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11 Oct  1923
Brooklyn Daily Standard Union


Ninety-four Brooklynites out of a class of 200 police
recruits will be graduated to-night, when exercises are
held ata the Thirteenth Regiment Armory, Sumner and
Jefferson Aves. The men, who have completed a three
months' training course, will be addressed by Police
Commissioner Richard E.ENRIGHT.  Other prominent
city officials are expected to attend the graduation
exercises, which will begin promptly at 8:30 PM.
	Features of the exercises will be demonstrations
by the "rookies" of all they learned while attending the
Police Training School. Among the exhibitions which
will be given are setting-up exercises, first aid, rescue
work,  shadow-boxing, inter-class boxing, boxing at
will jiu-jitsu holds, art of self-defense, manual of arms
with rifles, and evening parade in full dress uniform.
A dance will be given after the ceremonies.
	After their graduation, the "rookies" will be known
as probationary patrolmen. They will be assigned to
various precincts throughout the city for a period of
three months. Then, if they prove satisfactory and
adaptable to the work of a policeman, they are appointed
to the NY Police Dept as regular patrolmen.
	Physical work at the Training School is in charge of
Capt. Charles SCHOFIELD, assisted by Sgts. T. M. SHAW
and Arthur A. WALLENDER, and acting Sgts. Isidore
CANTOR and Julius BRILLA.  The mental training of
the "rookies" is looked after by Lieuts. Cornelius O'LEARY,
Patrick JOYCE, John NOONAN, James B. NESTER,
William FLYNN and Rudolph PETERS, and Acting Sgt
James WALSH.
	For efficiency and markmanship, Leonard G. DUFFY,
of 277 Baltic St and David  SCHWARTZ,  of 10146
114th St, Richmond Hill, won the Bloomingdale Trophy.
	Brooklyn and Long Island men who will be graduated

Elmer BARRY, 841 Knickerbocker Ave
John A. BARTH, 161 Saratoga Ave
Joseph D. BASTEDO, 798 Knickerbocker Ave
Frank M. BERRY, 572  47TH  St
Albert A. BIDWELL, 122 Kent St
Jacob H. BIEHN, 111 Lynch St
Aloysius  R.  BITTNER, 176 Montrose Ave
William  J. BOLGER, Thrall and Liberty Aves
Walter C. BRUMMERHOP, 370 Union St
Edward J. BUTLER, 35 Ten Eyck St
John A. CAHILL, 265  11th St
Abraham COHEN, 709  Fifth Ave
James C. COLLINS ,   208 Madison St
Frank C. CZENSZAH, 109 N.  7th St
Antonio DE FRANCO, 229  45th  St
George C. DEVINE, 640  68th St
Charles C. DONOGHUE, 193 Bay Twentieth St
Vincent S. DOYLE, 1386 East  14th St
Leonard G. DUFFY, 277 Baltic St
Fred W.  (?) EGEN, 2328 Bedford Ave
Walter H. EVANS, 130 Winthrop St
Harry J. FARRELL, 1216  81st  St
Edward F. FEENEY, 108  47th St., Corona
Charles R. FENGLER,  478  2nd  St
John J. FERGUS,  133 Washington St, Flushing
Arthur J. FIDGEON, 405  5th  Ave
Charles E. FIELDS, Ashburton Ave and 7th St,Bayside
Harry J. FITZPATRICK, 97 Clinton Ave
Ernest M. FUHR, 29 Arcadia Ave, Long Island City
August M. HAAS, 286  10th  St
John W. HALLORAN, 24 E Burnside Ave, Corona
Charles T. J. HANIHAN, 84 St Nicholas Ave
William K. HAPPELL, 529  47th  St
Joseph HANER (?) HAPER, Jr., Howard Beach, Queens
John A. HEILIG, 3 Waldorf Ct, Sheepshead Bay
Edward J. HENRY, 154 Jay St
George B. HERRLITZ, 269 Maujer St
Alfred J.A. JOHNSON, 279 Driggs Ave
James T. JONES, 327 Nostrand Ave
John A. JOSEPH, 466 Pacific St
Jacob KATZ, 4-- Lewis Ave
Francis J. KELIHER, 360 80th  St
Charles D. KELLY, 320 Classon  Ave
Raymond C. KENNY,  47 Java St
Lawrence KLIEPERA (?), 161 16TH Ave, Long Is City
Charles A. KODIN, 8528  90th  St, Woodhaven
Charles A. KORB, 87 Covert St
Charles B. KRAATZ, 2579  Hughes St, Ridgewood
Walter H. KUNTZMANN, 433  84th St
Walter G. LAGERENNE (?), 966 42ND  St
Harry K. LEIBROCK, 9015 76th  St., Woodhaven
Orval F. McALISTER, 126---  89TH  Ave, Richmond Hill
Harry P. McCANN, 209 Nassau St
Edward C. McGRATH, 1200 Greene Ave
Justin F. McGRATH, 397 12TH  Ave, Astoria
William C. McKEON, 468  40th St
Richard J. MAHER, 67 Fisk Ave, Winfield
Joseph MALINA, 164 India St
Daniel J. MALONEY, 529 54th St
Alphonse F. MOLLER, 778  54th St
William R. MOORE, 347 Testa Pl, Ridgewood
Eugene A. MONAHAN, 159 Norman Ave
Charles F. MORAN, 7 Moffat  St
George R. MORTIMER, 476  50th St
Mike V. MULLANE,  8639 Bay  16th St, Bath Beach
John J. MURTAGH, 147 Pearsall St, LI City
Hilder NEWMAN, 30 Thornton St
James F. O'BRIEN, 274  5TH Ave
Peter M. O'BRIEN,  8 Kent Ave
James A. O'CONNOR, 218 Eckford St
Thomas P.J. O'DEA, 517 Baltic St
John F O'NEILL, 971  St Marks Ave
Patrick J. O'ROURKE, 483 Court St
William PARSONS, 52 Halsey St., Astoria
Fred W. RAUCH,  1826 Putnam Ave
Daniel J. REED, 420 Clinton St
George A. REICHERTER, 8034  90TH Rd, Union Course
Thomas G. REYNOLDS, 239  Schaeffer St
John F. ROSS, 2139  66th St
Fred G. ROTH, 323 Crescent St., LI City
Robert C. RUTTER, 533 Bay  130th St., Rockaway Beach
Henry G. SCHIMMEL, 1812 Harman St
David  SCHWARTZ, 10146  114th St, Richmond Hill
Frank P. SHANNON, 9214 Boulevard, Rockaway Beach
James E. SHEEHEY,  521 Rogers Ave
John J. SLATTERY, 13 Remington Ave, Jamaica
James B. SMITH, 2046 Dean St
Matthew P.V.SULLIVAN, 368 Bainbridge St
Thomas F. WAGNER, 568  72nd  St
Joseph H. WALKER, 41 Schermerhorn St
James G. WHEELER, 32 Dikeman St
Richard J. WHITE, 15 Berkeley Pl
John A. YOUNG,  142 E.  34th St

Transcribed by Joy Bold