Old County Penitentiary at Crow Hill.

Brooklyn Daily Standard Union 1929 It was situated appoximately where Brooklyn College is to-day, between Nostrand & Rodgers aves., and the cross streets from about President to Montogomery. Within these walls, which housed misdemanor cases, was a small city. There were at least a dozen buildings and smalle sheds. There also were streets all about the grounds. The larger structure visible over the wall was finished in blushish-gray sandstone and it's architecture gave the appearance of a medieval castle. It was a protest on the part of the community that the 'pen' was obstructing development that resulted in a bill being passed which ended it's career around 1905. The occupants were all moved to Blackwell Island, now known as Welfare, in the East River. There never was a jail break during it's history. Return to PHOTO Main Return to BROOKLYN Main