JOOST VAN NUYSE HOUSE 1128-30 East 34th Street

According to John BAXTER, on 12 January 1792, Joost VAN NUYSE died on Flatlands Plain, 14 Jan., there were 32 sleighs at the burying of Joost VAN NUYSE, 18 Feb. Plantation of Joost VAN NUYSE was sold by Johannes VAN NUYSE." Joost's farm, consisting of 85 acres, was the most northerly piece of property in Flatlands on the west side of the Flatbush Road. It had been bought by William Jacobse VAN NUYSE of New Utrecht in 1725, having gone from the original Indian grant to Wolphert Gerritsen van COUWENHOVEN to Elbert Elbertse STOOTHOFF and then to STOOTHOFF's heirs, Thomas WILLETT and Jan VAN DYCKHUYSE, husbands of his daughters. As Joost VAN NUYSE (baptized 30 September 1716), who was born in New Utrecht, was called Joost of Flatlands, he must have acquired the property when he came of age or at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Emmons on 16 April 1744. Whether or not he built the close-to-the-ground Dutch house which stood close to the Flatbush Road and in which he died is not known. At the time of its sale it was probably purchased by his unmarried son Jacobus for, again reading BAXTER's diary, we find that Jacobus VAN NUYSE raised his barn on Flatlands Plain in August 1792 and that on the following Christmas Day he fell into his well and was drowned. ' In February, 1793, the farm was sold to Wilhemus STOOTHOFF and on 12 April 12 of that year STOOTHOFF's son Cornelius "moved into the house of Jacohus VAN NUYSE on the Plain." , In a record of 1796, the house was worth $350 and was in "middling condition." As it was for many years known as the STOOTHOFF-DURYEA house, a DURYEA must have owned it or lived in it at one time although neither document nor tradition in proof can be found. Robert MAGAW was its owner in 1834 when he and his young wife made it their home. They lived in it until 1852 when they moved into the larger and more modern house of Joost VAN NUYSE's son Johannes and rented it to Ditmas COE. Later it was sold. At one time it was the home of V. K. STEVENSON. About 1913 it was moved to its present site when it became the headquarters of the Amersfort Nursery. Joost VAN NUYSE, its probable builder, was a descendant of "Aucke Jansen" as an immigrant to New Amsterdam in 1651 signed his name and as he was commonly called. Undoubtedly, Aucke came from Nuis, Groningen, in the Netherlcmds, for his children took the surname of VAN NUYSE or from Nuis. On 12 January 1653 Aucke Jansen bought a house and lot in New Amsterdam which he sold the following May. He then moved to Breuckelen Ferry where he worked as a carpenter, being the master builder of the church erected in Midwout (or Flatbush) in 1654. In 1665, he was living in Flatlands and in 1669 in Flatbush where he was a magistrate in 1673 and where he took the oath of allegiance to the English in 1687. His name is on the New Utrecht assessment roll for 1675, and it was there he died, probably in 1698, the year in which his will was probated. He married three times, Magdalena PIETERSE, his first wife, was the mother of his nine children. His son "Yacobus Auckes" married Maria CORNEL on 26 April 1685, and died in New Utrecht in 1710. Two of the sons of Yacobus and Maria moved to New Jersey but their son William Jacobus stayed in New Utrecht and farmed. William married Magdalena (Joost?) and died in 1771. He had three sons: William of New Utrecht who married Anna VER KERK; Jacobus of New Utrecht who married Sarah, daughter of Tunis RAPALJE, and Joost of Flatlands. The children of Joost and his wife Elizabeth were : Margaret, Sarah (baptized 1752), Joost of New Utrecht, Elizabeth, Maria, Magdalena, Johannes (and the ) Jacobus who fell in the well on Christmas Day and was drowned. For a recent picture: From Brooklyn On Line JOOST VAN NUYSE HOUSE Next Chapter..VAN NUYSE-MAGAW HOUSE DUTCH Houses..Index Main Return to TOWN Index Main Return to BROOKLYN Index Main