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St. Andrew's Society of NY
Member Rolls to 1956 A & B

200th anniversary book of the St. Andrew's Society of NYS 
listing the membership rolls .
The only members with additional info are the presidents from 

The Membership of  Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York
It was a charitable organization originally founded by Scotsmen to aid Scotsmen. 
You had to be born in Scotalnd or a direct lineal descendant to become a member.
I would classify it as a Christian society, heavy on the Presbyterian.

Elected October 1906 to October 1956 
and members still living elected prior to 1906

Abercrombie, David T.
Abernethy, Samuel
Acheson, Alexander G.
Adam, Archibald
Adam, Daniel P.
Adam, Hector C.
Adam, Hector C., Jr.
Adams, Arthur
Adams, Charles
Adams, Frank D.
Adams, Frank D., Jr.
Adams, J. Donald
Adamson, James H.
Adamson, John Alex.
Adan, John McK.
Addison, James
Adie, David C.
Adie, George C., MD
Adie, John W.
Agnew, Cornelius R.
Agnew, Kenneth G., Jr.
Agnew, William R.
Aiken, William A.
Ainslie, George F., Jr.
Aird, Alexander
Aird, John Alex.
Aird, John Bryson
Aitchison, Peter
Aitken, Adam W.
Aitken, Alfred L.
Aitken, John
Aldcorn, Thomas
Alderman, Royal M.
Aldridge, Thomas A.
Alexander, Arch'd S.
Alexander, Sir Douglas (Bart)
Alexander, Douglas H.
Alexander, George
Alexander, John
Alexander, John
Alexander, Robert
Alexander, Thomas
Alexander, William
Alexander, William T.
Allan, Charles J. S.
Allan, George J.
Allan, James B.
Allan, Sydney
Allan, William
Allan, William B., MD
Allardice, Thomas B.
Allen, Matthew
Allison, Wm. Outis
Ambrose, George M.
Amerman, Lockhart
Anderson, Alexander
Anderson, Archibald
Anderson, Arch'd M.
Anderson, Arthur L.
Anderson, Donald
Anderson, Edmund G.
Anderson, Ernest H. B.
Anderson, Frederick W.
Anderson, Henry H., Jr.
Anderson, Hugh A.
Anderson, James
Anderson, John A.
Anderson, John E.
Anderson, John I.
Anderson, Joseph, Sr.
Anderson Robert
Anderson, Robert A.
Anderson, Robert J.
Anderson, Ronald C.
Andoe, Graham
Andrew, James H., MD
Andrus, Martin L.
Angell, Montgomery B.
Angus, James
Angus, William N.
Anson, Edward H.
Anthony, Graham H.
Archibald, William
Archibald, William
Armour, Alex'r W.
Armour, Allison V.
Armour Allison, 2nd
Armour, Norman
Armour, William
Armstrong, Donald M.
Armstrong, Edgar B.
Armstrong, Paul, Jr.
Armstrong, William
Arnott, David
Arthur, Alexander L.
Arthur, Donald
Arthur, Donald, Jr.
Asby, William D.
Atkins, Leslie C.
Auchincloss, Charles C.
Auchincloss, C. Russell
Auchincloss, Gordon
Auchincloss, James C.
Auchincloss, Reginald L.
Auchincloss, Sam'l S.
Auchterlonie, Alex'r, Jr.
Audsley, Berthold
Auld, Robert C.
Ayr, David

