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I would encourage everyone who has personal interest in a foundling 
listed here to acquire the book, 
An Index to Its Federal, State, & Local Census Records (1870-1925)
INSKEEP, Carolee R.
Clearfield Company, Inc.

Intro : 

The Sisters of Charity founded the Asylum in a four story brick house at 
17 East Twelfth Street, NYC.In it's first two years they cared for 2,560 infants.
In the 1890's they changed the name to New York Foundling Hospital.
The Asylum cared for children in much the same way between 1869-1925.
When  mother brought her child to the Asylum, she placed the baby in a cradle 
in the reception area. She supplied the baby's name, birthdate, and any 
other idntifying information. 
Once these children passed through infancy about age 8, the question of 
what to do with them arose. Following the example of the Children's Ad Society, 
the Foundling Asylum placed the children in permanent homes in the West & South.
In the mid-1870's 300 abandoned children were placed in the Maryland area.
In 1881, 14% were placed with foster families, 22% had died, 5% were returned 
to their parents, and 59% remained with the Sisters.

Federal Ennumeration of the Inhabitants of The Foundling Asylum 17 East 12th Street New York, New York July 2, 1870 Ward No 15 Election Distrit No 10 These are ALL white, females. They work in the Asylum. SW means Sisters of Charity. All others are listed as servant. NOTE : Refer to the original 1870 Census record for the birthplace of each adult and the birthplace of her parents. The ennumerator did NOT list the entries of the individual children. CHOPIN, Philomina SW COOLIHAN, Delia DERIMPLE, Ewane FITZGIBON, Catherine SW GANNON, Catherine GERBACH, Antinete SW HEALY, Mary HURDY, Mary KINGSLEY, Sarah LATE, Ellen LENAHAN, Mary LYNCH, Bridget McCAFFREY, May McCRISTAL, Jane SW McGRATH, May NESBIT, Margaret SW O'MALLEY, Annie O'NEIL, Ellen OSWALD, Annie RIYES, Mary ROME, Elizabeth TAUGHAN, Agnus 34 White Female "Foundlings" born in New York 11 White Male "Foundlings" born in New York 1890 Police Census NYC Foundling Home RETURN to CENSUS MAIN