, and her sister, 
Margaret Reid, are summering at Oak Ridge, Passaic county, N. J.

The Misses Minnie and Sadie Goldsmith of 204 DeKalb avenue are at Livingston 
Manor, Sullivan County.

Miss G. Madigan of Nineteenth street is at Barryville, Sullivan county.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Bodkin have left the Hotel Brunswick, Asbury Park, 
and gone to the Beach house, Sea Girt, N. J.

Miss Bodkin is at Glen Summit, Pa.

Mr. Samuel H. Andrews, the chief clerk of the board of elections, and his 
wife left town last week for Thousand Island Park.

Mrs. Tillie McTiernan and her nephew, Willie Henderson, of 161 Hudson avenue, 
are in the Catskills.

Wiliam S. Settle and mother will spend a few weeks at Lake Hopatcong.

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Prankard, Miss Louise Prankard and Mrs. M. Walters of 
South Portland avenue, also Mr. W. E. Macnaughton of Cumberland street, are 
at the Burr cottage, Bay Shore, L.I.

Mr. nd Mrs. Walter S. Shotwell and daughter are at Willow cottage, Greene 
Brook, N. J.

Miss Hutchinson of Trenton, N. J., has been visiting Miss Joe Treadwell at 
Bensonhurst, L.I. They will leave this week of Asbury Park.

The Misses Ida and May Pearsall are at New Rochelle, N. Y.

The Misses Agnes, Maggie and Annie McCole, Annie and Sarah McCarron, Lilly 
O'Brien, Lottie, Jennie and Arthur Ball are at Millbrook farm, Viewmonte, 
Colmbia county, N. Y.

The Misses Aitken of State street, with their cousin, Miss Bass, are at 
Mattituck, L. I.

Miss Hattie May Beldon of Greene avenue is in the Berkshire hills.

Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Conran of Putnam avenue and Charles Lester Conran, Mr. and 
Mrs. W. B. Fisher and Miss Florence Fisher are at the Linwood, Bay Shore, L. 

Miss Nettie Crans of 80 Putnam avenue has been in the Grange mountains, but 
is now at Amityville, L. I. , with her aunt, Mrs. Ruth Remsen, and Miss Ruth 
W. Powell.

Mrs. Jeanette (C. or  G.) Thomson and daughter, Mrs. C. W. Caird, also Mattie 
Donald Jaffray Caird of St. James place, Brooklyn, are spending August at the 
Buckingham, Avon by the Sea, N. J.

Robert J. Shaw of the Nameless Boat club is at Mrs. C. A. Norris' Maple Grove 
Farm, Bloomingburg Sullivan county, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. James J. O'Connor of 123 Dean street are with their friend, Mrs. 
L. W. Lawrence , at Hurleyville, Sullivan County, N. Y.

The Misses Minnie and Aggie Murray of Bridge street, Florence Granger of 
Bridge street, Kitty Corriston of Atlantic avenue are at the Columbia hotel, 
Hurleyville, Sullivan county, N. Y.

Miss Clara E. Hubbs and Miss Ella L. Hubbs are at the Lake View house, 
Eldred, Sullivan County.

Mrs. Joe H. McAuley and family of Grove street have gone to Sayville, L. I.

Miss F. A. Williams of Ainslie street is at Unionville, Conn.

James E. McKay of Cumberland street is at Liberty, Sullivan county, N.Y.

The Thomas Cusack and sister of 88 Sands street are at the Conway house, in 
the Berkshire hills.

Mrs. Hugh T. Donnelly and daughters, Mamie and Bella, of Willow place are at 
the Broadway house, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

Miss Annie L. McGrath of public school No. 40 is at the Brophy house, 
Hurleyville, N. Y.

Mr. Augustus L. Furnald left yesterday by the La Normandie for London, Paris 
and other points on the continent.

Miss M. Lawrence of Grove street, accompanied by her nieces, The Misses Lucy 
and Lila Fulkerson, are at Saratoga Springs.

The Misses Artie and Louise Winkler of Pacific street and Miss Irene Ladley 
are at Westfort, in the Adirondacks.

