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Union Avenue was opened in 1836. Tenth Street School, was at the junction of Union Avenue, Devoe & Keap Streets. MAUGER'S, Blanket factory & the packing house, established by, Madlon B. OAKLEY, in the early 1860's, was at Union Avenue and Devoe Street. Chester D. BUROWS, Jr., entered OAKLEY'S employ as a boy and remained with him until about 1869 when he opened a place of his own at Keap & North 1st Streets. Later he moved to the building which he had erected at Leonard & Maujer Streets, where he continued for a number of years and finally retired. S. & M. BENDER"S, Sale & Exchange stables, were at #196. S. SANDER, refrigerators, #216. John KENNY, opened a bakery on Flushing Avenue in 1882. In December of that year he removed his plant to the southeast corner of Union Avenue & Skillan Avenue. In the following year, he opened a branch store at #383 Grand Street. (old number). John R. PARKER, the undertaker, in the 1860's, was at Union Avenue, corner North 1st Street. About 1875, Union & Hope Street. In the 1880's, at #135 Union Avenue. Tom FREESTONE, kept his undertaker establishment in 1855, on Union Avenue between Devoe Street & Metropolitan Avenue. His daughter Mary, married John PARKER, mentioned above. PARKER, was also the Democratic Alderman of the 15th Ward. Tony OHL'S Cafe, at Ainslie Street. LENT'S Cafe, was next door. FARMER'S Cafe, was at Frost Street. BATE'S, fish market, was on Union Avenue Of the two colored churches, one was at Devoe and the other at Withers Street. Jacob HOFFMAN, kept a cigar store, near Devoe Street. He moved his place in 1871, to Grand Street, near Union Avenue and in 1920 to Middle Village. GABBLE Brothers, wire factory, in 1863, was at #169. The circus came every spring to the lots on Union Avenue, between North 7th & North 8th Streets, fire works were set off here on the Fourth of July. The lots were next to McCLOUD'S, two brick houses. BOSSERT Bros., in 1869, had the moulding mill at Union Avenue. Henry and Jacob retired in 1875 and Louis BOSSERT continued alone. In later years he admitted his sons into partnership. In 1883, he built the large brick structure at #18-30 Johnson Avenue. His office & sales rooms were at #6 to 8 Union Avenue. Louis BOSSERT was colonel of the 32nd Regiment. S. BLUMENSTOCK, brewer, #14 Union Avenue Louis K. NICOT, druggist, established in 1871, was located at #67. Bernard GALLAGHER, builder & contractor, was born in Northern Ireland in 1838. In the 1860's, his office was at #106 Union Avenue. He lived at the corner of Lorimer & Maujer Streets. In the 1880's he lived at #217 South 9th Street. Frederick R. YOUNG, piano maker, #13 Union Avenue. Edward PETERS, horse shoer, #18. Culver's Merry-go-round, was in 1890, at #30. John MILLION'S Iron Works, were then, #40. E. H. BROWN, umbrellas, #107. William LOCHMANN, provisions, #120. Patrick HYNES, horse shoer, #141. Alexander MCHUTTA'S pottery #212. Edward M. GARNER, tanner, corner of Withers Street.
UTICA Avenue
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