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Independent Order of Foresters
IOF Foresters
Independent Order of Foresters
This insurance group originated in Newark, NJ in 1874.  

"An except from the Independent Order of Foresters Website :

Fraternal Advantage	
What is The Independent Order Of Foresters?

The Independent Order of Foresters is one of the world’s oldest and 
largest fraternal benefit societies with over one million members. The 
IOF Foresters is international in scope with the majority of its members 
located in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The IOF 
Foresters sells a wide range of life insurance, and annuity products.
The concept of Forestry originated hundreds of years ago when people 
voluntarily formed groups called Friendly Societies to provide help for 
one another in times of distress. Based on the spirit of brotherhood, 
each family contributed to a fund from which they could draw when an 
emergency arose.

In 1874 at Newark, New Jersey, a group of people carrying on these 
traditions of mutual aid and fraternity started The Independent Order of 
Foresters. As membership grew, the scope of the IOF Foresters broadened 
into a family fraternity. Picnics, excursions, dances and Court meetings 
drew the members closer together and strengthened family ties.

From the beginning, Foresters have often come to the aid of members who 
are victims of catastrophic disasters. Whether it be earthquakes, 
floods, tornadoes or fires, the IOF Foresters has many a time extended a 
helping hand to its members in distress.
Pat Giovoni