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Sons of Colored Vets Hold Their First Reception
Brooklyn Union Standard
8 December 1906

     The first reception of the Andre Caillioux Camp, No. 36, Sons of 
Veterans of U.S.A., at Sumner Hall, Fulton street, opposite Sumner 
avenue, last Thursday night, proyed to be an enjoyable and successful 
affair.  The camp, which has a membership of forty, was out in full 
uniform and made a splendid showing.  A beautiful flag, on behalf of the 
Ladies' Corps., No. 33, of the William Lloyd Garrison Post, No. 203, 
G.A.R., was presented by Mrs. Francis JOHNSON, patriotic instructor of 
the corps, to the camp.  The flag was received by John H. DICKERSON, 
commander of the camp, in an appropriate speech.  An interesting address 
was made by Mrs. MOHR, a past department president of the Relief Corps 
of the State of New York.  The evening was most pleasantly spent by all 

The following is a list of the officers and committees:
  John H. DICKERSON, commander
  LeRoy H. HODGES, senior vice-commander
  Nathaniel FERGUSON, junior vice-commander
  Walter F. ABBOTT, chaplain
  William F. ABBOTT, first sergeant
  Alfred A. WRIGHT, sergeant of guard
  Augustine L. HARRIS, inside guard
  Harry FARMER, quartermaster sergeant
  Cornelius FERGUSON, corporal of guard
  Stephen HOMES, outside-guard
  J.H. TOWNSEND, color sergeant
  Pierre ZENO, Jr., musician

    Thomas ABRAMS,
    George M. ZENO,
    James SIMMONS

    Alfred A. WRIGHT, chairman
    William F. ABBOTT, secretary
    Thomas ABRAMS,
    William GARDINER, Jr
    Stephen HOMES,
    Clarence ABBOTT
    Jas. H. TOWNSEND
    Harry FARMER
    Charles G. BRISTOW
    Edward GREEN
    George W. ZENO
    Pierre ZENO, Jr.
    LeRoy H. HODGES
    Harry H. ABBOTT
    West JONES
    James SIMMONS

    Harry FARMER
    Clarence H. ABBOTT
    Charles G. BRISTOW

Transcribed by Chris Hendrickson