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Brooklyn Standard Union
More than 400 recruits of the Women's Police Training Corps met in 
the gymnasium of Police Headquarters last night and were addressed by 
Special Deputy Commissioner Rodman WANNAMAKER and Inspector John F. 
DWYER, commander of the Police Reserves.

Classes are to be established in convenient centres, where the women 
will be instructed two nights a week in civics, history, geography, 
and other civil service subjects. They also will be made physically 
efficient by means of gymnasium work. The ferreting out of German 
spies and the counteracting of German propaganda are among the duties 
the women will be asked to perform.

There are at present 600 vacancies in the Police Department. Women 
applicants must be from 18 to 35 years old. Announcements will be 
made when the schools of instruction will be opened.

14 June 1918
The Women Police Reserves of the 105th Police Precinct will meet next Mnday 
night, June 17, in the Assembly Hall of the Greepoint Y.M.C.A.
Capt. Charles LEE announced a captain and other officers will be chosen, as 
about 100 women have signified their willingness to become members.

18 June 1918
The Women Police Reserves of the 120th Precinct, which takes in Jamaica, 
Springfield, Rosedale, St. Albans, Queens, Hollis, Hillside, Dunton, South 
Ozone Park and neighboring localities, held an organization meeting in the 
Jamaica Town Hall last night.  Twenty-three women were present.  Police Capt. 
Geroge J. KAUFF, of the Jamaica station, made an address, in which he told 
the women of their duties as police reserves, and explained how imporant and 
useful their work is.

The following officers were elected:  
Captain, Mrs. Emma FITZGERALD, of Jamaica; 
First lieutenant, Mrs. Mary M. McDONALD, of Jamaica; 
Second lieutenant, Mrs. TAYLOR, of Hollis; 
Sergeant and clerk, Miss TAYLOR, of Hollis. 
It was decided to hold semi-monthly meetings on the first and third 
Monday nights in the rooms of George E. TILLY Camp, Spanish War Veterans, 
in the Hown Hall.  The women voted to begin work immediately, looking for 
infractions of the law.

21 June 1918
Women Police Reserves of the Seventy-sixth Precinct were
organized last night at a meeting held in the South Branch
Library, Fifty-first street and Fourth avenue.  
Mrs. Laura K. SMITH presided at the session.

There will be two corps.  
Mrs. Laura K. SMITH was chosen as captain of the first, 
and Mrs. Agnes LEONARD WARD, of the second.  
Each corps will have two lieutenants and three sergeants, with forty members.

22 June 1918
A number of public-spirited women who live within the confines of the 
Fourth avenue police station district met at the South Branch Library,
Fifty-fourth street and Fourth Avenue, last Thursday night and organized
the Women Police Reserves of the Seventy-sixth Precinct.  Mrs. Laura K.
SMITH was chairman.  Police Lieut. Cornelius SULLIVAN outlined the
purposes of the reserves.  Two corps were organized.  Mrs. SMITH was
selected captain of one and Mrs. Agnes LEONARD WARD provisional
executive member of the Ninth Assembly Democratic Club, of the other.

Each Corps has two lieutenants and three sergeants.  
Mrs. SMITH announced that her lieutenants are

Mrs. Marguerite MOLLOY and

and her sergeants

Miss Ella COOPER, 
Mrs. Theresa McGEENEY and
Miss Alice DE BUHR.

Members of her corps, each one being limited to forty members, 
include the following:

Miss Charlotte McCOY
Mrs. Gertrude McDOWELL
Mrs. Bertha RAPHAEL
Mrs. Theresa JOHNSTON
Isabelle C. WHITE
Mrs. Grace M. STYMER
Gladys BRINK
Miss Henrietta DE BUHR
Blanche LEWIS
Miss Anna CAHILL
Miss Florence CROCKETT
Miss Alice OLSEN
Miss May YOUNG
Miss Edith WENSLEY
Miss Ethel HICKEY
Miss Margaret FLAHERTY
Miss Margaret SONBORN
Mrs. Minnie LYNCH
Mrs. Henry LANG
Mrs. Bessie WHITAKER
Miss Florence DE WALTOFF
Miss Ruth MILLER
Mrs. Adele WALKER and
Mrs. Jennie BANG

A meeting to organize a woman's police reserve corps for the
Ninety-third Precinct, with station in Poplar street, will be held
in the Oak room of the Hotel St. George next Wednesday night...
Among the speakers will be 
Mrs. Bertlin ELDER, 
Mrs. A. S.RILEY, 
Miss Amy WREN, 
Police Inspector Thomas McDONALD, 
Capt.Walter ROUSE and Sergeant Walter W. JOYCE.