Bailey, Theodorus, MD
Baillie, David G., Jr.
Baillie, David G., III
Baillie, Hugh
Baillie, William E.
Bain, James Alex.
Bainbridge, Wm. S., MD
Baird, Charles
Baird, John J.
Baird, Ralph R. M.
Baker, Wm. Thompson
Baldwin, Alex T.
Ballard, Frank W.
Ballard, William M.
Ballantine, Arthur A.
Ballantyne, James
Band, Charles W.
Banks, Alexander S.
Banks, James Lenox, Jr.
Banks, Thomas
Banks, William L.
Bannerman, Charles S.
Bannerman, Francis
Bannerman, Lewis G.
Barber, George G.
Barbour, John Alan
Barbour, John H.
Barbour, W. Warren
Barclay, Thomas
Barnes, William J.
Barnett, Chas. M.
Barnett, Chas. M., Jr.
Barr, Frank Halliday
Barr, John
Barr, John D. C.
Barr, Richard H.
Barr, Robert
Barrie, George, MD
Barrie, Herbert S.
Barrie, Robert W.
Bartlet, George I. M.
Barton, Rev. Charles A.
Baxter, Andrew
Baxter, Andrew
Baxter, Chas. M
Baxter, Chas. M., Jr.
Baxter, Malcolm, Jr.
Bearn, Benj. S.
Beaton, Farquhar
Beaton, Malcolm
Beattie, James
Beattie, James G.
Beattie, Lawrence
Beattie, Lawrence (Brig. Gen.)
Beattie, Lawrence, Jr.
Beattie, William
Becker, Frederic A.
Belknap, Waldron P.
Bell, Alfred Wm.
Bell, Alfred Wm., Jr.
Bell, David D.
Bell, Earl Richmond
Bell, Elliot V.
Bell, Fergus
Bell, Gordon Knox
Bell, James
Bell, Robert S.
Bell, Thomas C.
Bell, Walter S.
Benedict, Harry E.
Benjamin, Jas., Ph. D.
Bennett, Andrew H.
Bennett, Arch. G.
Bennett, David P.
Bennett, Henry
Bennett, William
Berryman, Paul R.
Beveridge, Andrew R.
Beveridge, Ewart A.
Bew, George A.
Biggar, G. Gordon
Binnie, James F.
Birnie, William A.
Birnie, William A. H.
Bittner, Alfred J.
Black, Douglas M.
Black, Fulton R.
Black, George
Black, George H.
Black, Rev. Hugh, D. D.
Black, James
Black, Malcolm S.
Black, Michael G.
Black, Robert A.
Black, William M.
Blackhall, Charles M.
Blackie, Robert G.
Blair, William S.
Blanchard, James A.
Blewer, Francis L.
Boag, Douglas B.
Boardman, Rev. George
Bogle, Archibald P.
Boles, Edgar H.
Bonnell, Rev. John S., DD
Booth, James M.
Borthwick, George
Bourne, Alvah W., Jr.
Bowie, John
Bowie, Letham
Bowman, Arthur G.
Boyce, John
Boyd, Carlisle S., MD
Boyd, Hugh M.
Boyd, John G.
Boyd, Paul C.
Boyd, Robert M., Jr.
Boyd, Thomas B.
Boyd, William
Boyes, Ian H. P.
Boyle, Alexander R. M.
Boyne, James G.
Brackenridge, Alexander, C. B. E., M. C.
Braid, Arthur F.
Braid, John W.
Brass, Edward K.
Bremer, John R.
Brice, James H., DDS
Brisbane, Donald A.
Brittain, William M.
Broadbent, Malcolm G.
Brodie, William A.
Brooks, Henry S., Jr.
Brooks, Henry W.
Brooks, Rev. R. H., DD
Brough, Alex
Brown, Alexander
Brown, David
Brown, Donald L.
Brown F. Gordon
Brown, James D.
Brown, James H.
Brown, James M.
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, Matthews
Brown, Murdoch M.
Brown, Robert M.
Brown, Thomas M.
Brown, Walter
Brown, William
Brown, Wiliiam D.
Brown, William Hy.
Brown, William K.
Brown, William M.
Browne, Stewart
Brownlee, John D. M.
Brownlie, Walter B. M.
Bruce, Gordon M., MD
Bruce, John
Bruce, John J.
Bryce, James
Bryce, Thomas J.
Buch, Noel T. F.
Buchanan, Rev. Archie
Buchanan, Arthur C.
Buchanan, Charles P.
Buchanan, Rev. Douglass
Buchanan, Edward G.
Buchanan, John Guy
Buchanan, John K.
Buchanan, Oswald C.
Buchanan, Thomas D., MD
Buchanan, Thomas E.
Buchanan, Thomas F.
Buchanan, Walter A.
Buchanan, Walter A.
Burden, Charles E.
Burden, James A.
Burden, Joseph W.
Burgess, Alex. H.
Burnap, Robert S.
Burnet, William E.
Burns, H. S. M.
Burns, Henry T., MD
Burns, John J.
Burns, Robert 
Burns, Robert S.
Burnside Robert C.
Burtnett, Bertrand G.
Burton, James C.
Butchart, Cuthbert S.
Butler, Craigie H.
Butler, Frank O., 2nd
Butler, James F.
Butler, John M.
Butler, Michael W.