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Sons of Veterans
Brooklyn Union Argus
3 March 1882

Lincoln Post No. 7 and Its Increased Memberhip-Who are Eligible-The Present Officers

Robert T. LINCOLN Post, No 7, Sons of Veterans, which was organized 
a little more than a year ago, has now eighty members, many of whom 
are residents of this city. All sons, 16 years of age or over, of  
honorably discharged soldiers, sailors, or marines who served in the
late war, are eligible to membership. 
Among the members are :
Alfred W. and Oscar O.SCHURIG,Fourteenth Regiment, 
Charles W. MORTON, son of Colonel Charles B. MORTON, Assistant Postmaster.

The present officers are:

Commander, Charles W. MORTON
Senior Vice-Commander, Philip G. KLOEBER
Junior Vice- Commander, Charles LEHMANN
Chaplin, Henry ALBRECHT
Adjutant, Alfred W. SCHURIG
Quartermaster, John BEYER
Sergeant Major, Robert OLDORP
Quartermaster Sergeant, William KLEIN
Surgeon, August HARTMAN
Officer of the Day, Charles BUIRKLE
Officer of the Guard, George BUIRKLE
Inside Sentinel, Max ADAMSKY
Outside Sentinel, Frank DYRAFT
Drum Major and Drill Master, John KEPLER Jr.

The drum corps, which numbers twelve members, have made arrangements for 
a ball in New York on the evening of March 14.
Inspector-General Charles W. MORTON, with others from Lincoln Post will install 
a new post-Reno post No. 10, Sons of Veterans, on the 14th. instant.

Transcribed by Blanche Craton