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AL = alien 
NA = naturalized citizen 
PA = has filed papers for citizenship (first papers) 
NR = not recorded

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The Five Dutch TownsHelp in understanding Brooklyn, when & where

Enumerator Instructions
For the years  1850 thru 1950

Streets in Wards 1 thru 28 with Maps

The Andros Papers: 1674-1676 By Peter R. Christoph, Florence A. Christoph, Sir Edmund Andros
Assessment Roll of Breuckelen
Made Up September 1676

Kings County, NY 1698 CensusCensus/Townships: Brooklyn, Bushwick, Flatbush, Flatlands, Gravesend, and New Utrecht

1703 Names of MASTERS in the City of NEW YORKEAST WARD
1703 Names of MASTERS in the City of NEW YORKSOUTH WARD
1703 Names of MASTERS in the City of NEW YORKNORTH WARD
1703 Names of MASTERS in the City of NEW YORKWEST WARD
1703 Names of MASTERS in the City of NEW YORKDOCK WARD
1703 Names of MASTERS in the City of NEW YORKOUT WARD

1713Residents of Brooklyn
1738 KINGS Co., BrooklynTownships: Brooklyn, Bushwick, Flatbush, Flatlands, Gravesend, and New Utrecht
1771 Newton CensusNYGB&S, by Harry Macy Jr.
">US GENWEB Census Project/KINGS 1790Townships: Brooklyn, Bushwick, Flatbush, Flatlands, Gravesend, and New Utrecht
1790 Surnames White Population1st Federal Census
Kings.Co.1810US GENWEB Census Project
1850 NYC census indexPage 103 EBONIG - EGAN
Brooklyn Civil War DeathsAs listed in the 1865 State Census
1880 Census On-LineFamily History Center

US Genweb Census NY Kings
1910 Kings County
File 1 of 28

1910 Kings CountyParent Directory
1910 Kings CountyQuestionable Names
1910 Kings CountyA
1910 Kings CountyB
1910 Kings CountyB2
1910 Kings CountyC
1910 Kings CountyC2
1910 Kings CountyD
1910 Kings CountyD2
1910 Kings CountyE
1910 Kings CountyF
1910 Kings CountyG
1910 Kings CountyH
1910 Kings CountyI - J
1910 Kings CountyK
1910 Kings CountyL
1910 Kings CountyM
1910 Kings CountyM2
1910 Kings CountyM3
1910 Kings CountyN
1910 Kings CountyO
1910 Kings CountyP
1910 Kings CountyQ -R
1910 Kings CountyS
1910 Kings CountyS2
1910 Kings CountyT
1910 Kings CountyU -V
1910 Kings CountyW
1910 Kings CountyY - Z

1920 Federal CensusSuffolk County, New York (ED 78: File 1 of 8)

WILLIAMSBURG, Kings Co., NY - 1850 US Census Mortality Schedules


1880 United States Census
1881 British Isles
1881 Canadian Census
Family History Site..Free

1860 CASTLE GARDENFederal Census..New York County
1860 CANAL BOATS at Castle GardenFederal Census..New York County
1860 CASTLE GARDEN..ShippingFederal Census....New York County
1860 Govenor's IslandRecruiting Station..New York County
1860 Bedlow's IslandRecruiting Station..New York County

1860 Richmond County (Staten Island) Census

United States Naval Hospital1865 Census..Brooklyn.Kings County
Fort Hamilton1870 Soldiers Census
New Ultrecht Census1870
WARD Island..1870Listing of the "Insane"
1870 Brooklyn City HospitalSouth Half of 11th Ward; E..D. #695
1870 Kings County JailSouth Half of 11th Ward; E..D. #695
Barrett Surname1870 Census Index
1875 State CensusMarriages listed at the end of the Census
1880 Kings County Jail-Raymond st..Inmates WARD 11, ED 91
1880 Kings County PenitentiaryInmates WARD 23, ED 240
1880 Howard Colored Home for Boys (some girls)Ward 24, ED 241
1880 Zion Home Colored AgedWard 24, ED 241
1880 Home for Nervous InvalidsWard 24, ED 241
1880 St. Catherine's HospitalWARD 18, E.D.174
1890 Special censusSurviving soliders..Queens & L.I.
1890 Special censusSurviving soliders..Kings.(NOT Complete)
1892 Census EnumeratorsTaken from the Queens Sentinel

