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Brooklyn Standard Union

2 September 1923

6:19 PM--False alarm of fire in four-story brick
dwelling at 1483 Lincoln Place.

6:25 PM--Slight fire among wagons in lot
at 341 Douglass St.  Cause undetermined.

6:54 PM--Joseph Heaney, 16, of 45 Third Ave,
was knocked off bicycle at Third Ave and 16th
St, by auto said to have been driven by John
Gorman, 70 Sixteenth St. Possible fracture of
left leg.

7:08 PM--Three persons injured slightly in auto
accident at Dumont and Saratoga Aves.

7:14 PM--Asborn Nielson, 24, sailor on USS
Montana, fell through a hatch while painting
deck and fractured left hip; Norwegian Hospital.

7:17 PM--Fire; roof, three story brick dwelling,
326 A  Ninth St. Damage slight. Owner and
occupant, Henry Schroeder.

7:37 PM--Mrs. Ada Lemon suffered lacerations
in collision between auto driven by husband, Fred,
and auto of Joseph Ridowsky, 9822 Fifth Ave.,
at Fourth Ave. and 53rd St.

7:50 PM--James White, 31 years old, of 8303  5th
Ave., walked into wheel of automobile at  5th Ave
and 83rd  St. Lacerated right foot.

8 PM--John Kane, electrician, taken to St. Catharine's
Hospital with possible fractured skull after fall
from telephone pole in Seigel St.

8 PM--Arthur Miller, 43, of 251 Lexington Ave.,
slightly cut when struck while in towed auto, by
trolley at Park Ave., and North Elliott Place.

8:10 PM--Slight damage caused by fire, in two-story
frame dwelling, 262 Martense St, owned and occupied
by Edward Muller.

8:22 PM--Mrs. Lena Markowitz, 55, received minor
injuries in collision between auto of husband, Edward,
1547  105th  St, Woodhaven, and taxi on Manhattan Bridge.

8:55 PM--After fall from stoop, Jacob Biskin, 7, of
368 Georgia Ave., treated for abrasions of head.

8:57 PM--Fracture of left leg suffered by Isidore
Tlasman, 1158  43rd  St, run down by auto of James
Comsort, 1435  38th St., at 43rd  St.  and 12th  Ave.

9:10 PM--Two young girls injured by automobile in
front of grocery store at Classon and Lafayette Ave.

9:15 PM--Anna Farrell, 68, of 281 Classon Ave,
slightly injured in fall on car tracks at DeKalb and
Classon Aves.

9:32 PM--Auto of Irving Johnson, of 349  82nd St,
at 86th  St and Bay Parkway, ran down Lillian
Rauff, 48, of 915  Atlantic Ave.  Bruised.

9:38 PM--In fall from stoop at 110 Middleton St,
Mollie Diamond, 23, of 114 Middleton St, suffered
contusions of left leg.

9:42 PM--A passenger in an automobile, Sarah
Abramson,76, 366  Livonia Ave; taken to St. John's
Hospital with abrasions of head after collison at
Atlantic and Hopkinson Aves.

9:45 PM--Five year old Charles Dipola, 111 Richardson
St, escaped uninjured after running into mudguard of
auto parked at Meeker Ave. and Richardson St.

9:49 PM--No injuries resulted from fall of Thomas
Williams, 53, colored, 973 Herkimer St, in attempt
to board trolley car at Putnam Ave and Fulton St.

9:55 PM--Becoming suddenly ill at Maple St and
Nostrand Ave, Edward Byrne, 52, New Milford, NJ,
taken to Kings County Hospital.

9:59 PM--Fire extinguished without damage in six story
tenement owned by Joseph Rubinsky, at 1157  88th  St.

10:08 PM--Gas tank of motorcycle owned by Conrad
Guthrien, of 1054  E. 38th St, exploded at E. 38th St
and Ave.  U.  No one was injured.

10:11 PM--Anthony Marto, 10, of 273 W. 17th St, taken
to Coney Island Hospital in serious condition with
fractured right leg and possible fracture of skull, after
auto of Timothy David, 1677 Flatbush Ave, knocked him
from bicycle at W. 20th St and Neptune Ave.

10:50 PM--Fall from handle bars of bicycle fractured
left elbow of Edward Kelly, 14, of 154 A  31st  St.

10:58 PM--In a tumble from a street carousal, Frank Ryan,
5, 116 Nostrand Ave, cut his head.

