King's Park State Hospital patient case files, 1890-1931

(NOTE: See bottom for where to write) New York (State) Office of Mental Health. This is available thru NYState Library in Albany thru Archives Local system #: (N-Ar)14231-01A Corp/Agency author: New York (State) Office of Mental Health. Title: King's Park State Hospital patient case files, 1890-1931. Quantity: 2 cu. ft. (8 volumes) Arrangement: Chronological. Abstract: This series consists of patient case books created by licensed private asylums and county facilities whose administration, after closure, was transferred to the King's Park State Hospital, Kings Park Psychiatric Center (as the institution became known in 1975), and, after the closure of Kings Park Psychiatric Center in 1996, Pilgrim Psychiatric Center. Abstract: : Casebooks volumes 1 through 7 were created by Breezehurst Terrace, and as the institution was also known, Dr, Harrison's Sanitarium Co, located in Long Island City. The Laws of 1896, Ch. 545 (the "Insanity Law"), Article 47, authorized private houses and licensed institutions in New York to receive and retain the certified insane. Breezehurst Terrace was opened under the auspices of Dr. D. A. Harrison in 1890 and remained in operation until 1931, at which time its records, under the direction of the Dept. of Mental Hygiene, were sent to Kings Park State Hospital. Abstract: : Casebooks document patients admitted between 1890-1930. Information generally includes date of admission, admitting doctor, person accompanying patient, judge responsible for commitment, name of doctor and witnesses on the certificate of commission, age, civil condition, number of children, nativity, nativity of parents, occupation, religion, education, insane relations and inheritance, present physical condition, pulse, tongue, temperature, eyes, pupils, bowels, appetite, speech, weight, gait, heart, lungs, skin, number of admissions to hospital, number of attacks, age at first attack, duration of present attack, accompanying diseases, alleged causes, diagnoses, date of discharge, and a lengthy narrative history. Volumes 5 and 6 duplicate information contained in volumes 1 and 2. Abstract: : Volume 8 contains records for male patients of the Kings County Insane Asylum from approximately 1855 to 1895. Kings County Lunatic Asylum became the Long Island State Hospital and was transferred to the state by the county on July 1, 1895. In 1900, the St. Johnland branch was given separate management and became Long Island State Hospital at Kings Park; the main part of the institution became Long Island State Hospital at Flatbush (Laws of 1900, Chapter 634). In 1916, Long Island State Hospital at Kings Park was renamed Kings Park State Hospital. The type of information contained in Volume 8 is nearly identical to that contained in Volumes 1 through 7. Provenance note: These records were transferred from Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in 1999 and accessioned by the Archives in May 2001. Access restriction: Restricted permanently in accordance with Section 33.13, Mental Hygiene Law, relating to confidentiality of clinical records and the Personal Privacy Protection Law. Access permitted under certain conditions upon application to and approval by the State Archives. NOTE: I have written to Kings Pk and while NOT getting a medical form they did supply me with a paper copy of the index card that was on file for my aunt in the 1920s. It states her name, address, age, birth, next of kin, D of D. Her spouse, address. On the reverse side was a list of her visitors with address, relationships & dates of their visits. It was a tremendous help. Kings Park Psychiatric Center Records Division Kings Pk., NY 11754 631 544 2957. (Phone may NOT be current) RETURN to VITALS MAIN RETURN to BROOKLYN MAIN