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Vols 1922 - 1923 

This 1922 - 1923 yearbook contained membership roles, minutes, 
and other valuable information about the Holland Society, 
which was dedicated to discovering, recording, and preserving 
the history of New York after its founding by the Dutch. 

   A patriotic society, founded in New York City on April 6, 1885. Its
objects are to collect information respecting the early history and
settlement of the city and State of New York by the Dutch, and to discover
and preserve all existing documents, mementos, etc., relating to their
genealogy and history, as well as to publish material for a memorial history
of the Dutch in America, in which shall be particularly set forth the part
belonging to that element in the growth and development of American
character, Institutions, and progress. The society admits to membership
descendants, in the male line only, of a Dutchman who was a native or
resident of New York, or of the American Colonies, prior to the year 1675.
The insignia is an oval medallion with the head of William the Silent in
relief. The society has marked various historical localities in New York
City by inscribed brass plates: and publishes volumes containing historical
information. Its membership is upwards of 1000.


none SECTION 1. No one shall be eligible to membership unless at 
the time of election he is eighteen years of age, of respectable 
standing in society, of good moral character, and the descendant in 
the direct male line of a Dutchman who was a native or resident 
of New York or of the American colonies prior to the year 1675. 
This shall include those of other former nationalities who found in 
Holland a refuge or a home, and whose descendants in the male line 
came to this country as Dutch settlers, speaking Dutch as their 
native tongue. This shall also include descendants in the male 
line of Dutch settlers who were born within the limits of Dutch 
settlements, and the descendants in the male line of persons who 
possessed the right of Dutch citizenship within Dutch settlements 
in America, prior to the year 1675; also of any descendant in the 
direct male line of a Dutchman, one of whose descendants became a 
member of this Society prior to June 16, 1886. 

List of Members to April 1923
Names in all caps are lifetime members.
Name, Residence, Year Admitted

Abeel, John Howard New York City 1904 
Adriance, Henry Benson New York City 1896 
Adriance, William A., Jr. New York City 1919 
Amerman, William Libbey New York City 1889 
Aten, Courtenay N. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1919 
Aten, Kenneth M. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1919 
Banta, Dan Worth New York City 1922 
Banta, Edward Woodruff New York City 1900
Banta, Edwin Perry West New York, N. J. 1922
Banta, Walter Augustus Brooklyn, N. Y. 1896 
Becker, Alfred Le Roy New York City 1918 
Beekman, Henry M. T. New York City 1886
Benson, Arthur Davis New York City 1911
Benson, Philip Adolphus Brooklyn, N. Y. 1922 
Bergen, De Hart Brooklyn, N. Y. 1922
Bergen, Frederick I. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1921 
Bergen, John Brooklyn, N. Y. 1912
Berry, John F. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1890 
Blauvelt, William Hutton New York City 1898
Bleecker, Anthony James New York City 1907 
Bogert, Henry L. New York City 1889
Bogert, John Jacob New York City 1908 
Brevoort, Edward Renwick New York City 1907
Brinckerhoff, Alexander Gordon Brooklyn, N. Y. 1888
Brinckerhoff, Charles Fuller New York City 1912
Brinckerhoff, Gurdon Grant New York City 1905 
Brinckerhoff, Walter R. New York City 1919
Brinckerhoff, Walter Wyckoff New York City 1916 
Brower, Henry Wyckoff New York City 1920 
Brower, William Leverich New York City 1885
Burhans, Lloyd Elmer Yonkers, N. Y. 1921