28 June 1918
Reorganized Police Reserve
City to Get First Glimpse of Efficient Body of 10,000 members developed by 
Deputy Commissioner Wanamaker from Old Home Defense League at Big Fourth of 
July Celebration at Speedway Park -- Women, in New Uniforms, will take 
Conspicious [sic] Part in Notable Demonstration

The Brooklyn Members of the Police Reserve, the auxiliary police organization 
in charge of Special Deputy Commissioner Rodman WANAMAKER and Inspector John 
F. DWYER, will turn out in force at the big celebration to be conducted by 
the Reserves of the greater city at Speedway Park, Sheepshead Bay, on July 4.

Those in charge of the plans say that it will one of the biggest events in 
connection with the Fourth of July celebration that has ever been held.� The 
people of New York City will have the first opportunity to see the male and 
female members of the Police Reserve, an organization that was created out of 
the old Home Defense League by Deputy Commissioner Wanamaker and developed 
into an efficient body of 10,000 men and women trained to guard the city 
against any catastrophe at a moment's notice.� 
This body will be mobilized at Speedway Park, where impressive ceremonies 
will be held.� 
The women members of the Police Reserves in Brooklyn are:

74th Precinct:

Viola ACCOLLA, 1134 E. 2nd st.
Florence Chance FOUNTAIN, 1413� ?
Margaret MCMAHAN, 2317 New__ av.
Louise O'NEIL, 1089 Coney Island
---- QUINN, 974 Gravesend av.
_S. YOUNGE, 1053 E. 2nd St.
Mary E. WILSON, 213 Webster av.
Louisa M. WENDELL, 631 E. 4th St.

76th Precinct

Julia A. ALLEN
Mrs. Susanne BYRNE, 421 41st st.
Mrs. E. BLYTTIE, 5510 4th av.
Miss Margaret E. BURKE, 3905 4th av.
Miss Anne V. BURKE, 3905 4th av.
Mrs. Mary McCormick Bishop, 437 44th st.
Mrs. Nellie J. Bullock, 5711 4th st.
Mrs. Anna COAKLEY, 418 36th st.
Mrs. Mary Grines CONBOY, 413 44th st.
Mrs. Anna CHRISTIE, 617 59th st.
Mrs. Alice D. DUFFY, 461 50th st.
Mrs. Charlotte M. DAVIS, 459 41st st.
Mrs. John DRISCOLL, 4407 4th av.
Miss Louise M. DEHOUST, 352 50th st.
Mrs. Elizabeth Egan READON, 433 44th st.
Mrs. J.V. FLYNN, 357� 47th st.
Mrs. Margaret FITZGERALD, 955 4th av.
Mrs Frances TELLER, 523 49th st.
Miss Katherine gRAVES, 449 64th st.
Mrs. Floyd NORTON, 1159 51st st.
Miss Anna Elizabeth HALL, 764 48th st.
Mrs. Harry A. HARRIGAN, 413 57th st.
Mrs. Catherine HAYES, 365 42nd st.
Miss Mary C. HANCOCK, 315 42nd st.
Mrs. Charlotte JOHNSON, 464 43d st.
Mrs. Hannah JOHNSON, 538 54th st.
Miss Margaret G. KIVLIN, 464 47th st.
Mrs Eugenia A. LACROIX, 547 41st st.
Mrs. Mary LUCK, 944 4th av.
Mrs. Carrie LITTLE, 433 44th st.
Miss Katherine V. LEONARD, 421 37th st.
Miss Mary E MAGUIRE, 355 36th st.
Mrs. Mary MCDERMOTT, 6005 4th av.
Mrs. Anna MCGREEVY, 362 58th st.
Mrs. Marguerite MACKNIGHT, 426 54 st.
Mrs. E. MCKIERNAN, 614 44th st.
Mrs. Ellen J. MARSHALL, 428 41st st.
Mrs. W. MALONEY, 930 58th st.
Mrs. Kathryn O'CONNOR, 413 49th st.
Mrs. Elizabeth J. QUIGLEY, 337 41st st.
Mrs. Susan RAWSIN, 430 53d st.
Miss Margaret O. ROACH, 422 36th st.
Miss Gertrude M. SAMMON, 470 43d st.
Mrs. Laura K. SMITH, 615 48th st.
Mrs. Isabella Caroline WHITE, 653 4th av.

