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1910 Annual Police Parade

Brooklyn "cops" carried  off high honors in the annual police parade in 
Manhattan today.  Before the arrival of the parade, considerable merriment 
was created in front of the grand stand by the appearance of a 5-year-old boy 
dressed in a uniform corresponding in all details to that of an inspector.  
The youngster strutted about in great glee and told everybody that he was 
going to be a big "cop" someday.  He said his name is Sidney LEVY, of 
Eighty-third Street and Thirteenth Avenue, Borough Park.  For the first time 
in the history of the parade several of the battalions composed of veterans 
of thirty-five years or over carried guidons and flags.  These presented to 
the men at the Seventh Regiment Armory last Tuesday.

       The order of the parade was as follows:
       On the staff of Chief Inspector Max F. SCHMITTBERGER, who headed the 
parade, were Inspector JOHN J. MURTHA, of the Sixteenth District, chief of 
staff; Capt. Jacob BROWN, Bridge Precinct D, and Capt. William HAGAN, First 
precinct, aide; Chief Surgeon Marvin R. PALMER, Chaplains John A. WADE and 
Francis J. SULLIVAN, Supt. Michael R. BRENNAN, of the Telegraph Bureau; 
Capts. Herman W. SCHLATTMAN, of the Seventh Precinct; George C. LIEBERS, of 
the Sixty-eighth precinct; John O'BRIEN, of the Twenty-third precinct, and 
James F. THOMPSON, of the Twenty-eighty precinct.  Flags and orderlies 
       The honor company, consisting of members of the force who have 
received the Police Department and Citizens Medals for valor, bravery or 
meritorious service came next.  It was in command of Capt. Michael J. GALVIN, 
of the 169th precinct, and consisted of the following:
Lieut Frederick STAHL, Twelfth precinct, 1898
Lieut. John E. SCHLEPP, 292nd Precinct, 1899
Lieut. Solomon C. HAUPTMAN, 146th Precinct
Sergeant Louis C. WAGNER, Nineteenth Precinct
Sergeant Samuel F. HARRIGAN, 143rd Precinct, 1900
Lieut. Michael R. KELLY, Second Inspection District
Sergeant William H. AHRENS, 277th Precinct, 1901
Lieut.  James S. BOLAN, Traffic Precinct C
Lieut. Robert E. MILLS, Harbor Precinct
Lieut. Robert QUINN, Twenty-eighth Precinct
Sergeant John TOMANY, 173rd Precinct
Sergeant Patrick J. KELLY, Traffic Precinct
Lieut. Charles G. LUTZ, 168th Precinct, 1903
Sergeant Joseph KAISER, 153rd Precinct
Patrolman Joseph M. MCNIERNEY, C.O. Squad, 1904
Capt. Michael J. GALVIN, 169th Precinct
Sergeant Daniel J. SULLIVAN, Bridge Precinct D
Patrolman Frederick J. WILDAY, Twenty-ninth Precinct
Patrolman Daniel GILL, 145th Precinct
Patrolman Daniel SHAW, Traffic Precinct A
Patrolman John J. DWAN, B.R.H. Squad
Patrolman James FOX, Nineteenth Precinct
Patrolman Edward J. QUINN, 146th Precinct, 1906
Sergeant Benjamin MALIAM, Detective Bureau
Sergeant Eugene C. CASEY, C.O. Squad
Patrolman Harry HOERT, C.O. Squad
Patrolman Thomas J. QUILTY, Traffic Precinct C
Patrolman Walter MCDONOUGH, Traffic Precinct R
Patrolman Robert J. KELLY, 148th Precinct, 1907
Patrolman Harry L. LOBDELL, R.R.H. Squad
Patrolman Walter MCDONOUGH, Traffic Precinct R
Patrolman Patrick REILLY, Traffic Precinct D, 1908
Sergeant William A. STEVENS, 285th Precinct
Patrolman James C. WHITE, Twelfth Precinct
Patrolman Edward BURKE, Seventy-ninth Precinct
Patrolman Thomas F. J. O'GRADY, Traffic Precinct C
Patrolman Grover C. BROWN, Eighty-first Precinct
Patrolman Clarence C. SMITH, 155th Precinct