BUSH, IRVING T. New York City 1909 
Clute, Jesse H. New York City 1911
Cole, Peter Lozier Brooklyn, N. Y. 1915
Collett, Samuel D. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1915
Comegys, Joseph Parsons New York City 1919 
Cortelyou, George Bruce New York City 1904
Cowenhoven, Garret P. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1916 
De Bevoise, Cornelius S. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1898
Debevoise, George New York City 1895 
de Forest, Louis E. New York City 1913 
de Kay, Sidney Gilder New York City 1914
de la Montanye, James New York City 1894 
De Mott, Harry M. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1919 
Denise, Edwin Stanton New York City 1898
Depew, Chauncey M. New York City 1885 
De Witt, Henry Clinton Brooklyn, N. Y. 1885 
De Witt, Macdonald Brooklyn, N. Y. 1915 
De Witt, Theodore New York City 1902 
DE WITT, WILLIAM G. New York City 1885
Dey, Richard V. New York City 1892
Deyo, Emery New York City 1905 
Ditmars, Edward W. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1886
Ditmars, Harold Edward Brooklyn, N. Y. 1914
Ditmars, Isaac Edward New York City 1888
Ditmars, John Brooklyn, N. Y. 1900
Ditmars, Townsend Van Pelt Brooklyn, N. Y. 1906
Dolson, Josiah W. New York City 1911
Dolson, William Hamilton New York City 1910 
Du Bois, Charles A. New York City 1904 
Duryee, Joseph R. New York City 1885 
Dusenberry, James Dudley New York City 1914 
Dutcher, De Witt P. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1906 
Dutcher, Robert R. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1906 
Dutcher, William Hawley Brooklyn, N. Y. 1923 
Earle, Thornton New York City 1914
Elmendorf, John B. New York City 1888 
Esselstyn, Everett James New York City 1889 
Fosburgh, J. B. A. New York City 1913 
Hance, John Atkinson New York City 1911 
Hasbrouck, Isaac E. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1889 
Hasbrouck, Louis Bevier New York City 1899 
Hegeman, Alanson Kerr New York City 1914
Hegeman, Albert Clarence New York City 1903
Hegeman, Bertram New York City 1918 
Hegeman, Charles New York City 1908
Hegeman, Daniel Andrew Brooklyn, N. Y. 1904
Hegeman, Joseph P. New York City 1885 
Hoagland, Ira Gould Brooklyn, N. Y. 1913 
Hoffman, Charles Gouverneur New York City 1912 
Hoffman, Stoddard New York City 1921
Hoffman, William M. V. New York City 1910
Hogeboom, Francklyn New York City 1898
Hoornbeek, Thomas Cornell New York City 1917 
Hotaling, George P. New York City 1898 
Johnson, Remsen Brooklyn, N. Y. 1919 
Keator, Frederic Rose New York City 1909 
Kiersted, Everest B. New York City 1896 
Kip, Clarence V. S. New York City 1885 
Kouwenhoven, William Henry Brooklyn, N. Y. 1910 
Lansing, Cleveland Coxe New York City 1894 
Lansing, Gulian ver Planck New York City 1910 
Lent, Edwin F. R. New York City 1919 
Lott, Abraham Lloyd Brooklyn, N. Y. 1922
Lott, Erskine Howard Brooklyn, N. Y. 1922
Lott, Henry Ditmas Brooklyn, N. Y. 1904
Lozier, John Baldwin New York City 1900 
Lozier, Theodore F. New York City 1908
Luyster, Samuel Britton, Jr. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1905
Lydecker, Leigh Kent New York City 1918 
Masten, Arthur Haynsworth New York City 1896 
Merselis, Abram Jacobus New York City 1907
Meserole, Walter Monfort Brooklyn, N. Y. 1890 
Mott, Alexander Hosack New York City 1906
Mott, Hopper Striker New York City 1889 
Neafie, John New York City 1912 
Nostrand, George Englebert Brooklyn, N. Y. 1889 
Onderdonk, Andrew J., Jr. New York City 1910
Onderdonk, Thomas W. New York City 1888 
Ostrander, Alson B. New York City 1902 
Palen, Frank A. New York City 1901
Palen, Henry W. New York City 1918
Poillon, Arthur New York City 1912 
Post, Jacob Judson Brooklyn, N. Y. 1917 
Prall, William New York City 1887
Provost, Andrew Jackson Brooklyn, N. Y. 1904 
Quackenbos, John Duncan New York City 1912