78th precinct

Julia A. ALLEN, 425 36th st
Mrs. Alvino P. BENNETT, 62 Sherman st.
Mrs. Nettie BLOOM, 427 16th st.
Mrs. Teresa DENHAM, 423 16th st.
Mrs. Antoinette B. FICKEN, 270 9th st.
Mrs. Jay FERRALL, 276 20th st.
Miss Elizabeth GRIFFING, 293 18th st.
Mrs. Sarah GRIFFING, 293 18th st.
Mrs Johanna GOLLUBER, 48 Fulton pl.
Mrs. Jeannette HARING, 457 15th st.
Mrs. Agnes I. HURLEY, 235 15th st.
Mrs. Florence Doodell HOAGLUND, 56 Sherman st.
Mrs. Mary HURLEY, 360 14th st.
Mrs. Florence Grace HIGGINS, 47 Fuller pl.
Mrs. Margaret JOHNSON, 229 15th st.
Miss Mary M. KEOGH, 666 6th av.
Mrs. Anna M. KATHMEYER, 60 Sherman st.
Mrs. Josephine I. LARKIN, 210 22nd st
Mrs. Jeannette LEIPMAN, 46 Sherman st.
Mrs. Solly LYONS, 1014 11th av.
Mrs. MAE LYMAN, 65 Sherman st.
Mrs. Anna M. MONAHAN, 210 22nd st.
Miss Anna T. O'MELIA, 284 18th st.
Miss Frances V. PATERNO, 248 18th st.
Mrs Lena J. RUNSDORF, 70 Sherman st.
Mrs. Albert RASOFT, 330 12th st.
Miss Ottillie F. SEROCKE, 197 17th st.
Mrs. Katherine F. SIMMONS, 304 10th st.
Miss Elizabeth TURNER, 233 23d st.
Mrs. Elizabeth TURNER, 233 23d st.
Mrs. Elizabeth VAN ALST, 181 Prospect Park West

79th Precinct

Mrs. Blanche M. ASHLEY, 186 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Pauline M. ALTENAN, 127 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Charlotte M. BOWERS, 126 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Elizabeth BELL, 122 W. 97th st.
Mrs. Clymena BERTHEOL, 545 Bergen st.
Mrs. Julia COX, 51 Johnson st.
Mrs. Marinette D. CHURCH, 189 Prospect pl.
Miss Catherine CANNA, 210 Flatbush av.
Mrs. Marianne C. CALLSON, 186 Prospect pl
Mrs. Louise R. CUSHMAN, 186 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Alice L. DELANCEY, 186 Prospect pl.
Miss Ethel Rubino ENGSTROM, 50 Nevins st.
Miss Beatrice ENOS, 127 Prospect pl.
Miss Marie FINLEY, 466 Dean st.
Mrs. Irene FRANK, 319 Pearl st.
Mrs. Margaret D. FRENCY, 235 Hancock st.
Mrs. Clara Elton FOGG, 462 2d st.
Miss Louise D. GUERRA, 29 Polhemus pl.
Miss Lucretia D. GUERRA, 29 Polhemus pl.
Mrs. Anna GEAGEN, 186 Prospect pl.
Miss Dearis Mayland GOETZ, 94 Fort Greene pl.
Mrs. C.A. HARDEN, 359 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Agnes E. HALL, 3561 White Plains av.
Mrs. Holly Cunningham HAHNE, 50 Nevins st.
Mrs. Kate KELLY, 531 E. 134th st.
Miss Idea Ellen KIELEY, 50 Nevins st.
Mrs. Margaret C. LEE, 47 Orient av.
Miss Elizabeth S. LEAVENWORTH, 127 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Irene LUNDMARK, 189 Prospect pl.
Miss Mathilde LESTER, 214 Park pl.
Miss Adelaide L. LONG, 127 Prospect pl.
Mrs. May L. LAWSON, 506 Dean st.
Miss Grace E. MCNULTY, 161 Berkley pl.
Mrs. Kate MACDONALD, 50 Nevins st.
Mrs. Louise MYERS, 129 Prospect pl.
Miss Florence Rose MULLER, 129 Prospect pl.
Miss Catherine R. MEEHAN, 129 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Virgil E. METCALFE, 186 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Maude MERRIMAN, 186 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Catherine MCELROY, 41 Lincoln pl.
Miss Florence E. NEWBURY, 142 Park pl.
Mrs. May T. NORMAN, 186 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Carrie E. NAUGLE, 206 Lincoln pl.
Mrs. Florence M. RUCKHAFER, 4308 Martha av.
Miss Elizabeth PRIME, 127 Prospect pl.
Miss Mary PATTERSON, 98 Park pl.
Miss Stella M. SMITH, 241 Garfield pl.
Mrs. Sue J. SMITH, 50 Nevins pl.
Mrs. Emily M.S. SENGER, 129 Prospect pl.
Miss Kathleen Olga TOMEE, 189 Nassau st.
Mrs. Grace THOMPSON, 186 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Claire TALMADGE, 180 St. John's pl.
Mrs. Matilda VANDERBURGH, 186 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Gladys WRIGHT, 505 9th st.
Miss Elizabeth J. WELLS, 129 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Harriet E. WITHERBEE, 186 Prospect pl.
Mrs. Mary E. WINANS, 466 2d st.
Mrs. Margaret WHITE, 210 Flatbush av.
Miss ELSIE WEINMAR, 50 Nevins st.
Helen Read WHITNEY, 4306 Martha av.