       The remainder of the force was divided into five brigades and was 
lined up in the following order:

First Brigade.       
Consisting of First Regiment, foot, bicycle and mounted traffic men:
       Inspector George F. TITUS, Fifth Inspection District, commanding
       Staff Lieut.  Charles F. KELLY, Fifth Inspection District, aide
       Surgeon Patrick J. MURRAY , twenty forth Surgical District
       Chaplain Duncan M. GENNS
       Lieut. John M. HEFFERON, Thirty-third Precinct.

       First Regiment - Police Band: 
       Inspector William F. BOETTLER, Fourteenth Inspection district
       Acting Captain William MCCULLOUGH, Traffic Precinct C adjutant
       Lieut. Cornelius F. CUSCY, Traffic Precinct C, commanding
       Lieut. John J. COLLINS, Traffic Precinct D, commanding Forth Company
       Lieut. Robert KELLY, Traffic Precinct A, Sixth Company
       Lieut. John R. SEXTON, Traffic Precinct B, commanding Seventh Company 
       Lieut. John W. ATHERSON, C.O. Squad, Commanding Eighth Company
       Lieut. David KANE, Traffic Precinct D, commanding, Ninth Company
       Lieut. James WALL, Traffic Precinct A, Commanding

       BICYCLE TRAFFIC SQUAD - Lieut. Byron R. SACKETT, Traffic Precinct C., 
       Acting Capt. Martin D. CORBETT, Traffic Precinct A
       Lieut David MCCARTHY, Traffic Precinct C adjutant, Troop D
       Acting Capt. Philip GROSSBACK, Traffic Precinct D
       Lieut. Thomas MEYERS, Traffic Precinct D
       Lieut.  Jeremiah MAGLIN, Traffic Precinct C
       Lieut. Oscar P. HIMMELL, C.O. Squad
       Lieut. John T. SMITH, Traffic Precinct
       Lieut. John W. WILSON, Traffic Precinct C
       Lieut. George S. WOOD, Traffic Precinct A
       Lieut. James O'HARA, Traffic Precinct A
       Lieut. John L. FALCONER, Nineteenth Precinct
       Lieut. Joseph A. HOWARD, Traffic Precinct B
       Lieut Richard O'CONNOR, Traffic Precinct R
       Lieut. Patrick WALSH, Traffic Precinct B..

Second Brigade - Consisting of Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Regiments:

       Inspector George W. MCCLUSKY, Third Inspection District
       Lieut. John F. ROUTH, Third Inspection District, aide
       Surgeon David D. JENNINGS, Twentieth Surgical District
       Lieut. William J. MULCARE, Harbor Precinct
       Lieut. Seward T. WALSH, C.O. Squad
       Inspector Dennis SWEENEY, Tenth Inspection District
       Lieut. George CULLUM, Tenth Inspection District
       Capt. John J. FARRELL, Thirty-sixth Precinct, commanding
       Capt. Dennis BRENNAN, Sixty-fifth Precinct
       Capt. John F. TAPPIN, Sixty-third Precinct
       Capt. Patrick J. CRAY, Twenty-fifth Precinct, commanding, Sixth 
       Lieut. William ENNIS, Seventh Court Squad, Manhattan, commanding, 7th Co.
       Lieut. John M. BENNER, Ninth Precinct, Commanding
       Lieut. Henry EBERT, Nineteenth Precinct, Commanding
       Lieut. John HUGHES, Fortieth Precinct, commanding
       Lieut. Edward DWYER, Harbor Precinct, commanding

