Kindergarten Society
Brooklyn Union Argus
June 21, 1882

Kindergarten Society

   A meeting of the subscribers of this movement, which originated in the
Brooklyn Philosophical Society, was held at the residence of John Henry HULL
last night. The treasurer reported that a sum sufficiently large to start the
first school in the chapel kindly offered by Mrs. M. A. VERNON, had already
been subscribed. It was however agreed to continue the work of organizing the
movement until sufficient money was raised to start a school in every Ward in
the city where such a need exists. 
To that end a committee was appointed, consisting of 
Mrs. BROCKWAY, 65 Greene avenue; 
Mr. GARDNER, 213 Halsey street; 
Mrs. DISTURNELL, 172 Hicks street; 
Mrs. BAUKER, 46 Sterling place; 
Mr. George C. CRAWFORD, 115 Third place; 
Mrs. BARNEY, 307 Fulton street; 
Mrs. FALES, 52 Seventh avenue; 
Mr. J. H. Booth, 429 Marcy avenue; 
General PECK, 15 Cranberry street; 
Mrs. W. T. MOORE, 27 Madison avenue, N.Y 
Mr. DINSMORE, 556 Washington avenue; 
Mrs. HOLLOWAY, 211 Prospect place, 
Mr. John Henry HULL, 211 Prospect place
for the purpose of soliciting the names of persons desirous of aiding the 
formation of kindergarten schools for poor children between the ages of 
3 years and 7 years. These ladies and gentlemen are to take the particular 
Ward where each resides and make a thorough canvass
among the best people of the Ward. Any person whose sympathy is enlisted in
the direction of succoring the young and innocent from the contamination of
vice as it exists in the worst parts of the city, are invited to send their
names to either of the above committee. The first school will be speedily
started in Mrs. VERNON’s chapel in Van Buren place near Grand avenue in the
locality known as 'Jackson’s Hollow,' and a more promising neighborhood in
which to do good could not well be found.

Transcriber: Margaret Ransom