Miss Edna M. Langridge of Pulaski street is at Hinsdale, N. H.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Hutchinson, with their son and daughter, Master 
Fred and Miss Lillah, are at the Ramsay house, White Lake, Sullivan Co., N. Y

Miss Herbert of Carroll park, Brooklyn, is visiting Miss McLaughlin, at 
Patchogue, L. I. 

Miss Minna E. Conklin of the eastern district, the Misses Darlington and Mr. 
J. Tuttle are at the Walut Mountain House, Liberty, N. Y.

Mrs. J. F. Carlisle and Miss Carlisle of Brooklyn, who are in Boston on their 
way from Poland Springs to Nantucket, are registered at the Thorndike.

Chauncey Leonidas Holcombe of Gates avenue is at Mount Airy, N. J.

Mr. Walter C. Malette and T. William Greene have started on a hunting and 
trapping expedition through the Bowling Green mountains, New Jersey, and have 
their headquarters at Mr. Malette's great grandfather's old homestead, at 
Milton, N. J.

Mr. Thomas McGoey? and family of 992 Bedford avenue are at the United States 
Hotel, Far Rockaway.

Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Thompson, child and nurse of Fourth street are at Oradell, 
N. J.

Mr. Thomas W. Stack, Ninth precinct, and John J. Ryan, 568 Nostrand avenue, 
are at the Palace hotel, Catskills; they will also visit Niagara Falls.

Dr. and Mrs. Treadwell of Gates avenue are at their cottage at Great Bay, 
N.H., and later will be at Kennebunkport, Me.

Mr. J. F. Kenney and family of 417 First street are at Southold, L. I.

Mr. Wallace Owen is at Susquehanna, Pa.

Mr. Charles N. Isaacson, Mrs. Adolph Isaacson, Miss Bertha Isaacson, Mr. 
Adolph Isaacson, of 551 Dean street, are at the Mountain View hotel, New 
Marlboro, Sullivan county, N. Y.

Mrs. R. O'Dell and daughjter of 605 Putnam avenue are at Millbrok, Dutchess 
county, N. Y.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Lewis of 72 Grove street, and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Biggers 
and family of 219 Columbia street are at Pleasant Lake, Sullivan county, N. Y.

Mrs. Robert McFeeters of 296 Greene avenue is at Shelter Island.

Mrs. John McGowan, daughter Gladys and sister, Miss Nella Baldwin, are at 
Sheepshead Bay.

Mrs. P. A. Schenck and family, including her married daughter, Mrs. F. Q. 
Peckham, and family, all of Garfield place, are at New Paltz, Ulster county,
 N. Y.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Guthrie of St. James place, Mr. and Ms. James E. Young of 
Carroll street, Mrs. Howard W. Maxwell and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cochran of 
Third street, are at the Conway house, Sheffield, Mass.

Miss E. Murtagh of Norwood avenue has gone to Buffalo.

Mr. Thomas Powers of Washington avenue is at Spring house, Richfield Springs, 
for the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Keep of Washington avenue are at the Hotel Ampersand, 
Richfield Springs.

Mr. Alexander R. Pearsall of Vernon avenue and Mr. Thomas Egan of Willoughby 
avenue have gone to Wisconsin.

Mr. and Mrs. Wigman of 471 McDonough street are visiting Buffalo and Niagara 
and will go all through upper and lower Canada.

Thomas B. Saddington, jr., of Hancock street, Howard and John Jost of Hart 
street, and Willie Brymer are cruising from point to point in their 30 foot 
yacht, Iris, with headquarters at the Peconic hotel, Jamesport, L. I.

Miss I. M. Traver has been spending a few days at Lake Mohank.

The Misses Grace and Ella Loon of 1,579 Pacific street nd Miss Lillie Wood of 
52 Rochester avenue are at Locust Grove cottage, among the Sullivan county 

Miss Florence Coombs is at Parkville.

Superintendent F. R. Roome of the New York postoffice, Mrs. Roome and their 
daughter, Jeannette, are at the Watchogue house, East Moriches, L. I.

