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Brooklyn Citizen
13 August 1913

Andrew J. CARR, Jr. of No. 12 Schenectady avenue, left yesterday afternoon 
for Lake Champlain , where he will spend three weeks.

Mrs. James C. BENNETT, of No. 831 East Seventeenth street, has returned from 
Europe, were she spent several weeks.

A. Walter MURDOCK, a clerk in the office of the United States District 
Attorney, returned recently from Connecticut, where he spent a month's 
vacation.  He resides at No. 346 West Forty-first street, Manhattan.

Deputy Clerk CLIFF, of the Federal Building, recently returned from the 
country where he spent several weeks.

W. B. DAVENPORT, of Brooklyn Heights, has returned from a tour of Europe.

Miss Jennie BROWN, of No. 595 Jefferson avenue, is at Ausable Chasm, N. Y.

Dr. J. Richard KEVIN, of No. 252 Gates avenue, is registered at the 
Throckmorton, Allentown, Pa.

A. COOPER, of No. 417 Park place, is stopping at the Lake House, Highland Lake,N. Y.

Mrs. W. QUINTAN, of No 848 Lincoln place, is spending the month at Belmar, N. J.

Mrs. C. C. VAN TASSEL, of No. 487 Putnam avenue, is summering at South Harswell, Me.

Miss Ida J. VAN WYNEN, of No. 575 Eastern Parkway, is at Pearl River, N. J.

J. L. BENNETT, of No. 1265 Dean street, is at Lake Clear, N. Y.

Charles H. DEWEY, of No. 1111 Dean street, has gone to Lake Sunapee, N. H. 
for the month.

Mrs. James CAVERLY, of No. 64 Herkimer street, has gone to Bloomingburgh, N. 
Y.  She entertained a large bridge at the hotel in the place mentioned.

Tom GOODMAN, of No. 27 Breevoort place, has gone to Meadowbrook. N. Y. He 
expects to be gone until Christmas.

Mrs. H. RHINEHART and family, of No. 738 St. John's place, are summering at 
Monmouth Beach.

Mr. and Mrs. M HUREWITZ, of No 129 Kingston avenue, have gone for a few 
weeks' vacation to Garneville, Rockland Co., N. Y.

Misses May, Cecil and Marguerite COSTIGAN are spending three weeks in 
Stevensville, N. Y.

Harry BRADY, of No. 1049 Herkimer street;  Wilber HAIGHT, of No. 52 Decatur 
street; Franklin PATTERSON, of No. 1505 Fulton street, all of the Albany 
Avenue Five Clique, will spend two weeks at Buffalo, N.Y.

Mrs. F. M. BRUSH, with her son and daughter, of No. 907 St. John's Place, are 
spending the month of August at Asbury Park, N. J.

J. F. BRUSH has just returned from the Allegheny Mountains.

Miss Anna V. TAUGHRAN, of No. 1295 Sterling place, is at Bridgewater, Mass. 
on her vacation.

Miss Molly TAUGHRAN is passing her vacation at Canadensis, Pa.

Mrs. S. N. TAUGHRAN, of No. 1295 Sterling place, will sojourn for the month 
at Bridgewater, Mass., in company with Mrs. P. CASSIN, her daughter, of No. 
1316 St. John's place.

Miss Minerva T. BREWER, of No. 452 Hancock street, is spending a couple of 
weeks with Hazel HEALY, of Park place, who is summering at the Hathaway Inn, 
Deal Beach, N. J.

Mrs. F. J. KRAMER, of Hancock street, will spend the remaining days of August 
and part of September in Connecticut.

Mrs. A. L. COMBS and Miss Mildred ERNST, of No. 1299 Sterling place are off 
on a month's vacation at Sag Harbor, L. I.  They will return late in September.

Miss Louise KIRSCHBAUM and Mrs. William DUN are spending their vacations in Boston.

Dr. and Mrs. George Hills Iier, of No. 169 Hancock street, accompanied by 
Mrs. J. deF WARING and William WARING, sailed recently for Jamaica, Janama 
and Costa Rica. (newspaper spelling - not mine)

A. S. BRANKERHOFF, M. D., of No. 544 Monroe street, will remain at Lake 
George until October.

Mrs. A. T. MANNION, of No. 244 Macon street, is making a stay at Lake George, N. Y.

