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NYC Police Museum
100 Old Slip St.

The set-up: 
3 floors. is wonderfully interesting, even a jail cell with a 
wicked looking "matron" in it.

They had about 100 turn of the century criminal stat cards with front and 
side photos and the offences committed. one that caught my eye was a 
woman who had impersonated a police officer--
there were no females in 1889!

There was a history of weapons, badges, some officers, uniforms, 1st women, 
first blacks, etc.

The 3rd floor is devoted to September 11.

There were 2 pamphlets of "1st" blacks,with photos, which I`ll list here:

OVERTON, Wiley G. 1st officer hired in Bklyn, 3/6/1891, resigned 1/1892
COBB, Moses P. 2nd officer hired in Bklyn, 5/14/1892, retired 1917
LEE, John 3rd officer hired in Bklyn, 12/8/1892, retired 1924

BATTLE, Samuel Jessie 1st officer hired in Manhattan, 6/28/1911
1st sargeant 1926
1st Lieutenant 1935
1st Parole Commissioner 1941
Retired 1950
Died Age 83 1966 

HOLMES, Robert H. 2nd officer hired 8/25/1913
1st to die in line of duty 1917

PARCHMENT, Cora I. 1st Police Woman 1919

BRUCE, Lawon 2nd Police Woman 1/1920
1st woman assigned to staff of Deputy Police 

REDDING, Wesley C. 1st Detective 1920
Died 1924

CHISHOLM, Louis 1st to supervise intergrated precinct patrol
units 3/8/1921
2nd sargeant 1930

KLINE, Emmanuel Officer 1921
4th sargeant 1938
1st Acting captain 1947
Retired 1954

HARRIS, Nettie B. 3rd Policewoman 12/29/1925
1st assigned to Policewomen`s Bureau 8/1934
Retired 1951

REDDING, George H. Officer 12/29/1927
4th sargeant 1939
3rd lieutenant 1943
1st captain 1953
1st deputy inspector 1956
1st deputy chief inspector 1959
Younger brother of Redding, W C

SEALY, Lloyd Officer 11/21/1942
1st grad of FBI Nat. Academy
3rd captain
1st to command a Harlem precinct
Deputy inspector 
Ass`t chief inspector 1966
1st given Boro Command
Died Age 68 1985

MITCHSON, Thomas Officer 9/16/1946
Ass`t chief inspector 1973
1st chief of patrol
Retired 1977

BRACY, Wm. A. Officer 6/1/1946
Sargeant 1954
1st to supervise Qns.uniformed
personnel 1967
Ass`t chief inspector 1977
2nd chief of patrol 1977
Retired 1982

WARD, Benjamin Officer 6/1/1951
Grad top of class Bklyn college 1960
Grad top of class Bklyn law School 1965
Deputy Commissioner, community
Affairs 1966
1st NY State Correction commissioner
1st Chief of NYC Housing Authority
police Dept.
NYC Correction Commissioner
34th Police Commissioner 1984
Retired 1989
Taught at Bklyn Law School and
John Jay College
Died 2002

Address & Phone
NYC Police Museum
25 Broadway, 2nd Floor
Between Morris and Bowling Green
New York, NY

(212) 301-4440 

4, 5 to Bowling Green
1 to Rector Street
N, Q, R to Rector Street 

Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-4pm 
Admission Free 

New York City Police Museum
"The New York City Police Museum, a not-for-profit New York State Department 
of Education Chartered Museum is now open to the public. 
Please call in advance to arrange group tours." 

At the Museum by Jason Wiggins 
The New York Police Museum is across the street from the famous stock 
market bull statue in the old Cunard Line building and just up the street 
from the National Museum of the American Indian. It’s a bit larger than 
it’s counterpart, the New York Fire Museum, but it has the same type of exhibits. 

Most of the material on display is memorabilia showing that development of 
police work over time; uniforms, badges, medals, motorcycles and a squad car. 
The museum also gives information about the structure and function of the 
contemporary police force; what the Transit and Housing and numerous other 
divisions are and what they do. The museum also has an interesting exhibit 
about modern forensic science. A visit to the Police Museum should only take 
half an hour to an hour and is interesting mainly as a curiosity stop if
you’re in the area. 

Thanks to Barbara