1916 State Hospital Commission--State Hospitals for the Insane

Commissioners:      Charles W. Pilgrim, M.D., Chairman, Poughkeepsie;
Andrew D. Morgan,  Ilion;    Frederick A. Higgins, New York;  W. G. Ryon,
M.D.,  Med. Insp., Albany.  Commission's office, Capitol, Albany.

The State hospitals for the insane are for the care and treatment of the
poor and indigent insane of the State. Other insane persons may be admitted
upon consent of the medical superintendent at rates varying from $6 to $10
per week, a surety company bond being provided guaranteeing payment of
accounts for maintenance. Persons not in confinement on a criminal charge may
be committed to any of the State hospitals excepting Matteawan and Dannemora
upon an order made by a judge of a court of record of the city or county, or
a justice of the supreme court of the judicial district in which the insane
person resides or may be, upon a certificate of lunacy made by two qualified
medical examiners, accompanied by a verified petition complying with the
requirements of Sec. 82 of the Insanity Law. Voluntary patients may be
received by the superintendents without commitment. Epileptics, idiots,
feeble minded persons or dotards not insane, will not be received. Blanks
for committments to State Hospitals may be obtained from the State Hospital
Commission, judges of  courts of record, county clerks, county poor
authorities health officers and from the State Hospitals.


1) Utica State Hospital,  Utica,  Oneida County
2) Willard  State Hospital,  Willard,  Seneca County.
3) Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County.
4) Middletown State Homoeopathic Hospital, Middletown,  Orange County.
5) Buffalo State Hospital,  Buffalo,  Erie County
6) Binghamton State Hospital,  Binghamton, Broome  County.
7) St. Lawrence State Hospital,  Ogdensburg,  St. Lawrence County.
8) Rochester State Hospital,  Rochester, Monroe County.
9) Kings Park State Hospital,  Kings Park,  Suffolk  County.
10) Brooklyn State Hospital,  Brooklyn,  Kings County
11) Manhattan State Hospital,  Ward's Island, New York  County.
12) Central Islip State Hospital,  Central Islip,  Suffolk  County.
13) Gowanda State Homoeopathic Hospital,  Collins, Erie County.
14) Mohansic State Hospital,  Yorktown Heights, Westchester County.
15) Matteawan State Hospital, Beacon, Dutchess County, 
	  For court cases; petty criminals and female  criminals.
16) Dannemora State Hospital,  Dannemora, Clinton county. For male felons.


Ward's Island.  Tel. Harlem 4216

Director, A. Hoch;  Chief Asso. in Neurop.,  C. B. Dunlap;  Sr. Asst. Phys.
W. W. Wright;  Asst. Phys.  J.T. MacCurdy,  T. J. Heldt;  Asst. In Serol.,
S. Morse;  Asst. Phys.  Autop.,  C.O. Cheney;  Spec. Asst. In Chem. M. Koch.

Source: The Medical Directory of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
Publisher:  The Medical Society of the State of New York
Volume:  XVIII               Copyright:  1916

Transcribed by Miriam Medina