April 11th 1860 
Edition Brooklyn Daily Eagle

 Dr. M. Wendell                         Dr. Charles Newhaus
        John Carpenter                   James Strong
        N. A. Garrison                   R. Penthelmess
        Thos. W. Henry                   Samuel T. Swaim
        Geo. Marvin                      C. A. L. Bauer
        F. W. Ostrander                  A. Hallett
        F. W. Hurd                       W. Heuser
        J. S. Thorne                     R. M. Buell
        L. Hyde                          John Byrne
        T. L. Mason                      Samuel Hart
        Jos. Howard                      D. S. Landon
        Purcell Cooke                    D. T. Gray
        C. L. Cooke                      Wm. Armung
        H. Wilsher                       J. G. T. Leach
        T. F. King                       A. N. Bell
        C. Rowland                       John A. Brady
        Geo. Gilfillan                   J. H. Burge
        Geo. C. Ball                     H. Tiller
        Peadley Parker                   L. C. Hasell
        J. C. Halsey                     J. S. Young
        C. R.  McClellan                 L. C.  Mc Phail
        W. K. Brown                      John Jill
        Geo. I. Bennet                   W. E. Mulhallen
        E. Ostrander                     D. A. Dodge
        W. Swift                         J. G. Johnson
        W. H. Dudley                     J. J. Kelly
        James H. Henry                   O. H. Smith
        W. C. Betts                      Elisha Barber
        H. J. Cullen                     James L. Farley
        Jas. H. Hutchins                 James M. Minor
        A. Otterson                      J. T. Conkling
        T. A. Wade                       DeWitt C. Enos
        Daniel Ayres                     John Cooper
        C. L. Michell                    H. C. Simms
        C. Brunninghausen                F. M. Potter
        Jos. J. Colgan                   W. E. Whitehead
        E. N. Chapman                    N. L. North
        Daniel Brooks                    James M. Turner
        Charles E. Briggs                C. T. Chase
        Ulric Palmedo                    Ed. R. Squibb
        John A. Betts                    H. L. Bartlett
        W. H. Williams                   Carolus C. Rothe
        James Crane                      C. H. Murphy
        John Ball                        Thomas Turner
        Ed. Hagerty                      W. H. Gardiner
        T. W.  Powers                    H. H. Atwater
        H. S. Smith                      James S. Hawley
        Fred Morris                      J. J. Campbell
        Daniel E. Kissam                 James Stweart
        Otto Rotton                      C. S. Shelton
        R. R. Rhodes                     G. V. Memley
        R. S. Omstead                    Rob. Edmonds
        Alex. Little                     T. M. Ingraham
        W. H. VanDuyne                   Fred. C. Demund
        Geo. Cochran                     N. L. Leighton
        Joseph C. Hutchison              John Malone
        C. E. Isaacs                     W. B. Crandall
        John Vanness                     J. P. Jones

***NOTE : The " N. L. Leighton on page 4 was one of the regimental surgeons with the 173rd NYSVI - I've got copies of his letters home to his wife - she was pregnant when he left and had the baby while he was in Louisiana - he's writing her home all these instructions on child care. He kept his practice in Brooklyn after the war and was a member of the board of examiners for pensions. Janet Rice RETURN to PROFESSIONAL MAIN