80th Precinct

Miss Jennie BELBENSEE, 9119 Schenck pl.
Mrs. Jennie BELBENSEE, 9119 Schenck pl.
Miss Helen G. BUSHMAN, 756 Linwood st.
Mrs. Lillian BENNETT, 1211 E. 93d st.
Mrs. Fannie A. BUECHNER, 1180 E. 94th st
Miss Regina BUSHMAN, 756 Linwood st.
Mrs. Mary BUCK, 95 Conklin av.
Mrs. Nellie BUCHAN, 1044 E. 95th st.
Mrs. Minnie A. BUCHAN, 1048 E. 95th st.
Miss Edith E. CROWE, 1167 E. 92d st.
Mrs. William ECKS, 9530 Farragut rd.
Mrs. Julia ERNES, 1232 E. 92d st.
Mrs. Harriet FITZGERALD, 1084 E. 92d st.
Mrs. Carrie A. FORD, 1319 Rockaway av.
Miss Mary GAUGGEL, 9215 Foster av.
Mrs. Fredericka GREIS, 1052  E. 93d st.
Mrs. Jennie HERBERT, 14 Durland pl.
Mrs. Chas. L. JOHNSON, 8510 Flatlands av.
Mrs. Margaret MCELROY, 1182 E. 95th st.
Mrs. Dan VAN HAUTEN, 1184 E. 94th st.
Miss Margaretta E. QUARITIUS, 2138 Rockaway av.
Mrs. Wm. REGBY, 9318 Glenwood rd.
Mrs. Tena REED, 1103 E. 94th st.
Mrs. Edwin L. ROWLAND, 8506 Flatlands av.
Mrs. Mary SITZABLE, 969 E. 96th st.
Miss Mary A. SERENE, 9307 Flatlands av.
Mrs. Susan SMAILEY, 1101 E. 95th st.
Mrs. Emmie TRIMMER, 1184 E. 94th st.
Mrs. Anna C. TORBORG, 1200 Rockaway av.
Mrs. Nellie M. TICE, 9324 Glenwood rd.
Miss Laurel WILKIN, 9324 Glenwood rd.
Mrs. Margaret WARREN, 1345 E. 94th st.
Mrs. M.J. WATSON, 9515 Glenwood rd.

