Various Chemical Manufactories

V. Abendroth, whose factory is at Blissville, is one of three manufacturers 
of tartaric acid in the United States.  The raw material for this staple drug 
is  imported from France. The other factories are in Philadelphia and 
Brooklyn respectively. Much Macherinery  is imported to Germany, where 
Tartaric is manufactured in considerable quanties. Mr Abendroth office at 28 
Cliff street, New York,

Standard Chemical Company, Manufacturing chemcharted under the laws of the 
State,and was organized in 1876 or thereabout. The factory is in Long Island 
City; the general office at 114 Pearl street, New York City, 

Pottery and Drain Pipe

The Long Island City Pottery is at the foot of sixth street. drain,sewer and 
water pipes and chimmney tops manyfactured. the business was established in 
April by John Smith, who was the sole propreitor and Manager until his death, 
June 25th 1878. The business passed on to his son John Smith Jr.,   who sold 
it on November 30th 1880.
It has since been carried  under the Management of E.S. who has been employed 
about the establishment for the past seven-years. Quite an extensive business 
is the pipe from this pottery being sold throughout the State of New york. 
Twelve hands are employed.

The Hunters Point Pottery

Enameledand stoneware, fancy Flower pots for gardens Apparatus for chemical 
purposes were formerly manufactured. Since January 1880 chemical apparatus 
has made exclusively. Three hands are employed. the factory is located at the 
foot of West Sixth Street.

Pottery Business of F. Ibert

was established on sixth street, in april 1880. In july following it removed 
to near Central avenue and Eigth street. which makes white -lined pipkins for 
trade. the business like others of a similar charchter in Long Island.