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Named for Judge James AINSLIE. The street was opened in 1850. George W. HARMER, wood-turner, # 35. Christian HAYS& Co., makers of baby carriages, # 38. Henry SCHADE came to New York in 1848, he started silver plating in 1873. He came to Brooklyn, 1883, purchased land & built his factory, # 56-58. Wm. CABBLE, wire manufacturer # 88. Ainslie Street Presbyterian Church, (Old School), org.1854 on Maujer Street, a small chapel dedicated on Sept. 24, 1854, corner of Ainslie Street & Manhattan Avenue. The Second Baptist Church, Ainslie Street, between Manhattan & Graham Avenues, sold it's building to a Jewish Congregation. H. LAWRENCE, maker of musical instruments, # 235. Edwin H. MANNERING, Mason, # 268. The Mathematical & Classical Institution, Ainslie & Humboldt Streets. Jos. A. RHODES, saw factory, abt 1850. He was one of the skilled workmen brought here by the elder HOE, he died in 1860, suceeded by BOYD & RENTON. Samuel BOYD, # 4. James RENTON, # 113 So. 2nd Street. An old pump stood on the corner of Leonard Street.
Named for Arion Hall, was formerly called Wall Street BLANK Bros., brush manufactury, # 32, Peter BLANK, a bachelor, was the president of the German Y.M.C.A., # 800 Flushing Avenue. Herman WOLF, toy dealer, # 33.
Formerly A Street. The Brooklyn Oil Works, # 23. CHURCH & Co., soda & chemical Works, # 36, destroyed by fire, Feb. 6, 1891, loss of 200,000 dollars.
Thomas JACKSON was in the livery business in New York City in the 1840's. In 1851, he opened a livery stables at # 1029-33. The building had a frontage of 60ft and a depth of 120ft. In the 1880's the plant was known as Jackson's Phenix Stables. O.WISSNER, piano, # 1078. Nils OLSEN, stair builder, # 1635. Wm. BERTHELSON, provisions, # 1715. Reinhold S. TIMPER, stair builder, # 1906. The Advertiser Office was located # 2064. NEXT.."B" Street Back to EASTERN DISTRICT Main Back to TOWN Main Page Back to STREETS Main Back to BROOKLYN Main