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German Evangelical Aid Society Home for the Aged
643 Chauncey Street

1925 Census ..1 June 
Enumeration of Inhabitants  Block 1, 
Election Dist 63,
Assembly Dist 20, 
Emumerator, Lillie Lane

Name..Relation..Color..age..Nativity..Yrs US/Status/..Naturalized Occ..Sex

Miller, Kathleen	..Matron..wf57..US.. Matron
Henricke, Anna		..Asst Matron..wf67..Germany..50/Nt..Asst Matron
Gruber, Mar		.. wf52..US.. Nurse

The following are ALL Inmates

Henity, Julia			..wf57..US.. Nurse
Schomacher, Minnie		..wf45..US.. Cook
Ottman, Nina A.			..wf70..Germany..?/Nt Asst Nurse
Richter, Sophie			..wf65..US.. Servant
Alberity, Wilma			..wf78..Germany..56/Nt NY 1884
Andnae, Louise			..wf80..US
Arnold,Mimi			..wf67..US
Acker, Charles			..wm85..Germany..46/Nt
Ammer, Marie			..wf82..Germany..51/Nt
Abraham, Karl			..wm69..Germany..49/Nt
Angerer, Robert			..wm82..Germany..34/Alien
Altenburg, Henrietta		..wf81..Germany..59/Nt/NY 1918
Bade, Sophie			..wf79..Germany.. 50/Alien
Bade, Magdeline			..wf76..Germany..59/Nt
Bade, John H			..wm80..Germany 70/Nt NY
Baumann, Eliza			..wf77..Germany 59/Nt
Beutner, Amelia			..wf75..Germany 70/Nt NY
Beyhl, Carilona			..wf75..Germany 55/Nt NY 1884
Bouer, Henry			..wf61..Germany..44/Nt/Ny 1890
Bornhagen, Henrietta		..wf86..Germany..45/Nt
Becker, George			..wm72.. US
Baier, Christopher		..wm67..US
Berth, Mary			..wf68..US
Billenstein, Ryusta		..wf66..US
Borger, George			..wm70..Germany 43/Nt NY 1881
Burnhartd, Hranly		..wm77..Germany 47/Nt
Brandt, William			..wm63..US
Braster, Creszencia		..wf76..Germany 32/Alien
Braum, Laena			..wf67..US
Cezyeneit, Emma			..wf76..Switzerland 53/Nt NJ
Celuti, Amalia			..wf79..Germany 54/Alien
Cramer, August			..wm82..Germany 54/Nt Bkyn1881
Cordes, Henry			..wm66..Germany 43/Alien
Cyarnetyska, Julia		..wf73..Prussia 37/Nt Bkyn1918
Deihl, Elizabeth			..wf82..Germany 67/Nt
Dauer, Mina			..wf81..Germany 76/Nt
Dagy, Anna			..wf76..Germany 59/Nt
Dahms, Louise			..wf84..Germany 47/Nt NY 1894
Dietze, Louise			..wf79..Germany 64/Nt NY 1884
Drach, Martin			..wm74..Germany 42/Nt NY
Dierks, Mary			..wf72..Germany 71/Nt
Delfs, William			..wm69..Germany Alien
Danenberg, Johanne		..wf80..Germany 45/Alien
Frank, Katherin			..wf82..Germany 64/Nt 1864
Dohns, Robert			..wm66..Germany 32/Alien
Eppinger, Elisabeth		..wf74..Germany Alien
Eularer, Merie			..wf79..US
Dexheimer, Christine		..wf79..Germany..69/Nt Husband's papers
Feicht, Eleria			..wf75..Germany..54/Nt
Fritsche, Anna			..wf75..Germany..33/Nt
Fetter, Louise			..wf75..US
Flemming, Karl			..wm78..Germany.. 44/Nt/Bkln 1888
Frick, Freiderich		..wm78..Germany..45/Nt/NY 1894
Freid, Katerina			..wf78..Germany..61/Nt
Gonelbert, Margaret		..wf79..Germany..59/Nt
Gotterdam, Amelia		..wf82..Germany..42/Nt Husband's papers
Gaisser, Louisa			..wf72..US
Gehem,  Jacob			..wm81..Germany..52/Nt
Germann, Sabine			..wf84..Germany..57/Nt
Gerber,  Menia			..wf69..US
Glaub, Louise.			..wf65..US
Goetzelmann, William		..wm83..Germany..30/Nt
Gottsbhaldt, John		..wm77..Germany..59/Nt
Holbig, Merie			..wf73..Germany..51/Nt
Hankel, Bertha			..wf88..Germany..76/Nt
Hand, Pamela			..wf76..US
Hedmig, Julia			..wf80..Germany..23/Nt
Hasslof, Adelhaid		..wf75..Germany..70/Nt
Hocker,  Crenyenzi		..wf82..Germany..71/Nt
Honbein, Eva			..wf70..Germany..62/Nt
Heitzman, Pauline		..wf87..Germany..60/Nt
Harris, Elizabeth		..wf61..US
Hasselmann, Merie		..wf73..Germany..35/Nt NY 1888
Heldenbrandt, Freda		..wf91..Germany..53/Nt
Heilenmann, Sophie		..wf85..Germany..52/Nt Husband's papers
Heinz, Pauline			..wf65..US
Hepper, Bertha			..wf80..Germany..47/Nt 1868
Henners, Nicholas		..wm74..Germany..47/Nt 1897
Hinck, Karl			..wm71..US
Hoag, Emeil			..wm77..Germany..45/Nt
Hoyer, Mata			..wf83..Denmark..37/Nt
Hoffman, Anna			..wf87..Germany..46/Alien
Iden, Elise			..wf65..Germany..41/Nt 1877
Jensen, Agusta			..wf76..Germany..58/Nt
Junker, Joseph			..wm76..Austria..42/Nt NY 1888
Jacobi, Louise			..wf68..Germany..43/Nt NY 1893
Kiefer, Eva			..wf76..Germany..53/Alien
Jaissde, Gottlab			..wm81..Germany..58/Alien
Jente, Marie			..wf67..Germany..42/Nt NY 1888
Richard, John			..wm71..Germany..42/Alien
Johnson, Merie			..wf85..Germany..48/Alien
Johannar, Pauline		..wf78..Germany..30/Alien
Kaffenberger, Valentine		..wm83..Germany..55/Nt
Kayser, Amelia			..wf74..Germany..43/Nt  NY 1888
Kennener, Merie			..wf68..Germany..34/Nt
Kesselrind, Louise		..wf85..Germany..45/Alien
Kohler, Anna B			..wf77..Germany..67/Nt
Kail, Amelia			..wf69..Germany..48/Nt  NY 1888
Kirschner, Bertha		..wf79..Germany..56/Nt
Kirsher, Rosina			..wf84..Germany..63/Nt
Keffner, Emma			..wf69..Germany..29/Nt NJ 1892
Kline, Merie			..wf75..Germany..59/Nt
Koemmenich, Henrietta		..wf87..Germany..39/Nt
Kaufel, Katheren			..wf76..Germany..52/Nt
Koebler, Katherine		..wf79..Germany..78/Nt Bkln 1877
Kurty, Margaret			..wf75..Germany..72/Nt
Kuthner, Gustav			..wm73..Germany..37/Nt
Koshabeck, Sophie		..wf75..Germany..55/Nt NJ 1888
Kramer, Eva			..wf77..Germany..59/Nt NY 1881
Lehrich, Louisa			..wf81..Germany..49/Nt
Less,  Anna			..wf81..Germany..39/Nt NY 1888
Lohmann, Gesine			..wf67..Germany..49/Alien

