New York

    Organized in New York in 1892 by a group of distinguished Jews, among
whom were Cyrus Adler, Sabato Morais, Alexander Kohut, Kaufmann Kohler,
Prof. Charles Gross, Simon W. Rosendale, and Henrietta Szold. Its object is
"to collect and publish material bearing upon the history of America, and to
promote the study of Jewish history in general, preferably so far as the
same is related to American Jewish history or connected with the causes of
emigration from various parts of the world to this continent." Thirty-two
volumes, called Publications, embodying original research in the field of
American Jewish History, the work of a small devoted band of scholars, have
been published. They consist of a selection of the papers read at the public
annual meetings, and are the basis of the many popular works on this subject
which have appeared in the last few decades. The Library of the Society,
consisting of about 5,000 volumes and much manuscript material, is open
daily to students in its chosen field. Recently it has been enriched by the
gift of several hundred early American books and numerous letters and
manuscript documents, presented by Dr. A.S. W. Rosenbach, in memory of his
mother Isabella Rosenbach. Part of them are on exhibit in the Society's
Museum, together with other similar material, objects of historical and
synagogal art, historical relics, portraits, etc. Both the Library and the
Museum are located in the Schiff building of the Jewish Theological Seminary
of America. Oscar S. Straus served as president from its inception to 1898;
Dr. Cyrus Adler, 1899-1921; and the present incumbent since 1922 is Dr.
A.S.W. Rosenbach.

                       Edward D. Coleman, B.A.
   Librarian, American Jewish Historical Society, N.Y.C.

Source:  The Encyclopedia of Jewish Knowledge
Edited by:  Jacob De Haas
Publisher:  Behrman's Jewish Book House-New York
Copyright:   1934

Researched and Transcribed by Miriam Medina