11:30 PM--A collision between two autos at Rogers Ave
and Lincoln Rd  resulted in lacerations of head for
Edward Kelly, 35

October 14, 1923
8:32 P.M.  Samuel OBERMER, 24 years old, 310 Monroe street, a BMT
conductor, was struck by an automobile while collecting fare on the
running board of a car at Nostrand avenue and Quincy street.  Treated
for abrasions of the back and went home.

8:35 P.M. -Leon HEFROM, 32 years old, of 285 Classon avenue, struck by
an automobile at DeKalb and Bedford avenues.  Treated for minor injuries
and sent home.

8:45 P.M. -Sophia FOX, 45 years old, of 60 Hubbard, suffered an
epileptic stroke at her home.  Treated by an ambulance physician.

8:55 P.M. A horse owned by Samuel BEDELL, 100 Walton street, was struck
by an automobile at New Utrecht avenue and Seventy-fifth street,
injuring its leg.

9:15 P.M. -James KELLEY, 58 years old, of 58 Underhill avenue, fell
beneath a Bergen streetcar at Underhill avenue and Bergen street,
suffering a fracture of the right leg.  He was taken to the Jewish

10:45 P.M. Rose BLOOMFIELD, 38 years old, of 1127 Fifty-third street,
was bitten by her dog in her home.  Police assumed charge of the dog.

Feb. 16, 1926
Brooklyn Daily Standard Union
7:50 am-William McDONALD, 45, of 388 Decatur St., was accidentally overcome
by gas poison in his home.  Revived and remained at home.

3:11 am-Thomas REILLY, 78, of 1731 Forty-sixth St., fell from the platform to 
tracks at Eighteenth Ave. station.  Lacerations.  Attended and left for home.

12:33 am-Louise WHITE, 20, of 101 Lawrence St., attempted suicide, according 
the police, by swallowing a quantity of iodine in front of 18 Myrtle Ave.  
and taken home.

9:28 pm-Charles BEGLER, 70, of 8418 113th St., Queens, fell from a 
car at Manhattan Ave.  Lacerations.  Attended and left for home.

Feb. 17, 1926

7:33 am-Oscar NELSON, 23, 190 Monitor St., fell down the B-M.T. "L" stairs at 
Ave. and Broadway.  Lacerations.

3:10 am-Slavatore MACKRO, 25, 632 Lorimer St., suffered contusions when his 
was struck by a Lorimer St. trolley car in front of his home.

11:05 pm-Undentified baby about one day old was found by Daniel GENNNES 
in a tablecloth in the hallway of 140 Reid Ave.  The baby was taken to Kings 
Co. Hospital.

9:15 pm-Harold PENN, 16, 1922 Bergen St., was stabbed in the back by some 
person in the yard of P.S. 210, Rochester Ave. and Park Pl.  He was taken to 
St. Mary's Hospital.

9:00 pm-Vincenzo PATTI, 146 Meserole St., was taken to St. Catherine's 
Hospital suffering
from gas poisoning.

8:01 pm-Irving KEAMAID, 23, 7905 Jamaica Ave, fell down a flight of stairs at 
6906 Fifth Ave.  

7:20 pm-Charles GREEN, 30, 80 Hamilton Ave., was taken from Hamilton Ave. 
police station to
Kings Co. Hospital, suffering from the grip.

6:11 pm-Marie WOOLEY, 55, 134 Winthrop St, was ironing at her home when her 
caught fire and she as burned about the body.  Taken to Kings Co. Hospital. 

Feb. 18, 1926
8:09 am-Walter PETERSON, 35, of 1 South St.,
Manhattan, was taken from Fulton St. and Flatbush
Ave. extension to Kings Co. Hosp.  Alcoholism, the
police report.

3:11 am-Oscar SYKS, 42, of 373 So. Fourth St.,
was taken from his home to St. Catherine's Hosp.
suffering from several stab wounds.  He told the
police he was assaulted by an unidentified man.

12:01 am-William FOSTER, 10, of 109 Nichols 
Ave., was attended at his home for lacerations.
He was struck by an automobile while playing
near his home.

11:11 pm-Charles THOMPSON, 32, became sick at his home, 
32 Hamilton Ave.  Taken to Kings Co. Hospital.

10:14 pm-Unidentified man, about 55 years old,was taken from 
Fourth Ave. and Forty-sixth St.to Kings Co. Hospital.  
Alcoholism, the police declare.

9:01 pm-Doris WALKER, 21, of 28 Claver Pl., was struck by a 
Putnam Ave. car at Claver Pl.  Lacerations.

8:55 pm-Edward DARAN, 62, of 432 Evergreen Ave., fell into Newton 
Creek at the foot of Meserole St.  Attended and taken home.