Quackenbush, Abraham C. New York City 1885
Quackenbush, Edgar New York City 1920
Quackenbush, Edward Sherwood, Oregon 1911
Quackenbush, Eugene Schuyler New York City 1920 
Quinby, Frank Haviland Brooklyn, N. Y. 1912 
Rapelje, Peter Brooklyn, N. Y. 1913
Rapelje, Walter Suydam Brooklyn, N. Y. 1913
Remsen, T. Schenck Brooklyn, N. Y. 1923
Riker, Henry Ingersoll New York City 1895
Romaine, De Witt Clinton New York City 1889 
Roosa, Frederick Howland New York City 1907
Roosa, Isaac Percival New York City 1921
Roosa, Tracy Louis New York City 1908 
Roosevelt, Robert B. New York City 1885 
Schenck, Charles Lott Brooklyn, N. Y. 1901
Schenck, Edward Felton New York City 1911
Schenck, Edwin Saxton New York City 1922 
Schenck, Van Brunt Brooklyn, N. Y. 1922 
Schenck, Van Brunt Brooklyn, N. Y. 1922
Schenck, Willard Parker Brooklyn, N. Y. 1920
Schermerhorn, Arthur Frederic New York City 1909
Schermerhorn, E. Gibert New York City 1909
Schermerhorn, J. Maus New York City 1886 
Schoonmaker, Herbert Sage New York City 1920 
Schurman, George Wellington New York City 1895 
SMIDT, A. CAMPBELL LEE New York City 1909
Smidt, Frank B. New York City 1888
Snedeker, Alfred Melvine New York City 1904 
Staats, John Henry New York City 1907 
Stillwell, John E. New York City 1901 
Striker, Joseph M. L. New York City 1922 
Sutphen, Duncan Dunbar New York City 1897
Sutphen, Henry R. New York City 1912
Sutphen, John Schureman New York City 1890 
Suydam, Lambert New York City 1900 
Tallman, Francis John Newton Brooklyn, N. Y. 1914 
Teller, Harold Rickards Brooklyn, N. Y. 1919 
Terhune, Nicholas New York City 1908
Terhune, Peter P. New York City 1912
Terhune, TenBroeck Monroe New York City 1917 
Tiebout, Cornelius Henry, Jr. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1922
Turck, Fenton Benedict New York City 1917
Turck, Fenton Benedict, Jr. New York City 1922 
Underhill, Francis Jay New York City 1907
Underhill, Frederic Edgar New York City 1921
Updike, Edwin Hoyt New York City 1921 
Van Aken, Rufus Cole Brooklyn, N. Y. 1921 
Van Alstyne, Percy W. New York City 1905
Van Alstyne, William T. New York City 1923 
Van Benschoten, Elmer New York City 1917 
Van Benschoten, William Henry New York City 1906 
Van Brunt, Arthur Hoffman New York City 1885
Van Brunt, Jaques Brooklyn, N. Y. 1905
Van Brunt, Jeremiah Rutger Brooklyn, N. Y. 1905
Van Brunt, Mervin Schenck Brooklyn, N. Y. 1913 
Van Cott, Pierrepont New York City 1909 
Vander Beek, Francis Isaac, Jr. New York City 1917
Vanderhoef, Frank Fellows New York City 1899
Vanderhoef, George Wyckoff New York City 1905
Vanderhoef, Harman Blauvelt New York City 1898 
Vander Poel, S. Oakley New York City 1911 
Vander Poel, W. Halsted New York City 1911 
Vander Veer, Albert, Jr. New York City 1905
Vanderveer, Edward Bennett Brooklyn, N. Y. 1905 
Vanderveer, Henry Boerum Brooklyn, N. Y. 1898 
Vanderveer, John Lott Brooklyn, N. Y. 1912
Vander Veer, Seeley New York City 1906
Vanderveer, Walter Lott Brooklyn, N. Y. 1922 
Vandervoort, John Coe New York City 1914 
Van De Water, George Roe New York City 1886
Van Doren, Louis O. New York City 1887 
Van Dyke, Robert L. New York City 1913 
Van Epps, Robert Johnson New York City 1914 
Van Gaasbeek, Louis Wheat Brooklyn, N. Y. 1914 
Van Kleeck, Charles Mayer New York City 1902 
Van Liew, Henry A. New York City 1897 
Van Loan, James C. P. New York City 1905
Van Loan, Joseph T. New York City 1907
Van Loan, Schuyler Brooklyn, N. Y. 1920
Van Loan, Thomas Brooklyn, N. Y. 1890 
Van Norden, Ernest M. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1921
Van Norden, Howard Livingstone Brooklyn, N. Y. 1920
Van Norden, Ottomar Hoghland New York City 1904
Van Norden, Thomas Langdon Brooklyn, N. Y. 1923 
VAN NOSTRAND, BENJAMIN T. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1910
Van Nostrand, Frank D. New York City 1897 
