Grand Army Plaza New York (Brooklyn P.O.), NY 11238 The Brooklyn Public Library recently started a formal email reference service, April 18, 2001. This email reference service is designed to answer BRIEF questions with factual answers. Take a look at the introductory material on the Ask a BPLibrarian webpage At this point, the Brooklyn Public Library does not have a dedicated genealogical research division. We regret to say that many genealogical questions involve research beyond the scope of this ready-reference service, and the best we can do is to recommend places where you might pursue your research. Brooklyn Public Library's Brooklyn Collection, while not specifically a genealogical collection, does have some research material that may be of use. This division does not accept email questions at this time, but you may contact them by regular mail, telephone or fax. Contact information for the Brooklyn Collection is available at Hope this is helpful, Mary Ann Sekely Librarian RETURN to VITALS MAIN RETURN to BROOKLYN MAIN