Brooklyn Daily Standard Union 1929 At the foot of the deep embankment which was once Nostrand avenue & Butler street (Sterling place), in the old Bedford Village of forty or more years ago, stood the FISK mansion, palatial home of George B. FISK, fourth president of the Long Island Railroad. The estate ran for more than 332 feet along the Old Clove road and extended back more than 405feet. The mansion was irregular in shape with a frontage of 47feet 9inches and about 50feet deep. The picket fence ran along Nostrand avenue even as late as the 'eighties' and was used partly as a boundary of the estate and partly to keep the folk from falling into the deep hollow. The FISK mansion was demolished in 1889. This picture is the second to be loaned to the Brooklyn Standard Union by Mr. Winthrop Eaton BOWEN, 524 Putnam avenue, a grandson of Mr. FISK. Return to PHOTO Main Return to BROOKLYN Main