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Brooklyn Daily Union - August 31, 1876

An adjourned meeting of the Twentieth Ward Boys in Blue was held last night 
at No. 265 Cumberland street.  Captain W. P. WILD, the Secretary, read the 
minutes of the previous meeting, announcing that twenty-six names had been 
handed in and enrolled as members.  The minutes being approved, the president 
invited all those who were present, but who had not enrolled, to proffer 
their names.  Thereupon the following gentlemen handed in their names, the 
regiments or other branches of the military service to which they had been 
attached during the Rebellion, and their places of residence;

Jefferson PARTINGALL, Third L.A.N.Y.V., 185 Park avenue
William YOUNG, One Hundred and Forty-fifth N.Y.V. 76 Clermont avenue
Alonzo NASH, 48 Clermont avenue
William BYRNE, 281 Adelphia street
James NORTON, 26 Clermont avenue
Henry D. FERRIER, 68 Carlton avenue and
J. H. RICKETSON, 62 North Oxford street, all of the United States Navy;

Jones G. HYER, Fourteenth N.Y.V., 143 Vanderbilt avenue
Edward McCLEER, Fourteenth N.Y.V., 94 North Oxford street
F. A. ROSE, One Hundred and Fifth-eight N.Y.V., 143 Vanderbilt avenue
Thomas WINSLOW, Ninth maine, 156 Cartlon avenue
Thomas SHIELDS, Sixty-second N.Y.V., 379 Adelphia street
John GUTHRIE, Sixty-second N.Y.V., 76 Carlton avenue
James E. SMITH, U.S.N., 84 Carlton avenue
James BEITH, Fifty-second, N.Y.V., 205 park avenue
D. B. CHURCHILL, Third R.I. Artillery, 99 Clinton avenue
T.H.W. LISCOMB, One Hundred and Fiftieth N.Y.V., 97 Adelphia street
Granville BALL, Thirteenth N.Y.V. and Eight Mass, 43 North Portland avenue
James DeCARDY, U.S.N., 205 Park avenue.

A meeting of soldiers and sailors, residents in the Sixth Ward, was held last 
evening at Grand Union Hall, Court near Harrison street, to take steps for 
the formation of a Ward company of Boys in Blue.

Officers Chosen:  the nominations were then closed, and Col. KIBBE, was 
unanimously chosen to the position.  On motion Captain DOTY was then made 
President of the new organization.  On motion the Chairman was directed to 
appoint a temporary Secretary, and sleeted Mr. Peter HOGAN.  Edwin Bennett 
was on motion elected First Lieutenant.

Roll of members of the Sixth Ward Company of Boys in Blue:
A. H. DOTY, Sixty-seventh N.Y., Clinton street,
Col. H. C. MORGAN, Clinton street
Jos. A. SLIPPER, Ex-Adj-Gen U.S.A.
A. DORAN, Eleventh n.J., 89 Congress street
F.E. PINTO, thirty-second N.Y. 235 President street
Geo.C. KIBBE, Sixth N.Y. Heavy Artillery, 57 Woodhull street
Ferdinand DeVIGNE, Hundread and Thirty-fourth N.Y., 178 West Baltic street
N. B. STOKELY, First lient. Sisty-ninth U.S.C.T., 250 President street
W. J. MOFFATT, Navy, 57 Woodhull street
J. B. PRESDEE, Col. Second Ind., 59 Tompkins place
W. B. TREMAINE, Fifteenth N.Y., 249 Harrison street
E. BENNETT, Navy (S.S. Harriet Lane) 340 Hicks street
E. VAN ZANDT, A.Q.M., 257 Degraw street
George J. HARDY, Fifty-second N.Y., 284 Clinton street
Wm. CARROLL, First Long Island, 318 court street
John GLEDHILL, Second U.S. Veteran Corps and Signal Corps, 344 Court street
Andrew KEENAN, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 82 Atlantic avenue
Joyhn FARRELL, Signal Corps, 389 Hicks street
Peter F. HAGAN, First California, Union near Columbia street
W. G. STEINMETS, Brigadier-General, U.S.A.
Edward LYNCH, Tenth N.H., 155 Columbia street
Patrick KEYES, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth N.Y., 293 Columbia street
Thos. COLTON, Eighty-eighth N.Y., 426 Hicks street
Michael HALPIN, U.S.S. Black Warrior, 526 Hicks street
John CLAMPERT, U.S.S. Blackstone, 150 Degraw street
Tim. FENTON, U.S.S. Supply, 92 Union street
Bernard ELTON, Twentieth N.Y. Cavalry, 250 henry street
Wm. BLAKE, Ninth N.Y., 16 Columbia street
P. SLATTERY, U.S.S. Atlanta, 85 Columbia street
D. DUNNE, U.S.S. Circassian, 388 Hicks street
Chas. FRASIE, M. ERWIN, J. HALPIN, U.S.S. Hartford, 140 Columbia street
J. FARRELL, Signal Corps, 389 Hicks street
A. McGIBNEY, gunboat De Soto, 115 Congress 
M. COSTELLO, Twenty-fifth N.Y., 50 congress street
M. McNAMARA, Third N.Y. Cavalry, 18 Carroll street
D. LYNCH, U.S.S. Pawnee, 92 Union street
M.H. BOYLE, Ninth N.Y., 85 Columbia street
J. MURPHY, Second U.S. Cavalry, 76 Warren street
J. McLAUGHLIN, Seventieth N.Y., 83 Warren street
?. BOYLE, First N.Y. Zouaves, 69 Congress street
T. MURPHY, U.S.S. Colorado, 95 Columbia street
P. TIERNEY, Thirteenth U.S. Tiffany place
Tim. DONAHUE, Navy, Court street

Transcribed by
Cherie Sampson