Van Nostrand, Norman Wyckoff Brooklyn, N. Y. 1922
Van Olinda, James E. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1889
Van Olinda, Walter King Brooklyn, N. Y. 1909 
Van Pelt, John Jacob Brooklyn, N. Y. 1909 
Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S. New York City 1890
Van Siclen, G. Schenck Brooklyn, N. Y. 1909 
Van Sinderen, Howard New York City 1885 
Van Slyke, Warren Clark New York City 1895 
Van Vorhis, Harry Stephen New York City 1914 
Van Winkle, Edgar C. New York City 1917 
Van Woert, James Burtis New York City 1902 
Van Wyck, Albert Brooklyn, N. Y. 1893
Van Wyck, Allen New York City 1919 
Van Wyck, Herbert Lee New York City 1915 
Van Wyck, William Brooklyn, N. Y. 1892
Van Wyck, William Paterson New York City 1921 
Veeder, Van Vechten New York City 1901 
Vermilye, Herbert Noble New York City 1919 
Ver Planck, William G. New York City 1885 
Viele, Dorr New York City 1915 
Voorhees, Albert V. B. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1898 
Voorhees, James Ditmars New York City 1916
Voorhees, John A. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1898 
Voorhees, Judah Back Brooklyn, N. Y. 1887
VOORHEES, J. EDGAR Upper Montclair, N. J. 1911
Voorhees, Oscar McMurtrie New York City 1922 
Voorhis, John R. New York City 1886 
Vreeland, Herbert Harold New York City 1902
Vreeland, Herbert Harold, Jr. New York City 1916 
Westervelt, John C. New York City 1885
Westervelt, Josiah Arnold New York City 1899
Wynkoop, Hubert Schuurman Brooklyn, N. Y. 1914 
Zabriskie, Edward Graham New York City 1909
Zabriskie, Frederick Conklin Hackensack, N. J. 1909

Long Island Members

none Ackerman, Charles M. Bayside, L. I. 1916 
Bleecker, Theophylact Bache Cold Spring Harbor, L. I. 1889 
Bloodgood, William Denton Garden City, L. I. 1916 
Pinckney, James Henry, Jr. Garden City, L. I. 1918 
Post, Howard Evander Richmond Hill, L. I. 1917 
Ryder, Charles A. Jamaica, L. I. 1915
Ryerson, Jacob V. Jamaica, L. I. 1913 
Wyckoff, William F. Jamaica, L. I. 1887 
Zabriskie, C. Brevoort Port Jefferson, L. I. 1898 


Deceased Members  UP TO  April 6, 1923
Name and residence

Charles Livingston Acker New York
David D. Acker New York 
Edward Boyce Adriance New York 
Benjamin Lander Amerman New York 
Charles Banta New York 
George Aaron Banta Brooklyn, N. Y.
John Banta New York
Theodore Melvin Banta Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Gerard Beekman New York
James William Beekman New York
Henry Rutger Beekman New York 
Edward Jacob Bergen Brooklyn, N. Y.
Ernest Graves Bergen New York
Herman S. Bergen Brooklyn, N. Y.
Teunis J. Bergen Brooklyn, N. Y.
Tunis Henry Bergen Brooklyn, N. Y.
Van Brunt Bergen Brooklyn, N. Y.
Zaccheus Bergen New York
Richard J. Berry Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Richard J. Berry Brooklyn, N. Y.
Delavan Bloodgood Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Hildreth K. Bloodgood New York 
Cornelius Bloomingdale New York 
Washington A. H. Bogardus New York
John Bogart New York
John Benjamin Bogart New York 
Edward Strong Bogert New York 
John G. Bogert New York
 Stephen Gilliam Bogert New York 
Gurdon Grant Brinckerhoff New York 
Henry Waller Brinckerhoff Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Van Wyck Brinkerhoff New York 
Theophilus Anthony Brouwer New York 
Bloomfield Brower New York
David Brower Brooklyn, N. Y. 
John Brower New York
William Wallace Brower New York 
Samuel Burhans, Jr New York 
Alonzo Edward Conover New York 
James Scott Conover New York 
Warren A. Conover New York 
Ebenezer Lane Cooper New York 
Washington Lafayette Cooper New York 
Lawrence Van Voorhees Cortelyou Brooklyn, N. Y.
John Cowenhoven Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Matthias Van Dyke Cruser Brooklyn, N. Y.
Cornelius Cuyler Cuyler New York 
George W. Debevoise New York
Isaac C. De Bevoise Brooklyn, N. Y.
