DURYEA HOUSE 562 Jerome Street

In 1886, Nicholas Linnington DURYEA (b.1842 - d.1887) sold his farm and large comfortable dwelling that bordered on John Street, now Jerome, and moved with his wife Sabra Louise CROSSMAN to a more modern house. He had received the house in which he was born and its farm from his father Michael STRYCKER DURYEA (born 18 May 1798) who married Lucretia (b. 19 August 1804 - d. 5 April 1875), daughter of his neighbor Nicholas LINNINGTON of New Lots. . Michael S. DURYEA inherited part of his property from his father and received part by conveyance from his brother Cornelius in 1839. He was the son of Christian DURYEA (b.1741 - d.28 July 1830) and Hannah, daughter of Michael STRYCKER of Flatbush. Hannah died 5 November 1841, "aged 78 years, 6 months, 5 days." Christian DURYEA purchased his New Lots property in 1787 and probably built his house on it at that time. It faced south, of course, as it still does and originally had the overhang on the south side of its roof. Cornelius DURYEA, father of Christian, was a farmer of Bushwick and a son of Jacob DURYEA (baptized 21 November 1681 - d.15 April1758) and Catrina POLHEMUS who were married in 1708. Jacob was the son of Joost Durie (DURYEA, DURYE) a Huguenot who was born in Mannheim about 1650 and married Magdalena, daughter of Isaac Le FEBRE in 1675. Joost DURIE bought a farm in New Utrecht which he sold on 5 October 1681 to Gerrit CORNELISZ for "3300 guilders and a new wagon." He then moved his household to the disputed land between Bushwick and Newtown where he built a stone house on Newtown Creek (later the foot of Meeker Avenue). His name was on the Bushwick assessment rolls of 1683 and 1693 and its census of 1693. He took the oath of allegiance there in 1687 at which time he said he had been in the country twelve years. He died in 1727. Next Chapter..NEW UTRECHT DUTCH Houses..Index Main Return to TOWN Index Main Return to BROOKLYN Index Main