William L. EARLL, of No. 479 Macon street; his sister, Miss Etta EARLL, and 
Miss Ellen HOTH, left Canarsie last week in his new motor boat for 
Hackensask, N. J., stopping at St. George. S. I. to take a party of seven on board.

Miss Mary Elizabeth PURDY, of No. 195 Madison street, is spending the month 
of August at Mount Vernon, N. Y., where she is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. 
George MCLEAN.

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. DAVIS, of No. 383 Putnam avenue, will spend a short time 
at the summer home of their son, F. F. DAVIS, in South Norwalk, Conn.

Miss Mary E. Steel, of No. 191 Halsey street, is on a visit at Allaben, 
Ulster County, N,. Y.

Miss Bertha A. DAVIS and Miss Mabel C. DAVIS, of No. 883 Putnam avenue, are 
at Asbury Park.  They intend to spend a few days at South Norwalk, Conn,, and 
also at Freeport.

Mrs. William D. MURPHY, of No, 200 Halsey street, and Mrs. Frank A. GILLER, 
of No. 202 Halsey street, are having an enjoyable stay at Asbury Park.

Mr. and Mrs. E. CODET, of No. 93 Hancock street, are summering at Sound Beach, Conn.

Mr. and Mrs. F. G. MORRIS, of No. 1391 Dean street, are spending the month of 
August at Falmouth Heights, Mass.

Miss Bertha A. DAVIS and Miss Mabel C. DAVIS, of No. 383 Putnam avenue are at 
Asbury Park, N. J.  On their return they will spend a short time at South 
Norwalk, Conn., and Freeport, L. I. 

Mrs. J. A. MULLER and family, of No. 617 St. Mark's avenue, are summering at 
Bayshore, L. I.  They will be home about September 15.

Mr. and Mrs. J. HARE, of No. 672 St. Mark's avenue, are at their summer home 
in Far Rockaway. They will return to town Oct. 15th.

Dr. F. W. and Mrs. BANDELL, of No. 218 New York avenue, sailed last Saturday 
for Europe.  They will be away seven weeks, spending most of the time touring 
through Norway.

Miss Marcia PHIPPS, of No. 1049 Bergen street, left last week for a visit 
with her cousin, Mrs. Walter THORN, of Bay Ridge.  On Wednesday Mrs. PHIPPS 
joined her young daughter and Mrs. THORN at Coney Island, here theyspent a 
very pleasant day.

Mrs. A. W. MUNSON, of No. 220 New York avenue, will not return from New 
Canaan, Conn., until late in October or November.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter HAMMET, of No. 1227 Pacific street, will be back from 
Belle Harbor, N. Y. about OCt. 20.

M. R. CRAMPTON and sister, of No. 1315 Pacific street, will remain at North 
Hampton, L. I. until November.

Miss Alida BERNARD, of No. 18 Arlington place, left the city Saturday for a 
vacation out of town.

Miss Alta L. FOULKE and sister, Miss Ida May FOULKE, of No. 817 Lincoln 
place, sailed for Europe on Thursday on the Adriatic.  They will visit 
England, France and Switzerland.

Miss Winifred R. KEMP, of No. 1099 Pacific street, is at Canaan, Conn., for 
two weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. W. WESSELS, of No. 382 McDonough street, are enjoying the summer 
in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

A. TAYLOR and family, of No. 353 McDonough street, are at their summer home 
at Southhold, L. I.

Mrs. Irving Thomas SMITH, of No. 860 St. Mark's avenue, is spending the 
summer at Rockland Breakwater, Rockland, Me.

Mr. and Mrs. William Howard GOOD, of No. 869 St. Mark's avenue, have gone to 
New Canaan, Conn.

Mrs. W. C. HUMSTONE, of No. 231 Hancock street, is stopping at the Hotel 
Maplewood, Pittsfield, Mass.

Transcribed by :Marion Sinnott