Charles Rutger De Freest Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Frederick J. De Peyster New York 
George Gosman De Witt New York 
Thomas Dunkin De Witt New York 
William C. De Witt Brooklyn, N. Y.
Anthony Dey New York
Joseph Warren Scott Dey New York 
Solomon Le Fevre Deyo New York
Morris H. Dillenbeck New York
John Henry Dingman Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Coert Du Bois New York
Cornelius Du Bois New York 
Cornelius J. Dumond New York 
Harry H. Duryea New York 
Hiram Duryea Brooklyn, N. Y.
Samuel Bowne Duryea Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Joseph Woodard Duryee New York 
Caleb Coles Dusenbury New York 
Silas Belden Dutcher Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Peter Q. Eckerson New York 
John Augustus Elmendorf New York 
Nicoll Floyd Elmendorf New York 
Sherman Esselstyn Brooklyn, N. Y. 
William John Fryer New York 
William Dominick Garrison New York
Ogden Goelet New York 
Robert Goelet New York 
Arnatt Reading Gulick New York
Ernestus Schenck Gulick New York
James C. Gulick New York
John Callbreath Gulick New York
Luther H. Gulick New York 
Louis V. D. Hardenbergh Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Thomas Eddy Hardenbergh New York 
Ferdinand Hasbrouck New York
Frederick Hasbrouck New York 
John Cornelius Hasbrouck New York 
Daniel Van Brunt Hegeman Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Johnston Niven Hegeman New York 
W. A. Ogden Hegeman New York 
Joseph C. Hoagland New York 
William M. Hoes New York
Charles Frederick Hoffman New York 
David Harrison Houghtaling New York 
George Duryee Hulst Brooklyn, N. Y
John Wesley Jacobus New York 
Jeremiah Johnson, Jr Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Henry Keteltas New York 
William Fargo Kip New York
William Vandervoort Kip New York 
Edgar Knickerbocker New York 
Peter Kouwenhoven Brooklyn, N. Y
Charles E. Lansing New York 
Egbert Peake Lansing New York 
Ralph Saxton Lansing New York 
John Lefferts, Jr Brooklyn, N. Y
Egbert Le Fevre New York
Abraham Lott Brooklyn, N. Y.
James Van Der Bilt Lott Brooklyn, N. Y.
John Abraham Lott, Jr Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Adrian Meserole Brooklyn, N. Y. 
William Henry Montanye New York
 John J. Morris New York 
Isaac Myer New York 
Wilhelmus Mynderse Brooklyn, N. Y. 
David Nevius New York 
John Lott Nostrand Brooklyn, N. Y
Charles F. Ostrander New York
Stephen Melancthon Ostrander Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Henry Ditmas Polhemus Brooklyn, N. Y. 
L. A. Powelson Brooklyn, N. Y. 
John Van Schaick Lansing Pruyn New York 
Abraham Quackenbush New York 
Schuyler Quackenbush New York 
Williamson Rapalje Brooklyn, N. Y. 
James Pilling Rappelyea Brooklyn, N. Y
John Hancock Riker New York 
Richard Riker New York 
Daniel Bennett St. John Roosa New York 
Frank Roosevelt New York 
Frederick Roosevelt New York 
Henry Everett Roosevelt New York 
Nicholas Latrobe Roosevelt New York
Robert Barnwell Roosevelt New York 
C. A. Schemmerhorn New York 
Edward Schenck New York
Henry Jacob Schenck New York 
John Cornell Schenck Brooklyn, N. Y.
Junius Schenck Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Tunis Schenck Brooklyn, N. Y. 
John Egmont Schermerhorn New York 
Hiram Schoonmaker New York 
Sylvanus Lothrop Schoonmaker New York 
Garret Lansing Schuyler New York 
Van Rensselaer Schuyler New York 
Robert Sickels New York 
Dominicus Snedeker Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Robert Parker Staats New York
John Henry Starin New York
John Baker Stevens New York 
William Moore Stilwell New York
Clarence Storm New York 
Thomas Storm New York
John Hall Stoutenburgh New York 
Peter J. Stuyvesant New York 
John Schureman Sutphen New York
Joseph Walworth Sutphen Brooklyn, N. Y. 