1865 State Census BklynSisters of Charity & Orphan Listings
1870 Kings County JailSouth Half of 11th Ward: E.D. 695
1875 State Census BklynGraham Home for Old Ladies
1875 Sisters of Mercy7th Ward..Sisters & Chilren
1875 Brooklyn Nursery9th Ward (Prospect pl-late Warren st)..Census
1875 Brooklyn Industrial School9th Ward..Census
1870 New York Foundling AsylumLists the workers, NOT the childen
1880 Brooklyn City HospitalStaff & Patients
1880 Orphan Asylum Atlantic ave, BrooklynWard 23, ED 231 Orphans
1880 U.S. Federal Census New York Juvenile AsylumPresented by the Illinois State Genealogical Society,transcribed by Verna Drake
1880 Federal Census Juvenile Asylum--House of ReceptionPresented by the Illinois State Genealogical Society,transcribed by Verna Drake
1880 Convent of St. Dominic'sPowers St., Bklyn..Residents
1880 Convent of St. JosephThorton St.,Bklyn..Residents
1880 St. John Home for [Destitute] BoysWard 24, ED 241..Residents
1880 St Joseph Orphan AsylumWilloughby ave.,Bklyn..Residents
1880 Graham Institute for Aged FemalesWashington Ave.,Bklyn..Residents
1880 Marine HospialFlushing,Bklyn
1880 Marine BarracksFlushing Ave.,Bklyn
1880 No.Fifth st Station House14 Prisoners (Ward 14)
1900 Graham Ave. Orphan Home & ConventResidents
1890 Police CensusNew York Foundling Hospital
1892 Sisters of MercyWilloughby and/or Central Ave
1892 Graham St.Orphanage-Convent16th Ward,Kings County
1892 Census Queens L.I.C.(selected Pages)
1892 German Evangelistic HomeResidents.18th Ward Bklyn
1900 Home of the Sorrowful MotherWard 18 Harrison Place, Bklyn
1900 St. Catherine's HospitalBrooklyn..18th Ward/ED 809
1905 Bethany Deconesse HospitalBrooklyn, Assembly District #20
1905 Salvation Army Rescue MissionBrooklyn, Assembly District #20
1910 Faith Home for IncurablesBrooklyn
1910 Home for the Aged 1910 CensusClasson Ave. Brooklyn
1910 Brooklyn Colored Orphan Asylum1550 Dean Street, Brooklyn
German Evangelical Home for the Aged625 Chauncey St.Bklyn, E.D. #1284
1920 St Leonard's AcademyGraduates
1920 Swedish HospitalEmployees
1920 City Prison & Kings County JailPrisoners
1920 St. Peter's HospitalEmployees
1920 Brooklyn Hospital/Phoebe's MissionEmployees
1920 Long Island College HospitalEmployees
1920 Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To ChildrenEmployees
1920 Sheltering Arms NurseryComplete
1920 Graham Home for Old LadiesComplete
1925 Menorah Home for Aged & Infirm1925 Bushwick ave
1925 German Evangelical Aid Society Home for the Aged643 Chauncey Street. Brooklyn
1925 Nazareth Trade SchoolFarmingdale, L.I. Census
1930 German Evangelical Home for the AgedA.D.#20. Brooklyn
1930 Convent of Sisters of MercyA.D.#20. Brooklyn
1930 Y.W.C.A.E.D. 24-1485 Kings County, Brooklyn

1870 Census IndexFree Look-ups
1900 Enumerator TroublesArticle Bklyn Daily Eagle
Abstracts for census recordsForms that you can fill out when you are doing research with census records.
Soundex abbreviationsCommon abb. used in the soundes system
SOUNDEX ConverterSimple & easy to use for converting your surnames into Soundex Code for the Census
Clues in Census Records/ 1850-1920National Archives and Records Administration & the The Genealogy Page
Occupation Codes1920 Census
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsBrooklyn
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsManhattan
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsThe Bronx
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsQueens
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsLOng Island
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsRichmond
1930 Enumeration District Orphanages & InstitutionsDutchess, Putnam, Rockland & Westchester


Popular Given NamesUS, 1801-1999
Card Index to Street Names and House AddressesCard Index to Street Names and House Addresses Roll #s from F.H.C.
Card Index to Street Names and House AddressesQueens County for 1905, 1915, & 1925
U.S. Surname DistributionUsing the Census as it's Source
Abbreviations found in GenealogyAn amazing list from A to Z
HAND-WRITINGClues to deciphering the old records.
Latin to English TranslationsTerms on certificates
PatternsGerman Naming Patterns
OCCUPATIONSOLD Occupation. Abbreviations and their meanings
Birth CalculatorDeath to Birthdate
SOUNDEX ConverterEasy to use, converting surnames to Soundex codes

1870 Federal Census Aide

Suffolk County Library SystemNew York State Census Roll
National Archives Kings County Rolls
STATE Census Reel/Roll #s
1910 census NARA & FHL film roll numbers- Kings County
1910 census NARA & FHL film roll numbers- New York County
1910 census NARA & FHL film roll numbers- Queens County
1910 (Various) Institutions Ward & E.D. Manhattan, Bronx, Bklyn & Queens
1915 Nassau County Census Aide Film #s
1925 Kings Co. Reel/Assembly/Ed#
1925 Queens Co. Reel/Assembly/Ed#

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