Lange, Merie			..wf67..Germany..40/Nt NJ 1891
Lauttinger, Anna			..wf70..Germany..49/Nt??
Lanbrecht, Rufolf		..wm71..Germany..48/Nt NJ 1904
Lavrenz, Bertha			..wf77..Germany..34/Nt
Linder, Rufolph			..wm67 Germany..38/Nt
Lindray, Andrea			..wf91 Germany..34/Nt
Latz, Marie			..wf77..Germany..52/Nt NY 1875
Manty, Katherin			..wf75..Germany..57/Nt
Manty, Magdelina			..wf87..Germany..60/nt
Maymald, Elizabeth		..wf76..US
Mahn, Louise			..wf86..Germany..66/Alien
Michel, Alvine			..wf77..Germany..53/Nt NY 1875
Messner, Christina		..wf75..Germany..46/Alien
Meiner, Laura			..wf73..Germany..55/Nt NY 1876
Muller, Oswald			..wm75..Germany..57/Nt Bkyn 1880
Mority, Lizzie			..wf68..Germany..60/Nt
Muller, Francka			..wm79..Germany..53/Nt
Muller, Christina		..wf84..Germany..53/Nt
Neer, Valentino			..wm74..Germany..334/Nt
Nehibas, Katherin		..wf78..Germany..58/Nt NY 1864?
Naegele, Coldia			..wf72..Germany..45/Alien
Neichisk, Christine		..wf70..Germany..43/Nt NY 1901
Nobs, Claud			..wm92..Belgium 73/Nt NY
Nickel, August			..wm87..Germany..63/Nt
Oehrle, John			..wm78..Germany..59/Nt NY 1874
Osse, Charles			..wm89..Germany..71/Nt
Peterson, Cathern		..wf70..Germany..46/Alien
Pfeffer, Anna			..wf86..Germany..71/Nt
Pfairer, Frederich		..wm68..Germany..41/Nt NY 1890
Platz, Gottleig			..wm81..Germany..52/Nt NY 1888
Purbs, Julia			..wf88..Poland..59/ct Bkyn 1874