82d Precinct

Mrs Elizabeth ADAMS, 137 E. 32d st.
Miss Charlotte BRADY, 247 E. 28th st.
Mrs. Elsie M. BURNS, 926 New York av.
Mrs. Jeanette CLEMENT, 170 E. 35th st.
Mrs. Mary T. RUSNER, 994 Flatbush av.
Mrs. Emma M. FAGAN, 964 Brooklyn av.
Mrs. Minnie FERRALL, 2813 Avenue D
Miss Anna F. FLOOD, 3123 Beverly rd.
Mrs. Emma FRANSEN, 3323 Tilden av.
Mrs. Matilda GRAF, 2706 Beverly rd.
Mrs. Emma HOOVER, 269 E. 37th st.
Miss Anna HARRISON, 1059 E. 94th st.
Mrs. Mary KOBER, 2907 Cortelyou rd.
Miss Florence I. KURAN, 356 E. 31st st.
Miss Lillien F. LANG, 51 Snyder av.
Mrs. Anna LINGNER, 1118 Flatbush av.
Miss Minerva A. LANG, 51 Snyder av.
Mrs. Susan MCLEOD, 1112 Flatbush av.
Mrs. Juanita G. MACKENZIE, 2326 Tilden av.
Mrs. Anne ROTHAYFEL, 1081 Flatbush av.
Mrs. Rosetta MEEGAN, 351 E. 29th st.
Mrs. Mildren MOLENAOR, 261 E. 34th st.
Miss Edna M. MURPHY, 964 Brooklyn av.
Mrs. Madalene A. O'NEILL, 1071 New York av.
Mrs. Jessie D. PEARSON, 2561 Bedford av.
Mrs. Rebecca PATTEN, 1719 Nostrand av.
Mrs. Lillian M. SACKMAN, 1764 Bedford av.
Mrs. Marcella SEARING, 1066 New York av.
Mrs. Mabel F. STANTON, 409 E. 31st st.
Mrs. Milford THOMAS, 267 E. 32d st.
Mrs. Augusta C. JERULAND, 1827 Nostrand av.
Mrs. Evelina D. WILCOX, 198 Martense st.
Miss Evelina D. WILCOX, 198 Martense st.
Mrs. Susie King MILNE, 328A Monroe st.

85th Precinct

Mrs. Sadie A. BENEWY, 138 Powell st.
Mrs. J. BENNETT, 50 Liberty av.
Mrs. Etta GOLDBERG, 321 Stone av.
Mrs. Lena KAPLAN, 902 Hopkinson av.
Mrs. Jennie LIFSHITZ, 1728 Pitkin av.
Miss Pauline LEVIN, 1767 Pitkin av.
Miss Olga LEVIN, 1767 Pitkin av.
Mrs. Annie LOSKOWITZ, 1707 Pitkin av.
Miss Florence MOSKOWITZ, 2196 Dean st.
Mrs. Rose MANDELBAUM, 329 Stone av.
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Vogel, 332 Stone av.
Miss Rebecca ROSENBERG, 2071 Pacific st.
Mrs. Ethel R. STOLOFF, 31 Thatford av.
Mrs. Anna SCHOENBAUM, 334 Stone av.
Mrs. E. WILLIAM, 1589 Pitkin av.
Mrs. Ray WOLFF, 48 Liberty av.

87th Precinct

Miss Rose LEWIS, 879 St. Johns pl.

88th Precinct

Miss Henrietta HENCKLE, 986 President st.
Miss Mary MCVEIGH, 576 St. Marks pl.
Miss Carrie REED, 44 Lefferts pl.
Miss Anna ROMMEL, 518 Bergen st.

90th precinct

Miss Josephine ANDREONE, 410 Union st.
Miss Julia BRIERLY, 191 Baltic st.
Miss Mae Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, 297 Clinton st.
Mrs. Mary DOOLEY, 230 Pacific st.
Miss Josephine V. FINNEN, 395 Warren St.
Miss Mary E. MCCABE, 155 Court st.
Miss May MCCORMACK, 373 Hoyt st.
Miss Sadie A. MCCUE, 394 Hoyt st.
Mrs. Elizabeth NIELSEN, 125 Boerum pl.
Miss Sylvia L. STORTI, 44 Douglass st
Miss Adelaide STEWART, 245 Pacific st.
Mrs. Margaret SHEEHAN, 233 Pacific st.
Miss Daisy YOUNG, 125 Boerum pl.

91st Precinct

Miss Irene MCOOLIS, 1248 Pacific st.
Miss Ethel HARTSTEIN, 339 Hamburg av.
Mrs. Edward H. MCKEE, 160 Congress st.
Miss Marie F. YUTZI, 22 Ditmar st.

