THE SOCIAL HISTORY OF FLATBUSH by Gertrude Lefferts Vanderbilt 1887
PREFACE The Rev THOMAS M STRONG, D D, for nearly forty years beloved pastor of the Reformed Church, Flatbush, collected, as far as practicable, facts pertaining to the early settlement of the town. These facts were in the first instance brought before the public in the form of lectures delivered before the Flatbush Literary Association. Subsequently, at the request of his friends, these lectures were collected in a volume entitled "THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF FLATBUSH," and published in 1842. Since the publication of this interesting volume, there have been great changes in this little town. The day is probably not far distant when it will become a part of the adjoining city of Brooklyn; then all traces of its village life and its individuality as a Dutch settlement will be lost. In all love and respect for the memory of Dr Strong, I have taken up the pen which he laid down not so much in continuation of his subject as to give it from a different standpoint. As a woman, I have inclined to the social side of life, and have endeavored to record the changes which time has made among the people in their homes and at the fireside. I have undertaken this as a pleasant task, bringing to the work at least so much of fitness for it as may be caused by familiarity with those changes, and a knowledge of the traditions, customs, and manners of the Dutch. At an early period all the families in this county were united through marriage and intermarriage, thus forming one large family circle. I have assumed with greater confidence the preparation of this work because, as I do not address the great world beyond, I may, for that reason, escape unfriendly criticism; these simple annals being only intended for this family circle of the descendants of the Dutch settlers, who alone can find an interest in the record. GERTRUDE L VANDERBILT Flatbush, 1880 NEXT....FLATBUSH SOCIAL..Introduction

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