*Johannes and Antje (RAPALJE) LOTT of Flatlands had a son Jeromus (b.26 January 1742-43 - d.18 February 1794) who received the northwest portion of his father's property. On it, he built a small but substantial house to which he took his wife Lammetje RAPALJE whom he married on 25 December 1763. Their son Jeromus,(b.28 December 1776 - d.22 August 1831) inherited the property. On 27 May 1810 he married Ann SUYDAM who was a "wealthy young lady of Bedford." In 1831 he began to build a large and modern house for their home. This he raised in June, 1831 and used his old dwelling as the kitchen wing. He had three children: Maria (b.7 March 1811), Lambert (b.5 December 1814) and Jane Ann (who married Jeremiah BERGEN). In the early 1880's the heirs of Ann SUYDAM LOTT sold the house and its farm to Abram VANDERVEER for the use of his son Charles. In 1908, the property was bought by Wood Harmon Company for real estate development. After Frederick Boyd Stevenson of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle had purchased the house for his home, he moved it to the north­west corner of Coleman Street and Avenue P, remodelled it and lived in it until his death. It was then demolished. Both parts of the house were well built. Its beams were of oak, eighteen inches square. It was covered with cedar shingles that were thirty inches long. The outer walls of the older wing were filled with Dutch bricks and over its doorway was a bull's-eye. The door­way of the 1831 wing was classically beautiful. Ann SUYDAM was born 15 May 1789, and was the daughter of Lambert SUYDAM and his second wife, Anna REMSEN, who was the widow of Barent Johnson of the Wallabout. Lambert SUYDAM was born 30 August 1743. He was a farmer of Bedford, a captain in the Kings County Troop of Horse and took an active part in the battle of Long Island. He married : Sarah HEGEMAN on 10 April 1766 and after her death, the Widow Johnson on 20 September 1786. He died 1 April 1833. His parents were Hendrick SUYDAM (b.December 20, 1706 - d.16 July 1768), a farmer and blacksmith of Brooklyn, and Geertie Ryerson of the Wallabout. Hendrick SUYDAM was the son of Hendrick SUYDAM who bought a farm in Bedford and married Bennetie ________, and grandson of the Hendrick SUYDAM who died about 1730. The last named Hendrick signed his name "Heyndryck Rycken." He emigrated from Zutphen in the Netherlands and bought land on Manhattan Island where he carried on his trade of blacksmith. Tradition says that he was so greatly annoyed by the snakes there that he sold the property and moved to Flatbush where he purchased a bouwery (farm). He and his wife Ida joined the Flatbush Church in April, 1679. His name appears on the assessment roll of the town for 1683, on its census of 1698 and as one who took the oath of allegiance in 1687. He died about 1710. His sons took the surname of van Zuyt-dam and Suydt-dam. Later this was changed to SUYDAM. *Please note: A researcher has advised me of the following: Johannes and Antje Folkerson Lott had a son Jeromus 26 Jan 18 1742-43 Diane Lott As with all research check for various sources and records to confirm any data. Gravestone of John J. LOTT 1812 Located in The Dutch Reform Church of Flatlands one block East on Kings Highway and East 40th Street. Next Chapter..STOOTHOFF-WILLIAMSON HOUSE DUTCH Houses..Index Main Return to TOWN Index Main Return to BROOKLYN Index Main