94th Precinct

Mrs. Lillian BLUMENTHAL, 172 Ralph av.
Mrs. Anna CALLAGHAN, 18 Woodbine st.
Mrs. Mary O. CALLAGHAN, 880 Madison st.
Mrs. Elsa CARKEN, 906 Madison st.
Miss Anges V. COSTELLO, 797 Putnam av.
Mrs. Annie F. CURRIE, 135 Patchen av.
Miss Emma DONNELLY, 112 Howard av.
Mrs. Sadie C. DOUGLAS, 876 Jefferson av.
Mrs. J. DYNON, 49 Hull st.
Miss Honore O. DUNN, 33 Moffatt st.
Mrs. Agnes M. MCELVANY, 1070 Hancock st.
Mrs. Mary FARRIER, 822 Quincy st.
Miss May E. FARRIER, 822 Quincy st.
Miss Agnes FITZMAURICE, 827 Madison st.
Miss Kathryn FITZMAURICE, "
Miss Geraldine FITZMAURICE, "
Mrs. Alice GITZ, 490 Chauncey st.
Miss Anna GRAY, 738 Chauncey st.
Mrs. Mary A. HAGAN, 478 Bainbridge st.
Mrs. Nellie HINCH, 122 Patchen st.
Miss Edna HINCH, "
Mrs. Henrietta E. KASHELL, 332A Marion st.
Miss Clara LIVELLARA, 717 Jefferson av.
Miss Columbia LIVELLARA, "
Mrs. Lillian MCNAUGHT, 490 Chauncey st.
Miss Josephine MORGAN, 1031 Jefferson st.
Mrs. Estelle MORRISON, 629 Bainbridge st.
Mrs. Helen MURPHY, 1121 Jefferson av.
Mrs. Mary A. NANRY, 681 Halsey st.
Mrs. Catherine L. NELSON, 977A Putnam av.
Mrs. Mary G. NOONAN, 902 Madison st.
Mrs. Margaret Quinn, 9 Eldert st.
Miss Helen RODEN, 790 Macon st.
Miss Catherine M. ROVER, 1052 Putnam av.
Mrs. Idea ROWEKE, 61 Woodbine st.
Mrs. Margaret RUOFF, 193 Ralph av.
Miss Alice E. RYAN, 456 Marion st.
Miss Lorettta J. RYAN, 456 Marion st.
Miss Julia SCHAEFER, 1044 Putnam av.
Miss Kathleen M. THOMSON, 912 Hancock st.
Mrs. Mary G. TYRRELL, 969 Jefferson av.
Miss Mae E. VAN CLIEF, 880 Madison st.
Mrs. Marguereta WEBER, 758 Madison st.
Miss Anna E. WILLIAMSON, 965 Putnam av.

95th Precinct

Miss Catherine M. AYLWARD, 104 Lewis av.
Miss Mathilde BELL, 1049 Bedford av.
Miss Lavinia T. CRANDALL, 898 Putnam av.
Miss Frances DRISCOLL, 569 Putnam av.
Mrs. William FROMMULLER, 607 Lexington av.
Miss Helen G. LEE, 583 Monroe st.
Miss Helen G. MCNEALIS, 589 Putnam av.
Miss Ella V. MATHERS, 226 Stuyvesant av.
Miss Mary J. OEAT, 62 Bainbridge st.
Mrs F.J. REILLY, 827 Gates av.
Miss Frida STERN, 452 Madison av.
Miss Louise TAPPAN, 317A Monroe St.

97th Precinct

Miss Anna HARTSTEIN, 339 Hamburg av.
Miss Frances HARTSTEIN, 339 Hamburg av.
Miss Sally SLAVIN, 547 Knickerbocker av.

101st Precinct

Miss Florence DONOHUE, 79 Lynch st.
Miss Ceceil ELLIS, 31 Lynch st.
Miss Anna FAY, 519 Bedford av.
Miss Fannie FITZGERALD, 612 Bedford av.
Mrs. Nellie F. GERMERSHAUSEN, 288 South 9th st.
Miss Katherine C. GERMERSHAUSEN, 288 South 9th st.
Miss Marguerite HUMBERSTON, 67 Keap st.
Mrs. Celia JACOBSON, 566 Bedford av.
Miss Anastasia R. KETT, 58 South 9th st.
Miss Nora V. KETT, 58 South 9th st.
Mrs. Laurel Mae MALIA, 41 Rush st.
Miss Catherine MICHAELSEN, 537 Bedford av.
Miss Emma Eliza PARKINSON, 144 Taylor st.
Mrs. Lauretta V. REDDY, 58 South 9th st.
Miss Mae ROACH, 63 Heyward st.
Miss Mary Agnes TAYLOR, 709 Bedford av.
Miss Mary A. TIMMONS, 669 Bedford av.
Miss Margaret F. TIMMONS, "
Mrs. W.C. WAGGONER, 574 Bedford av.
Miss Mary Jamieson WOOD, 143 Hewes st.
Miss Rose WALD, 372 Broadway
Miss Ella M. WOOD, 143 Hews st.

