Jefferson Democratic Club 1905
Nancy Pierce

January 28, 1905 Jefferson Democratic Club "Annual Stag and Smoker" Waverly Hall at Waverly and Myrtle. The program: 1. Musical Johnsons 2. 3 Round Exhibition - Al Ward vs. Richie Dredger 3. Fred Cook - Banjoist 4. Billy Meyers - Song and Dance Artist 5. Harry C. White - Country School Lightning Changes 6. Black Sampson vs. White Skeleton - Boxing Farce 7. James Ward - Vocalist 8. Harry S. Skinner - Elocutionist 9. Johnny Reagan Ex-Bantam weight champion vs. Denny Hall of NY (4 scientific rounds) 10. James H. McBarron - An Entertainer of the 400 11. Dave Long, Chas. Cullen, Ike Carroll; Famous in the 60's with Haverly's first minstrel group 12. Columbia Trio; John Coghan, Wm. Myers, Wm. Anderson: The Subway Boys 13. Phil Ryan vs. Young Sharkey ; 3 rounds of sparring 14. Luke Henderson; A little of everything The committee is listed as: John Brenen John Mack Wm. Scully John Kirby Harrry R. Myers - Chairman George B. Smith - President Club Rooms, Park Ave. and Hall Street RETURN to SOCIETY Main RETURN to BROOKLYN MAIN