Flatlands was the first locality in Kings County to be settled by Europeans. On 16 June 1636, Andries HUDDEN and Wolphert Gerritsen van COUWENHOVEN bought from the Indians a large tract of ground known as Keskachauge or Keskateuw. They named it Nieu Amersfoort after the town in the Netherlands from which Wolphert GERRITSEN emigrated. It was, however, usually called the Bay because it was located on Jamaica Bay. The Dutch owners laid out the bowwery (or farm) of Achtervelt on it and built a house which was described on July 9, 1638, by a Dutch West India Company's carpenter, as being "surrounded by long round palisades: the house is 26 ft. long, 22 feet wide and 40 feet deep with roof covered above and all around with planks: two garrets, one above the other and a small chamber on the side with an outlet on the side." In 1654. Nieu Amersfoort received its charter as a town. By 1657, seventeen families were living there. Its church, the Dutch Reformed, was organized on Sunday, 9 February 1654. in the morning, so tradition says. Its first church building was erected in 1663. The English changed its name to Flatlands in 1665. Next Chapter..Peter WYCKOFF DUTCH Houses..Index Main Return to TOWN Index Main Return to BROOKLYN Index Main