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Sept.13-15.1929 Police Awards
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Policeman Awards

Of the 168 policeman given awards of merit by police commissioner
Grover A. WHALEN yesterday one patrolman , 
a Brooklynite George B. WILSON of the 78th precent 
received honorable mention. Six policeman received commendation 
and 161 were cited for excellent police duty. 
Policeman cited who are attached to Brooklyn or Queens units or 
whose achievements were accomplished in Brooklyn or Queens were:

Honorable Mention

Patrolman George B.Wilson


SGT. John O. Dale

Patrolman John Mulvihill

Excellent police duty

Acting LT. Frank c. Bals

Acting LT. Thomas M. Reilly

detective  Thomas L. Kenny

Patrolman  Anthony C Greico

Sgt. William J. Kenney
detective Arthur  J. DeMarrias Jr.

Sgt. William F. Morgan
patrolman Arthur Koch
Sgt. John J. Padian Jr.
Patrolman Frederick M Hencken
Patrolman Gordon M. Hill

Patrolman William E. Reed
Patrolman Howard H. Kullman

Patrolman Clarence M Allen

Patrolman Walter J. Moran
Patrolman Benjamin F. Steers

Sgt. John J. Padian Jr.
Sgt. William M Kent

Patrolman Jacob Wies

Detective William J. Kelley
John J. Meenahan
Albert E. Jenner
Frank Wolter

Detective John J. Fox
Patrolman Frank J. Ludwig

Detective William J. Dempsey

Detective Michael F. Woods
Patrolman Frank W. Pils
John E. Bayreuther

Patrolman Thomas C. Newton

Patrolman Albert j. Ott

Patrolman Gordon M Hill

Patrolman William E. Reed

Patrolman William A Laurence

Luke White

Patrolman Frank J. Sullivan

Patrolman John W Walker

Patrolman Omar Fonda
Patrolman Anthony W Walsh
Martin J Schuchman
Patrolman James Mead

Patrolman Peter J Caffiaux

Patrolman Saul C Metz

Patrolman Saul Tave

Patrolman August J. Harnisch 

Patrolman  Walter J. Moran
Patrolman Benjamin F Steere