E. M. Johnston and family are at Bar Harbor and Poland Sprngs, Me.

Mrs. George E. Backus and Miss Backus are at Glens Fall house, Cairo, N.Y.

Francis J. Devlin is at West Somers.

Mrs. C. M. Kiley, Miss M. E. Snickert, Miss Marion E. Kiley of Jefferson 
avenue and Master Carl K. O'Connor of Dean street have left Brandon, Vt., and 
are at the Lafayette, Saratoga Springs.

Messrs. Lannard and Hirsekorn, instrumentalists, of this city, are at Liberty 
Falls, Sullivan county, N. Y.

Mr. Clarence McCormick is at the Clarendon hotel, Saratoga.

Miss Marguerite McCormick is entertaining the Misses O'Maley from Chicago.

Miss Ella Schiefer, who has been visiting Miss Marguerite McCormick of 
Decatur street for several weeks, left for her home in Philadelphia on Monday.

Ervin A. Pratt and Herbert M. Conyers are in Saratoga and will go to Vermont.

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Duncomb, Master Harry Duncomb, Miss Lillian Duncomb, Mr. 
and Mrs. J. W. Bergen, Masters Willie and George Bergen, Miss Kate Bergen of 
Jamaica, L. I.; Mr. and Mrs. Bowdoin, Miss Bowdoin, and Mrs. and Miss Smith 
are at the Cole villa, Ballston Spa. N. Y.

Sidney L. Rowland, grand master of the grand lodge of odd fellows of the 
state of New York, of upper Myrtle avenue, is at Patchogue, L. I.

The family of Mr. George W. Martin of 413 Lafayette avenue are at the 
Thousand islands.

Mr. John E. Henry and family are at their cottage, Merrick, L. I.

The Misses Ross of 206 Franklin avenue are in the wild woods of Maine, later 
in the season they will take a cycle trip to the sunny South.

Mrs. Sarah Jacquiss of Decator street is visiting with old acquaintances in 
Wyoming county, N. Y.

Mr. Howard Wilson, 612 Myrtle avenue, is among his numerous friends in 
Rochester, N. Y.

Mr. John Linton of 160 Clifton place, with his bride, will join a company of 
city campers out at Mattituck, L. I.

Miss Fanny McIntyre and the Misses Jacquiss of 331 Decatur street will join a 
party of women in the cottage of Mrs. Mason, Atlantic City, N. J.

Mr. John F. Opydyck, wife and daughter, Lillian, of Lafayette avenue, expect 
to enjoy the ozone and mountain scenery of the Alleghanies. 

Mr. Albert G. Lane, city superintendent of schools, Chicago, Ill., recently 
president of the educational convention held at Asbury Park, N. J., has just 
returned to his home after enjoying the many attractions of New York and 
Brooklyn's sea side resorts, in company with his brother-in-law, Mr. George 
W. Wilson, of 612 Myrtle avenue.

Mr. Ladd of 471 Lafayette avenue and family go to Sullivan county, N. Y.

Mr. Phillip Farrenkoph of 442 Lafayette avenue is with his wife and daughter 
at Sands Lake, N. Y.

Ludwig Nissen sailed for Europe on Thursday last.  Mrs. Nissen has gone to 
Greenwich, Conn.  Mr. Nissen's stay abroad will last three weeks, at the end 
of which time he will join his wife at Greenwich.

Thomas McDonough, organist of the Church of the Good Shepherd, McDonough 
street, after being for a time at the Haynes house, Big Indian, 
N. Y., has gone with his mother to Ocean Grove, where they are at the 
Lafayette hotel.

George F. and Mrs. Elliott have been at the International Hotel, Niagara 

Miss Sadie Thayer of 373 Henry street is spending part of the heated term at 
the Kentucky house, Atlantic City.  Mrs. S. Milliken of 677 Tenth street and 
Miss Maude Rockwell of 11 St. Marks avenue are also guests at the same hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. James Burnett of 63 Garfield place will enjoy the quiet of 
Greenwood Lake for a period of two weeks.

Mr. Dwight Rockwell of 734A Madison street has been at the Catskills.