Third Regiment  - Sixty-ninth Regiment Band
       Inspector William G. HOGAN, First Inspection District, Commanding
       Lieut. Edward J. FULTON, Eighty-first Precinct, adjutant
       Capt. Henry HALPIN, Two Hundred and Eighty-first Precinct
       Capt. Martin HANDY, Thirteenth Precinct, commanding
       Capt. Michael NAUGHTON, Sixty-first Precinct, commanding
       Capt. Thomas W. WALSH, Forth-third Precinct, commanding
       Capt. Horatio N. YOUNG, Eighty-first Precinct, commanding
       Capt. John MCCAULEY, Sixty-ninth Precinct, commanding
       Capt. William J. LAHEY, Twenty-second Precinct, commanding
       Capt. William FENNELY, Twenty-sixth Precinct, Commanding
       Lieut. John H. AYRES, One hundred and forty-third Precinct, commanding
       Lieut. Theodore RAYNOR, Thirty-first Precinct, commanding
       Lieut. John GLYNN, First Inspection District, commanding.

Fourth Regiment -
       Seventh Regiment Band
       Inspector James E. HUSSEY, Sixth Inspection District
       Lieut. Edward J. McNALLY, Sixth Inspection district, adjutant
       Capt. Sylvester D. BALDWIN, Fourteenth Precinct
       Capt. Edward J. TOOLE, Fifth Precinct
       Capt. John E. ZIMMERMAN, Thirty-second Precinct
       Capt. Edward S. WALLING, 279th Precinct
       Capt. William F. DAY, Ninth Precinct
       Capt. John F. O'CONNOR, Fifteenth precinct
       Lieut. James F. SHAW, Seventy-ninth Precinct
       Lieut. William A. BAILEY, Twenty second Precinct
       Lieut. Matthew MCKEON, Harbor Precinct
       Lieut. Bernard KELLEHER, Fifteenth Precinct
       Lieut. Ernest L.B. VONDIEZELSKI, Sixteenth Precinct 
       Lieut. Adam ARNETH, Twenty-third Precinct

Fifth Regiment - Old Guard Band
       Inspector James E. DILLON, Eighth Inspection District
       Lieut. William J. LYNCH, Thirty-third Precinct
       Capt. Louis KREUSCHER, Fortieth Precinct
       Capt. Cornelius G. HAYES, Nineteenth Precinct
       Capt. Patrick CORCORAN, Thirty ninth Precinct
       Capt. Thomas PALMER, Twelfth Precinct
       Capt. Matthew ROBINSON, Tenth Precinct
       Lieut. William GILHOOLY, Twenty-third Precinct
       Lieut David HAWKINS, Thirty-fifth Precinct
       Lieut. John HOWARD, Second Court Squad, Manhattan
       Lieut. Benjamin F. AUSTIN, Twenty-eighth Precinct
       Lieut. John J. NOBLE, Fifteenth Precinct
       Lieut. Charles J. FARLEY, Two Hundred and Eighty-first Precinct

Third Brigade - Consisting of Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Regiments:
       Inspector Richard WALSH, Fourth Inspection District
       Staff Lieut. Samuel G. BELTON, Fourth Inspection District aide
       Surgeon Edward T. HIGGINS, Eleventh Surgical District
       Lieut. Edward MCANIFF, Twenty-ninth Precinct
       Lieut. William H. SCOBLE, Fourth Inspection District.