Rinnelin, Albert			..wm87..Germany..44/Nt NY 1888
Riebert, Christian		..wm82..Germany..49/alien
Rothermel, Louisa		..wf76..Germany..52/Nt
Reiner, Augusta			..wf91..Germany..66/Nt
Rice, Thomas			..wm79..Ireland..69/Nt
Riede, Johann			..wm79..Germany..37/Nt NY
Ranson,  John M.			..wm84..US
Schuemr, Marguerite		..wf86..Germany..15/Nt
Ruppert,  Elizabeth		..wf81..Germany..56/Nt Bkyn 1875
Ruckmont, Ferdinand		..wm69..Germany..58/Nt IL 1893

Scharnagel, Babetta		..wf67..Germany..44/Nt NY 1883
Smith, Elizabeth			..wf84..US
Schweitzer, Rosina		..wf71..US
Schwab, John G.			..wm83..Germany..60/Nt NY 1880
Schwabe, Elise			..wf70..Germany..71/alien
Schaffer, Elizabeth		..wf83..Germany..71/Alien
Scherz, August			..wm72..Germany..41/Nt
Schildlenecht, Eliza		..wf78..Germany..45/Nt
Schlegel, Mary			..wf76..Germany..44/Nt RI 1891
Schmidt, Emma			..wf86..Germany..56/Nt
Schomburg, Charlotte		..wf78..Germany..44/Nt
Schuler, Franz			..wm79..Germany..43/Nt Jersey City, NJ 1884
Schulthein, Christine		..wf86..Germany..41/Nt CA 1887
Schwartz, Simon			..wm77..Austria..34/Nt
Seltmann, Alexander		..wm84..Germany..54/Nt
Silbernagel, Margueretta		..wf80..Germany..58/Nt
Strehl, Joseph			..wm78..Germany..58/Nt Bkyn 1880
Strehl, Rosa			..wf77..Germany..57/Nt Bkyn 1880
Sundquist, Amalia		..wf70..Germany..Nt
Sizhler, Emil			..wm81..Germany..33/Nt
Schmidt, Charlotte		..wf95..Germany..70/Nt
Schlensen, Christina		..wf88..Germany..29/Nt husband's papers
Semmlrath, Louisa		..wf89..Germany..46/Nt
Skipway, Daniel			..wm80..Germany..59/Nt
Seidenfadem, Justine		..wf69..Germany..33/Nt
Schaffer, Victoria		..wf87..Germany..59/Nt
Schaeffer, Lisetta		..wf84..Germany..22/nt

Thein, Susannah			..wf73..Germany..46/Nt NY 1884
Thomsen, Fransiscia		..wf76..Germany..56/Nt
Tillmann, Herman			..wf81..Germany..57/Nt
Trabing, Heinrich		..wm68..Germany..57/Nt  NY 1900

Ulrich, Louisa			..wf82..Germany..60/Nt
Vonderlind, Christina		..wf71..Germany..48/Nt NY 1887

Waghter, Matthew			..wf78..Germany..59/Nt NY 1874
Wolf, Helene			..wf74..Germany..44/Nt
Wolf, Anna M.			..wf80..Germany..61/Nt Bkyn 1880 or 1885
Weber, Philip			..wm80..Germany..44/Nt  NY 1903
Weber, Catherine			..wf79..Germany..43/Nt NY 19903
Weber, Anna				..wf78..Germany..Nt
Zimmerman, Wilhelmina		..wf72..US
Zimpielmann, Henrick		..wm75..Germany..42/Nt NY 1888
Wellinghoff, Louise		..wf82..Germany..58/Nt
Weirguber, Emilia		..wf77..Germany..45/Nt
Wirger, Henry W.			..wm82..Germany..47/Nt Jersey City 1893
Weigand, Marie			..wf75..Germany..43/Nt NJ 1870
Wagner, Wilhelmena		..wf76..Germany..45/Nt  Ny 1885
Walther, Barbara			..wf79..Germany..43/Nt NY 1884
Woelly, Leonlndia		..wf76..Germany..45/Nt ny 1885
Woll, Catherine			..wf90..Germany..Alien

Adam, Ludwig			..wm77..Germany..41/Na NY 1889
Derhemer, Christina		..wf79..Germany..60/Nt 1868
Ortman, Mary A.			..wf80..Germany..50/Nt NJ 1890
Schwarz, Simon			..wm77..Germany..34/Nt NJ 1890

Here ends the Enumeration of this Institution

Transcriber:Nancy Wilson
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