THE SOCIAL HISTORY OF FLATBUSH by Gertrude Lefferts Vanderbilt 1887 JEWELRY
If there was much jewelry worn by the young men and maidens in Flatbush before the Revolutionary War, there is very little of it now remaining except some few rings, brooches, and the knee- and shoe-buckles which fromed so important a part of the gentlemen's dress. The jewelry worn in New York in 1770-1780 may be judged from the jewelers' advertisements, one of whom speaks of himself as "the only real Maker in this city of Ladies Sett Shoe buckles, Ear rings, Egrets, Springs and hair pins, Seals, Necklaces, Combs, Crosses and Lockets, Sleeve buttons and rings. The above articles done in the neatest and best manner and sold as cheap as in London, wholesale or retail."

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