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                               THE CIVIL LIST

On the 22nd of December 1783 the first town officers were chosen in the name 
of the people of the state of New York.  
Samuel RIKER was elected supervisor, 
John Morrell, and Joseph  GOSLINE trustees, 
William HOWARD, 
William LAWRENCE and Richard BRAGAW assessors, 
John GOSLINE constable and collector,
Philip EDSALL town clerk.

    The following lists show the succession of town officers since 1683.  The 
dates following the name are the years in which the person was elected, and 
comparison of dates will give the length of each officer’s service.

Town Clerks--
William Wood, 1656; 
Thomas Lawrence, 1659; 
John Burroughs, 1662,1665; 
James Bradish, 1663;  
John Ketchum, 1675; 
Theophilus Phillips, 1677; 
Daniel Phillips 1689; 
Jeremiah Burroughs, 1690, 1695; 
Edward Stevenson, 1691; 
William Glean, 1698; 
Peter Berrien, 1704; 
John Stevenson 1706; 
Jonathan Fish, 1708; 
Jacob Reeder 1723; 
William Van wyck 1756; 
Samuel Moore, 1759; 
Samuel Moore 3rd, 1768; 
Philip Edsall 1783; 
Cornelius Luyster, 1789; 
William HOWARD, 1807, 1821; 
Thomas H. Betts, 1810; 
John R. Ludlow, 1825; 
Schenck Way, 1826;  
Benjamin HOWARD, 1828;  
James H. Kolyer, 1832,1839;  
William HOWARD,1836;  
Andrew Lawrence, 1843; 
William Payntar, April 1st 1845;  
William M. Payntar, April 12th 1845;  
William E. Furman, 1847; 
John I. Burroughs, 1858;  
Edward L. Van Wickle, 1859;  
Nicholas Van Antwerp, 1861, 1867;  
Edward C.Wright, 1865;  
Aaron F. HOWARD, 1886;  
William H. Gordon, 1872; 
James H. Smith, 1876; 
William O’Gorman, 1881

The town clerk’s office is in Newtown Village, where a separate building has 
been erected for the safe keeping of the town Records.

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