105th Precinct

Mrs. Anna M. ASHWORTH, 111 Russell st.
Miss Olga ANDERSON, 82 Sutton st.
Miss Genevieve BOYLON, 65 Newell st.
Mrs. Thomas BANNON, 139 Oakland st.
Mrs. Lena BARINE, 878 Lorimer st.
Mrs. Elizabeth BELT, 184 Russell st.
Mrs. Margaret BOHAN, 577 Morgan av.
Mrs. Helen BRADY, 43 Apollo st.
Mrs. Matilda BROWER, 648 Leonard st.
Mrs. Edw. J. BRIODY, 41 Apollo st.
Mrs. Annie BROWN, 577 Morgan st.
Mrs. C.B. BURNS, 138 Oakland st.
Mrs. Mary BUCKLEY, 64 Freeman st.
Mrs. Anna M. BRADY, 63 Huron st.
Miss Mae A. CURRAN, 153 Meserole av.
Mrs. Anna E. CUMMINGS, 155 Monitor st.
Miss Catherine CONLIN, 200 Huron st.
Mrs. Rose COX, 141, Meserole av.
Miss May A. CONLIN, 228 Monitor st.
Mrs. Dell CHAMBERS, 628 Leonard st.
Mrs. Bridget COFFEY, 26A Jewell st.
Mrs. Sarah COHEN, 593 Morgan st.
Mrs. Mary DOLLARD, 127 Russell st.
Mrs. Jessie DAVIDSON, 94 Java st.
Mrs. William C. FERRER, 8 Clifford pl.
Mrs. Elizabeth FREDOR, 948 Manhattan av.
Mrs. Mary F. FEELY, 96 Diamond st.
Mrs. Annie FANNING, 157 Monitor st.
Miss Edna J. GAYLORD, 191 Kent av.
Mrs. Kathryn V. GILLEN, 32 Apollo st.
Mrs. Mary GEIGER, 107 Russell st.
Mrs. Mabel E. GAGNON, 275A Nassau av.
Mrs. William J. GRAHAM, 93 Monitor st.
Mrs. Elizabeth GORDON, 182 Russell st.
Mrs. J. GORMAN, 177 Monitor st.
Mrs. Louise GERKEN, 237 Kent st.
Miss Amanda HAMILTON, 66 Dobbin st.
Mrs. Amelia C. HENSCHKEL, 195 Colyer st.
Mrs. Josephine HINDLEY, 109 Noble st.
Miss Lucy A. HAYES, 658 Leonard st.
Miss Marie HUMMEL, 610 Morgan av.
Mrs. Minnie HOWELLS, 155 Monitor st.
Mrs. Carl W.L. HOLM, 107 Russell st.
Mrs. Mary HOIB, 149 Meserole st.
Mrs. Jane HIPPLE, 655 Leonard st.
Mrs. Mary HIGGINS, 1044 Lorimer st.
Mrs. Mary A. JOHNSTON, 948 Manhattan av.
Miss Grace Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 129 Oak st.
Miss Anna C. KJOBECK, 65 Newell st.
Mrs. Annie M. KEZAR, 150 Guernsey st.
Mrs. Jospehine F. KANE, 644 Leonard st.
Miss Gertrude KNOOB, 16 Oakland st.
Mrs. Minnie LYNCH, 690 Leonard st.
Miss Cecelia LUDWIG, 186 Russell st.
Mrs. Barbara LUDWIN, "
Mrs. Frank LOTZ, 121 Huron st.
Mrs. Catherine A. LAWRENCE, 108 Norman av.
Mrs. Alice Jarden LENNOX, 154 Monitor st.
Mrs. John MCKELLOP, 128A Noble st.
Mrs. John M. MCKILL, 85 India st.
Mrs. Catherine F. MCGOVERN, 141 Meserole av.
Miss Mary MCGRATAN, 181 Meeker av.
Mrs. Bridget MCCORMICK, 621 Morgan av.
Miss Anna MCGOVERN, 655 Humboldt st.
Mrs. Catherine MCCARTHY, 198 Russell st.
Mrs. Margaret MCELVANEY, 107 Franklin st.