Miss Annie M. Holywell of Franklin avenue and her sister, Mrs. Robert D. 
Holmes, are at the Adirondack mountains.

Mr. L. Duvi?age of 547 Lafayette avenue, near Bedford, exhibited last evening 
in front of his house, from 6 to 8 plants of the night blooming cereus. The 
exhibit attracted many visitors.

Mr. M. L. Mann of 614 Herkimer street is a great lover of flowers and his 
tastefully arranged little conversatory is frequently visited by his friends 
and neighbors. Last evening an especial treat was afforded to the residents 
of Herkimer street in the full blossom at 8 o'clock of a noble specimen of 
the night blooming cereus, of which Mr. Mann is the possessor.  There were 
three plants with about eight or ten flowers and their fragrance filled the 
air. The sight was worth traveling a long distance to see.

Mrs. Daniel Leahy and her daughters, Mrs. J. N. Beekman, and Miss Grace Leahy 
are summering at Saratoga springs.  The Misses Fannie and Bessie Leahy are at 
Millbrook, Dutchess county.

Miss Florence Ward of Adephi street, with a party of friends, is stopping at 
Greenwich, Conn.

J. J. Robertson of 108 Willoughy street and the Misses Mamie J. and Belle 
Robertson will leave the city this week and for the remainder of the season 
will be at Western hotel, Callicoon depot, Sullivan county.

The Misses Daisy and Hannah O'Neill of Douglass street will be at the same 

RECREATION NOTES - Gleaned in the Eagle Summer Resort Bureau

The following are the guests at the Arbor house, East Coldenham:Mr. and Mrs. 
Samuel LOVE and two sons, Mrs. E. Everet BLISS, sons and daughter, Mrs. 
George HEUSER and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. DETRICK, son and daughter,  Peter 
AMMERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. P. HIGGINS and daughter, Frank GONOUD, Miss Nellie 
GILLIGAN, Harry LOSKAMP of Brooklyn, Mr. and Mrs. George COSTELLO and niece, 
Mrs. WHITE and Miss Lottie LERCH of New York city, Miss Anna SCHAIBLE of 
Stapleton, S. I., the Misses LINCKS, Mrs. Mena STOLS and Miss PUSTER of 
Jersey City.

Among the Brooklynites who are summering at the Brookside house, Suffern, 
Rockland Co., N. Y. are:
Mr. and Mrs. Richard PROSSER and family, Mr. and Mrs,. George W. ALPERS
and family, Mr. and Mrs. M. B. SNAVILY and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. 
PIERSON, Mr. and Mrs. L. SANFORD.  At T. W. Suffern's house: Mr. and Mrs. 
James R. HASKELL, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. S. RANDOLPH and family, Mr. and Mrs. 
John E. VOLK and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. GRAY and family, Miss Francisca 
MEYER, Mrs. T. A. FISHER, Mrs. W. GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. Frank LOCKETT and 
family,Mrs. A. R. ROBERTS.  At Mountain View house: Mr. and Mrs E. G. ROYCE, 
Mr. and Mrs. R. P. LETHBRIDGE Misses Ethel and Dora LATHBRIDGE, Mr. and Mrs. 
L. J. LOUIS, Miss Mabel, Master Percy and two children; Miss PHILIPOTEID, F. 
LOZANO, Misses Mary and Romona and Master Jose LOZANO, Mr.and Mrs. Samuel 
HATON and children, Mr. and Mrs. James CONATY, Miss Kahryn and children; Mr. 
and Mrs, Dudley T. LARIMORE and children, Mr. and Mrs.R. A. WELSHMAN.

Among the Brooklynites registered at Shrewsbury Inn, Seabright, N. J., are 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. JACOBS, H. H. SMITH, Miss STRATTON, Mr. and Mrs. 
James MATCHATT son and daughter, F. L. HYATT, Mr. and Mrs. Walter THACKRAY, 
and Miss Ethel THACKRAY, Miss Jessie A. Smith, Alice A. DOUGLAS.

.............................The End....................

Transcribed by Marion Sinnott