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1892 Census, February
Kings County, Brooklyn
18th Ward, 20th E.D.

Willoughby and/or Central Ave.

SURNAME, name ..sex ..age ..Country ..C/A ..Occupation

BEDNARTZ, Theresa ..f ..29 ..U.S. ..C ..Nun
BEUTEL?CK, Caroline ..f ..30 ..Germany ..C ..Nun
BREUNIG, Julia ..f ..27 ..Germany ..C ..Nun
ERBECKER, Magaret ..f ..34 ..U.S. ..C ..Nun
FABER, Wilhelmina ..f..22 ..U.S. ..C ..Nun
FAGAN, Magaret ..f ..29 ..U.S. ..C ..Nun
FESER, Barbara ..f ..35 ..Germany ..C ..Nun
GALLEIN, Magaret ..f ..22 ..U.S. ..C ..Nun
HENTZIEN, Augusta ..f ..26 ..U.S. ..C ..Nun
HERRING, Anna ..f..38 ..Germany ..C ..Nun
HILD, Halburga ..f ..30 ..Germany ..C ..Nun
HOGAN, Elizabeth ..f ..22 ..U.S. ..C ..Nun
HUNDER, Catherine ..f ..19 ..U.S. ..Nun
JANSEN, Johana ..f ..33 ..U.S. ..C ..Nun
KLASMAN, Cunnigunda ..f ..19 ..Germany ..Nun
KOMBERGER, Julia ..f ..29 ..Germany ..C ..Nun
LEIS, Gertrude ..f ..21 ..Germany ..C ..Nun
MANDEL, Mary ..f ..20 ..U.S. ..C ..Nun
PAINTNER, Teresa ..f ..29 ..Germany ..C ..Nun
PAL??, Magdalen ..f ..26 ..Germany ..C ..Nun
RIEDERER, Theresa ..f ..36 ..Germany ..C ..Nun
SCHERER, Halburger  ..f..25 ..Germany ..C ..Nun

BARBADO, Theresa ..f ..7 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
BARBADO, Peter ..m ..12 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
BARONEY, Domenico..m ..9 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
BARONEY, Philomena ..f ..13 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
BERNARD, John ..m ..6 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
BERNARD, Thomas ..m ..8 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
BERNARD, William ..m ..11 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
BISH, Lucia ..f ..8 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
BISH, Mary ..f ..6 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
BRETT, Charles ..m ..8 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
BROWN, Alexander ..m ..10 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
BROWN, David ..m ..5 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
BURKARD, Julius ..m ..9 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
BURKARD, John ..m ..6 .. U.S. ..C ..Scholar

CLEARY, Mary ..f ..10 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
CLEARY, Theresa ..f ..5 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar

DAILEY, Stephen ..m ..9 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
DAILEY, Thomas ..m ..13 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
DANNHARDT, Mary ..f ..8..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
DONOHUE, Joseph ..m ..12 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
DONOHUE, John ..m ..6 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
DANNHARDT, John ..m ..4 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
DOWNEY, Joseph ..m ..12 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar

FRANK, Annie ..f ..11 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
FRANK, John ..m ..10 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar

GAFFNEY, Daniel ..m ..12 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
GAFFNEY, Lawrence ..m ..10 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
GIBBISSE, Annie ..f ..8 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
GIBBISSE, Joseph ..m ..8 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
GIBBISSE, Josephine ..f ..9 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar

HARD, Delia ..f ..13 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
HARD, Lizzie ..f ..9 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
HEDRICK, Adolph ..m ..6 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
HILL, Agatha ..f ..10 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
HILL, Edward ..m ..8 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
HILL, Maggie ..f ..7 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
HILL, Theodore .. m..3 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
HUGHES, Anna ..f ..12 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
HUGHES, John ..m ..10 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar

KILLIAN, Charles ..m ..9 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
KILLIAN, Joseph ..m ..11 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
KLEIN, Caroline ..f ..7 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
KLEIN, Louisa ..f ..8 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
KNOPF, Mary ..f ..8 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar

LEE, Jennie ..f ..13 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
LEE, Joseph ..m ..9 .. Italy ..A ..Scholar
LEIMBERGER, Anna ..f ..6 ..Germany ..A ..Scholar
LIFFERT, Frank ..m ..9 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
LIFFERT, Herman ..m ..8 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
LOMOND, John ..m ..7 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
LONG, Maggie ..f ..11 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
LOVE, Nellie ..f ..9 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar

MARCELLA, Grace ..f ..9 ..U. S. ..C ..Scholar
MAHR, Mary ..f ..8 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
MALLOY, Mary ..f ..13 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
MALONEY, Mathew ..m ..11 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
McCONNICK, Mary ..f ..7..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
McCORMICK, John ..m ..6 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
McINTYRE, Mary ..f..8 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
MOLLOY, Frank ..m ..13 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar

O’BRIEN, Patrick ..m ..12 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar

PERO, Joseph ..m ..12 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
PFLETSHINGER, Annie..f ..10 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
PFLETSHINGER, Joseph ..m ..6 ..U.S. .. C ..Scholar
PFLETCHINGER, Mary ..f ..8 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar

RICH, John ..m ..9 ..(No Country) ..Scholar

SCHNEIDER, Willy ..m ..8 ..(No country) ..Scholar
SCHOULTZ, Rosa ..f ..7 ..Italy ..A ..Scholar
SPELLMANN, Clara ..f ..12 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
SPELLMANN, Alphons ..m ..11 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
SPELLMANN, Emma ..f ..7 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
STECKERT, Mary ..f ..10 ..Germany ..A ..Scholar

TIMER, Maggie ..f ..7 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
TIMER, Rosa ..f ..9 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar
TIMER, Thomas ..m ..4 ..U.S. ..C ..Scholar

Transcriber :Margaret Ransom
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