Sixth Regiment - Twelfth Regiment Band
       Inspector John H. RUSSELL, Detective Bureau
       Lieut. Daniel E. COSTIGAN, Sixty-sixth Precinct
       Capt. John W. COTTRELL, eighth Precinct
       Capt. Patrick MURPHY, Ninety-ninth Precinct
       Capt. Frederick G. CARSON, Thirty-third Precinct
       Capt. Edward HUGHES, Thirty-first Precinct
       Lieut. John T. HORRIGAN, Sixth Precinct
       Lieut. Thomas E. WALSH, Twenty-third Precinct
       Lieut. William BUTLER, Seventeenth Precinct
       Lieut. Charles J. SCHLUNSEN, 163rd Precinct
       Lieut. Joseph P. LOONAM, C.O. Squad
       Lieut. Patrick LANE, Second Precinct
       Lieut. Andrew DEVERY, Second Precinct
Seventh Regiment - Eighth Regiment Band
       Inspector John D. HERLIHY, Thirteenth Inspection District
       Lieut. George L. SULLIVAN, Thirteenth Inspection District
       Capt. Donald GRANT, Seventeenth Precinct
       Capt. John J. LANTRY, Twenty-Ninth Precinct
       Capt. Edward GALLAGHER, Second Precinct
       Capt. Dominick HENRY, Sixteenth Precinct
       Lieut. John SHAY, Sixteenth Precinct
       Lieut. Lawrence T. O'BRIEN, Fifth Precinct
       Lieut. James A. BRADY, Fifth Court Squad, Manhattan
       Lieut. Frederick W. BLOHM, C.O. Squad
       Lieut. William JONES, Detective Bureau
       Lieut. James J. MCCANN, Fortieth Precinct
       Lieut. Oscar GEISLER, C. O. Squad
Eighth Regiment - Brown's Band
       Insp. John J. Daly, Second Inspection District
       Lieut. Thomas V. UNDERHILL, Second Inspection District
       Capt. Dennis F. WARD, Seventy Fourth Precinct
      Capt. John J. MCNALLY, Seventy-seventh Precinct
       Capt. Henry BURFEIND, Twenty-first Precinct
       Capt. John F. LINDEN, Eightieth Precinct
       Capt. Frank MORRIS, Sixty-sixth Precinct
       Lieut. Rafael SCHULUM, Second Precinct
       Lieut. Charles BECKER, Twelfth Precinct
       Lieut. Richard FINN, C.O. Squad
       Lieut. Max LASKY, Thirty-ninth Precinct
       Lieut. Frank GALAGHER, Thirty-second Precinct
       Lieut. Edwin J. DOBSON, C.O. Squad

Fourth Brigade consisting of Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Regiments.
       Inspector George R. HOLAHAN, Brooklyn
       Lieut. George DIPPOLD, B.B.H. Squad, aide
       Surgeon Henry P. DEFOREST, Nineteenth Surgical District
       Chaplain William P. MCGUIRL
       Lieut. George W. KNOX, 151st Precinct
       Lieut. James MURRAY, 144th Precinct

Ninth Regiment - Thirteenth Regiment Band
       Inspector John J. O'BRIEN
       Lieut. William G. WITHERS, Fifteenth Inspection District
       Capt. Christian REIMELS, 153rd Precinct
       Capt. Robert E. DOOLEY, 160th Precinct
       Capt. David EVANS, 171st Precinct
       Capt. John BUCHANAN, 277th Precinct
       Capt. Patrick J. TRACY, 176th Precinct
       Capt. Lincoln GRAY, 162nd Precinct
       Capt. John DULFER, 166th Precinct
       Capt. William COLEMAN, 161st Precinct
       Capt. James J. SAVAGE, 147th Precinct
       Capt. Alfred THOR, 143rd Precinct
       Lieut. W. ROUSS, 161st Precinct
       Lieut. Martin REGAN, 275th Precinct

Tenth Regiment - Fourteenth Regiment Band 
       Inspector Patrick J. HARKINS, Ninth Inspection District
       Capt. Dennis F. GALLAGHER, 157th Precinct 
       Capt. Thomas CULLEN, 156th Precinct
       Capt. Francis A. CREAMER, 167th Precinct
       Capt. Bernard GALLAGHER, 148th Precinct
       Capt. John BECKER, 146th Precinct
       Capt. Owen ROONEY, 290 Precinct
       Capt. William SHAW, 149th Precinct
       Capt. James POST, 163RD Precinct
       Capt. John BARNES, 283rd Precinct
       Capt. Samuel A. MCELROY, 145th Precinct
       Capt. Geo. G. FARR, 172nd Precinct