7:45 pm-Frank WEYGAND, 9, of 3425 Fulton St.,was attended at his 
home for lacerations of the head and face.  He was bitten by a stray dog.

6:25 pm-Edward LEISENBACK, 61, of 1464 Greene Ave, committed 
suicide by inhaling gas,according to the police of Wilson Ave. station.

5:00 pm-Five persons were injured when a Sumner Ave car collided 
with another trolley of the Reid Ave. line at Broadway and Marcy Ave.

Feb. 19, 1926
8:09 am-Ruth BOYLE, 16, of 1956 Pacific St., slipped
and fell on the ice at Fulton St. and Ralph Ave.  Abrasions
and lacerations.  Home

12:33 am-Mary O'MALLEY, 45, of 1803 Beverly Rd., was
taken to Kings Co. Hosp. suffering from a fracture of the 
ankle.  She was injured when she fell from a Flatbush Ave.
trolley car.

9:16 pm-John HANSON, 20, of 22 Woodhull St., was taken
from Hamiton Ave. police station to Kings Co. Hosp., suffering
from possible mental trouble, the police declare.

8:43 pm-Irene McCAFFREY, 35, of 405 Marcy Ave., was
struck by a Myrtle Ave. car at Irving Ave.  Fracture of the
skull.  Taken to Wyckoff Hts. Hospital.

7:24 pm-Martin MARNSON, 63, of 164 Walcott St., died
suddenly in his home.

7:00 pm-Frank BRAND, 62, of 7 Summit St., was taken to
Long Island College Hosp. suffering from grippe.

6:08 pm-Isadore BLATT, 20, of 1017 Simpson St., the Bronx,
was working at Ocean Parkway and Ave. R when he fell
from a scaffold.  Possible fracture of the back.  Coney Island

5:30 pm-Tillie PETERSON, 60, of 187 Hicks St., fell from a
Flatbush Ave. car at Sands St.  Lacerations.  Attended and
left for home.

4:32 pm-Albert GOLDEN, 41. of 434 Eleventh St., was working
on a boat at the foot of Forty-first St. when he was struck in
the face by a sling-hook.  Fracture of the nose and lacerations.
Norwegian Hospital.

Feb. 22, 1926
8:11 am-Joseph POLINSKY, 15, of 679 Monroe St., fell from a
wagon at Fulton St. and Reid Ave.  Lacerations.  Home

2:01 am-A man described by the police as Alfred 
ANDRELASSIN, 38, address unknown, was found dead on the 
subway tracks between Forty-fifth and Fifty-third St. on the 
Fourth Ave. line.  The body was taken to Kings Co. Morgue.

10:23 pm-Charles STRUBLE, 17, of 227 Flatbush Ave., was
struck by an unidentified automobile at Park Place and 
Vanderbilt Ave.  Possible fracture of the skull and pelvis.
Kings County Hospital.

7:18 pm-Daniel BROWER, 29, of 221 Clarkson Ave., suffered
lacerations when he was riding in an automobile which crashed
into a telephone pole at Montgomery St. and Albany Ave.

5:11 pm-Walter GADIS, 7, of 289 Eckword St, was bitten by a 
stray dog in fornt of 144 Meserole St.  Lacerations.  Attended
and taken home.

12:40 pm-Mrs. Louisa SCHOENFELD, 69, asphyxiated by gas,
and her husband, Max, 70, overcome in their home at 10
Vanderbilt St. Dr. MEERS, of Methodist Episcopal Hospital
pronounced the woman dead and revived the man.

11:29 am-Rose ZIMMERLI, 70, of 337 Schumaker Ave, Woodhaven,
suffered a fracture of the skull when she walked against an automobile
at Jamaica Ave. and Wyona St.  She was taken to Kings Co. Hospital.

8:56 am-Mary ANGLIARA, 62, of 212 Union St, died suddenly at her 

8:55 am-Theresa DELGRESCO, 66, of 48 President St., died at home
of natural causes.

8:45 am-Julian BARR, 65, of 11 Front St., died suddenly of heart

8:00am-James POWERS, 50, of 157 West St., stricken with heart
attack and died before arrival of doctor from Greenpoint Hospital.