John Fine Suydam New York
John H. Suydam New York
Lambert Suydam New York 
Frederick D. Tappen New York 
James Macfarlane Tappen New York 
Arthur Dickinson Truax New York
Charles H. Truax New York 
Chauncey Schaffer Truax New York
John Gregory Truax New York 
Lucas L. Van Allen New York 
William James Van Arsdale New York 
Edward Electus Van Auken New York
James A. Van Auken New York 
Eugene Van Benschoten New York 
Samuel Van Benschoten Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Clarence R. Van Benthuysen New York 
Cornelius Van Brunt New York
Cornelius Bergen Van Brunt Brooklyn, N. Y. 
John R. Van Buskirk Brooklyn, N. Y
Joshua Marsden Van Cott New York 
Joseph B. Vandergrift New York
Joseph B. Vandergrift New York
 Nathaniel S. W. Vanderhoef New York
Aaron J. Vanderpoel New York
Samuel Oakley Vander Poel New York 
W. B. Vanderpoel New York 
Charles Vanderveer Brooklyn, N. Y. 
William Ledyard Van Der Voort New York
Alfred Van Derwerken Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Charles Henry Van Deventer New York
Hugh B. Van Deventer New York 
John Walker Van De Water New York 
Abram Bovee Van Dusen New York 
Henry H. Van Dyke New York 
Henry Jackson Van Dyke Brooklyn, N. Y.
Herbert Van Dyke New York 
Wynford Van Gaasbeek New York 
William Manning Van Heusen New York 
Stephen Van Alen Van Horne New York
Daniel Berten Van Houten New York 
William H. Van Kleeck New York 
Alexander Thompson Van Nest New York
Warner Van Norden New York 
David Van Nostrand New York 
John J. Van Nostrand Brooklyn, N. Y
Henry De Witt Van Orden Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Gilbert Sutphen Van Pelt New York
Henry Trenor Van Pelt New York
John Van Der Bilt Van Pelt Brooklyn, N. Y
Townsend Cortelyou Van Pelt Brooklyn, N. Y.
William R. P. Van Pelt Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Maunsell Van Rensselaer New York 
Abraham Van Santvoord New York
Richard Van Santvoord New York 
Eugene Van Schaick New York
Henry Van Schaick New York 
Evert Sheldon Van Slyke New York 
Abraham Van Wyck Van Vechten New York
Abraham Kip Van Vleck New York 
Jasper Van Vleck New York 
Frederick G. Van Vliet New York 
Purdy Van Vliet New York 
Thomas S. Van Volkenburgh New York
Elias William Van Voorhees New York
Bartow White Van Voorhis New York 
Gardiner Baker Van Vorst New York 
Hooper Cumming Van Vorst New York 
George Van Wagenen New York 
Hubert Van Wagenen New York 
Albert Waling Van Winkle New York 
Edgar Beach Van Winkle New York
Isaac Van Winkle New York 
James Burtis Van Woert New York
John Voorhees Van Woert New York 
John Voorhees Van Woert New York
John Rufus Van Wormer New York 
Augustus Van Wyck New York
Benjamin Stevens Van Wyck New York
Jacob Southart Van Wyck Brooklyn, N. Y.
John Henry Van Wyck New York
John Thurman Van Wyck New York 
Samuel Van Wyck Brooklyn, N. Y.
Stephen Van Wyck Brooklyn, N. Y.
William Van Wyck New York
William E. Van Wyck New York
William Harrison Van Wyck New York 
Milton B. Van Zandt New York 
John Leonard Varick New York 
Maus Rosa Vedder New York 
John D. Vermeule New York
Jacob Dyckman Vermilye New York 
Egbert Ludovicus Viele New York
Maurice A. Viele New York 
John Hayden Visscher Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Albert Van Brunt Voorhees Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Charles Hageman Voorhees Brooklyn, N. Y.
Charles Henry Voorhees New York 
Townsend Wandell New York 
Christopher Yates Wemple New York
Evert Jansen Wendell New York
Gordon Wendell New York
Jacob Wendell New York 
Frederick Pentz Voorhees New York 
Henry Veight Williamson New York
Theodore Sheldon Winans New York 
Ferdinand Lott Wyckoff Brooklyn, N. Y.
Peter Wyckoff Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Gerardus Hilles Wynkoop New York
James Davis Wynkoop New York 
Andrew C. Zabriskie New York 
Josiah H. Zabriskie Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Simeon T. Zabriskie New York