Eleventh Regiment - Twenty-third Regiment Band
       Inspector Thomas J. KELLY, Twelfth Inspection District
       Lieut. George CHARLTON, 155th Precinct adjutant
       Capt. Frederick WOHLFARTH, 152nd Precinct
       Capt. Charles C. WENDELL, 278th Precinct
       Capt. Thomas MAUDE, 275th Precinct
       Capt. Bernard J. HAYES, 146th Precinct
       Capt. Charles FORMOSA, 168th Precinct
       Capt. John W. O'CONNOR, 285th Precinct
       Capt. Isaac FRANK, 165th Precinct
       Capt. Thomas H. MURPHY, 144th Precinct
       Lieut. Thomas BRENNAN, 164th Precinct
       Lieut. Julius PETERSEN, B.E.H. Squad
       Lieut. Thomas McDONALD, 293rd Precinct  

Fifth Brigade consisting of Veteran Company, Bridge Battalion, Harbor 
Precinct, Marine Signal Company, Special Battalion, Telegraph Bureau Company, 
motorcycles, bicycles and cavalry.
       Inspector John F. FLOOD, Seventh Inspection District
       Lieut. Frank RHEINISH, Sixty-fifth Precinct
       Surgeon Henry G. WEBSTER, Twenty-second Surgical District
       Lieut. Alonzo POWELL, Seventy-fourth Precinct
       Inspector James MCCAFFERTY, Eleventh Inspection District'      
       Lieut. Ernest H. WOODIN, 156th Precinct

       Veteran Company - Capt. Thomas MURPHY, C.O. Squad, commanding; two 
lieutenants, two sergeants, thirty-two patrolmen.

       Bridge Battalion -
       Capt. George A. ALONCLE, Bridge Precinct C
       Lieut. Patrick MCGINLEY, Bridge Precinct C
       Capt. Edward J. BOURKE, Bridge Precinct A
       Lieut. William MCCOY, Bridge Precinct D
       Lieut. Edward MCGUIRE, Sixteenth Inspection District
       Lieut. John BARRY, Bridge Precinct C
       Lieut.  Henry LANGE, Bridge Precinct D

       Harbor Precinct - Acting  Capt. Fred J. MOTT, Harbor Precinct, commanding

       Marine Signal Company - Lieut. Charles D. PAULDING, Harbor Precinct

       Special Battalion - Lieut. Henry BREEN, Boiler Squad
       Sgt. James T. TROY, C.O. Squad
       Patrolman William B. FREEMAN, Twenty-first Precinct
       Patrolman M.H. O'BRIEN, Eighteenth Precinct
       Patrolman Walter D. SIMPSON, Sixteenth Precinct
       Patrolman Harry A. BERRY, Thirty-sixth Precinct
       Patrolman August H. KASSING, 275th Precinct
       Telegraph Bureau - Lieut Thomas RYAN, Telegraph Bureau

       Bicycle Squad - Lieut. George H. KAUFF, Traffic Precinct C

       Calvary -
       Lieut. William T. DAVIS, C.O. Squad
       Lieut. Charles E. NORTHUP, C.O. Squad
       Lieut John MCLAUGHLIN, Sixty-first Precinct
       Lieut. James KANE, Sixth Inspection District
       Lieut. Patrick F. GILMARTIN, Twenty-first Precinct
       Lieut. John PEPPER, Sixty-first Precinct
       Lieut. William FERDON, Sixty-first Precinct
       Lieut. Edgar J. HEARLE, Sixty-ninth Precinct
       Lieut. Richard MANNING, C.O. Squad
       Lieut. Francis CAVANAGH, Seventy-fourth Precinct
       Lieut. Gerard B. HILLYER, 173rd Precinct
       Lieut William SMULLEN, 169th Precinct
       Lieut. John L. BERGMAN, First Precinct
       Lieut. John T. LAKE, 153rd Predinct
       Lieut. Joseph MCKAY, 277th Precinct
       Lieut. James WHEELWRIGHT, 282nd Precinct
       Lieut. Henry A. MILLER, 275th Precinct
       Lieut. George T. GREEN, Twenty-fifth Precinct

       Motorcycles - Sergeant Samuel H. JOHNSON, B.B.H. Squad.

Transcribed by M.E. Fitzpatrick