February 23, 1926
  After an all-night search, Navarro PIGLANELLI, 46, of Cliffside, NJ,
charged with the murder last night of Joseph FUGIZZO, at Fairview, NJ,
was arrested to-day by Detectives CAPUTO and DOUGHERTY of the 
104th St. Station and was taken to Manhattan police headquarters for
  According to FUGIZZO's son, PIGLANELLI appeared at their home, last
night, and asked for Mr. FUGIZZO.  The son called him to the door.  Then
PIGLANELLI, according to young FUGIZZO, whipped out a gun, aimed 
carefully, and fired pointblank at his father.  The son says he grappled with
PIGLANELLI, wrenched the gun from his hand and clubbed him over the
head with it.  He then called his brother to keep guard, and went for 
  While he was gone, he said, Mrs. FUGIZZO fainted, and while his brother
was trying to revive her, PIGLANELLI escaped.
  The detectives went to New Dorp., Staten Island, where they believed
PIGLANELLI's brother lived.  There they learned he might be found at 306 East
108th St., Manhattan.  And, before dawn to-day they found him there.

February 23, 1926
7:44 am-Savior PETRONELLI, 35, of 433 Kosciusko St., was 
found wandering in Park Ave. near Taaffe Pl. with several stab
wounds in his stomach.  He died later in Brooklyn Hospital, 
where he was taken by Patrolman Harry ANDERSON of Classon
Ave. station.

2:11 am-William J. WALSH, 29, of 250 Bergen St. was locked 
up at Butler St. station, charged with assault.  The police declare
he stabbed his wife, Sadie, in the left arm.

12:03 am-John COLLINS, 33, of 136 Decatur St., suffered 
laceration and Catherine BESSEL, 25, of 112a Linden St., 
sustained injuries during a fight with several unidentified persons 
at Rockwell Pl. and Fulton St.  The injured couple were attended
and left for home.

10:00 pm-Charles LAKE, 72, whose address is unknown to the
police, died suddenly in a restaurant at 736a Third Ave.  The
body was taken to Kings County Morgue.

9:16 pm-A man described as Arnold ARNALDSON, 63, no address
given by the police, was taken to Kings Co. Hospital suffering 
from a possible fracture of skull and alcoholism.

8:11 pm-William COURTNEY, 45, of 227 Concord St, was killed by 
gas poison in his furnished room.  Accidental, the police declare.

7:01 pm-Elizabeth AUSTIN, 17, of 390 Grand Ave., was stabbed
in the arm by an unidentified girl at DeKalb Ave. and St. Felix Street.
Attended and left for home.

6:12 pm-Frank RUSSO, 29, of 535 Third Ave., and his brother
Anthony, 23, of the same address were overcome by gas fumes
while sleeping in their home.  Taken to Kings Co. Hospital.

4:33 pm-Charles BUTLER, 13, of 178 Thirteenth St, was coasting
in Prospect Park when he collided with another sled.  Contusions
Attended and left for home.

February 25, 1926
   Charged with grand larceny, Murray SEPTON, 27, of
308 Foster Ave., is under bail of $1,000 to-day for a 
hearing in Ridgewood court, March 5.
   According to the complaint, the defendant was em-
ployed by the Masbach Hardware Company, 80 Warren
St., Manhattan, and it is alleged he collected $160
from Morris HERTZMAN, a hardware dealer of 61 Pulaski
Street, Middle Village, and appropriated the money to
his own use, according to Adolph DIECHELMANN, 
secretary of the Masbach firm.
   SEPTON was arrested by Detective William H. CARTER
attached to Glendale station and pleaded not guilty
yesterday in Ridgewood court before Magistrate Thomas F.DOYLE.

8:14 am-Oscar NELSON, 19, of 119 Twelfth street, was
overcome by gas in his furnished room.  Revived and re-
mained at home.

3:11 am-Small damage was done by a fire in a garage at
6224 Sixth Ave.

12:13 am-Herman SHAPIERO, 23, of 115 South Fourth
street, fell down stairs at Marcy avenue and Broadway
"L" station.  Lacerations.  Attended and home.

9:10 pm-Samuel WEINBERG, of 727 Linwood street, found
a three-weeks-old baby in front of his home.  The youngster
was taken to Kings County Hospital.  The police of Miller 
avenue station are investigating the case in an effort to
locate the child's parents.

8:56 pm-Walter TAYLOR, 24, of Lynbrook, became ill at 
Borough Hall subway station.  Taken to Long Island College

7:25 pm-Ida MINTZ, 44, of 277 East Fourth street, Manhattan,
was working in a bakery at 5313 Eighteenth avenue, when she
fell and sprained her ankle.

5:04 pm-Arthur CAVANAUGH, 70, of 1207 Rogers avenue, 
died suddenly in his home.

4:01 pm-Irving LIEBERMAN, 21, of 789 New Lots avenue, 
fell from a trolley car at Hegeman and Rockaway avenues.
Lacerations.  Home.

Transcribed by Robin Galage