An organization of painters and sculptors, representing rather advanced
and radical ideas in art, as opposed to the more conservative tendencies of
the National Academy of Design (q.v.) It was founded in 1877 by some of the
younger American artists who had been trained abroad. It has more than a
hundred members governed by a president, a board of control made up of the
officers, and an advisory board. Annual exhibitions are held in New York
City. The work of both members and outsiders is passed upon by a committee
on selection. The Webb prize of $300 for landscape or marine, the Carnegie
prize of $500 for an oil painting, portraits excepted, and the Julia A. Shaw
Memorial prize, for the best work produced by an American woman, are awarded
each year. The Shaw Fund of $1500 is devoted to buying one or more works of
art by American artists. The society originally stood for development and
breadth, and the expression of personality, which it was maintained had been
previously hampered by academic traditions. The line of division between the
Society and the Academy is now less marked. A number of artists exhibit at
both, and belong to both organizations. The Society of the Ten American
Painters is composed of members of the Society of American Artists, who
organized themselves into an independent body in 1898. They hold annual
exhibitions in New York City, the note of which exhibitions is


   A society incorporated in May, 1892, in New York City, for the purpose of
assisting authors in their dealings with publishers and generally improving
the condition of the craft. It is formed on the same basis as, and is in
close touch with, English, French, and Spanish societies of authors. The
society is also committed to the agitation for the transmission of authors'
manuscripts through the mails at printed matter rates, according to the
arrangements existing in England and other countries. It publishes a
bulletin, The American Author.

Source:  The New International Encyclopaedia
Copyright:  1902, 1903, 1904, 1905
Publisher:  Dodd, Mead and company--New York
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Transcribed by Miriam Medina