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Eligible List for New Patrolmen
1 February 1907 ­ 
Daily Star

The following Queens Borough residents have passed the competitive civil
service examination for patrolmen and most of them have already been

WEITZEL, Harry G., 40 Ely avenue, Long Island City; 93.43 per cent
HANSEN, Robert, 987 B(or?)levard, Astoria, 92.61 per cent
BYRON, Thomas J., Gould street, Richmond Hill, 92.04 per cent
LAPINKSY, Gaston, Grand st, Maspeth, 91.55 per cent
SCHAPPERT, Philip, Jr., Springfield, 91.41 per cent
GREENBERG, Morris, 70 Seventh street, Long Island City, 91.33 per cent
KNAPP, Charles, Martin avenue, Glendale, 91.24 per cent
LEININGER, John J., 302 Hoyt avenue, Astoria, 91.24 per cent
GODLEY, James, 168 Barclay street, Flushing, 91.17 per cent
BRENNAN, Matthew P., 186 Boulevard, Rockaway, 90.74 per cent
BADEN, Henry, 18 Richard avenue, Glendale, 90.71 per cent
SCHEER, William O., 1 St. John¹s place, 90.6(?)
SEARLY, William, Nevada avenue, Woodhaven, 90.17 per cent
MULRY, Edward G., 26 Oak place, Rockaway, 90.02 per cent
GARITY, Bernard T., Maspeth, 89.95 per cent
HOBEN, John G., 169 Twelfth street, Long Island City, 89.75 per cent
LOEFFLER, Joseph, 446 Stanhope street, Ridgewood, 89.20 per cent
HINES, Victor, First street, Bayside, 89.08 per cent
WISHART, Leonard T., 33 Third avenue, Long Island City, 89.08 per cent
WEY, Joseph J., 386 Steinway avenue, Long Island City, 88.69 per cent
FITTERER, Frank O., 265 Steinway avenue, Long Island City, 88.69 per cent
LORENZ, Joseph E., 231 Crescent, Astoria, 88.38 per cent
OTTO, Frederick, 88 Seventh street, Woodside, 88.28 per cent
LOFT, Henry S., Jamaica and Benedict avenues, Woodhaven, 87.78 per cent
O¹SULLIVAN, Henry J., 369 Lockwood street, Astoria, 87.71 per cent
HOGAN, John J., 134 Myrtle avenue, Flushing, 87.62 per cent
CAPUTO, William B., Koerner and Jefferson streets, Elmhurst, 87.61 per cent
ILLING, Arthur R., 786 Steinway avenue, Long Island City, 87.43 per cent
BURDEN, William S., 656 Vernon avenue, Ravenswood, 87.34 per cent
MAHONEY, Joseph H., 78 Willow street, Astoria, 87.25 per cent
HARMSE, Fred W., Titus street, Steinway, 87.17 per cent
SADIO, Anthony J., 459 Broadway, Astoria, 86.87 per cent
TACCAEDO, Frank M., 71 Grove street, Flushing, 86.70 per cent
OHN, Victor M., 130 Fourteenth avenue, Astoria, 86.54 per cent
STAPLETON, James T., 199 Jamaica avenue, Astoria, 86.54 per cent
CONLON, John E., 476 Flushing avenue, Steinway, 86.22 per cent
GLASER, John J., 132 Twelfth street, Long Island City, 85.33 per cent
NORMOYLE, Thomas F., 199 Elm street, Astoria, 85.30 per cent
HARPER, Charles, 44 Waverly avenue, Rockaway, 84.98 per cent
MORRISON, George O., Anderson avenue, Woodside, 84.76 percent
HEIL, William, Eighth street, Whitestone, 84.63 percent
O¹CONNOR, Harry J., 135 Fourth avenue, College Point, 84.62 per cent
WEBSTER, Thomas M., Central avenue, Rockaway, 84.41 per cent
CLANCY, Thomas G., 408 Thirteenth avenue, Steinway, 84.34 per cent
SCHERER, Samuel, Fourth avenue, College Point, 84.27 per cent
MULLEN, James C., Jefferson avenue, Morris Park, 84.14 per cent
BURRIS, Charles W., 41 Washington avenue, Glendale, 84.10 per cent
MALONE, Thomas J., 170 Academy street, Long Island City, 84.10 per cent
HEGEMAN, Washington, Railroad avenue, Arverne, 83.94 per cent
MC COOL, William, 33 Jefferson avenue, Morris Park, 83.70 per cent
BROSSNER, William J., Fort Totten, 83.61 per cent
SUDBRINK, William F., 43 Halsey street, Astoria, 83.02 per cent
CAREY, John J., 71 Washington avenue, Evergreen, 82.89 per cent
ESCHENFELDER, Jacob, Bayside, 82.89 per cent
HOBERT, Anthony, 37 Clinton avenue, Corona, 82.13 per cent
KELLER, William F., 349 Hamilton street, Ravenswood, 81.42 per cent
STOSSEL, John, Wycoff avenue, Evergreen, 81.41 per cent
POWELL, Evan L.,  859 Fourth avenue, College Point, 81.32 per cent
LADUE, Edward, Prometcha avenue, Corona, 81.16 per cent
LARKIN, John, 639 Blackwell street, Astoria, 81.03 per cent
LOVETT, John A., 614 Boulevard, Rockaway, 81.01 per cent
ALLBRECHT, Alfred P., 222 Covert street, Evergreen, 80.94 per cent
KILROY, John J., 375 Ninth avenue, Astoria, 80.93 per cent
REICHERSBACH, John, 559 Ninth avenue, Astoria, 80.67 per cent
FETTIG, Louis, Oceanview avenue, Glendale, 80.62 per cent
DALZELL, George E., 1049 Fourth avenue, Astoria, 79.93 per cent
GORMLEY, James, 85 Greenpoint avenue, Long Island City, 79.86 per cent
LAMPE, Richard H., 161 Flushing avenue, Astoria, 79.69 per cent
BAIER, Henry, 23 Atlantic street, Maspeth, 79.48 per cent
GILL, Thomas, 93 Washington street, Flushing, 79.37 per cent
KASSING, August H., 472 Broadway, Astoria, 79.21 per cent
HERBERT, William G., 284 Theodore street, Steinway, 79.02 per cent
(R?)ADLEIN, Frank J., 157 Academy street, Long Island City, 78.21 per cent
FORTUNE, George A., Tenth avenue, Astoria, 78.07 per cent
RUPPLE, Edward A., 227 Fairview avenue, Ridgewood, 78.04 per cent
DURR, Charles H., 258 Flushing avenue, Astoria, 77.90 per cent
O¹BRIEN, John J., 131 Jackson avenue, Long Island City, 76.49 per cent