HUBBARD HOUSE 2138 McDonald Avenue

Plantation 15 of the northwest square of s'Gravensande was bounded on the east by the Indian footpath that was later to be called Gravesend Avenue and now is McDonald Avenue. It was allotted to Thomas Morrell who conveyed it to Bartholomew APPLEGATE in 1653. It belonged to Thomas DELAVALL in 1667, to Samuel HOLMES in 1679, to Nicholas STILLWELL 1692 and to Joachim GUYLYCK (GULICK) in 1693. . By 1769, six acres of it had come into. the possession of Coert JOHNSON who was probably a descendant of the Hendrick JANSEN and Elizabeth LAKE who lived in Gravesend when their son Court was baptized 25 December 1696. . Coert JOHNSON had a son Hendrick who inherited the property and whose heirs divided it into five parts in 1830. One of the parts went to Ellen JOHNSON (died 31 August 1865), widow of Abraham HUBBARD. Who built the older part of the house that stands on her property? No one seems to know. She transferred it to her son Samuel (baptized 13 December 1812) shortly after she received it, and it was probably Samuel who added the south wing to the original dwelling. He was living in the house as late as 1890. His father Abraham HUBBARD was the son of Samuel HUBBARD and Ann EMANS, Samuel's second wife. Samuel (born 25 April 1742) was the son of James HUBBARD (b.18 June 1706 - d.23 October 1798) and Aeltje RYDER who were married in September, 1729. James was the son of Samuel (b.3 May 1676) who was the son of "Serjeant" James HUBBARD, one of the founders of s'Gravensande. In 1655, Serjeant James had a wife named Martha. On 31 December 1664 he married Elizabeth BAILIES or BAYLIS. He was named on the town's patent, was its magitrate a number of times and its schout-fiscal in 1650. With two other Englishmen he rebelled against the Dutch in 1655 and was imprisoned. He represented Gravesend in the Hempstead Convention of 1665. Before his death, which occurred prior to 1693, he put the following entry in the Gravesend Town Book: The record of mee James HUBBARD: To certifie mine or any other of his brethern William: John: Henry & Margaret wth him selve ye youngest of leaven Sonns & dafters: yet butt five known of here, or our father Henry HUBBARD & our mother Margrett: of ye Towne of Langham: in ye Countye of Ruttland yeaman: stands upon ye record of ye regester To be ye 123: Generation: As I have received by letters in ye yeare 1669: & my Children with ye Rest of my Bretherens children are ye 124: Generation: wch I James HUBBARD of Gravesend on ye wester end of Long Ile land desired To have Recorded on ye Townes . Regester of Gravesend: for his children To add & to have Respect unto: for there better knowledge of There Relations in ye parts of Urope ye land of England in Cass of There Travells To those parts. Transcribers Note: HUBBARD HOUSE in disrepair & after renovations Next Chapter..AGNES LAKE HOUSE DUTCH Houses..Index Main Return to TOWN Index Main Return to BROOKLYN Index Main