Miss Josephine MCELVANEY, "
Mrs. ARaminta MCCAMBRIDGE, 962 Lorimer st.
Mrs. Mary MCCORMICK, 93 Calyer st.
Mrs. Daniel MCALLISTER, 149 Oakland st.
Mrs. Geo. MURRAY, 130 Oakland st.
Mrs. Mary MOLONEY, 141 Calyer st.
Mrs. Catherine MANGAN, 631 Leonard st.
Miss Elizabeth MURRAY, 577 Morgan v.
Mrs. Mrion MONNINGER, 658 Leonard st.
Mrs. Nellie MOONEY, 39 Apollo st.
Mrs. Delia MORAN, 558 Morgan av.
Mrs. Louisa MEYER, 208 Eckford st.
Miss Emily METZ, 98 Diamond st.
Mrs. Elizabeth MACHEL, 34 Hausman st.
Miss Hanna O'CONNOR, 886 Manhattan av.
Miss Margaret O'CONNOR, "
Mrs. Bridget O'DONNELL, 11 Apollo st.
Mrs. Mamie PUZA, 129 Huron st.
Mrs. Anna PETERSON, 82 Sutton st.
Mrs. Mamie PARTORINI, 207 Nassau av.
Mrs. Mary J. QUILL, 271 Nassau av.
Mrs. Grace ROWELL, 269 Kingsland av.
Miss Bessie ROWELL, "
Mrs. Margaret RIDER, 186 Russell st.
Miss Margaret RAFFERTY, 12 Clifford pl.
Mrs. Margaret RAYNOR, 16 Oakland pl.
Mrs. Mary KELLY, 139 Oakland st.
Miss Emma R. STAPF, 184 Russell st.
Mrs. Carrie SPEIL, 631 Leonard st.
Mrs. Miles SPEAR, 611 Morgan av.
Mrs. R.G. SHAPHOFF 102A Nassau av.
Mrs. Catharean STEWART, 278 Nassau av.
Mrs. May SWING, 100 Newell av.
Mrs. Margaret T. SCHUTTA, 186 Russell st.
Mrs. Emma SCHNEIDER, 130 Milton st.
Mrs. Kathryn M. SULLIVAN, 95 Eagle st.
Mrs. Anna SILVERMAN, 104 Franklin st.
Mrs. Nellie M. SHEARER, 34A Apollo st.
Mrs. Jessie SAROSY, 58 Hausman st.
Miss Jeannette RYROLER, 265 Kingsland av.
Miss Loutta TOWNEY, 212 Monitor st.
Miss Kathryn THORNTON, 152 Monitor st.
Miss Ruth TEDFORD, 134 Milton st.
Mrs. Ethel VOPELAK, 130 Milton st.
Mrs. R. WOOD, 159 Diamond st.
Mrs. Marie P. WOLFE, 275 Nassau av.
Mrs. Grace WOARDELL, 108 Norman av.
Mrs. Jeannette WATSON, 525 Leonard st.
Mrs. Sybilla WATSON, 137 Meserole av.
Mrs F. WOGLOM, 141 Calyer st.
Mrs. Mary E. WALSH, 154 Monitor st.
Mrs. Mary WAINE, 190 Meserole av.
Mrs. Margaret ZIMMERMAN, 194 N. Henry st.

3 July 1918
At a meeting of the Women Police Reserves of the Herbert Street station 
last night officers were elected. 
Mrs. Margaret LEE, of 46 Orient Avenue, was chosen captain. 
The other officers are 
Mrs. Honora A. GORMAN, of 250 Jackson Street, first lieutenant; 
Mrs. Catherine E. CONNELLY, of 84 North Henry Street, second lieutenant; 
Mrs. William BROWN, of 466 Graham Avenue, first sergeant, 
Mrs. Margaret BEATTIE, of 20 Boerum Street, second sergeant. 
Ad address was made by Police Captain Edward S. WALLING.

Transcribed by 
Carol Granville
Ed Guinness