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11 May 1885
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Election of Officers for the Ensuring Year.

A meeting of the Society of Old Brooklynites was held in the 
Surrogate's Court Thursday evening.  
Mr. John W. HUNTER, presided and Samuel A. HAYNES recorded.

Mr. John W. HUNTER, president of the association, presented his 
annual report, which contained the following information:  
The society has held its regular monthly meetings, and also a social 
and pleasant gatherings on the 8th of April, the anniversary of the 
granting of the city charter.  The whole number of members is 186, 
and the new members elected during the year numbered 23, associate member 1. 
Six of the members, 
Matthew HALL, 
Casper URBAN, 
Harmanus B. DURYEA, 
John DURYEA, and David FITHIAN, had died during the year.  

The preparation and reading of the papers on matters relating to local 
history and events connected with the city had been continued with much profit. 
The papers read were as follows:  
"The First Settlers of Brooklyn:  Who They were," by C.C. LEIGH, May 1, 1884,  
"The Old Brooklyn Market," by C.C. LEIGH, September 4. 
"The Old Apprentices Library," by C.C. LEIGH, November 6. 
"Some Mistakes Corrected,: by S. M. OSTRANDER, January 8, 1885.  
"Hogs in the Streets of Brooklyn", by C.C. LEIGH, February 8.  
"Statistics of Brooklyn Fifty Years Ago,: by Judah B. VOORHEES, March 5. 
"Reminiscences of the Great Fire in New York", by Joel CONKLIN, March 5.  
"Ancient Memories", by John OAKEY, April 5.  

The treasurer reports a balance on hand of $675.  
Continuing, Mr. HUNTER said that it was indeed the duty of all good citizens 
to to watch of the true interests of the city, to have, to hold, to express 
opinions of public measures and of public men.   

The committee appointed at the last meeting to select officers for the 
ensuing year submitted the following report:  
Hon. John W. HUNTER, president; 
E.D. WHITE , vice-president ; 
A. H. OSBORNE, second vice president; 
Henry D. YOUNG, treasurer; 
J.L. WARTSON, M.D., corresponding secretary; 
S.A. HAYNES, recording secretary;  
J. L. Watson, 
Joseph W. CAMPBELL,  
William M. THOMAS and George W. Stillwell.  

The report recommended the appointment of a Committee on Essays, 
whose duty it shall be to arrange with the members to read papers 
or propose questions for discussion at each monthly meeting.  Also 
that the Committee on History,
Arts and Science have printed the names of the officers of the associations, 
their residences of the years of the deaths of the departed members, together 
with a summary of annual reports, from the organization of the society.  
The reports was received and adopted.

George CO. SEXTON, of 138 Prospect place, and residence of this city for 
fifty-two years was elected a member.  
Mr. C. C. LEIGH read a paper on "Our Boyhood Days". which was listened to with 
much interested.

Transcriber: Pam Jeter