The Suffolk Cooperative Library System has City Directories for Brooklyn and Manhattan available to libraries in Suffolk County in microfiche and microfilm. City directories are used for a wide range of research. They provide listings of names, occupations, street addresses, churches, schools, associations, businesses, and local government and community leaders. With this data, genealogists can create and expand their family trees or discover more clues about a family-owned business by consulting facsimiles of the original advertisements. They can also locate addresses, which can be helpful in finding census reels. Microfilm and fiche are available through your Suffolk County public library via interlibrary loan. The listing for all directories in all formats follows. BROOKLYN 1830 MICROFICHE 1840-41 MICROFICHE 1849-50 MICROFICHE 1850-51 MICROFICHE 1859-60 MICROFICHE 1860-61 MICROFICHE 1869-70 THRU 1870-71 MICROFILM 1879-80 THRU 1881 MICROFILM 1890-91 MICROFILM 1899-1900 MICROFILM 1900-01 MICROFILM MANHATTAN (NEW YORK CITY) 1665 MICROFICHE 1786 MICROFICHE 1790 MICROFICHE 1800 MICROFICHE 1800 MICROFICHE 1810 MICROFICHE 1820 MICROFICHE 1830-31 MICROFICHE 1840-41 MICROFICHE 1850 MICROFICHE 1851 MICROFICHE 1861-62 MICROFILM 1870 MICROFILM 1871 MICROFILM 1880 MICROFILM 1881 MICROFILM 1888-89 MICROFILM 1890-91 MICROFILM 1899-1900 MICROFILM 1900-1901 MICROFILM 1904-05 MICROFILM 1910-1911 MICROFILM 1915 A-M MICROFILM 1915 N-Z MICROFILM 1918 MICROFILM 1920 MICROFILM 1921 A-M MICROFILM 1921 N-Z MICROFILM 1925 A-M MICROFILM 1925 N-Z MICROFILM 1931-32 MICROFILM RETURN to VITALS MAIN RETURN to BROOKLYN MAIN