ELIAS HUBBARD - RYDER HOUSE 1926 East 28th Street

According to the documents in the Brooklyn Hall of Records, the common land in the extreme eastern part of Gravesend was divided into fifteen-acre lots 6 December 1678. In December 1712, two of these in the north tier became the property of Bernardus RYDER, son of Barent Juriansz VAN RYDEN who emigrated to New Amsterdam in 1658, married Altje Stevens van voor HEES in 1673 and settled in Gravesend. Bernardus RYDER (b. 29 February 1688) married Ariantje SUYDAM. He was an elder in the Gravesend Church for many years. When he died on 23 November 1763, his farm went to his son Jacobus (baptized 25 September 1714 - d. 1 August 1773) who married Jannetje DITMARS on 13 October 1743. Bernardus, son of Jacobus and Jannetje, was the next to inherit the property. He was born 10 January 1744, married (I) Angeltie DYKEMAN and (2) Femmetie (Phebe) De NYSE on 8 September 1771. He had five sons and two daughters, all of whom were baptized in the Gravesend church. He belonged to the Gravesend Militia and took part in the battle of Long Island. He died 30 December 1827, leaving his property to his sons. Elias HUBBARD RYDER (born 5 August 1796) who married Ann STILLWELL on 13 June 1822 received the most easterly part of it. At the time, he was living with his father-in-law, John STILLWELL, whose farm adjoined his newly acquired one on the south. He asked Mr. STILLWELL, a carpenter and cabinetmaker, to build a house for him and his growing family on the RYDER property. This Mr. STILLWELL did, fashioning it after the one in which he had been born and always lived. Then the young RYDERS went to live in their new home. Ryder's Lane, which was opened from Kings Highway to Neck Rond in 1831, connected the two farms and kept the families in daily touch with one another. ' Elias HUBBARD RYDER died on 12 March 1875 leaving his house and farm to his son Elias HUBBARD who was born 23 January 1843. Elias II marricd Ida STILLWELL 21 March 1866 and had four children: Ida, Ellen Jane, Mary, and Frederick HUBBARD RYDER. It is Frederick HUBBARD RYDER'S son Alfred with his wife and young son Alfred who now live in the old house which has been moved from its original site to its present location and slightly altered.

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